Are You Now or Have You Ever Been an Antivaxxer?

April 30, 2019

Measles hysteria–2019 style

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 704 cases of measles—divided between 22 states—have been confirmed in the United States since the first of the year. Despite the fact that CDC estimates that in 1962, the year before the licensing of the first (ineffective) measles vaccine, there were three to four million cases of measles in the country and no panic (only about ten percent of cases were even reported), this is being billed as an “emergency” requiring immediate action by various state and local government officials all over the country—most notably perhaps in my own state, New York, where Republican Rockland County Executive Ed Day has twice declared a state of emergency, the first time on March 24, when there were a total of four active cases of measles in the whole county, and Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City declared on April 9 that everyone who has not received the MMR vaccine in four Brooklyn zip codes must receive it or face a $1,000 fine and criminal charges.

The city’s health commissioner claimed, “The point here is not to fine people but to make it easier for them to get vaccinated,” but did not indicate exactly how fining people and bringing them up on criminal charges would make it “easier” for them to do anything.


Government-sponsored censorship

This all comes on the heels of a major push by government authorities to “crack down” on so-called anti-vaccine misinformation.  Representative Adam Schiff, in particular, has made censorship his personal crusade. He wrote to the CEOs of all the major social media platforms and other influential technology companies encouraging them to take steps to actively suppress  the free flow of ideas.

In a letter filled with unintentional irony he wrote to Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEOs of Google and Facebook, respectively,

There is strong evidence to suggest that at least part of the source of this trend is the degree to which medically inaccurate information about vaccines surface on the websites where many Americans get their information, among them YouTube and Google search. As I have discussed with you in other contexts, and as you have acknowledged, the algorithms which power these services are not designed to distinguish quality information from misinformation or misleading information, and the consequences of that are particularly troubling for public health issues.


Repetition of information, even if false, can often be mistaken for accuracy . . . . 


Additionally, even parents and guardians who seek out accurate information about vaccines could unwittingly reach pages and videos with misinformation.

The unintentional irony is, of course, the fact that “medically inaccurate information about vaccines” is promulgated and repeated ad infinitum by mainstream media all the time.

Even the mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective” is medically inaccurate. According to a Harvard Pilgrim project commissioned by the CDC, 2.6% of all vaccinations given resulted in reportable adverse events, and the government’s own Vaccine Injury Table indicates that measles vaccine can—and does—cause anaphylaxis, as well as encephalopathy and encephalitis.

For those who don’t know what that means, encephalitis is brain inflammation and encephalopathy is brain disease. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program had compensated nearly 1300 families for brain injuries from vaccines when Hannah Poling’s family was compensated for her injury that led to her autism back in in 2008. (When approximately 200 of those families were tracked down and interviewed, 40% revealed that their children had autism.)

To call products that can permanently destroy the neurological function of healthy babies “safe” is disingenuous at best, misleading and medically inaccurate at worst.

“Safety” is clearly in the eye of the beholder; for parents witnessing vaccine-induced neuroimmune dysfunction in their children, vaccines don’t even begin to qualify.

To add to the irony, if parents really want to find accurate information, they have to make a point of looking well beyond the government-and-pharmaceutical-company-sanctioned pablum already being selectively offered by Facebook and Google algorithms. Facebook and Google have been automatically demoting vaccine-critical pieces for years. This practice is known as “shadow banning” and is currently severely hampering our ability to reach people with medically accurate information. Fortunately, there are many, many parents doing the work, and many more who are starting to wonder just what their government is working so hard to hide.


Proposed vaccine exemption removal legislation

But that doesn’t mean this censorship trend isn’t deeply disturbing. Just as happened back in 2015, when 147 people (predominantly adults) contracted measles associated with a trip to Disneyland, lawmakers across the country are buying into the media talking points and dropping bills written by pharmaceutical lobbyists designed to remove all vaccine exemptions, believing that by passing these laws they will be protecting children and promoting public health.

The problem is that lawmakers are basing that belief on “medically inaccurate information.” In all likelihood the proposed solution to the problem of measles would do the exact opposite of protecting children and promoting public health.

Representative Schiff and I are in agreement on one point, it is imperative from a public health perspective to oppose medical misinformation.

To that end, James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, and Kevin Barry, JD, of First Freedoms, determined that a series of Cornerstones of Freedom conferences were in order. These conferences are designed to bring people together  to solve the dual problems of suppression of accurate medical information and legislation intended to further restrict the human right to decline non-emergency medical interventions with known serious risks.


