“Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy Made Me Do It!” Is a Big Fat Lie

The ProfessorYou know what I wish? I wish I had five dollars for every time I saw or read some “news” story that attributes the fact that I don’t vaccinate my children and the fact that I spend many of my waking hours alerting others to vaccine dangers to Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy. (Yeah, I know the traditional amount is a nickel, but, let’s face it, a nickel doesn’t buy much of anything these days. At least with five dollars I could buy a dozen organic eggs. And since I spend so many of my possible work hours working on this website, I could really use the huge pile of cash. God knows this is not going to put organic food on the table.)

Even more than wishing for the cash, though, I just wish they wouldn’t do it. Why?

Because it’s a lie.

Yep, I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. There was a time when I might have called it an “inaccuracy,” a “misrepresentation,” or even the ever-popular “myth” (and, yes, I did consult  thesaurus.com when writing this piece). But the time for that is over. The time has come to call it as it is —  and what it is is a straight-up lie and irresponsible journalism.

You see, journalists ask us vaccine-choice advocates why we do what we do, and we are not shy about telling them. We talk about what we’ve seen first-hand in our children, the mountains of scientific studies we have waded through (quoting chapter and verse all the while) clearly implicating vaccines in a whole host of conditions that involve immune system dysregulation that are all on the rise, and the Freedom of Information Act requests that have exposed corruption and collusion at the highest levels of the CDC.

We tell them everything – repeatedly. And what do they say? “Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy made them do it.”

Every. Damn. Time.

Now, I can’t blame the “man in the street” (or, in my daughter’s case, the teacher at her school) for thinking we’re stupid. If I didn’t know me (and about a thousand other vaccine-choice advocates) personally, I might think we were pretty stupid too if the only issues I ever saw mentioned in mainstream media were “that discredited doctor” and the “Playboy bunny.” But it’s bullshit, and everyone needs to know it’s bullshit, whether or not it is written in “reputable” media outlets like the New York Times. And you need to call it out every time you see it.

I actually feel sorry for people, sometimes, who come to this website thinking they’ll “straighten us out” with some “truth bombs” about Wakefield and McCarthy (and occasionally they’ll add “they took the mercury out of the MMR long ago!”), only to find that the average “anti-vaxxer” can run rings around them in terms of knowledge about not only Wakefield and McCarthy, but far more importantly, about vaccines in general as well – starting with the fact that the MMR never contained mercury.

So, I say let’s finally put this lie to rest. Let’s discuss the facts about Wakefield and McCarthy, shall we?

Andrew Wakefield with his family

Andrew Wakefield with his family

The infamous “discredited” Wakefield “study” that is referenced ad nauseum in these news items was published in 1998. It was a case series of 12 children that had psychiatric diagnoses (most of them on the autism spectrum) and gastrointestinal distress. Unfortunately for the sake of the children involved, that gastrointestinal distress was not being investigated. Many doctors had put it all down to “that’s just part of his/her autism.” Wakefield and twelve colleagues, gastroenterologists at the Royal Free Hospital in London, had the audacity to treat these children for their bowel disease and analyze some of the tissue they encountered while doing so (and here’s what the parents of the “Lancet 12” have to say about that). What they found was a novel form of serious bowel disease in children with autism (or related diagnoses) that according to two-thirds of the parents began shortly after MMR vaccination. The paper’s conclusion was not, as is so often stated, that “vaccines cause autism,” or even “the MMR causes autism.” It was simply that there might be a link between the MMR and these children’s psychiatric conditions and more study was indicated. Wakefield himself thought it was likely that there was something about the MMR itself, a possible synergy between the three viral components perhaps, that was causing the bowel disease and possibly the psychiatric symptoms as well. Therefore, when asked what he would recommend, he suggested that parents go back to the way they had been doing things in the past before the autism rates had started to climb and get the three components of the MMR, measles, mumps, and rubella, broken out into individual shots.

Interestingly, not long after Wakefield made this recommendation, the U.K. decided to stop offering the individual vaccines. Obviously, U.K. parents who wished to avoid the MMR, perhaps due to Wakefield et al’s paper, but still wished to vaccinate their children against measles, mumps, and/or rubella were forced to make a decision. If many of them chose not to get the combined vaccine, and their children were therefore not vaccinated against those three diseases, that situation is at least in part attributable to the authorities who made the call to stop providing those vaccines in individual doses.

So Wakefield and twelve colleagues accurately reported what parents told them about the health history of their sick kids, and somehow Wakefield (single-handedly, by the way, the press virtually never mentions any of the other twelve authors) gets the “blame” for the fact that more and more parents are weighing the risks and benefits of each vaccine for themselves and their children and some of them are rejecting them altogether. Even if you don’t listen to the parents actually doing said questioning and rejecting, even if you take the whole situation at face value, how is that a logical conclusion? Wakefield et al. mentioned one vaccine, the MMR, in their case series – a paper that is never mentioned in mainstream media without being accompanied by the words “retracted,” “discredited,” and/or “fraudulent.” And, when asked about that one vaccine, Wakefield recommended continuing to vaccinate against those diseases with monovalent vaccines. Why on Earth would anyone use that paper as the basis of a decision to forgo any other vaccine, much less all vaccines?

Answer? They wouldn’t.

It’s a lie.

Jenny McCarthy is a beautiful woman who says that her healthy son Evan regressed into autism following an MMR vaccine. Her account of that time period is very moving for any parent, but especially for parents who experienced something similar. Immediately afterward, her son Evan’s development began a regression that eventually led to a diagnosis of autism. McCarthy found other parents who were treating the underlying medical conditions of their children’s autism (known as “biomedical treatment”) and, as a result, their children were getting better, many losing their diagnoses of autism. McCarthy treated her son as well, and as a result her son improved greatly. She made a promise (bargain with God?) that if he did improve she would tell the world about her experiences, and she has done so.

I suspect that McCarthy has, indeed, had an effect on the number of people who believe that “vaccines cause autism,” certainly more than Andrew Wakefield et al.’s “discredited” 1998 case series. But that fact lies less in her beauty or celebrity than it does in the fact that she is a mother who is brave enough to tell the truth about what happened to her child, despite the extremely negative press she gets for doing so. That resonates with people, especially people who have experienced something similar. What the media never seems to report is that McCarthy is just one of many, many parents with eerily similar stories. When Jenny McCarthy spoke up on television and in her books, she gave many other parents who had similar experiences the bravery to speak up about what they too had witnessed. But like the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, the overall credibility of the claims does not derive from the fact that one person – no matter how beautiful or famous – said it. It derives from the fact that many people tell similar stories. In this case, there are literally thousands of people saying their children were developing normally until a round of vaccines blew them out of the water (possibly never to return) and even more who say that, when their children have been treated for various types of vaccine damage, they get better.

cosbyWhose “fault” is it that the public perceives Bill Cosby as a serial sex offender? Is it Andrea Constand, who initiated a lawsuit against him back in 2004 – the lawsuit that caused a number of women to get brave enough to go on the record with their own accusations? They didn’t get the opportunity to testify in court then, as it turned out, and their accusations never picked up steam. So maybe it’s comedian Hannibal Buress, who called Cosby out as a rapist in his stand-up act in a video that went viral. Or maybe it’s Barbara Bowman’s” fault.” She’s the victim who began the recent escalating round of accusations with a piece in the Washington Post about her own history with Cosby. Or how about Lycia Naff, the journalist who tracked down Bowman and wrote a story for the U.K.’s Daily Mail? Or  maybe, just maybe . . . now this is really radical here . . . perhaps it is Cosby himself who is to blame for the public’s perception of him as a serial sex offender because he actually is a serial sex offender.

So . . . is it Jenny McCarthy’s “fault” that 33% percent of American parents of children under 18 believe that vaccines cause autism? Or could it be the many thousands of parents who are telling their own children’s stories? Or are the investigators who dug up more than 80 cases of vaccine-induced autism that were compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (implying that the total number was, in fact, much higher, as they were only able to track down less than a sixth of the overall number of compensated brain injuries) to “blame”? Or, could it be, perhaps, that the single biggest reason why much of the public believes that vaccines cause autism is, in fact, that vaccines can and do cause autism?

(By the way, before anyone jumps down my throat and says “my child was never vaccinated and still has autism, so there!” Or “my child is fully vaccinated and has no sign of autism!” The fact that there are cases that don’t fit a pattern is not evidence that the pattern does not exist. Neither situation has any bearing whatsoever on whether or not vaccines cause autism. My father never smoked a day in his life. What’s on his death certificate? Lung cancer. Similarly, there are people who chain smoke for decades without developing any signs of lung cancer. Does any of this mean that “smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer”? Certainly not.)

Even given McCarthy’s history, she believes that vaccines are important and should simply be made safer. She spent a great deal of her own time and money on a “Green the Vaccines” rally in Washington, D.C. to push government officials and vaccine manufacturers to make vaccines safer. Ralph Nader did a similar thing when he exposed dangers in the car industry with his book Unsafe at Any Speed. I don’t remember anyone calling Nader “anti-car” and blaming him for people quizzing car dealers.


Jenny McCarthy leading the Green Our Vaccines rally in Washington, D.C.

No matter what people believe about vaccines and autism, though, the majority of vaccine-choice advocates lament the fact that the media never seems to report that their concerns about vaccines are not – and never have been – limited solely to autism, that their concerns are, in fact, far broader, and cover a wide range of conditions, including autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ADHD, seizures and more, that are characterized by dysfunction in the neuroimmune system. And the fact that vaccines, an intervention designed to alter immune system response, can cause immune system dysfunction, including serious autoimmune disease, is well documented. The prevalence of every condition listed is rising rapidly right along with the autism rate.

The other thing that you never see in a mainstream media story about the “anti-vaccine movement” is that the vast majority of “movers” started out as big believers in the wonders of vaccines and the civic duty to vaccinate for the “greater good.” For most, the disillusionment began with something simple: a single event such as a child’s extreme reaction to a round of vaccines; or a single question such as why are we vaccinating all children at birth for a disease that is only transmitted through blood products or sexual activity when, by the CDC’s own data, more than 9,998 out of every 10,000 children have never had any possibility of encountering the disease until adolescence at least?

So it’s time to call the lies for what they are, don’t you think? Loud and clear. And finally to put them to rest.

If you are among the many who have chosen to delay or forgo any of the vaccines on the recommended CDC vaccine schedule, I ask that you briefly (I know that will be hard for many of us) explain why you did so in the comments below. My dream is to get thousands of “anti-vaccine” parents (because according to mainstream media, that’s what you are the minute you question the wisdom of the schedule in its entirety) to explain the real reasons why they don’t vaccinate according to the CDC schedule, and maybe, just maybe, the greater public will start to see the lies for what they are.

Then, whenever you see the lies repeated, post this piece with the real reasons people choose not to give their children one or more vaccines that the CDC recommends.

~ Professor

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116 Responses to “Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy Made Me Do It!” Is a Big Fat Lie

  1. Bethany says:

    I vaccinated my oldest. Years later, before my next child was born, I bothered to read all the vaccine ingredients and research each one I didn’t recognize. I chose not to vaccinate from that point on, and everything I’ve read since has solidified my position. It was at least 4 years after I made that decision not to vaccinate my kids that I came across Andrew Wakefield’s study and Jenny McCarthy’s story. They had nothing to do with my decision. The vaccines did.

