Adult-Onset “Juvenile” Diabetes and the Vaccine Connection

July 15, 2016

(Until very recently type 1 diabetes was referred to as “juvenile diabetes” because it usually struck young children, and type 2 diabetes was referred to as “late-onset diabetes” because it usually struck people who were middle-aged or older. In recent years, the lines have become blurred: adults are now coming down with type 1 diabetes, the autoimmune kind where the immune system attacks the cells of the pancreas, and children are now coming down with type 2, the insulin-resistant type. This story is about one of the increasing number of adults who have developed type 1 diabetes.)

I’m incredibly grateful to the autism community for being so courageous and vocal about vaccine injury, but what many people do not understand is that vaccine injury encompasses so much more than autism.

In the summer of 2001, my son was preparing to go on a three-week missions trip to Panama. He was a healthy 21-year-old Honors College student about to enter his senior year. Several vaccines were recommended, but because I was a little leery of his receiving so many at one time, I suggested he only get what the organization absolutely insisted on, which was Hepatitis A. Since it was only one vaccine, I didn’t give it much thought, but he had a drastic personality change within 24 hours. He had always been very laid-back and even-tempered, but the day after that vaccination, he suddenly became angry, belligerent, and withdrawn. Although he had never reacted that strongly to conflicts, I assumed it was a temporary problem at work and didn’t associate it with the vaccine, but the behavior continued for weeks, then months. I also noticed he was having some memory lapses, whereas he had always had an incredible memory prior to that. As a mother, it was bewildering and heartbreaking. I felt like I’d lost my son and was living with a total stranger.

Over time, his health declined until one day he began vomiting, developed severe constipation, and wanted to sleep all the time. After days of this, I took him to urgent care on a holiday weekend, where the doctor ignored my concerns and brushed it off as a stomach virus. When symptoms continued, our family doctor had a rare cancellation and got him in quickly. The doctor recognized immediately by my son’s breath [Editor’s Note: type 1 diabetes can cause an odor of acetone, the main ingredient of nail polish remove, on the breath], that he probably had type 1 diabetes, and said his excessive sleeping meant he was close to going into a coma. He made arrangements with an endocrinologist at the hospital to admit my son immediately to the Intensive Care Unit, bypassing the Emergency Room, where the diagnosis was confirmed.

insulinWe were told he would need to be on insulin the rest of his life, that he would face possible blindness, amputation, kidney failure, and other diabetes complications down the road. And we learned his lifetime medical care would total over a million dollars. A nurse, whose own daughter had type 1 diabetes, told us the disease can be going on for one to two years before it’s diagnosed. Her comment made me think back to the hep A vaccination my son received and the sudden changes I’d witnessed in his temperament, then his health.

Over the next two years, we had to call paramedics five times because of dangerous blood sugar fluctuations. One evening, when he didn’t come home and wasn’t answering his phone, we called the campus police where he worked. We eventually learned he’d been lying unconscious in the grass on campus for four hours while students just walked on by, assuming he was taking a nap. The reality is that type 1 diabetes is a very frightening, unpredictable, and life-threatening disease.

As I researched the vaccine connection, I learned numerous studies have linked vaccines to type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders, and that it’s even listed by manufacturers as a possible adverse event. I also was alarmed to learn the vaccine contained aborted fetal cells, aluminum, which is a known neurotoxin, and formalin, which is a type of formaldehyde known to cause cancer. I’d had no idea vaccines contained such toxic ingredients. While researching the disease for which he was vaccinated, I learned hepatitis A is generally a mild virus with no lasting complications. So we traded the slim possibility of his contracting a relatively harmless virus in exchange for an incurable autoimmune disease that will require lifetime care. Our lives, and especially my son’s life, were changed forever that day because of that one vaccine.


In 2013, the Philadelphia Pediatric Diabetes Registry admitted type 1 diabetes rose 70% in children under five between 1985 and 2004. This was the same period in which the childhood vaccine schedule tripled. As with autism, the disease is often blamed on genetics, but there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. Furthermore, it can’t be blamed on better diagnosis because the disease is fatal if undiagnosed and untreated. Just in the last two years I’ve learned of three family friends whose young children developed type 1 diabetes within days of a round of vaccinations. The connection can’t be dismissed. As horrendous as the autism epidemic is, it’s only part of the story, and vaccine injury is sentencing an untold number of children AND adults to a lifetime of incurable and debilitating autoimmune disorders.