Cornerstones of Freedom, Newark, NJ

I was lucky enough to attend the first Cornerstones conference held in Newark, New Jersey, on April 6. The one-day agenda was packed with a powerful line-up of vaccine-choice advocates, including attorneys Kevin Barry, Michael Sussman, Robert Krakow, Jim Moody, Mary Holland, and Patricia Finn, pediatricians Lawrence Palevsky and Paul Thomas, John Gilmore of Autism Action Network,  The HighWire’s Catharine Layton and Anu Vaidya, and my good friend Karen Kain, mother of Lorrin, a girl so severely injured by her first and only vaccine that she never spoke or walked before dying of her injuries at the tender age of 15.

I say I was lucky to be there because watching the veritable mountain of manure being shoveled in the mainstream media and in legislative chambers all over the country can be extremely disheartening. The conference was exactly the boost I needed to keep doing what needs to be done if we can ever hope to regain some semblance of good health for our children and grandchildren.

It was clear from the conference just how pervasive and systemic the censorship is. Karen’s description of how Vaccine Injury Compensation Program petitioners are isolated from public view and actively hushed up, with non-disclosure clauses a frequent part of settlements, was bad enough, but she went on to tell us about a sympathetic reporter who, after assuring Karen that she would be allowed to tell Karen’s story fairly, was summarily fired before being able to publish.

Me and two of my favorite people, James Lyons-Weiler and Karen Kain

Systemic suppression of good science

Catharine Layton reported on the defunding of credible, conscientious scientists who dare to report findings that do not support “the more vaccines the better” narrative. I’m already quite familiar with the systemic suppression of science, but Layton’s discussion of Spanish researcher Lluís Luján’s work on why sheep vaccinated against bluetongue are so sick was freshly infuriating.

Like most scientists today, Lluján looked everywhere but the vaccine first, even though logically the vaccine itself was the most likely explanation. Finally, his integrity demanded that he look more closely at the vaccine, and what he found was horrifying. The sheep’s brains were riddled with aluminum, similar to what Christopher Exley has found in the brains of people with autism. Sheep injected with the aluminum adjuvant alone became antisocial and self-harming. For the first time in Lluján’s distinguished scientific career, a journal was pressured to withdraw his peer-reviewed research.

Such stories are extremely dispiriting for those of us with science backgrounds who understand just how much such pressures pervert scientific understanding, which is why Dr. Lawrence Palevsky’s presentation on the scientific method and how it’s supposed to work was a heartening reminder that there are still some people who understand that science should be about following data to reveal truth, not to support a financial, social, or political agenda.

I find it infuriating when people who claim to “fucking love science” parade an imposter as their purported paramour. Frankly, I wonder if most of these supposed “skeptics” would recognize science if it bit them on the butt.

The alternative to cluelessness on their part is even more infuriating: They know they are championing a perversion of science and not the real thing.


Getting the message out

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t know Anu Vaidya, of The HighWire with Del Bigtree, before the conference. He blew me away with a short presentation on how to get around  current restrictions on our messaging. His two main points were first that we need to reach young people where they are, and that is not Facebook and Twitter. So far we are not reaching them in the numbers that we need to in order to turn the tide. And secondly, none of us can afford to stick to our comfort zones. Vaccine-choice advocates get to know a platform and prefer to cling to it. Platforms’ rules, demographics, and algorithms are constantly shifting, and we must be flexible enough to shift with them. To that end Vaidya advocates “buying up real estate” on all social media platforms and using them all to amplify our messaging across as many demographics as possible.

No matter how disgusted we are with it, leaving Facebook altogether is not a viable option, nor is ignoring Instagram. In my experience no one can be truly effective everywhere at once; therefore, we need to consciously and intentionally work together to amplify each other’s messaging, working across all platforms at once. I made sure to introduce myself to Anu after his talk and get his card.

Lyons-Weiler, following up John Gilmore, made some of the most salient observations of the day. As new communications technologies develop, they become existential threats to old technologies, which are controlled by those in hold power. Facebook and Google, are not just new companies; like television, radio, and the printing press before them, they are new communications technologies that are rapidly replacing the old ways people exchange information. And like the communication revolutions of the past, this one is following a predictable pattern that starts with a Wild West free-for-all, then the initiation of regulation, before ending up being controlled by the oligopoly.

While that’s a discouraging thought, it’s also an uplifting one. The free exchange of ideas is so valuable that new technologies will always rise to enable it. One reason this censorship issue is so important is that policies enacted now may set precedent for technologies that we can’t even imagine yet.

Vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated?