  2. A says:

    My husband and I are both doctors. My husband was reluctant to vaccinate our two boys on the recommended schedule, because he had done extensive reading and research on the topic. I had not read so extensively, but I felt that the benefits were greater than the risks, and vaccinated almost completely on schedule. Then, at around 18 months of age my older son began to regress, and was eventually diagnosed with autism. I watched videos of him and looked at pictures over and over to see if there were signs when he was younger – definitely not. He truly did regress. I have always had a nagging feeling that it’s possible that vaccines could have had something to do with his regression, and when I began to really research the topic, I was a little horrified that I hadn’t listened to my husband (and how little my medical training had educated me). I have been treating him with dietary intervention and I’m grateful to say that he has unofficially lost his diagnosis (he won’t get officially reevaluated until next spring) – this tells me that an immune/autoimmune cause triggered by vaccines is plausible . As for future vaccination, I can only say that I am extremely reluctant, and I’m avoiding the conversation with his pediatrician… I certainly don’t like being seen as an “anti-vax nut job” by colleagues when I suggest empathy for parents who are afraid to vaccinate or that we should not mandate vaccines.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You should read the series we’re republishing on scientific evidence on one pathway where vaccines definitely can and do cause autism: https://www.thinkingmomsrevolution.com/category/vaccines-cause-autism.

      I think the doctors have it hardest because it goes against everything they were taught. Unfortunately, it just happens to be true. :-/

      • A says:

        I clearly remember the lecture in medical school, when autism and vaccines were discussed. We were told about one study by a doctor who had committed fraud and claimed that the MMR causes autism, but he had falsified the study… Imagine my surprise when I read the study myself in its entirety…

      • A says:

        I just finished reading the series… Amazing! Thank you so much for presenting all this info…

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You’re so welcome!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Right? I don’t think I’ve come across a single journalist who has. It is NEVER presented accurately. Have you read the GMC proceedings and the judgment that reinstated Walker-Smith’s license? Those make for fascinating reading as well. At first, I thought they were right about Wakefield and maybe there was some fraud, but the more I read the more I realized how bogus the charges were. If they bothered to trump up such BS about one small paper about 12 children whose own parents say the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrgYxqcU0w, what does that say about them?

  3. Kate says:

    I delayed vaccines until 3 years-old with my eldest but when I called the Vaccine Clearinghouse to see about getting non-bundled vaccines was told “Just because she’s three doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. We just had a five-year-old go blind.” So we researched some more and decided to start with DT (no pertussis) but the week of the shot my son had an anaphylactic reaction to shrimp and now has a lifelong shellfish allergy because of the trace amounts of fish oils used as adjuvants. So we never went any further.

  4. Tracy says:

    Pssh! I wish I HAD listened to Jenny and Andrew, but I didn’t even know who they were until my only child was vaccine injured as an infant and I was thrown head first into this rabbit hole. And that, my friends, is why each one of us feels compelled to scream our story from the mountaintops. We would give anything to save another parent and child from the unnecessary suffering we have endured.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      That is what I love most about parents of children who were injured by vaccines. I have heard that same generous spirit echoed thousands of times. Thank you for lending your voice.

  5. Cece says:

    I chose not to vaccinate any of my children. Nor give them Vitamin K. I read the ingredients and nearly choked. Yes I was one of those people that actually researched the ingredients in a vaccine. My motherly instinct said my children would have better health with natural immunity. I also chose not to circumcise for the same reason. We are born for this world and if we eat right and take care of ourselves we have incredible immunity. My eldest is 11. We have survived many childhood illnesses without much drama. Even the various types of flu strains. I have had excellent luck with Lugols in stopping illness in its tracks. Even the chicken pox was less then eventful in our house. I expected a much bigger drama as the media would have you believe.
    My eldest is super sensitive to environmental toxins. I can only imagine what would of happened to him had he been pumped full of poison laced vaccines. As the years progressed and more info became public it only made me more adamant that I would never put that garbage along with antibiotics in my children. For decades doctors have pushed antibiotics. Now slowly the government (CDC) is telling them to back off on the rate of prescribing them. In another decade or 2 there is no doubt in my mind that they will start treating vaccines the same way. But not after hurting millions in the process of trying to make everyone believe vaccines “saved us”. Just like the long lived propaganda that antibiotics saved us…but now I guess they didn’t really save us…but weakened us. There are so many researches that have found not only that vaccines and antibiotics do more harm then help…but pharmaceutical drugs and treatments are bunk at best. Do you research so you can find better alternatives to health. The pharmaceutical companies are not your saviors or friends. They are in the business to make money and their scruples are less then angelic. Only you can represent your child’s interest. Listen to your mama gut and don’t let something sway you if it doesn’t feel or read right.

  6. Plum Remson says:

    Only a propagandist would contend such a claim, and only someone desperate to believe that no rational reasons exist for concerns about vaccines, would believe such a claim.

  7. Leslie says:

    Do people think we sit around hoping to start needless fights? That we are willing to be villainized, patronized, and excluded because of a celebrity? No. It’s because of the evidence before our eyes every single moment every single day.

  8. Anne says:

    My son was born 6/24/02. I believe that was the same year Ms McCarthy’s son was born. I had obviously never heard of Ms McCarthy’s struggles. I was familiar with Dr Wakefield’s findings through Mothering Magazine. At the time of my son’s vaccine injury, I was involved with an attachment parenting group. The fellow moms in that group helped me recognize my child’s injury and avoid further harm. I will forever be indebted to those parents and parents here at TMR! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

  9. Paul de Boer says:

    Are pro-vaccine messages filtered here? I don’t see any dissenting opinions at all. You won’t find that on the most agreeable article.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Are pro-vaccine messages filtered here?” It depends on what you mean by “pro-vaccine” and what you mean by “filtered.” If you have an argument to make, you are welcome to make it. (You will find many “critical” comments on lots of other blogs.) If, however, someone’s “pro-vaccine” comment is really a string of insults or just general nastiness, we simply delete them. We are under no obligation to provide yet another platform for such behavior.

      (By the way, this particular blog has received no comments that have not been approved.)

  10. Tyler Dahm says:

    I thought Jenny was a vapid, know nothing bimbo and her anti-vaccine rhetoric was her excuse for autism. Turns out, I was the know nothing because I never once took the time to read an insert, go to the CDC website to read ingredients or side affects, and I never questioned anything. Lesson learned, the hard way.

  11. Cheryl says:

    My husband and I decided not to vaccinate 21 years ago with the birth of our first child. My husband had received no vaccinations as a child growing up in Europe. We were alternatively inclined and attended childbirth classes with a Bradley instructor who had 5 children and had stopped vaccinating after they all got Whooping Cough. I read Dr. Mendelsohn’s book, “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor” and lots of articles in Mothering Magazine about vaccination. That was the information we had available. I have gone through periods of time since catching up on current information, reading lots of books. Most recently the information has been internet based. We have 3 children now. All were not vaccinated. They have all been very healthy, even our youngest who has Down Syndrome, and have never had an ear infection. The older ones got chicken pox (as I had as a child) as children and recovered.

  12. Joanna says:

    I didn’t know Jenny McCarthy’s story before my son regressed into autism following a round of vaccines, but I wish to God that I had.

  13. Redpill1 says:

    It’s primarily the paid trolls that chant the Dr. Wakefield/Jenny McCarthy mantra. Along with the ever popular “let’s bring back polio and smallpox”. When I run across these comments I call them out as trolls because to me they are waving a big red flag. Sometime I ask them what the name of the report Dr. Wakefield wrote? Especially Dr’s who get paid for lending their name to articles that promote vaccination and use Dr. Wakefield’s name. The push right now is for back to school shots and flu shot-especially for pregnant women and this just burns me up. How can a Dr. who took an oath to do no harm-even suggest injecting a pregnant Mom with toxins. You really don’t need to be a chemist to say this is a bad idea. Hel-, they tell pregnant women not to take aspirins but it’s A-OK to shoot them up with a syringe of viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, thimerosal etc.

    I have been posting information on Dr. Wakefield on many sites since the debates he’s back as the whipping boy for the MSM and pro-vaccine loving trolls/doctors who roam the web. I write a clear concise well composed comment with the High court ruling included about Dr. Wakefield and the exoneration of Prof. Walker-Smith and wouldn’t you know it-the comments never get posted. Somehow Dr. Wakefield has now moved over into being referenced in Flu shot articles. I also write a comment that clearly demonstrates with studies the ineffectiveness of the Flu shot but those comments are also censored.

    I think people are beginning to see through the lies and propaganda because of the CDC/Vaccine industry over saturation of Dr. Wakefield’s & Jenny McCarthy’s name just like the Ebola and Disney Measles False Flags. The saying is where there is smoke there is fire but when you go to look there is no fire, just a steaming pile of you know what.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It may indeed be true that most of the people promoting the “Andrew/McCarthy” lie (I think that’s what I’m going to call it from now on as a shorthand for Andrew Wakefield/Jenny McCarthy as it would be only SLIGHTLY less true if they “blamed” it on Andrew McCarthy) are paid to do so, but I think pointing that out as the very first comment loses more people than it gains. Some very well-meaning (unpaid) people have bought the lie hook, line, and sinker, and to alienate them by calling them paid trolls is not a good strategy. Pointing out the lack of veracity in their statements, whether or not they themselves believe them, though, sets the record straight without implying judgment of those who may be innocently repeating the lies.

      • Redpill1 says:

        Some very well-meaning (unpaid) people have bought the lie hook, line, and sinker, and to alienate them by calling them paid trolls is not a good strategy.

        This has worked well for me. Trolls have a specific comment pattern that is easy to tune into whereas people who are genuinely confused about the Wakefield/McCarthy myth comment in a different way. These people, IMHO, may make the comment but they are also asking questions or asking what the controversy is about. Trolls don’t do that. Their purpose is to distract from the core arguments or points of an article. 5 years ago when a person (most likely a troll) posted the names Wakefield/McCarthy it was done to stop the flow of arguments on a comment board. Once people understood the nuances of what happened with Dr. Wakefield-it’s not so easy for people to use his name. The media articles use Dr. Wakefield names or they say the British scientist who wrote a fraudulent study on vaccines. They don’t even know and I’ve written them emails asking them to explain what they know about the situation. These so called journalist aren’t trolls but they are just as bad.
        I believe they are handed talking points from the CDC and told to write a story about it or they are handed a article already written by one of the many ghost writers pharma has hired over the years and told to put their name on it. Doctors have been engaged in this practice for decades-selling their names for a fee.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, they are definitely handed talking points that are frequently not investigated further, but as I said many of us HAVE spoken to the media about the REAL reasons we choose not to vaccinate and what gets reported? Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy.

        The problem with calling anyone “trolls,” even people who happen to be paid to distract and obfuscate is that the people who AREN’T paid and are just confused will identify with the person being “attacked” especially if they are espousing a mainstream view. That is alienating, wehther or not you intend it to be. You can present the same information and let THEM call YOU names when they don’t have a real argument. Believe me, people will catch on the minute that happens if you remain reasonable and pleasant. That’s when the person starts to wonder WHY someone is attacking you so vehemently. As soon as they start to wonder, you’ve gotten them questioning and when they investigate for themselves they will find a whole heck of a lot of fire where that smoke came from.

    • Redpill1 says:

      The problem with calling anyone “trolls,” even people who happen to be paid to distract and obfuscate.

      In my experience calling out a troll actually stops their attack. I don’t call everyone a troll, only the ones that are use distraction techniques, are abusive and call people names. These are troll identifiers. The websites and articles I’ve studied over the last few years on trolling behaviors and characteristics recommend calling trolls out because the one thing people who troll hate is exposure. Their presence is suppose to be stealthy yet when they are exposed, they are revealed not just on one comment board it exposes them on others. Trolls also don’t like to have their tactics exposed and they operate right out of the misinformation handbook.

