AmpCoil: An Innovative Wellness Tool for Lyme, Chronic Autoimmune Conditions and Gut Health

April 5, 2018

Over 90% of users report a 92-96% reduction of their symptoms.

*Reported by AmpCoil users in the Wellness for Humanity Foundation’s Lyme to Wellness Program.

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Geneva & Aaron Bigelow and their girls


AmpCoil, launched into the marketplace in 2015, was the outcome of Geneva and Aaron Bigelow seeking a solution to their family’s decade-long challenge with life-threatening chronic Lyme Disease. Visionaries and entrepreneurs with a combined 30 years of experience at the executive level in the holistic health technology industry, they assembled a forward-thinking team to create AmpCoil, powered by BetterGuide app.

During the three years AmpCoil has been on the market, approximately 7,000 people have used or experienced the device.  Those with Lyme and autoimmune conditions comprise 80% of their user base, but AmpCoil is also effective for cleansing, gut health, general well-being, longevity, peak performance, and more.

“Many have been down the path of medication, radiation, operation, and vaccination. They are ready to try the power of vibration,” says Geneva Bigelow.

Aaron Bigelow states, “We attract a lot of people who have ‘Mystery Diseases’ or who have a myriad of symptoms and no diagnosis. The common theme is an imbalanced bioterrain in the body.”

“Microbes, metals and toxins can alter bioterrain and often cause complications in your organ systems, the depletion of nutrients and minerals, and many uncomfortable symptoms. Our goal is to give people the ability to get their lives back from the comfort of their own home,” affirms Geneva.

AmpCoil, powered by the BetterGuide app


Below are the stories of two AmpCoil owners:


“Our whole family has breathed an overall sigh of relief.” — Dawn, TX

Dawn’s son, Noah, 21, with diagnoses of PDD-NOS, Epilepsy, Lyme and Mitochondrial Dysfunction has been using AmpCoil for the past two years.

She reports, “Four years ago, Noah was so sick he was bedridden. He began to make improvements on other biomedical treatments, but he was still unable to attend high school. Four months after we began the AmpCoil he was healthy enough to attend school.”

Noah’s improvements using AmpCoil:

  • Increased appetite. Craving a wider selection of foods.
  • Eczema is gone. Used to scratch itchy, rashy skin almost to the point of self-injury. Skin is clearer and yeasty scalp has cleared up.
  • Improved IQ. Neuropsychological testing in 2014 (prior to AmpCoil) – IQ of 62, testing in 2017 – IQ of 79.
  • Better self-care skills. Now bathes and dresses self and feeds his animals.
  • No more outbursts. Prior to AmpCoil, he was having emotional and aggressive outbursts three to four times a month; these no longer occur.
  • Improved immune system. He’s now able to manage the exposure of toxins present in his environment, school building, etc. and the other illnesses of those around him.

Dawn says, “Our quality of life has changed so dramatically we are able to enjoy time as a family again.”


Lynne Maclean

“AmpCoil is the key to regaining my full vitality and health.” — Lynne, OR

Lynn MacLean, 52, was diagnosed in 2013 with Sjögren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune condition in which her cells attack the glands that make saliva and tears. Like other autoimmune conditions, she suffers from inflammation, fatigue, joint pain, neurological issues and brain fog.

Lynne says, “For several days in a row I couldn’t get out of bed. After my first session with the AmpCoil, I had energy for 48 hours.”

Lynne says that she began to have more good days than bad.

Lynne’s improvements using AmpCoil:

  • Improved digestion. Alternating constipation and diarrhea has diminished. She now has more regulated bowel movements and much better intestinal balance.
  • More energy. Fatigue level started to subside within 7-10 days of use. Lynne says, “After one month I could get out of bed and stay out of bed all day.”
  • Joint pain is gone.
  • No more brain fog. Mental clarity has returned.

Lynne says, “I couldn’t show up for my life.”

Lynne is documenting her healing journey using AmpCoil on her YouTube channel, From Symptoms to Wellness. To follow her journey, click here: From Symptoms to Wellness

Please join us Wednesday April 11th at 9 a.m. PST/12 noon ET for this exciting informative webinar featuring Geneva and Aaron Bigelow as they explain the technology behind AmpCoil and their story of transformation.


Looking forward to seeing you!

~ The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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12 Responses to AmpCoil: An Innovative Wellness Tool for Lyme, Chronic Autoimmune Conditions and Gut Health

  1. Nina Stark says:

    Just started using mine today…Voice biofeedback is cool

  2. Anita Roth says:

    So sad
    Wish I could afford one

  3. Terrye Edye says:

    Will Cigna pay for it?

  4. John collins says:

    Facetious, dear professor, not sarcastic. I hope it does work because there certainly don’t seem to be good treatments for chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme, fibromyalgia, autism, mitochondrial dysfunction, and a myriad of other entities which seem to baffle traditional medicine, but not alternamedicine providers.

  5. Mary kackley says:

    It really seems like a great idea , wonderful for those who can afford it !. It’s like only for the rich and famous , like our president ! ( i like trump , just using him for an example ) ! For the rest of us we to depend on grat god of the universe !

    • Dario Elliott says:

      AmpCoil actually offers interest free financing and I know of people personally who have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the AmpCoil!

  6. ProfessorTMR says:

    Catherine Abby Rich, check your spam folder. You are definitely registered. If by any chance you miss it, you will be able to see the recording.

  7. Anon says:

    How much is it?

  8. John Collins says:

    Great that there is now something to treat these elusive and difficult to manage diseases. I’m glad it isn’t too expensive so that people who have spent thousands of $ pursuing treatments by conventional medicine no longer have to see their hard-earned and limited funds wasted

    • Mandy Jane says:

      Not too expensive?? I just spoke with a rep and it’s $7850.00

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I believe John was being sarcastic. He has made it clear in the past that he thinks parents who treat their children’s medical issues with the idea that doing so may reduce behaviors associated with an autism diagnosis are being abusive. Therefore to him any treatment is worth a potshot, even such a non-invasive one as this.

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