The other major reason is that if the various state governments actually do pass these proposed laws, many people will be likely to comply with them–and that must not happen.


Because the best way to hide evidence of injury is to eliminate the control group. If everyone is forced to receive all the vaccines required by their state, there will be no child left who has not received many doses of powerful immune-modulating drugs we call vaccines. If everyone is vaccinated,  it becomes nearly impossible to prove the harms that result from vaccination. There can never be a true vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated study, and it’s game over for our children–game, set, and match to the pharmaceutical companies.

In the meantime, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have become the new “town square,” which is why a federal court recently ruled that Donald Trump could not block Twitter users from his feed. The judge said the social media platform is a “designated public forum.” Therefore, it follows that these companies are subject to first amendment considerations of free speech, and government in the form of Rep. Adam Schiff cannot legally suppress speech which is critical of government policies.

While I am reminded daily of stupid, evil—and successful—programs of censorship of the past—such as moving Jews into ghettos to keep information about what Nazis were doing to them from getting out or Senator Joseph McCarthy’s demonization of Communist ideas, with the subsequent witch hunt and blacklisting of anyone known to entertain them—it was impossible to attend the Cornerstones of Freedom conference and not realize that we have a powerful and extremely able group of attorneys on our side in this fight to retain first amendment freedoms in order to save our children.

One cannot help but be cheered knowing that Michael Sussman, Mary Holland, Jim Moody, Bob Krakow, Patti Finn, Kevin Barry—and last but certainly not least—Bobby Kennedy Jr. are on it.

~ Zoey O’Toole 

Two more Cornerstones of Freedom conferences are planned for Ohio and Seattle in the next few months. Plan to attend if you can.

If you wish to help amplify our messaging, please share our posts (preferably with an added comment) whenever you can. It may help to use an alternative for the word vaccine whenever it appears. Clicking heart buttons will increase reach on most platforms. Post material on whatever platforms you use, adding any appropriate hashtags. On Facebook, it can be helpful to comment “Congratulations!” under the post, as Facebook tends to offer congratulatory posts to more users. Give our page a good review, and tell Facebook you wish to “see this first.”

For more by Zoey O’Toole (a.k.a. Professor), click here

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23 Responses to Are You Now or Have You Ever Been an Antivaxxer?

  1. A says:

    Thank you for the post … knowledge is power

  2. James Moses says:

    …..based upon my own intensive research and contemplation of a half-decade, I will have a groundbreaking overview to share with you by early next week which reveals STRONG grounds to immediately abolish (as if there weren’t already MORE than enough, such as those evidenced by the sheep) aluminum compound (and ideally, ALL: glyphosate, polysorbate 80, mercury derivatives, GMOs / MOST media culturing) additives from vaccines (though I do want to see them eliminated from immune-system response stimulation processes, colossal failure they’ve now been revealed to be) – it is a MAJOR bombshell – or rather, SHOULD be, to the associated industries…..

  3. redpill says:

    “in 2015, when 147 people (predominantly adults) contracted measles associated with a trip to Disneyland”

    A science paper published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, entitled, “Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR,” has discovered something that Mad-Vaxxers don’t want the public to know. A large number of measles outbreaks are actually “vaccine reactions” from the measles vaccine itself (MMR vaccines).

    “During measles outbreaks, it is important to be able to rapidly distinguish between measles cases and vaccine reactions to avoid unnecessary outbreak response measures such as case isolation and contact investigations,” the study authors write. “We have developed a real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) method specific for genotype A measles virus (MeV) (MeVA RT-quantitative PCR [RT-qPCR]) that can identify measles vaccine strains rapidly, with high throughput, and without the need for sequencing to determine the genotype.”

    Almost 38% of measles cases were found to be “vaccine reactions” caused by measles vaccines
    As the published science paper reveals:
    During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees (3). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data).

    In other words, measles outbreaks were occurring among children who were already vaccinated with the measles. If you do the math, nearly 38% of the genetic sequences that were conducted on supposed “measles” cases turned out to identify measles strains that originated in the vaccines themselves. Thus, more than one out of three cases of measles in the United States was actually a reaction from a measles vaccine, not “wild-type” measles.

    Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Those stats are interesting, but they don’t quite jibe with what seemed to be happening in real time… For instance, there was a case of a baby/toddler in Baltimore trumpeted as a potential measles case. The child had the rash and fever and the quick test for measles was positive. The press backed down the following week when it was found that the child had “a normal reaction to the measles vaccine.” The CDC was tracking “confirmed” cases of measles. It seems that they were only confirmed if they WEREN’T vaccine strain. So I’m confused as to the significance of this, other than there are definitely a lot of cases of vaccine-induced measles in the recipient.