~ Lighthouse

For a quick overview of how vaccines can cause autoimmunity, click here

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25 Responses to Adult-Onset “Juvenile” Diabetes and the Vaccine Connection

  1. Sheila Banks says:

    Mycoplasma is in the vaccines.
    Mycoplasma causes all kind of degenerative disease. And it even changes gene expression
    I have informed Health Canada and they flatly denied that there is anything wrong with vaccines despite this info and more. Also, see Bill Welsh’s presentation to the Scottish parliament. They did nothing and it is business as usual for Big Pharma
    And, did you know that over 100 microbiologist are dead, some of whom family,friends and colleagues claim that their deaths are suspicious. Guess what they were working on: vaccines and mycoplasma. See for yourself by googling dead microbiologists. From what I can ascertain, somebody or something is trying to take down Homo sapiens.

  2. Bruno says:

    Our son has been healthy since birth. He was breastfed until 11 months and had never been sick.
    Then, after completing one year we went to the health center to implement the recommended vaccines (MMR).
    After 2 weeks, and no known case in the family, we were in the hospital with a diagnosis of diabetes type one (513 mg d/L). Coincidence?
    The first evidence was in the vaccine package insert. Does that should not be disclosed? It is there with all the letters that one of the possible reactions is diabetes type 1. When searching Pubmed, tons of evidence and published case reports. I found reports dated 70’s. I think that vaccines are inoffensive for most people.
    However, in a small group, it causes terrible diseases and the people are not warned about it. For example, I prefer that my son develop mumps, measles and rubella than diabetes.

  3. Anita Heuss says:

    I had three vaccines in Nov. of 2010. Pneumonia, Flu and Tetanus. I had the worst reaction I ever had. Spent 3 day in bed and was drinking multiple two leader containers of water a day. Two weeks later I had a blood test my doctor had ordered before the shots. They called me immediately and told me I had a blood sugar of 287. I told them about the reaction to the vaccine and how the thirst started at that time. They ignored me and told me I was a type II diabetic and it had nothing to do with the vaccinations. Eighteen months later after all sort of problems they discover I had autoimmune pancreatitis. My pancreas was now non functional and I was now an insulin dependent type I diabetic. Now the NIH is saying to be careful of vaccines if you already have an autoimmune condition. I had already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for a decade when I had the vaccines in 2010. I know of at least two other cases similar to mine where the Tetanus vaccine was involved.

  4. The Swedish government hid data of the connection of the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine to Type 1 diabetes. Since they are not looking for other immune-mediated conditions, it is impossible to say what else was linked to soaring rates of disease among children and why more vaccines cannot induce the same diseases.

  5. Jeff Craig says:

    Might as well throw out there, remember the book “The Pulse Test” ?
    Earlier editions are best.
    Helping many different people, bleak-listed 🙁 by the official community….
    Most amazing so many un- balanced bodies it helps re cancer, diabetes, and (specifically and especially MS ) …..
    p.s. several companies over 50 years ago were ‘well-known’ (underground) totally curing MS within a few weeks, MOST of the time. They NEVER advertised of course, and those who are around today WILL NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT a disease, period. (too many were taken to court or just simply shut down and fined)….
    backwards society, backwards officials….
    🙂 backwards email ten . xoc @ giarcffej
    SHALOM to everyone who LOVES the TRUTH !

  6. Joe Dennis says:

    I became LADA ( Latent Autoimmune Diabetic Adult) After being forced to take a flu shot or lose my job of 30 yr.

  7. Carol says:

    They might not add thimerisol into the mix on its own, but it’s still included in some of the adjuvants as they are processed. Each adjuvant, listed on its own, won’t have to list thimerisol as a preservative within the compound.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      These are the only adjuvants licensed for use in the United States:

      “Aluminum gels or aluminum salts are vaccine ingredients that have been used in vaccines since the 1930s. Small amounts of aluminum are added to help the body build stronger immunity against the germ in the vaccine. Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in nature and is present in air, food, and water. The amount of aluminum present in vaccines is low and is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

      Monophosphoryl lipid A has been used since 2009 in one vaccine in the US, Cervarix. This immune-boosting substance was isolated from the surface of bacteria. It has been tested for safety in tens of thousands of people and found to be safe.”