      There is a group of well know paid trolls that are associated with the Science Based Medicine Blogs which is a pharma paid for site and these individuals appear on comment boards en mass. They use what’s called a troll train to basically derail any comment that demonstrates clear evidence of pharm malfeasance. They were the first group I encountered that used Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Wakefield. I didn’t know who they were but I was accused of being a follower of a man who committed fraud and his side kick bunny. For years people were basically mocked with this tactics by trolls who I’m sure were paid operatives of pharma. Using this tactic the trolls took control over many comment boards in the past but if you expose them-it derails them and puts them on the defense. Whether you like it, it is an adversary situation. I am not abusive, demeaning, I do not ridicule or use name calling with the exception of the name troll. If you are trying to get information to people who are still trying to make their way through this quagmire, you have to stand out. Trolls stand out. Especially when they call Dr. Wakefield a fraud or make reference to the playboy bunny. That draws attention so that has to be defused. Best way I know how to do it is call the person out.

      Here’s how exposing a troll can be effective: Dorit Reiss is a well know pharma troll. I read where her assault on a person was stopped when it was exposed that her family owned stock in GSK and she should disclose that before commenting on vaccine policies. She stopped commenting on that particular article.

      I make sure I use discernment when I expose a troll and some of them have been around so long I’m not the only ones that calls them out. It may not be politically correct but I think it’s effective.

  14. Deborah says:

    I was born in the 50s and grew up in a family that quit with vaccines in the 20s or 30s. Someone had a vaccine injury and my grandfather got interested in alternative health modalities.

    I didn’t start researching vaccines until 1999. What I found when I dug into the data and the science was pretty bizarre and horrifying.

    Nope, not Wakefield nor McCarthy.

  15. irena says:

    I stopped (too late) to vaccinate my son when I finally realized that his two disabilities were in fact caused by vaccine injuries.

  16. Cynthia Smyth says:

    My son was fully vaccinated, and it was officially determined at 20 months of age, that he had multiple developmental delays. Even though at his routine visits with the pediatrician he had met all milestones. But, around 15 months, he started to loose previously met milestones — stopped talking, stopped responding to his name, his progress to walking was set back, had diarrhea with EVERY bowel movement, etc. So we started discussions with the pediatrician, about what could be wrong. And that led to him being evaluated by our Regional Center. Never once did they use the word Autism, to describe him — just multiple, mild delays. The Pediatrician was positive he didn’t have Autism. Then at 2 year pediatrician visit, we we pushed, by the Nurse, to give a brand new vaccine, Hep. A. Not officially part of the schedule yet. I told them I didn’t really want to, as I had just started learning and doing research about vaccines, but she pushed me, and guilted me into doing it. That afternoon, my son acted very disconnected, he lay down on his side on the floor, with a toy truck and just pushed it back and forth in front of his eyes — an EXTREMELY common behavior with Autistic kids. My son had never done that behavior before. Needless to say, a few months laster he was diagnosed with full blown, classic Autism. Oh and also, Irritable bowel syndrome, yeast infections, parasites, Herpes and Strep viral infections.

    After that Hep. A shot, I never let him have another vaccine, Thank goodness we have an enlightened pediatrician that fully supports that decision.

    Having said this, I am a firm believer, that vaccines, can be a contributing factor to causing one’s Autism. But it is the total toxic load and immune system damage that reaches the unique threshold of each individual, that causes Autism. In many cases, it can been one particular vaccine, or sometimes too many given at once, that can put an individual over their body’s threshold to withstand. They may have already had a significant body burden of many toxins etc., one more vaccine puts them over the top.

    I agree with others too. 1) Hep B given at birth is nothing more than a way to make more money, as there is NO sound medical reason to do it. 2) There is still mercury in some vaccines. And it doesn’t need to be there. The ONLY reason to have it is, again, so it costs the vaccine manufacturers less money to manufacture and store. 3) Vaccine companies actually started to pull out of the business of making vaccines, because they couldn’t afford all the vaccine injury lawsuits eating away at their profits, and that’s when the government stepped in and took away their liability. 4) It has been repeatedly shown, demonstrated, documentary’d and testified to as to the link between Autism and vaccines, and yet we continue to hear the same ridiculous dogma from the media, and ‘bought’ Drs. that vaccines do no cause Autism. It makes me sick.

  17. nocposts says:

    I wear ‘anti-vaxxer’ as a badge of honor and enjoy zinging family members and ‘friends’ who keep their heads in the sand. There are so many studies out there and so much from FOIA, but the media is pharma’s PR firm and hides the truth.

    Wish to first convey this suggestion from CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. Try a new mantra: Vaccines cause tics. The CDC has never denied this and this is in the ‘Big Studies’ per Dr. Thompson. Eventually, eventually, mention the fact that those with autism have 4-5 times more tics!

    Secondly, keep phoning your senators and reps, plus Rep. Chaffetz. Write real letters as I do, enclosing before/after pictures of my son.

    Our story: 10 years ago, we followed the rules and ‘city’s finest doctors’. After my son’s 15 months checkup followed by the multi-dose flu vaccine, he spun out of control and we stopped after age 2: loss of speech, eye contact, screaming at night, tantrums, anxiety, auditory sensory issues, diarrhea, etc. A year of ‘behavioral therapy’ later because that’s all the ‘finest’ had to suggest, we decided to see someone who knew our kids were sick and began a long road of recovery, which is still in progress. He had bad gut issues and was loaded with mercury.

    Today, I choose to check both my children’s anti-body titers in intervals of about 3 years. This reassures my pediatrician that my children do not pose a threat at school. I then do what I need to do to protect my children from aggressive campaigns to ‘boost’ them.

    The kid with autism goes on with life with a smile and has shown those around him how much braver and stronger he is than anyone around him.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      I too wear ‘anti-vaxxer’ as a badge of honor .

      Trying to make us ashamed of saying OUT LOUD & PROUD isn’t working thieves !

  18. Jessica says:

    I am a parent who no longer vaccinates my family. My first two children were vaccinated through age two when I started working with a practitioner for my MS, and she suggested I research vaccines. I was shocked and disgusted at what I learned about the toxins that I had been allowing to be injected into our bodies. As I researched, I learned that the Hepatitis B vaccine is linked to MS. I can’t be sure that it caused my MS, but I was vaccinated for Hepatitis B shortly before I was diagnosed. There are so many lies being circulated about vaccination, and it often makes me wonder what other things I’ve accepted as truth that is not.

  19. Natalie says:

    During the whole measles scare this year, we had a mom on our local autism group make this accusation. We only believed our children had autism from vaccines because of Jenny McCarthy. I was so outraged I responded quickly that when I knew this truth Jenny McCarthy was doing porn and didnt even have a kid or a care. Then I felt bad. I didn’t really mean to slam Jenny. I don’t really think anyone should be judged for their past. And I actually have a lot of respect for her. But it so infuriated me, that she could make such am assumption about so many of us. To belittle my son’s experience. My son’s painful withdrawal in to Autism in both and mental and biological since. My son who is now 18 and still nonverbal. Still suffers GI problems. My son who was in the ER with extensive vomitting and crying the night of his 18 month vaccinations. My son who suffered from numerous infections because the vaccines rendered his immune system, particularly his GI immune system, ineffective. The years following the vaccinations he suffered from the followong: Giardia, pinworms (severe, numerous times), cryptosporidium, blastocystis, ulcers, severe constipation, high white blood cells count with no source of infection (leaky gut), unpredictable explosive vomitting nonviral. I could go on. He also had numerous other infections respiratory in nature. Truth be told I suspected the vaccinations were bad for him bases on his reactions at 12 months. But continued because the doctor reassured me and honestly I put all my trust in them. It didn’t even occur to me that our government would allow a pharmaceutical company to put a neurotoxin in our vaccination supply (he was a late 90’s thimerosal baby). I have a hard time forgiving myself for not trusting my gut and doing my research early on. And to me the people who say that there is no thimerosal. No they just use aluminium now. As stated above the hepatitis B really is when I began to dismantle this house of Cards. How could it ever, ever be justified to mass vaccinate newborns when the majority of them are going home to low to no risk environment. This was when I truly “swallowed the red pill” and fell down the rabbit hole. Years later I had two boys. They have never been vaccinated. Thank god. 2nd baby developed ITP at 9 months due to a viral autoimmune response. Ended up with two mastocytomas. Asthma. Immune issues. I can only imagine. My second son, 7 now, did end up with early diagnosis of ASD. High functioning now at 7 and in a regular class. Will be ok. People love to point out that I didn’t vaccinate him and he “still” ended up ASD. But they miss the boat. I know he would very like his brother severely asd if I had. Third baby I did more investigating and pushing. He is 2. Even without shots had viral hives, egg allergy, chronic sickness. Turns out he has low igg. Immunologist, a mainstream one, actually said no live vaccines. They want to to do a DT challenge to see if he could even make antibodies to a vaccine. I declined. To be honest the name escapes me right now but basically my children have trouble making antibodies the first couple of years. My oldest I suspect had the same. I know that shots are dangerous for my children. And many like them. But honestly the amount and ingredients are not good for anyone. Our infant mortality rate is one of the highest in the industrialized world now. The countries with the best outcomes have modest vaccines schedules. As sated above, when I questioned this with a doctor I immediately got the causation/correlation response. It so sad. And I could write forever on my feelings on this. To summarize and be clear, when I realized vaccines had destroyed and stolen the life of my 18 year old son, I knew nothing of Andrew Wakefield or Jenny McCarthy.

  20. Ann says:

    Initially I had hoped to just delay vaccines as the common sense person I am suggested that since I was breast feeding I would pass along immunity and when I stopped nursing (which at the time I thought would be 5 months and not 2 years ) then I would vaccinate. But as my child’s personality developed I could see markers for certain behaviors-anxiety for instance – and the more I read and researched the more I understood that I should not vaccinate this child of mine. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out my child has 2 markers for MTHFR as well as other inabilities to detoxify. Thankfully I feel I did the right thing or I truly believe my child would have severe disabilities.

    This is a big business and to follow the money trail also was a reason once I learned more, how can you have a self regulatory industry that makes billions of dollars!?!

    Also I could not understand why there were never any studies on unvaxxed kids vs va. Kids;

    I learned so many things once I opened my eyes and read BOTH sides of the story and I made my choice to allow my children”s bodies to work the way Mother Nature has created them and not with vaccines that contain chemicals.

    It seems to me that families around the world in every country are coming to the same conclusions concurrently and not because Jenny Mcarthy told them so. This is a collective energy saying enough is enough.

    I read about Pottengers cat study and was intrigued and wonder if maybe over several generations of poor nutrition, unhealthy life style and toxic build up that perhaps humans will be unable to handle the toxic side effects of vaccines, is that why we are seeing more vaccine side effects. Is that why some people can seem to handle vaccines and others not? Haven’t there been “medicines” that pregnant women take and it may not affect their child but it affects the undeveloped eggs of their daughter’s child? Why are there no answers for these questions?….because it will take a few generations to play out and I think we are already seeing some of it with infertility rates.
    Here it is…if you are unsure about vaccinating then give you and your child some time. I don’t think there is harm in delaying a month maybe two and seriously Do the research as though your life depends on it. But please read the stories of thousands of parents with vaccine damaged kids. are we all wrong ???? I don’t think so.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      That cat study is always in the back of my mind when I think about generations of damage. And, yes, DES was much worse on daughters than on mothers. My sister-in-law was a DES baby and she had difficulty staying pregnant.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Hey Professor – is it true the autism rate of Cuba is just 1 in 60000 ? Versus 1 in 50 & greater in the West ?

