PrimaThanksgiving and Hanukkah are both holidays with long-standing traditions and, for the first time in our lifetime, they will both be celebrated on the same day, Thursday, November 28, 2013. Definitely an occasion worth taking advantage of from a culinary standpoint.
Hanukkah, meet Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, meet Hanukkah!

Donuts are synonymous with Hannukah and, with my son’s limited diet, I am always looking for treat ideas that meet his restrictions. For the occasion, I wanted to share this delicious gluten-free vegan donut recipe that can be served as a treat.
Enjoy and Happy “Thanksnukkah” ;-)!!!

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  1. Emma Ledford says:

    Brilliant! Will be trying this THIS week. stat. hooray for thanksnaukkah!

  2. Great recipe! I share my apple-cinnamon latkes and other fun GFCF Thanksgivukkah recipes at http://www.generationrescue.org/latest-news/nutrition/holiday-cooking-traditions-thanksgivukkah/?stage=Stage

    All of my GFCF holiday e-books are available at http://www.kitchenclassroom4kids.com. Just posted a video clip of my son engaging with us, being a full participant in making latkes.

    I am wishing everyone a holiday of joy and gratitude and of course, tons of healing!!!

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