NJ – The Dirty State

As a child, I dreamed of a better life. Growing up in a then communist Hungary, made me appreciate all that the US had to offer. In 1980, my parents made that dream a reality and I boarded the plane as a starry eyed 7 year old. We lived in New York for 2 years before buying our first home in New Jersey. The American dream (in our case…European dream) had become a reality.

I have always considered myself a true Jersey girl. I was always proud of what we stood for and who we were. (Well, maybe not the high AquaNet hair in the late 80’s, but that’s another story). Today, Jersey is known for many things. We have the Jersey Shore (reality show as well as actual beaches), The Sopranos, The Real Housewives, etc. It never fails to amaze me how people are drawn to these shows, yet ignore what’s really in front of them. Wake up people!!!!!! Snookie after 15 cocktails, or Anthony Soprano holding a gun to my head wouldn’t scare me the way NJ autism statistics do. 1 in every 49 children. 1 in every 172 girls. 1 in every 29 boys. WTF?????? 1 in 29 boys?????? If that doesn’t alarm you then I don’t know what will.

New Jersey was the first state to mandate annual flu vaccines for pre-school aged children. I still remember receiving the note. Chills throughout my body. I knew the effect those toxin laden shots had on my son. 2 flu shots….2 seizures. There was no way I was pumping any more poison into my child. I stormed into my pediatricians office, sat down in the chair across from the doctor and said, “Do I have to beg, steal or lie for a medical exemption letter?” I’m not sure if it was sympathy or sheer fear of my twitching body lunging at him, but he typed up a letter without saying a word.

I mean…let’s get real here for a moment. What were they really saying in those letters? It may as well have said,


Dear parent we tend to intimidate,

You are REQUIRED by law to blindly inject a vaccine into your child that can most likely be rendered useless. The risks far outweigh the benefits, but we want you to do it anyway because, well… because we said so. Once you give your child this vaccine and we ALLOW you to attend our school, we cannot be held responsible for what comes next. Your vaccine injured child will have to fend for him/herself because we will be busy enforcing this new law. Most likely, we will be calling you to let you know that we find his/her behavior intolerable, speech and language delays frustrating, special diet inconvenient, learning disabilities challenging, and the nurse will not be available to deal with your silly requests to give your child necessary supplements etc.

So, our dear gullible parent, we welcome you to our highly flawed system where we will continue to bully you throughout your child’s early elementary years. See you at Back To School Night. We look forward to laughing in your face.


Big Pharm… uhhhummm, I mean the caring staff.

So now that I have one of those vaccine injured children and I have dealt with the repercussions of our flawed and pathetic attempt at offering a special education program to those parents who are not well versed yet in ASD, I look at NJ differently. I blame myself for not asking more questions when my two older children were born. I regret allowing myself to be bullied. The beautiful beaches seem less beautiful. I realize now that the dirty syringes that once lined the shorelines were the same syringes that pump unnecessary vaccines into our children. My vision of the “Garden State” has changed. What is happening in my home state??? What is happening in the US??? What is happening in the world??? The steady rise in autism is undeniable. When will they listen???

I have lost some of the Jersey in me, but the one thing I have managed to keep is my ability to make sure my voice is heard and to open a whole case of whoop-ass on anyone who tries to stand in my way as I recover my son. Join me…..let your Jersey roar, and if you are not from Jersey, I have plenty of attitude to lend. Join the revolution and make sure that your state is not the first to mandate vaccines but rather the first to educate parents of the risks involved. The first to announce that the statistics have reversed and we are healing and recovering our children. The first to say……We have won the battle and saved our children. I want Dirty Jersey to be Clean Jersey and to offer our children a future…… a future where the pristine beaches are a playground once again for our healthy kids to play on. I want to be proud again to be a Jersey girl.

~ MamaBear

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15 Responses to NJ – The Dirty State

  1. A concerned mom says:

    I lived in NJ all my life. I am an educator and a mother of an Autistic son….NJ has an epidemic on its hands but we have turned a blind eye to it……I believe a blind eye has been turned because of the money the pharmaceutical companies are making. So many kids here are on medication of some type. I was alarmed on how many kids in school must go to the nurse to get “meds”……Look around…NJ has more pharmaceutical companies here than most states. In addition, it has been reported that NJ use to be the dumping ground for military waste…..now, I’m no genius but look at the facts. NJ was the first state to mandate flue shots, some argue that our grounds and maybe our water are polluted because of the military waste….why does it surprise us that NJ has one of the highest rate of autistic children. The teachers don’t know how to educate them…..many organizations neglect servicing them and we as parents are left holding the bag……this state has a lot to account for…..

  2. Mindy Gould says:

    Living in NJ too. Feel the same way and so worried anointing losing the religious exemption!

  3. David's Autism Daddy says:

    The statistics with the flu vaccine show an increase in flu deaths in 2003. In direct corellation with mandating the flu vax for <5 kids. Look for the FB group "vaccine for flu should be avoided". The stats don't lie. If they see deaths go down they claim credit, if deaths go up, they say to vaccinate more!
    Crazy logic.