        Projection from Seneff MIT says 1 in 2 by 2025 ?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Is it true? Hard to know, really, as the information flow from Cuba to the United States is anything but reliable. Cuba IS in the West (just off the coast of Florida) and vaccinates aggressively for BCG, HepB, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HiB, Meningitis B&C, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Typhoid, and oral Polio. So, if the rate is as low as is claimed, clearly vaccines are not causing autism frequently in Cubans. If we had a true and honest information flow, there could be a great deal to be learned due to the different populations. Unfortunately, not only can we not guarantee we’d be getting the truth from Cuba, we can’t even guarantee we’d be getting the truth from the United States. Perhaps, Stephanie Seneff is right, and it is the interaction between vaccines and glyphosate exposure that really puts children at risk. It would be great to know the whole truth, wouldn’t it? Saving many, many, many people a great deal of difficulty and money.

      • Jim West says:

        Professor, what are the references for your assessment of the reliability of Cuban data?

        That data indicates that Cuba’s high vaccination rates and almost no autism — negates the vaccine=autism paradigm.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The “reliability” is in question simply because we know that the relationship between Cuba and the U.S. being what it is, Castro would be sure to let only information that he feels is going to cast Cuba in a positive light be “leaked” to the West. And, yes, that data does tend to “negate” the vaccine/autism link. However, as we have understood for quite some time there is a genetic predisposition toward vaccine damage in people with particular mutations that keep them from detoxifying as well as others. I would be willing to bet that, IF Cuba’s autism rate is as low as is claimed, genetically there is a virtual absence of those mutations in the population (which has to be a fairly homogeneous one given the lack of travel to and from the nearby U.S.). So, while Cuba’s stats would not support a vaccine/autism link, the data would have to be investigated further in order to understand the full implications.

      • Jim West says:

        Cuban stats might not be so bad, to quote Wikipedia:

        “In 2007, Cuba announced that it has undertaken computerizing and creating national networks in Blood Banks, Nephrology and Medical Images. Cuba is the second country in the world with such a product, only preceded by France. Cuba is preparing a Computerized Health Register, Hospital Management System, Primary Health Care, Academic Affairs, Medical Genetic Projects, Neurosciences, and Educational Software. The aim is to maintain quality health service free for the Cuban people, increase exchange among experts and boost research-development projects. An important link in wiring process is to guarantee access to Cuba’s Data Transmission Network and Health Website (INFOMED) to all units and workers of the national health system.”

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Thanks for the geography lesson (the West in this case meaning the capitalist bloc) .

        The truth from Cuba you say – outstanding – how about the truth from the cdc\fda , from congress , from the senate .
        Lets start there before calling any other nation out.

        “It would be great to know the whole truth, wouldn’t it? Saving many, many, many people a great deal of difficulty and money.”

        startling comment . I presume you have seen the devastation of autism first hand ? “difficulty” “money” , if only it were just that.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I was not “calling out” Cuba, just accepting the reality that Castro’s desire has been to show Cuba in the best light possible. Believe me, I am very well aware of the corruption and lies emanating from the CDC. I call that out on a DAILY basis.

        I do not have a child with autism, but many of my best friends do. And I freely admit that I tend to understate.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        For one thing, I lost the sources for a dynamite article on how bad vaccines really are. My sources were, and are, I think, terrified of being murdered themselves – NEXT. They called me a few days ago and begged off, claiming “their attorney advises against this…”

        What their attorney meant was, I think, “I don’t need dead clients.”

        What was the article about? Three things:

        (1) The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) is little known to vaccine damaged families and their attorneys. In essence, the VSD is a data base following millions of children from their first vaccine experience to the present. It covers twenty five (25) years of continuous individual medical records all across the US.

        The information within it is kept from public view, and as independent researchers, in California, have recently found out – (a) that data clearly shows a SIGNIFICANT relationship between vaccines and children’s health problems – perhaps tens of thousands of times more than is being admitted to. (b) The participants in the study, it appears to me, are well aware of this and are hiding these facts so as to get “mandatory vaccines” in place in California and across the US.

        (2) “Fake” studies, it appears, using the VSD data, have been written by “friendly” contractors, concluding the opposite of what the data really shows. When questioned, the authors of the “fake” studies will not produce their data sets for examination. Those authors get, according to records, an average 800 million dollars a year in “research grants” from Big Pharma and the CDC. You can read more about the VSD, and how it is SUPPOSED to work, here. The insert is a US map of Participating VSD Healthcare Organizations.

        (3) The independent researchers, once the VSD local participants found out what they were finding out, had their access to the VSD cut off.

        For my purposes there is adequate documentation of what actually happened. I’ve had parts of it read to me. More, the independent research was done in California, and involved California children, following what happened to each of them (thousands in the studies), for twenty to twenty-five years.

        Twenty to twenty-five years of undeniable evidence of damage. With this, I intended to provide the evidence basis to destroy the US vaccine program. But, apparently, my sources don’t want to be another suicide statistic.

        Let me Be Blunt…

        This information, from those independent researchers, in the hands of the “No on SB277” campaigners, would reverse the mandatory vaccine programs for all time, not just in California, but everywhere.

        But the independent researchers don’t want to be murdered…

        Can’t say as I blame them.

        Stay tuned.

        Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m confused. Are you quoting Tim Bolen?

      • Jim West says:

        Professor, if Cuba and U.S. stats are dubious, then there are Japanese stats.

        Triple-Jab was cancelled and subsequently autism incidence increased 1993-1994, thereby evidencing against the vaccine=autism paradigm.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        What’s your evidence, Jim? We’ve seen stats like that before that were completely disingenuous, like saying “autism rates increased!” when a country starts counting a previously uncounted population. Increased at what age? And when would those children have been given the shot?

        Sounds like you really believe there’s no connection. Guess you haven’t read all the science showing exactly how it could happen, huh? Or seen the report of the 200 or so 1300 cases of compensated brain injuries that were tracked down, 40% of which have an autism diagnosis. http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1681&context=pelr That, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine-induced encephalopathy those children experienced. /end sarcasm

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, Lord. I found your study. http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/booth/vaccines/nommr.html This one has holes you could drive a Winnebago through! Saying that it is “evidencing against the vaccine=autism paradigm” is some of the worst logic I have ever seen (and that’s really saying something). It compares children who were mostly vaccinated with the MMR with children who were mostly vaccinated with single vaccines and says that since the rates in kids with single vaccines were higher that the MMR has nothing to do with autism. All that study shows — if indeed it was done correctly, which seems unlikely given all the factors they didn’t take into account with their cohorts — is that single vaccines DON’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Andrew Wakefield was wrong, and it wasn’t the fact that the shot was trivalent that is causing the problem. Of course, if you’d actually been talking to people who know the population, you’d know that few people believed that hypothesis since about 2000. The most likely thing is the interaction between mercury/aluminum-containing vaccines AND live-virus vaccines, worsened by the use of glyphosate (RoundUp) and/or the concurrent (or previous) use of antibiotics or Tylenol, as well as a number of other kinds of traumas and toxic insults.

      • Sue says:

        I think I read somewhere that in Cuba, Tylenol products are prescription only, but they still use aspirin. I’m not sure where I came across that…

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I read something to that effect once as well. We do know that Tylenol lowers glutathione, which will increase any difficulty with detoxification, making it likely that any toxic insult combined with Tylenol will be made worse.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      Jim West , so what is your thinking on the Autism Pandemic ?

      Acid Rain ? microwave ovens ? living next to major motorways ? TV’s ?
      Older Dads , Older Mums ? Fat Dads , Fat Mums ? the list of b.s theory\excuses\misinformation goes on and on . And the only item the criminal-media will not consider is the vaccine program – how about that ?

      • Jim West says:

        Hans, and Professor:

        I agree the obvious cause of autism is vaccines.

        However, the causal chain is initiated in the womb, as a toxic vulnerability, induced by ultrasound, a powerful toxic synergist.

        This explains the contradictions, the stats of U.S., Cuba, and Japan, without assuming the stats are corrupt. The mystery of childhood epidemics, rising since 1991, are resolved. This supports the vaccine causation model, and any other environmental environmental causation model.

        In 1991, the FDA increased ultrasound machine intensity limits by 8x. Childhood disease incidence also increased correspondingly wherever Modern Medicine was entrenched with the newer ultrasound machine models.

        Several animal and cell studies opposed the FDA position, warning of the hazards of ultrasound, yet these were ignored. Ultrasound is, to this day, ubiquitously declared “harmless” to the public.

        The lack of human studies is cited as the main reason given for the continuation of the practice of routine ultrasound. Human studies are declared a requirement for criticism, yet, human studies are banned.

        However, I found a large number of human studies, as disconnected arcana. These are an overwhelming number of modern, high-tech, empirical, human, maternal-fetal studies (laboratory analysis of dose/response) that clearly indicate intracellular damage from routine clinical ultrasound, at routine exposure levels. Further details are at harvoa.org/chs/pr

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m intrigued by the 1991 stats. They increased the intensity limits… Did that mean that the average intensity of an ultrasound went up by 8-fold? Did it mean that they could do it 8x longer? I’d love to know a LOT more about the stats. I know from Manuel Casanova’s work that there are changes to the brain that happen as a result of hitting an embryo/fetus with high-intensity sound waves.

        I know I keep saying I’ll check out your evidence, but I really will. I promise. I know that we haven’t emphasized the lack of information people get on ultrasound. You should contact Jennifer Margulis as well. She’s been doing some work in this area, and I believe she may be putting some of the material in a new book.

      • Jim West says:


        Drs Jennifer Margulis and Manuel Casanova have been helpful. For instance, Jennifer connected me with Dr. Kelley Brogan who published a lengthy article on the human studies. Dr. Casanova passed along information to a court case ongoing in Taiwan, where Alice Wang is litigating against Toshiba. She believes that Toshiba caused her son’s autism by using her pregnant body for a lengthy ultrasound educational session. She was at that time a new employee of Toshiba.

        Additionally, several ultrasound scientists and professionals are in contact, and are supportive. I keep some of these anonymous.

        “Intensity”, you ask for an explanation. It is analogous to “wattage per area” for a light-bulb. In 1991, the FDA raised the machine intensity limit for manufacturers by a factor of 8 times the prior limit, while funding for studies of ultrasound biological effects was diminishing to near zero. (Red flag!)

        Intensity limits increased in 1991, but also increasing, was ultrasound popularity.
        Ultrasound toxic synergy for subsequent antibiotic application has been measured at a multiple of two magnitudes (~100x).

        Vaccines contain antibiotics!

  21. Karen says:

    I was initially going to selectively delay vaccines. When it came time for her first shots, I was feeling very uneasy. I asked questions on vaccine boards, researched, and came to the conclusion it would be best to wait until after two years old when the blood-brain barrier is closed. My questioning did not stop there. I continued to ask and research and ultimately we decided it would be best to not vaccinate. After learning that aborted fetal tissue were used, morally I couldn’t be a part of that.

    A few things happened as time wether I that made me so thankful we did not vaccinate. At 8 months our daughter was diagnosed with an egg allergy. Then at 15 months it was confirmed she has at least one mutated MTHFR gene. Having this genetic SNP makes it more difficult to eliminate toxins from the body. I have yet to meet anyone denying that formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, etc are neurotoxins. And what about all the animal serum, and foreign DNA? There has not been any credible research stating they work and are safe.

  22. Jessica says:

    I’m a Registered Nurse who has decided to stop vaccinating my infants. My two and half year old is nonverbal and suffers from severe eczema, and sleep disturbances after receiving her vaccines at age one. I became very burdened by her lack of development. When I questioned the vaccine schedule I was told that I was being flagged as “refusing to comply with the pediatrician’s immunization schedule.” There really isn’t any room to question it or to be a concerned parent. We no longer go to the pediatrician. We treat our family with home remedies. We rarely get sick because I’ve changed our diets and use whole food supplements. My babies are starting to heal.