      There is no need for mercury to be added to aluminum salts.

  8. Nicole says:

    My son got type 1 diabetes after receiving swine flu vaccination. Always thought that this is what gave it to him. He also has autism😡

    • jeff craig says:

      The cover-up is massive. The deception and lies overwhelming and not often overcome. My son also got type 1 from a dpt shot – a shot at 2 years old infected his panc. and it took 10 years before it became known – when he went into a coma/ emergency icu hospital stay/ finally diagnosed. At the time I did a lot of searching, and found out the government for 2 years was paying disability due to liability to children/families when a child got type 1 from a dpt shot – the association/ cause/ was already known in the 1980’s and admitted.
      Then someone with deep pockets bribed the congress and had it changed … (they stopped admitting the cause, and stopped paying disability) ….

      FWIW only, a year ago again eagerly searching, and frequently, it ‘appears’ that clinics (medical) across india (the country) have found a way and are (were?) using it to help. When ASKED why the government had not used this before, it was pointed out that the BUDGET for diabetes ALONE in the country was something like 83 billion dollars a year, basically one-third the national income (this is from memory only- the figures may be quite different, but the reasoning the same : huge amount of profit from leaving diabetes unhelped…. same as in other countries like the u.s…… so the ‘official’ government and medicoes won’t lift a finger to actually ‘help’ or change things for the better.
      It was rumored, btw, also, that Hulda Clark showed a parasite was responsible or went along with the damage to body organs or growth of troubles, and when that was dealt with, … well…. it did not hurt! Not enough people with enough power care to let all this information be known.
      And all the ‘little people’ who trust and go along with the system won’t even try to find out the truth….
      It is very hard to find and achieve good results. Yes, very hard – the whole system is rigged , and even family, neighbors and churches may not desire or search for the truth about politically incorrect information (don’t make waves).
      shalom though, by grace,
      to everyone simply seeking for the truth in all things,
      jeff…… jjeeffffcraig at ccooxx dot net
      (take out one each of the doubled letters to email if desired)

  9. There are some scientific studies on vaccines and type 1 diabetes. Would be helpful to cite them.

  10. bj says:

    Huge glaring error in this article. A person can NOT have type 1 diabetes for 1-2 years before it’s diagnosed. The person would be dead. Type 1’s make almost none to no insulin. Insulin MUST be injected in order for the person to survive.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      No one said you could HAVE type 1 diabetes for 1-2 years before it’s diagnosed, just that it could develop over that period. And yes it can:

    • Sussan says:

      I am testament that you can have diabeties type 1 and not be diagnosed for years, in my case I believe I had it prior to diagnosis for 6 years. My GP checked for so many other things, but diabeties. My body would literaly tell me not to eat food, of course I did eat but only small amounts as it would make me so sleepy. Then the obcessive drinking of water and getting up 7 times a night to pee, it was only at this stage that the diagnoses of type 1 diabeties was made.

  11. Tim Lundeen says:

    Autoimmune illness can often be reversed by diet, supplements. Try the Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet (paleo), combined with Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Approach.

    • Both are excellent resources. Though I’m not sure I would say “reversed.”

      A more accurate way to say it would be, “following these diets will lower incidence of adverse events and slow some associated degeneration.”

      I don’t think even Dr. Wahl’s would use the term “reversed.” I believe she says the progression of her MS has been “partially reversed” but it still progressing slowly.

  12. Rebecca Lee says:

    Your son has mercury poisoning . Research the Andy Cutler chelation protocol.

  13. Hans Scholl says:

    The list of possible negative outcomes from vaccination is lengthy , & the majority of the general public are oblivious to the risks .
    I’d like Paul Offit to comment on this (given that is where he is based):
    In 2013, the Philadelphia Pediatric Diabetes Registry admitted type 1 diabetes rose 70% in children under five between 1985 and 2004.

    Wishing your son the best possible outcome .

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