      • redpill says:

        The interesting thing about the CDC tracking confirmed cases of measles is, according to my cousin who is an MD and 2 nieces that are RN’s if a child comes in with all the symptoms of measles and the lab confirms and the child isn’t vaccinated-that child is designated as a measles case. But if a child comes in with all the symptoms of measles and the labs confirm measles but the child is vaccinated, the child is not counted as a measles case. So I wonder how that tracking thing works.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Yeah, I’ve been getting more and more suspicious of the statistics for a long time. This study puts that over the top. I think a FOIA is in order as to the “confirmation” process. I’ve thought that the deaths that have been attributed to measles but are not “owned” by the CDC must have been vaccine strain, but now I’m starting to wonder about their “confirmed” cases as well.

  4. redpill says:

    If you compare this measles campaign with the campaign that pushed the Iraqi War on the American people which many knew was bogus, the manipulation of the public is almost identical. The mantra George Bush used to create a division in America was either you are for us or against us and they pushed that slogan like it was gospel. I mean who want to be against America at war time. All the pharma led MM has to say is “Herd Immunity is being destroyed” That’s the mantra of the Mad-Vaxxers. This works for people who just live in fear of a childhood illness that hasn’t changed for centuries with the exception of the corrupted killed Measles Vaccine that mutated and created what I call a spawn know as Atypical Measles Syndrome aka AMS.

    “the best way to hide evidence of injury is to eliminate the control group”

    I have been saying this for years.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      OMG, yes, that is the BEST analogy. The whole freakin’ country convinced that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 and ready to bomb us out of existence because W. wanted to impress his father and Dick Cheney knew how to manipulate him.

      Wasn’t atypical measles specifically measles that resulted from using the first measles vaccine and then encountering the measles virus again, either wild-type or vaccine strain?

      • redpill says:

        “OMG, yes, that is the BEST analogy.”
        Remember how people warranted the government to protect them even to the point of spying on their fellow citizens and what did we end up with-the Patriot Act.

        Wasn’t atypical measles specifically measles that resulted from using the first measles vaccine and then encountering the measles virus again, either wild-type or vaccine strain?

        What it is depends on who is describing it.

        Atypical measles – a new phenomenon only in the vaccinated
        Viera Scheibner, PhD
        It is less well known to the general public that vaccinated children started developing an especially vicious form of measles, due to the altered host immune response caused by the deleterious effect of the measles vaccines. It resisted all orthodox treatment and carried a high mortality rate.

        Bystrianyk and Dr. Humphries:
        Atypical measles was characterized by a higher and more prolonged fever, unusual skin lesions and severe pneumonitis compared to measles in previously unvaccinated persons. The rash was often accompanied by evidence of hemorrhage or vesiculation. The pneumonitis included distinct nodular parenchymal lesions and hilar adenopathy. Abdominal pain, hepatic dysfunction, headache, eosinophilia, pleural effusions and edema were also described.

        KMV was removed from the market in 1967 and from my readings it was suppose to disappear on it’s own once the children who received became adults basically in about 30 years. That would take us into the late 1990’s. However:

        BMJ Case Rep. 2015 Sep 23;2015. pii: bcr2015211054. doi: 10.1136/bcr-2015-211054.
        Atypical measles syndrome in adults: still around.

        This is why I call it a spawn. I think this KMV hijacked the wild type measles virus and is in circulation and the CDC isn’t telling the public and probably not the medical community because revealing it they would have to admit that the Vaccine created it. That would put a hole in the vaccines are safe and effective chant.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Thanks for tracking that for me. I really appreciate it. I was one of the kids who got the KMV, then got the live vaccine, then got measles. I lucked out and didn’t get “atypical,” but my kid brother had a really bad case. I’ve been wondering if this was the mechanism involved for a long time.

  5. Joanna says:

    Great article and great ideas, but I was recently told by a group of students I work with that “only old people use Facebook.” – you might want to add Snapchat to the social media list!

  6. Great to know all these attorneys and experts are on the case – we all must stand behind them in a unified front, and not let interlopers create false drama.

    “Eliminate the control group” – that observation truly cuts to the heart of the government/pharma push to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

    Thanks for mentioning the 1962 measles cases. Wherever possible I let people know that I had measles in 1964. It was a speed bump. Stayed home and kept hydrated and watched kids’ TV. My mother did not project fear because my siblings had had measles, she’d had measles, and generations before had had measles.