  23. ProfessorTMR says:

    When my daughter was born she got many more vaccines that first year than I had had in my entire childhood. At first I was all for them. After all, I had grown up in the era of “vaccines are the best thing you can do for your child’s health,” but when she was about a year old I heard rumblings of a connection between the MMR and autism (this is the only place in the story where Andrew Wakefield may have peripherally appeared). So I decided to put vaccines on hold till I checked it out. I didn’t find much on the MMR and autism because 15 years ago there wasn’t much easily available. But once I had started looking at adverse effects of vaccines, I couldn’t STOP investigating.

    They were just starting to push the varicella vaccine, saying that it was “going to be required” for kindergarten entrance for kids born after 2000. I’d had the chicken pox, everyone I knew growing up had the chicken pox. No one had any fear of chicken pox. Enough was enough! It seemed silly to take a vaccine for such a benign illness, especially as I have never been someone who reacted well to drugs. I even had a horrible reaction to codeine that makes it clear that I should NEVER have codeine again. It seems likely that if anyone were to overreact to vaccines, it would be my children simply because they were my children. I had already given them more antibiotics than I felt comfortable with because of being strep B positive at their births.

    When I investigated all the other recent additions to the schedule, I found out the facts about hepatitis B, that it’s transmitted through blood and sexual activity only, and that only 1 in 10,000 newborns were at risk even BEFORE the vaccine was licensed. I was livid. Why on Earth would anyone take the chance of inducing permanent damage to the neuroimmune system of their NEWBORN for something that has zero possible benefit?! In addition, the only reason so many doses are required is because infants’ immune systems are not yet developed and cannot make “mature” versions of antibodies. I also found out that a rotavirus vaccine had been withdrawn because it caused very serious illnesses in a proportion of the children who had it, while the disease itself rarely resulted in more than a bad bout of diarrhea, which most western children handle with no ill effects.

    The more I investigated, the less sense the recommended schedule made. It became obvious that vaccines should be used as sparingly as possible, like every other drug intervention that has side effects and adverse reactions. And at least when I take other drugs, it is because I am already sick. Vaccine risks are taken by HEALTHY children. I just could not justify administering the full vaccine schedule to any child, much less all children, which led me to a decision I had to make: should I continue vaccinating for “important things” that have real risks of death, like polio and meningitis? Or should I forgo them all? (And, by the way, most doctors before the zealots really took over would have agreed that that choosing “important vaccines” was a perfectly rational way to deal with vaccinations.) As I live in New York, the decision was made for me. In New York, as in many other states, it is “all or nothing.” Well, there was no possibility I was going to do ALL vaccines, so I chose nothing.

    Since that time, they have added several MORE vaccines to the schedule. As I have read more and more science on the immune system and how it reacts to injected substances, adjuvants, and immune stimulation, and the extra genetic susceptibility for those whose immune systems are already dysfunctional due to allergies and autoimmunity, it has become more and more clear that the decision I made fifteen years ago was the correct one, not only for my children but for most children.

    So what’s the biggest reason why I became “vaccine hesitant”? The obvious fact that the recommended schedule is “too much, too soon,” and that neither my children’s health, nor that of any other child (given that 54% of children in this country have chronic health conditions) is of concern to those who craft vaccine recommendations. While for me, all children’s health, but most especially that of my own children, IS of tremendous importance. I might never have been prompted to investigate vaccines at all if the schedule had not exploded with “recommendations” for vaccines for illnesses that my child would be extremely unlikely to encounter or were extremely unlikely to cause lasting harm.

  24. Jennifer says:

    As humans, we are products of evolution. We did not evolve to contract the flu, measles, chicken pox, etc via the blood stream. We evolved to contract these things via the respiratory and digestive system. I believe that for healthy individuals, it might be better to get childhood diseases the way we were designed to get them.

  25. Wendy says:

    At 44, I have never been vaccinated. My 3 children are not vaccinated. Am I solely against vaccinations? No. I just do not believe they are right for my children, but I will never tell another parent they are wrong for vaccinating their children. It really is a matter of choice. So long as vaccines are not 100% safe, we should have a choice.

  26. Gilded Thinker says:

    Waking up to the dangers of vaccines was a process for me. In my mid-20’s, I saw something on tv about a vaccine causing autism. It was a televised court hearing and a pediatrician was testifying that his grandson developed autism after receiving a vaccine. I didn’t know what autism was, but I thought I should probably check into it before I had kids.
    A few months later I began working as a vet tech. I heard over and over how important vaccines were and I believed it. One of the biggest things that convinced me that vaccines were necessary was seeing kittens sicken and die from upper respiratory infections. URIs are extremely contagious in cats and can be deadly for kittens. I was told every time we saw sick kittens that ‘a vaccine could have prevented this’. I bought into the propaganda until experience begged me to reconsider. Cats with cancer at the exact vaccine injection sites. Animals seizing after vaccination. I still believed vaccines worked, but began to see they weren’t as safe as I had been told. Then I saw 100% failure. In a group of 15 indoor cats, 8 were fully vaccinated with plans to vaccinate the other 7 in a month. The latter never received those vaccines because the 8 vaccinated cats all became ill with an URI they were supposed to be protected against. Two required hospitalization. None of the unvaccinated cats became ill, despite the fact that 3 of them were ‘elderly’ and, therefore, should have been more susceptible to illness.
    Fast-forward a year and I’m pregnant with my first. I had decided to delay vaccinating, but hadn’t done much research. I knew the DTaP and MMR were the ones that most people claimed were problematic, but I didn’t know that babies were now being vaccinated at birth with the Hepatitis B vaccine. It never occurred to me that vaccinating at birth was even an option. Even vets know that vaccinating a newborn animal is both useless and dangerous. My son was born at 37 weeks. His APGAR scores were great. All newborn testing showed a healthy child. He received the Hep B at 23 minutes old, without my consent or knowledge. It was the only vaccine he would ever receive. Within an hour he was in NICU, fighting for his life. He screamed for 3 solid days in NICU. The nurses complained he shouldn’t be able to scream like that, but ignored the clear signs of encephalopathy. He emerged a sickly, quiet child who was unable to nurse and allergic to basically everything. The full extent of the damage would take months to become clear. He stayed sick, catching every illness that came along that first year. had balance issues. He couldn’t crawl and dragged himself with his arms. He finally learned to crawl at 3, around the time he was diagnosed with autism. He began speaking at 5 1/2. He is now 10 and finally able to take a few steps unassisted. Doctors cannot tell us why he cannot walk. They won’t investigate because ‘he has autism’.
    Needless to say, my younger son, now almost 7, has never had a vaccine. He had 200 words at 18 months. He crawled and walked on time. The only prescription medication he has ever had were eye drops for an eye injury, a corneal abrasion.
    The differences between my boys are all I need to see.

  27. susan welch says:

    This is the best article I’ve read for a long time. As a Brit with 2 grandchildren who regressed after MMR, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place when I read the Andrew Wakefield et al research. After it was ‘debunked’, I thought the research would go on to find the causes for the rise in autism. Of course, that never happened and all these years later (after Dr Thompson’s revelations last year), I have found out why. I have spent the last year doing the research and am appalled that Pharma, Governments, media and doctors collude to keep the link hidden. It haunts me daily that so many more children and their families will be damaged when the research to find out which children would be vulnerable could have been done so many years ago.

  28. karina callirgos says:

    i dont vaccinate because
    i dont believe vaccines work,
    i dont agree with injecting neurotoxins into my childs body,
    the vaccine manufacturers are not trustworthy based on their business track record
    my childs immune system can fight most of the diseases they vaccinate for and if he gets symptoms, they are treatable
    Polio doesnt exist in the States since 1979 unless from the oral vaccines
    I will not take any product from anybody that also wants me to give my newborn a hepB shot. thats just idiotic
    my sons gut is already compromised: he is in the spectrum and he is vaccine-free
    i have done the biomedical treatment on him and he is 90% recovered

    Jenny McCarthy speaks the truth. If it wasnt for her, my son would be dead right now. My poor baby would have never survived the first 6 months of shots they recommend in this assbackwards world.
    He is 6, almost out of the spectrum, happy and on his way to being super healthy.

    I also adhered to his special diet and i have lost almost 60 lbs on it. Im now healthy and happy and I dont take any prescription or non prescriptions ever.

  29. Lee says:

    My mum was a nurse. Believed in vaccines back in the 60’s. All 4 of her kids were vaccinated. However, I was the only one who got Bells Palsy after shots at 6 & 12 years old. My mom studied wholistic medicine in her later years and found information that possibly linked my Bell’s palsy to vaccines and begged me not to vax my 1st child. I didn’t totally take it to heart but still she only had 1 shot at 1month. Then my mom died when my 1st was a year and a half and not having done my own research at the time was convinced to get her “caught up”. She had a bad reaction. Incessant crying. I did my own research and decided the risk isn’t worth it. My 2cnd and 3rd child were never vaccinated. Got chicken pox but that’s it. They are way healthier than my 1st who suffered chronic ear infections until I stopped all antibiotics and treated her naturally. The other two no ear infections and only had antibiotics once in the lives. They are teens now and all are thriving. In doing my own research I believe my bells were linked to the dtap/tdap which I would’ve received at those two ages. But I can’t be certain and certainly chose not to take chances with my kids health. I have been alone in this opinion for a long time and so glad for people starting to wake up as a result of brave writers like yourself! Thank you!

  30. Jane says:

    -Toxic vaccine ingredients, especially at the dosages administered to infants and young children.

    -Vaccine schedule tripled since the early ’80’s.

    -Rampant, well-documented conflicts of interest at the CDC in conjunction with astronomical profits and immunity from liability on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

    -Master’s research on prenatal care and birth practices in the United States revealing widespread abuse and a medical education system that leaves doctors themselves uninformed on the issue.

    -Family member who has been rendered disabled by severe autoimmune disease in the last 5 years.

    -Watching the media wage a continuous smear campaign as evidence continues to mount in favor of the “anecdotal evidence” rather than the pharmaceutical industry. Same playbook as the tobacco lobby and big oil.

  31. PlanetPJ says:

    I didn’t listen to my mommy voice when my first had terrible colic, constant “toddler diarrhea” and started making weird gestures and ended up with an SPD diagnosis. I didn’t listen to my mommy voice when my second son was induced 3 weeks early because my liver wasn’t working correctly and the amniotic fluid was becoming increasingly toxic. I didn’t listen to my mommy voice when he was so very quiet from the beginning and didn’t talk since his brother did all of his talking for him. But, I started listening when he started showing many of the same signs at the age of 2 that his brother did and I started listening when he still wasn’t really talking at the age of 3 and didnt answer to his name. I started listening when he was laughing uncontrollably and biting anyone who came near him. So we started changing his diet, then we started changing our diet and the more I learned about food and Big Ag and Monsanto, the more I started learning about Big Pharma and the CdC and the FDA. And then I decided no more. No more toxic chemicals in our stomachs, in our air, in our water, in our veins. And my 13 year old fits in and my 10 year old is almost recovered……….

  32. Lori says:

    My family started seeing a chiropractor when I was a child because my mom had a major health scare that other doctors did nothing for. He educated us about vaccines-their possible dangers and their ineffectiveness (hello all the vaccinated kids who come down with measles and whooping cough anyway) I researched things myself after I had my son to reaffirm my opinion and be able to inform my husband why I did not want to vaccinate-which fortunately he understood and now basically agrees with me and has educated few others himself.

