Happy Thanksgiving and Calling all Elves! Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s 25 Days of Holiday Cheer

GoddessI have a pretty tight knit family, but happenstance dictates that we will not all be together for Christmas this year.  We will, however, be together for Thanksgiving.  So we have dubbed it ‘Thankristmas”christmas turkey2 and are going all out.  We all have our trees up early with turkey feather decorations adorning the branches, the nieces and nephews that will not be here in December are all exchanging gifts on Thanksgiving, and because we are all about inclusivity (and we hate to be left out), we’ll have a Yankee swap on Thankristmas for the grown-ups too.  Will this take away from Christmas, you ask?  Nah!  Not the true meaning of it anyway, plus the kids are psyched to get a few gifts early and to spend time with their cousins. Does it trample Thanksgiving?  Well, we are all together as a family, something we are very thankful for, so, in my opinion, we are doing it justice.

christmas turkey1I think with Hannukah starting this week, everything has been sped up this year anyway . . . The holiday spirit seems to have galloped in right after Halloween.

So it got us Thinking . . . We’d love to have some reader participation on something we’re calling TMR’s 25 Days of Holiday Cheer 🙂

We need 25 elves who would be willing to send a small gift valued under $25 to a family who would appreciate it this year.  It can be a supplement you already own (unopened, of course), a few chewy tubes, a bottle of arnica from England, a social story . . . you get the idea.  Whatever you can spare that might brighten someone else’s life this holiday season.

What we would love to see is 25 responses to this blog, either via blog post or Facebook message, with a specific item that you could ship to another Thinking Family.  We will then post one of those items each day beginning December 1st on the Thinking Moms’ Revolution Facebook page with the country of the person donating the item, and the first person that posts from that country indicating he/she wants it, gets it.  We’ll get the two parties in touch and voila!  Happy [Insert-Your-Holiday-Here]!  We’ll kick it off with a copy of our book!  What have you got?

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays – early or not!

christmas turkey3

~Goddess and The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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8 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving and Calling all Elves! Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s 25 Days of Holiday Cheer

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have some unopened Kirkman calcium with vitamin D-3 unflavored powder. Exp is Feb 2014 although my naturopath said most of the expirations on supplements are conservative and based on supplement labeling laws, not necessarily based on actual shelf life.

    Keep up the great work TMR!!!!

  2. I have an extra copy of Kelly Dorfman’s – What’s eating your child? book I would love to share with a family starting out on their food/special diet journey…

  3. Jenny Mayo says:

    oops…the last comment I wrote had my wrong email. this one is correct.

  4. Jenny Mayo says:

    I have some children’s books about asd and a gfcf cookbook I can send. Great idea!

  5. Carolyn Gammicchia says:

    I have some GFCF cookbooks, some chewing tubes unopened and new in the packages (three), some supplements, an extra box of DMG tablets, etc.

    Let us know what you need. I also have an extra TMR book I can donate.

    Great idea!

    Thank you,


  6. KERRY SELLERS says:

    I would like to help! 🙂

  7. Jackie sebell says:

    I have supps I was getting ready to donate that I could send out. I’ll check them out and see which would be best to include with this.

  8. Michelle S says:

    I think I have some unopened supplements!

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