    The media-manufactured hysteria is a mechanism for enforcing social control. Fear sells vaccines. And sadly two generations of information-overloaded consumers still cherish the wishful idea that the CDC would never falsify data or promote products that sicken and kill little babies.

  7. Cammy says:

    You are just so awesome!

  8. Ellie says:

    Thank YOU so very much for your passion, gift of expression and commitment to our children, grandchildren, and humanity! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not a partisan issue. It is a Constitutional, and IMO, a ‘divine’ right of all humans.
    Our current president has been busy ‘draining the swamp’, i.e. reorganizing the Department of Justice — so that justice can prevail. Big Pharma, specifically the vaccine arm, (pun intended) is predicted to be totally exposed and done, out-of-business, kaput, by December 2019!

    Thank you to RFK Jr and team, and everyone committed to truth and justice, life, liberty, happiness — and health!

  9. Mom of Two Vaccine Injured says:

    I haven’t watched Anu on Highwire yet but I have been thinking the best approach is going to be memes. It is how young adults communicate the best. And SNAPCHAT is where it is at right now. It’s a difficult platform in one way because it is private (if you aren’t in the group, you don’t see the post, nor can you contribute), but also wide open because virtually everyone in that demographic uses it to communicate throughout the day (and night) with friends.
    A simple, direct Meme Campaign with hard facts (and even footnotes for sources) is the best bet to try to overcome the incredible falsity of the govt/pharma driven propaganda. I have noticed the same words over and over again in their brainwashing, “misinformation, debunked, that one study, that one doctor,” etc. I also notice people repeat the propaganda almost verbatim, “Just get your damn vaccines.” “Vaccinate your f-ng kids.” Etc. That needs to be countered with logic, facts, and offense – not defense.
    Lastly, as an aside, I haven’t seen anyone asking or commenting – if it is now proven glyphosate (Round Up) causes cancer, and studies have been done showing vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate – how is that not an instant issue since it is being injected into babies and children?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      YES TO THE MEMES!!!!

      As far as glyphosate is concerned, we know it is contaminating vaccines, but I don’t think anyone has done any lawsuit as yet.

  10. Helene Christopher says:

    I love your research and overview. I have been blown away by the media’s vigilant smear on anyone who even questions the safety of vaccines. One thing that struck me– because it was an in your face statement in one national news report– was that of the 700+ cases of measles, they stated that there had been NO KNOWN DEATHS! This is not an epidemic!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yep. The New York epicenters have been so quiet that the press has had to go to Israel to find anyone who would complain about their child getting it.

      I saw a recent report from CDC saying there have been 22 cases of pneumonia, but that appears to be the extent of the complications. Pneumonia, while serious, can be a complication of any illness that affects the respiratory system and is one of the few things that is appropriately treatable with antibiotics.

      • Natalie says:

        Pneumonia was successfully cured with high-dose vitamin C therapy before the antibiotics were around (watch Riordan Clinic’s presentations on YouTube). While antibiotics can help short-term they have long-term side effects for the immune system not unlike the vaccines.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, I certainly agree about the long-term effects. In fact, I often use antibiotics to illustrate the issues with vaccines. Despite the fact that antibiotics have clearly and obviously saved many lives, we have overused them to the point of myriad completely unforeseen long-term effects. Exactly the same as with vaccines.

  11. Robin Gaura says:

    The same strategy has been used for glyphosate. It is heavily applied, and distributed through rains and water systems, that it invades even organic crops.
    Dr Stephanie Seneff says that glypbosate destroys the barriers in the gut and brain which allows innected heavy metals to access vital organs. A diabolical synergy.
    The truth will out, throuvh our voices and efforts.

    • Treat the causes says:

      Yes Seneff understands something….And that is something that we all need to understand. It is also about other toxins that are also very powerful and strong that can create further complications in those already adversly impacted. Pulsed electromagnetic fields contribute to further gliosis. Pulsed contributes to a greater amount of harm.
      Belpomme’s research is incredible

      So now you have NMDR toxic chemicals stimulating a rise in glutamate, you have molecular mimicry with glyphosate, and what is very concerning is that not only do emf’s contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction, but now further gliosis, dermal effects depending on the child………and no one yet fully understands the interplay of this and vaccination.

      I have to wonder if this doesn’t somehow contribute to the myriad of complications, co-conditions with chronic developmental conditions.

      So then the question becomes is your condition primary or secondary? That would be difficult to ascertain when children are basically expected to develop in a biological warzone.

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