  33. Charise Cole says:

    My husband and I debated quite a bit before we conceived our son whether or not to vaccinate. He was anti and I was pro. My husband challenged me to do some research and the more I read, the more I started to question. The first two books I read were The Sanctity of Human Blood and Vaccination is not Immunization. Then I started to look into the research. It was just enough to make me question. So we went into conception in agreement that we should not vaccinate. Our son does have autism, but thankfully he is very high functioning and we see improvement daily with bio medical treatments and therapy. I will never regret the decision we made. I feel that things would had been much worse for our son had we chosen to do so.

  34. Why did I forgo vaccinations in my babies? I trust evolution. I trust in the millions of years of physiological development the human immune system has gone through. I don’t trust putting known toxins directly into the bloodstream of these highly evolved immune systems of my babies. That’s the bottom line. Not surprised, and sad, that there are so many immune problems in kids today.

    • paula says:

      i am one of those older people who actually was sent to measles, mumps and chicken pox parties as a child to get the diseases and improve my immunity (and i lived to tell the tale!!). i agree with shauna about the importance of a naturally strong immune system. i don’t believe in injecting myself with viruses to improve my immunity and have never had a flu shot. now as a senior citizen and one concerned about alzheimer’s disease, i have refused all further vaccines. eating a nutrient dense diet can go along way to improving our immunity regardless of age.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Wow, Paula! It’s cool to hear about this. I’m “older” too to some extent. I had chicken pox, measles and mumps, but I was vaccinated for measles and mumps (in fact, got mumps FROM the shot). I never heard about this party thing, though. Maybe it’s because I came from a big family and we didn’t need to go anywhere to get exposed. 😀

  35. sharon says:

    Vets are much more willing to acknowledge side effects, whether or not be benefits are worth the risks based on your pets circumstances , and spreading out the timing of vaccines. Why is it a crime to do this for young children? Respectful questioning is taboo.

  36. someone like you says:

    I have known about the potential dangers (dangers I now know are REAL ) for over 15 years. When I was in my late 20’s I had planned to do a delayed vaccination schedule because I believed that the reason children were harmed by vaccines were due the age they were given as well as the large number given before age 2. After another 8 or so years, and discovering the work of Dr Tenpenny and Dr Humphries, I was disabused of the notion that delaying vaccination protects against vaccine injury. The only way to prevent my child from having more than 60 genes for allergies and asthma triggered, multiple genes involved in cancer and autoimmune disease activated was to not vaccinate him.

    The way that the medical establishment immediately condemns any physician who questions vaccines as a “Quack” really makes one wonder “what are they so afraid of”? It is clear that our medical establishment does NOT have the best interests of children (and people in general) at heart. The brainwashing is so deep with this issue but, slowly, people are waking up. They are wondering why they are not even allowed to ask questions about injections their children are to receive. As Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to question”.

    If the medical establishment wants to reassert their credibility, they will have to stop lying, silencing whistle-blowers, violating the Nuremberg code and poisoning our children.

  37. Nicole Dorfman says:

    We don’t believe in using pharmaceutical products unless truly necessary. My husband is an alternative health care practitioner who doctors all of us. We eat organic, avoid toxins (from such things as plastic water bottles among many others), emphasize health life-style and low stress living. My kids are 6 and 10 and have never taken any prescription medicine. I never had any meds (including vaccinations) during both pregnancies nor while nursing. Vaccinations are pharmaceutical products. They all contain aluminum (linked strongly to alzheimers disease), animal, insect and human DNA and other toxic materials like formaldahyde. The risks of contracting most of the vaccinatable diseases is very very low in this country. Clean water supply, good nutrition, and education on best sanitary practices (like routine hand washing) are essential for avoiding disease. That’s the route we take. And we have all been extremely healthy!

  38. Cougar Team TMR says:

    Jenny’s book, written with Dr Kartzinel, is fantastic!!! She has good reason to speak out against vaccines. Her son was put into a drug induced coma to stop his vaccine induced seizures. His heart stopped from these seizures and he had to be resuscitated. Why doesn’t the media every report that??????!!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Indeed. By the way, seizures are one of the health conditions that was rare when I was a kid. I only remember ONE person having seizures when I was younger. Many, many children today have seizures.

  39. David Holley says:

    Correlation is not causation. If vaccines cause Autism, why was t there a marked uptick following the release of the Polio vaccine? Even then, are you willing to jeopardize your child’s ability to walk because they weren’t vaccinated against Polio.

    • Jim West says:

      David, vaccine paradigms must first discount toxicology then prove a pathogen.

      Toxicology is entirely avoided:

      Claims of virus isolation are blatantly false:

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Correlation is not causation.” Another one that I wish I had $5 for every time I heard/saw it. Yep, we know all about correlation and causation here. For instance, we know that if causation exists, there will be a correlation, and a high enough correlation implies causation. Any correlation SHOULD be well-studied for causation, so why is it that there has never been a study comparing health outcomes (including autism) in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children? Probably because the “correlation” would be significantly HIGHER than the correlation that CDC researcher Verstraeten found on his first analysis of the data on Thimerosal. Children with high early exposure to Thimerosal were 7-12 times likelier to have autism than children with zero early Thimerosal exposure. Do you know how they “proved” that smoking causes lung cancer? A much higher rate of lung cancer in the population of smokers. A “correlation” in other words.

      And what on earth are you talking about with respect to a “marked uptick” in autism “following the release of the polio vaccine”? Oh… I’m guessing that you’re saying “WASN’T” a marked uptick? First off, how would you know if there was a “marked uptick” or not? No one had any real sense of the prevalence of autism in the 1940s when it was first described in the medical literature by Leo Kanner. For all we know there WAS a “marked uptick.” Secondly, the oral polio vaccine was not injected. The use of a needle to puncture the skin and inject the vaccine changes the immune response rather significantly, which is why most vaccines are injected. Thirdly, children in the 1950s were vaccinated far less and on average considerably later than today’s children. Many of today’s children who have autism are the children of parents who have immune dysfunction. Chances are good that their parents are the “vaccine-injured” of their generation. Once the vaccines had altered their immune systems AND their gene expression (methylation is one of the processes most commonly disordered in children with autism and it is a crucial process in gene expression), their children were even more likely to sustain damage with repeated early hyperstimulation of the immune system.

      Polio is not a threat in the United States. There hasn’t been a case in this country that didn’t come from the vaccine since the 1970s. Are you willing to sacrifice your child’s brain and immune system in an effort to prevent something that has no likelihood of happening?

      And did you know that Guillain Barre syndrome from the flu vaccine is the most compensated injury these days (many of them in children under two)? Do you know what Guillain Barre is? It’s an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your own nerves. Guess what it can cause? Paralysis. Yep. Did you know that the Cochrane Collaboration, the gold standard in independent medical research, says there is no evidence that the flu vaccine is effective in children under two? Are you willing to jeopardize your child’s ability to walk because they WERE vaccinated with a useless flu vaccine?

    • Sarah says:

      Not a marked uptick in Autism, just a marked uptick in Polio, poliomyelitis, paralysis and cancer. Its always hilarious to me when people still believe that the polio “vaccine” stopped the polio epidemic.

    • nhokkanen says:

      Correlation is the catalyst to causation research… unless vaccine injuries are involved.

      Regarding the polio fear card, read about 47,000+ cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis in India — “Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on”

      Have any studies been done on infants’ or children’s return trips to clinics, urgent care or ER within hours or days of vaccination? Medical billing files would have that information.

    • Redpill1 says:

      No one really know what the authentic-genuine-real Polio numbers are because the Polio Surveillance units between the years 1955-1970 are missing from public venue and the only ones available are in the AMA library and you need a security clearance o see them-this all according to Hilary Butler:

      Go to your medical library, and ask to see the United States Polio Surveillance Unit’s bulletins, from 1955 to 1970.
      They will be listed as “missing”.
      Every single medical library in USA, that someone checked out for me, and New Zealand (and possible other countries) has them listed as “missing”.
      There is only one place you can see them, as far as I know, and that is in the AMA library, and they are listed as having top security clearance requirements to see, according to someone who tried to access them.
      Why might this be? When he was alive, Dr Ratner had copies of them at his home. He gave me many of the years’ data I wanted. They clearly showed that from the inception of the SALK vaccine, to it’s discontinuation, the vaccine had MINUS efficacy and was actually causing more polio in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated.
      Any studious person looking at Government stats in retrospect, would be able to easily see that the polical and media canonization of SALK and his vaccine was a mirage of duplicity upon duplicity.——Hilary Butler -[2009 April] Olmsted on Autism: Hopkins Loses Early Case File

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I would LOVE to see that data!

      • Jim West says:


        I looked up your ref. It is an AgeOfAutism URL: http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/04/olmsted-on-autism-hopkins-loses-early-case-file.html

        That page has nothing to do with polio stats. It is about missing autism case stats, and very weak there also.

        What is your support for missing polio stats?

      • Redpill1 says:

        Jim West.
        I didn’t get the information from AOA. The first time I saw it was on WHALE and than on Hillary Butler’s website. She states she has actual copies given to her by Dr. Ratner. I also read the information at: https://explorevaccines.wordpress.com/category/polio-ipvopv/. I have had relatives who are MD’s go to their med school libraries and see if they could at least get a look at them but they told the information was unavailable at that time. The two of them offered to go back at a later date but knowing how nutty mainstream medical is I told them not to risk it. I did ask another relative, not an MD but a PHD at a major university here in my state with a well known med school to look for me. She did and was told the information wasn’t available at that school.

        Just on the basis of the non available status, the info has to be available somewhere. I have looked online off and on for years but have not been able to find the actual pages (units). If you run across them please lets us know.

      • Jim West says:


        Your sources, the graphs, and Whale pages, are my polio research, done in the 1990s, copied and badly referenced. 🙂

        There is no missing polio data. I look only at paralytic polio. If you try to discuss “polio” you will get into trouble, because non-paralytic polio has the same symptoms as the common cold.

        Here is my polio research, the original:

      • Redpill1 says:

        There is no missing polio data. I look only at paralytic polio. If you try to discuss “polio” you will get into trouble, because non-paralytic polio has the same symptoms as the common cold.

        Thank you for your response. I do know that paralytic polio symptoms are similar to the common cold.

        Do you have any idea what Hillary Butler is referring to because this information is on her website. Interesting that people I asked to obtain the information for me were told the information was not available.

  40. JLR says:

    Both my kids were fully vaccinated. When my son developed PANDAS at the age of 11 (in 1996) we learned that my son had immune issues. A couple of years later as word that there may be a link between Autism and Immune system dysfunction we went back and looked at his pediatric records and there it was, our smoking gun. My son regressed (loosing his language and developing GI problems) shortly after the MMR vaccine. He continued to regress, loosing more skills (Pointing, eye contact, started having meltdowns) and we, unknowing, continued to vaccinate. We didn’t even know he had Autism, we were told all this was “normal”.

    Once I saw the smoking gun I knew he was done with vaccines.

    In 1999 Hep B became a requirement for middle and high school students in our state. My daughter got the series of 3. When it came time for my son I fought with the pediatrician who tried to scare the hell out of me, saying “he could die from hepatitis without the vaccine!” Having an Uncle who died from hepatitis C I was well aware of the risks but continued to push her due to his immune system issues. She finally relented and wrote an exemption. He hasn’t had a vaccine since, not the flu that gets pushed yearly, or what they are pushing for both him and me to have now, the DPT.

    My daughter, the year prior to getting the Hep B series had a couple of vaccines to travel with our church youth group to South Korea. She was 15 then and 16 for the hep B series. At 17 she began having severe leg pains that required many doctor visits and even a couple of trips to the ER. The pain spread to her neck, back and shoulders, then her arms. at the age of about 23 she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Today her Fibro is severe. I believe it was either the Hep B or the combination of that the ones she took for travel that was the cause. She is vaccine free since that time as well.