  4. JoyColtsNeckNJ says:

    Dr.Oz- the very “influential” doctor! “My wife is NOT gonna immunize our kids!”

    Important note- Many in the Amish community have Lyme disease. Autism is basically unheard of. They DON’T vaccinate!
    from the book Cure Unknown- *an epidemiological study has been launched comparing the rate of autism in two heavily Lyme endemic areas of N.J. and Connecticut to areas where Lyme is rare.

    Part One- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaVxYYVfQE

    Part Two- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdQVq4aKRr0&feature=rel

  5. JoyColtsNeckNJ says:

    The whole state of N.J. is also being devastated by a HIDDEN EPIDEMIC- Lyme disease. Many children are being born to mothers who aren’t aware that they themselves have Lyme disease and co-infections to Lyme. Therefore, the babies are being born with a compromised immune system and vaccinating them adds fuel to the fire… AUTISM?!?!






    I urge EVERYONE to watch Under Our Skin!!! Lyme disease is the most political and corrupt disease of our time, often being called Tuskegee number two!!!

  6. Carrie Mabry says:

    Unfortunately, here in MS it’s near impossible to receive any type of exemption, and just as impossible to find a school that would accept one even if you could get it. So even after having our daughter suffer vaccine injury, have seizures that left her unconscious for days in the ICU and years of heavy meds to control them, our state still will not allow our youngest child (who has never received any vaccinations) to attend school.

  7. Professor says:

    I was born in Jersey and still have lots of family there. This hurts.

  8. shell1jseashore says:

    Nj is in a dirty state. Heavily vaccinated 1 in 49 are autistic but.. that is only now 12 year olds in public school. So many are in private school or home schooled because of their autism. It is a mean state. Most here either inject your child and watch them fall ill or work for pharmaceutical, or have a husband ,wife son, daughter who work for big pharma. If your child is injured here, you are shunned.All the while a NJ person will say,”People are people-it is the same wherever you go.” No, it is not the same. Some of us transplanted here and have not fallen into the party line. Some of us truly want to help and be supportive. You just have to find them.

  9. Kerri Rivera says:

    Well done!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Jenn Kaplan says:

    I’m a Jersey girl. And I totally agree with you. This is disgusting what is going on. Currently living in FL. When these numbers came out I knew the reason they were so high was because of the mandated flu vaccines. Why can’t everyone else see this. It’s so frustrating. Great article. Thank you!!!

  11. Carmen Goldman says:

    I moved to NJ almost 4 yrs. ago in hopes of giving our kids access to better quality schools. I have one vaccine injured kid in full time special needs school. The other in public school. While waiting in the lobby of the public school to pick up the little one, I was blown away by the casual conversations other parents were having. They were All talking about their kids’ IEPs. All of them. I wasn’t used to that in a public school, just in my older son’s school. That’s when I realized how common it was for families in New Jersey to have a child with special needs. They were all over; not just in special schools. How sad. Talk about putting on an attitude. The summer before the kids started school, I researched and wrote a religious exemption letter. Then I walked in to the school’s office with a big “Don’t F—K with me attitude” and handed them the registration papers and a separate folder with both kid’s exemption letters. I never even got asked about it.

    Wake up New Jersey! Too many families hurt!

    Great post MamaBear!

  12. Tina Higens says:

    No need to lend attitude to me, I was born in Chicago. I love IL but am sure the numbers of children are about the same. I am hopeful that the truth of this epidemic being exposed may bring our children some help. I want to know when the bleeding is going to stop? Everyday more and more parents join our ranks and it makes me ill.

  13. Kim dAhl says:

    Not from Jersey but fist pumping and a ” HELL YEA!” Mama Bear

  14. Poppy TMR says:

    As a kid, I spent EVERY summer at the shore. My grandparents would rent a house for the whole summer and Mom would send us off to the beach to escape the boredom (and potential trouble) of summers in NYC. Rides, clams on the half shell, and evening strolls along the Boardwalk fill my childhood memory file. Some of the strongest folks I know are Jersey born. When I read the new numbers, I got a pain in my heart. I truly believe those numbers reflect the real figures this country is facing. I hope Jersey roars soon….hopefully they will wake the rest of this country up. Love you, Mama Bear. <3

    • logaramadrama's mama says:

      I grew up at the shore. My kids were born there. We moved to NC right before my son’s 2nd birthday. My whole family still lives there. I am glad we don’t. The stats made me sick. However, I too believe they are representative of the country. He was born in 2004, 4 years before what the stats represent. WHERE was the warning?! The peds obviously saw the 1 in 29+ in their office when he was a baby. “Oh he sure has a big head! You know that can mean something? Has his head always been big?” …said by the ped. as he pumped his body full of vaccines. He never told me what the big head meant. I learned on my own years later. I am so mad!! Thank you all for all you do. I hope people are listening. I wish somebody told me. On a brighter note, he’s doing GREAT today and we are all healthier because of the hell he went through. .. a hell I don’t wish on anyone.

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