    I am not anti vaccine, I am just anti “shoot em all up and damn the consequences!!” Family health histories are imperative when considering what, if any vaccines and when.

  41. Jennifer Power says:

    I witnessed my nephew seizing -in my arms- nearly 2 decades ago now. The young doctor was scared, she had no idea what to do as she shouted at me to hold him still so she could take his temp. He was burning up. He spent a week in hospital where they plunged him into a bathtub of ice water each time his temp rose. To stop the fits, they said. He left hospital with a dx of UTI and a script for anti-biotics. No mention of the vaccines he had just had. He was just over one.

    Fast forward several years to my firstborn. Mine was a high-risk pregnancy and I followed all the advice I got from doctors. She was vaccinated on time even though in my gut I had doubt. But I was not strong. Then at a 7-month visit for recurring eczema, there was another child screaming in another room after getting jabbed. My daughter’s doc mumbled “vaccination is barbaric”. I thought I misheard so I asked if he thought vaccines were beneficial. He wavered, said, yes, some are… but didn’t elaborate.

    Right then, I decided to find out what he knew that I didn’t. And then I began to read stories that were eerily similar to my nephew’s story. The penny dropped and at the next visit I told the doc we were done vaccinating. He wrote it in the notes and I said, are you going to try to talk me out of it? He said no.

    My child and her brother are healthy, happy, smart. They are not sickly, they have been exposed to WC through a fully-vaccinated child not once but twice and they never got it. We don’t have a regular GP anymore and we are not a drain on the federal health program. We pay for private health care because we are required to here in Australia but we use it only for dental and optometry.

    Thank you.

  42. Lauren says:

    Long before my kids came along, I had two pets, a cat and a dog. Both were vaccinated from birth, but once my vet discovered that our cat is an indoor cat, he stopped vaccines because the potential side effects weren’t worth the fact that he’d never come in contact with another cat. I’m also convinced my dog had a vaccine reaction at 6 months. She went from a sweet, happy, playful puppy (with humans and other dogs) to a withdrawn, aggressive pup overnight within a day or two of the vaccines. She’s 6 now and we continue to try to find ways to detox her, but have yet to be successful. My cat died this year of cancer at, a very young, 10 years old.

    I got pregnant with my son 4 years ago and already had the experience with my pets in my mind and just had this insane gut instinct to not vaccinate him. A gut instinct like I’d never experienced before. So I did loads of research, and the more I found I just wasn’t comfortable with them. We chose to delay the vaccines, saying we’d do them when he was older. He’s almost 4 now and nothing I’ve found has convinced me to give them (I also have a 1 year old daughter now who has not been vaccinated either).

    I always hesitate to say that I’m anti vaccine because I’m more opposed to the toxins in the vaccines and would love to see efforts to green them and study them better, but in the meantime, our children won’t be receiving any. We’re even affected by SB277 and will likely be homeschooling, in part, because of this. If anyone were to ever finally do a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study, I’d love for them to participate.

  43. Robin Gaura says:

    My first two children were born in 1980 and 1982. I was an educated hippie mom, had them at a birth center, ate organic foods. I was sort of a science junkie, reading Science News, Brain Mind Research, just for fun. My son was a bit hyper, I just tired him out with sports and kept a clean diet. I remarried at 40 and we had children in 1997 and 2000. I had them at home, with a midwife. My youngest was born with Down´s Syndrome. Neither the midwife nor the doctor verified my perception. He was very healthy, and active. Said his first words at 3 months, walked at 16 months, where the others were up and running at 9 months. When he was tested, at a year, I was trying to catch up on educating myself on how to best help him develop and grow. My husband became violent and abandoned us. I was vulnerable and let the clinic bully me into vaccinations. I knew better. I had had measles as a kid, I left well enough alone with my first two. Both children had reactions, convulsions in the doctors office, high fevers, swelling, redness. I never went back. My daughter had Asperger´s symptoms, which I only recognized at 7, putting together all the weird behaviors, and finding a website. She also was diagnosed with other degenerative diseases. I was so busy, working 3 jobs and taking workshops on disabilities issues, and getting an advanced degree, that I hardly slept for 10 years. My youngest woke me up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours for 10 years anyways. By 2010, all of our health was deteriorating. My son was getting more hyper all the time, had GI issues. We could´t afford health care. We could´t afford good food. We left the country. In answer to sincere prayer, I found the GAPS diet, and we all started to climb out of a multi symptom hole. Then I found the Seneff and Samsel article online, linking glyphosate to gut dysbiosis and more. I truly believe that one of the main reasons the paleo diet helps so many is the prevalence of glyphosate sprayed on grain crops. 200 crops, at this point! So, I make lots of fermented veg, we have a clean diet, go to the beach a lot, get sunshine and exercise, avoid schools and try to live well and educate others. The web is such a blessing, as I am able to learn more all of the time, even living in a fishing village in México! Thank goodness Mexican courts have ruled against Monsanto/Syngenta 16 times, and my local tortilla shop is 100% organic!

  44. Kelly Frech (yes Frances' daughter) says:

    What gets me is the comment ‘you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet’. Objection has been around since the first vaccine was introduced. Didn’t hear about it because they weren’t mandatory.

    The Autism link is what brought all this in to mainstream media attention. My reasoning has nothing to do with Autism. My information comes from the consent forms we use to have to sign. I read what I sign, even if it comes from a doctor.

  45. Jim West says:

    Ultrasound and vaccine synergy solves this puzzle:

    Quote: before anyone… says “my child was never vaccinated and still has autism, so there!”

    Please discuss my 2.5 year study of ultrasound at http://harvoa.org/chs/pr
    My article was just published in Nexus Magazine (Australia).

  46. Mandi says:

    Here is why I don’t follow the vaccine schedule. My two children have ‘some’ vaccines, definitely not many though.

    Before my 14-year old daughter was born, my sister-in-law gently tried to give me info on vaccine options, such as delaying, opting out, etc. I was very young, no real internet info available, no access to books on the topic. I had it in the back of my mind when she was born, and delayed just slightly her first mmr by about 2 months; after much insisting by our doctor. She cried for weeks, inconsolably, she went through dirty diapers – 20 a day or more. Non-stop for weeks. I was confused, unsure of myself and not knowing what to do. I just let it go without pursuing any treatment or explanation. She had the second shot 2 months later, and seemed fine. But I was terrified after that, and she has not had a single shot since.

    My youngest, my son, now 9; didn’t receive the mmr at all. At age 2 we gave him the first round of dpt. Again, I felt isolated without any family nearby, living in a new town; always second-guessing my decisions. The public health nurse somehow convinced me to go ahead with vaccinating. Within 48 hours he had a bout of diarrhea, no other remarkable symptoms, so I didn’t may much attention. The loose, frequent bowels continued for days, then weeks, then months. 9 months to be exact. Every doctor I brought him to see made me feel like a fool when they asked when this all started. I told them within 2 days of the vaccine. No other illness was present.

    So now, he has not received any other shots. Both of my children now seem to be quite healthy, other than the regular sniffles and snuffles that come with childhood. I have quietly opted-out of the remaining vaccines, and don’t speak out to much about it, because when I have voiced an opinion or told my story (which thankfully is quite minor compared to what some families go through) I have been accused of trying to spread deadly disease to the whole of society – like I should take my family and leave the city to live in some isolated mountain, never again to have contact with the outside world.

    Anyhow, thanks for this article. It’s exactly what I needed to read today

  47. Julie Austin says:

    Like most of us born in the 70’s, my husband and and I were both vaccinated on the schedule of those times, then every year, my mom took our family for flu shots, which I continued into my adult years, and then with my own family. My 11 yr old daughter had vaccines up until 5 yrs old. She never had any reaction to inoculations other than the usual slight fever, or sore/redness at the injection sight. However, she and I were both sick EVERY year seasonally (me my whole life), year after year after year… I could literally set my clock to it, and actually expected it when the time came… Flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, Dr appointments, nebulizers, medications, & refills were the way of life come EVERY SINGLE fall and spring… We were living the life of most regular American families of vaccinating, listening to doctors, taking prescribed meds, eating whatever looked good, etc. About 10 years ago, I read an article about how someone somewhere linked corn dogs to leukemia in children. For some reason, that just started me on a one way road with no return of researching and beginning better health and nutrician! Studying nutrician natuarally lead me to researching medications and vaccines, and about 6 years ago, we stopped the annual flu vax, all allergy and other medications, and detoxed, started supplements and juicing, switched to organics, etc… We choose not to vaccinate our 2 year old son (especially since experiencing years of infertility, 6 miscarriages, and finding out about our family MTHFR gene mutation, and all the ongoing research going along with that), a decision I would have wish we’d known to make for our 11 year old. Since changing our lifestyle, she hasn’t missed school in 3 YEARS due to any chronic illness or allergy… And I haven’t missed work in 3 years related to chronic illnesses… My son is rarely sick… When we do pick up a virus, as of course the human body will… it is seldom (despite being constantly exposed), it’s over quick, without complications or multiple dr visits, medications, etc etc… This was NEVER the case until the specific lifestyle changes… And we will NEVER go back! We have also had success in curing my husbands eczema that he has had most of his adult life… Realizing now, that it all starts in the gut, not the skin, something doctors and dermatologists have never even cued in on! (I said CURING, not MANAGING!) There has also been progress with other avenues of our health that we have addressed through diet and detox from heavy metals, and other toxins like fluoride and bromine… This has all been a work in progress, but all I can say about trying to spread the word about the harm that can come from all of these toxins building up in the body is… While my family has detoxed and gone holistic/organic, and become healthier, the world of friends and family around us (that tells us we are crazy), seem to continue to become sicker and sicker, with one diagnosis after another… As my family sits and watches in horror.
    I have worked with children for the past 25 years and I can remember a time when I knew just ONE child each (if at all) that had eczema, severe allergies (or any allergies for that matter), asthma, ear infections, ADHD, etc… And had NEVER had met a child with Autism or aspberges (I have never even heard of these as a child or young adult!). These days, it is the exact opposite… I can’t think of more than a small handful of children that DON’T have at least one or more of these issues. It is NOT that we can diagnose more accurately, as some try to say… Health in America has changed, and any normal person who doesn’t see it, or notice a correlation with the interventions science has pushed on our immune systems, is in complete denial!! (Really, it doesn’t take rocket science to notice what’s going on!). I’m glad we discovered the “truth” when we did, and took control of our own health before it was too late, but I seriously fear for our future, and the future of all life, in this country! It’s just too bad we can’t be left alone with our ways of life if others don’t want to believe or listen, as we are currently fighting constantly changing laws to try to control us!

  48. Audra says:

    My first was vaccinated on schedule because I was bullied by our pediatrician. Needless to say he is ok, but we have since gone to another. My second boy, however has an egg allergy and I am not going to get him the flu shot nor the mms since they are harvested with egg protein. He is on a delayed schedule, on my terms, and our current pediatrician is compliant. Luckily both my boys are fine, but I am more educated now and I am going to stand up and not be bullied!

  49. Deana says:

    This vaccine awareness has been going on WAY longer than Jenny McCarthy has been around and decades before Andrew Wakefield made headlines. We have been quiet though. We haven’t been outspoken. There was no “face” taking a stand and leading ANY way. We were navigating ourselves, quietly alone oftentimes. Now we are “gathered” and subsequently have set ourselves up for scrutiny. The scrutiny we KNEW we would face if we spoke up–and the very reason we stayed quiet.

  50. Tina Hindle says:

    I have 3 children, my 1st born is a boy born in 2000, the 2nd is a girl born in 2002, and my 3rd is a boy born in 2010. My first two children is 18 months apart. They are both fully vaccinated.
    As they were babies and toddlers they both were sick all the time. They constantly had ear infections and colds. My 1st born would cry a lot and wake up in the middle of the night every night and he wasn’t reaching his mild stones. The 2nd born child she had 8 ear infections he first 9 months of life. I couldn’t believe how sick my children were all the time. I was constantly taking them to the pediatrician and urgent care. I was always filling antibiotics for one or the other. My son was developing in slow mode. One day it seems like I lost him, like he was an empty shell. He was moving but it was like he wasn’t there anymore. He had slipped away and into his own world. He was diagnosed with Autism at 22 months he had also stopped talking. My daughter was always fussy and moving around. It seems like you could never make her happy. She later was diagnosed with a bad case of ADHD. Years later the 1st born was diagnosed with Cognitive Impairment/Autistic and he is on two medications and going to a special needs school, he is still not potty trained at age 14. My daughter is now 13 and she is on two medications. She struggles to keep ahead in school. I decided to have another child in 2010, my 3rd child. I had decided not to Vaccinate due to all the reading and research I have read and I believe that my 1st two children had been vaccine damaged. Their current physician supports this. The 3rd child is now 5 years old, he has no learning disabilities and/or allergies. He had a very healthy happy childhood. I am so thankful I have this knowledge to keep my 3rd child safe. I wish I could have made a difference with the 1st two. My 1st born will always need help and to be taken care of. This not only impacted my children’s lives it has also greatly impacted my like, the amount of work and sorrow this has cause me and my family. I cannot believe that we live in a time that money comes before the safety of our own children.

  51. Tim Lundeen says:

    For an excellent review of current science, see vaccinepapers.org, which includes full-text copies of the peer-reviewed research they cite.

    Their most recent article is on the recent Jain study, which purports to show that the MMR is not correlated with autism. They say in part:

    “The Jain et al results are essentially meaningless. The reason why Jain et al. find no MMR-autism association is simply because of the effect of autism on parental vaccination choices, not the other way around. When parents observe autism or autism traits, they avoid vaccination, and the result is that autistic children wind up in the “unvaccinated” group. Obviously, this is a highly misleading effect that strongly conceals an autism-causing effect of MMR.”

    “ALL vaccines, including MMR, cause autism. This is all but proven by the immune activation research. But this is not observable in the Jain et al study due to its failure to control for reverse causality bias.”

    “The Jain study only looked at MMR. Media reports about this study have falsely and deceptively asserted that the Jain study shows that “vaccines” in general do not cause autism. In reality, the Jain study says nothing about other vaccines. The MMR vaccine is the only vaccine that has been much studied in relation to autism, and probably all of the MMR-autism studies suffer from reverse causality bias. The other likely more dangerous aluminum-containing vaccines, given at younger ages, have hardly been studied at all. It is a blatant lie to claim that the science shows “vaccines” do not cause autism.”

    “The science actually shows the opposite. Controlled animal experiments overwhelmingly prove that immune activation (i.e., interleukin-6) in the developing brain causes autism. Animal experiments also prove that aluminum adjuvant causes brain damage, at dosages human infants routinely receive from vaccines. There is also evidence that aluminum stimulates interleukin-6.”

  52. Janet says:

    I chose to delay my son’s vaccines from birth. He was 8 weeks premature and I simply couldn’t imagine that his immune system was in any way developed enough to manage the introduction of vaccines so early. As he grew older, I continued to read and inform myself about each vaccine before he was scheduled to receive it. I also informed myself on the reason why so many vaccines would be given in a single visit. When I learned the answer had nothing to do with my son’s health but everything to do with insurance coverage, I couldn’t believe it.

  53. Jessica says:

    I do not have children yet, but I will not be vaccinating them as infants. I am 27 years old and have never received any vaccines. When my mother was pregnant with me in the late 80’s, she had witnessed my cousins having severe reactions to vaccines and decided to start doing research. When her questions about safety fell on deaf ears at the doctor’s office she decided to have me at home and forego all vaccines. Now that I am older and getting to the age of wanting children of my own, I have had to do extensive research into which way I will decide to go. My husband is ex military and was raised completely pro-vaccine, it was only after he saw the vaccine schedule for children (and the fact that we are vaccinating at birth for Hepatitis) did he start to question his own outlook on vaccines and their safety. It is making me sick that there are 4 states now where vaccination is completely mandatory for school attendance. It makes me question whether I even want to bring children into this world. My mother put up such a fight, almost had me taken away as an infant because she sought the truth about vaccines, and now it seems as if it is only getting worse.

  54. Dr. William H. Gaunt says:

    My son is 17 and has had zero vaccines. He is robustly healthy. He had chicken pox and missed a week and a half of school and recovered completely. It was no problem getting a religious exemption for him here in Florida. It seems so obvious that vaccines are doing great harm. It is frustrating to see that most people are completely taken in by the CDC/vaccine company propaganda. Could there be 3-5 vaccines that have more benefit than risk? Perhaps but we can’t know the truth because the science funded by the CDC is fraudulent. We may be able to get closer to the truth about vaccines in the future if we can ever transition to a system of research by independent scientists but at this point in time that feels like an unrealistic dream.

    • Sheri says:

      Dr. Gaunt, your comment is spot on. There is so much corruption at the CDC and FDA that it seems nuts for anyone to trust THAT organization. I feel sorry for the people out there that haven’t read the scathing corruption allegations and the profiles of FDA and CDC Commissioners. The majority are connected to Big Pharma. It’s disgraceful Congress does nothing about this. And yet, the concerned parents and citizens questioning vaccines are the nutty ones? Wow.

      You are right. A few vaccines may have more benefit than risk. But the 60-70 innoculations given to our young children today (birth to age 5) is reckless. Unfortunately, like you, I don’t believe the tide will change with Big Pharma’s Billion Dollar industry and immensely powerful lobbying powers. They are too powerful.

      p.s. I wish my kids could get Chicken Pox today. I had it and now have lifelong immunity.

  55. Renotta says:

    We did not – because we spent 9 months researching and believed what all the mothers and research were saying. There is a portion of the population with specific
    Genetic snps thst make them susceptible to autism if they follow the current vaccine schedule.

  56. Sonali says:

    Mommy-gut and information provided by TMR is the main reason I stopped vaccinating my 6 month old (he has a host of auto-immune issues including severe allergies and asthma).

    I strongly believe we were on the precipice and any more toxic load to his immune would have been very hard to reverse! He is 3.5 yrs old now and thanks to homeopathy and IonCleanse AMD we are discovering a boy full of joy and personality that makes everyone laugh all day long. No more all day tantrums followed with no-energy spells for the rest of day!

  57. Candi Calderone says:

    To say that I was a pro-vaxxer with my oldest child is an understatement. He was born in 1998, and I literally carried the yellow vax card with me to each appointment (like a good mama!) – he received the first three doses of the rotavirus vaccine that was being administered during that time – at the appointment where he was to receive the 4th and final dose, I was told that they were no longer giving that vaccine. Instead of using my brain and asking “WHY ARE YOU NO LONGER GIVING IT?” my only worry was that my son only got 3 doses – when he needed 4! That’s how indoctrinated I was.

    Cut to 2005 and my second son – first year – all is wonderful – 15 months visit he received a plethora of needles – the Hib, the DTap, the Varicella – all in one day – it was on Thanksgiving two weeks later that my Aunt made an offhand comment about autism because he was not responding when I called his name and was not looking at me. I determined that she was clinically insane (and completely rude) and went about my merry way – and continued to vaccinate.

    The following Spring, my husband and I had come to the realization that my Aunt was most likely right. He showed all the signs. But vaccines never entered my mind. I trusted my pediatrician. At his 18 month appointment, I did request that his MMR shot be separated (yes, you were still allowed to do that in 2007 – but not for much longer beyond that) – but I continued vaccinating. I would see articles and opinions about vaccines and autism and say “not my kid” – it just didn’t enter the realm of possibility for me and I believe it was my trust and faith in the medical establishment that kept my mind closed to this possibility for so long.

    There were a series of medical events that occurred with my son that shook that faith. Without going into details (it would make this even longer when it is already too long), there were three separate occasions where different doctors gave me a blank stare when faced with what to do about my child. During one of those occasions, my son spent 6 weeks not being able to walk over what turned out to be a Vitamin C deficiency – and instead of doing a full panel of bloodwork, he was given MULTIPLE x-rays, CAT scan, MRI – the only reason he was finally diagnosed was because a doctor saw him that volunteered each summer in Africa and recognized that my son had scurvy. It was like a light bulb moment. I realized that doctors just DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. They just can’t. They are human. And coming to that realization changed everything. Once I was OPEN to that concept, it was the proverbial floodgates opening. I started to read and read and read and got angry and sad and frustrated and now here I am. The more I learn about the components and the practices behind the vaccine industry in this country, the more angry and sad and frustrated I get. I went back and studies Luke’s “yellow paper” and realized that it had been there all along. 15 months – combo shots – multiple shots – my Aunt – boom.

    I wonder – what if I had questioned it sooner? Could I have saved Luke from falling so far into the hole of autism? He is now 10 years old – he is nonverbal – he wears diapers – he is aggressive – and he will most likely live with me until we can no longer care for him. And I have to live with the fact that I let that happen to him every day of my life. I love when people say “you are just looking for something to blame for your child’s autism” – as if I would choose to blame myself and suffer these feelings of failure every day? Blaming vaccines is blaming myself. Why don’t people see that?

    My oldest will be 17 this year – luckily, he is a healthy young man, even though he received the full schedule (because I did not know). I had a third child in 2011. She is pure and clean – no shots – no antibiotics – no crap foods – and SURPRISE – no sickness – no ear infections – no strep throat – no autism. Because now I know. And once you know, you can’t un-know.

    What I wish people would understand is knowing does not give me satisfaction. It is quite the opposite. I would like nothing more than to be able to go back to when I was a young, unthinking mom who didn’t have to worry about any of this. When my biggest concern was which flag football team my son would be on or what he would wear for school pictures. My middle son – my Luke – has never had and will never have ANY of that – none of the normal rites of passage of childhood or beyond. So I talk about it. A LOT. Because families should not have to live this way. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted by Luke’s autism. And I wish it on no one.

  58. Sue says:

    I spent a year trying to find correlation/causation for my little guy’s autism after the fact. I read through my journal entries over and over. I started googling (yeah, U of G, that’s me). Over and over, the evidence pointed to the vaccines he received at his one-year-old “well baby” check, when the pharmatrician said, “He’s behind on his shots, but don’t worry, we can catch him up today,” the same “today” that doctor prescribed antibiotics for the baby’s double ear infection, the same “today” my little boy had what we fondly refer to as the “green elevens” of thick snot pouring out of his nose. “Catch him up” he did, with double the shots and a flu shot as the cherry on top. Over the next six months, skills were lost. Eye contact became fleeting. Sensory seeking began, with flapping, spinning, head butting, and crawling into tiny spaces. And oh the tantrums. I thought we’d hit the Terrible Twos early. The baby never pointed, never tried to indicate what he wanted. Just screamed. I took baby to that same doctor, who said, “I think he’s just ornery, but if you’re worried, contact the Regional Center.” So I did. And they started early intervention. It’s been a long road, and well-meaning individuals continued to provide vaccines for this grandchild until I could put a stop to it. At age 13, he is missing one tdap booster (oh, and the HPV and the meningitis vaccines his new doc tried to insist on). They will vaccinate this child again only over my dead lifeless body. And then this child will fight to the death himself before they vaccinate him.

  59. carolyn says:

    can i count even though i don’t have children? i never get the flu shot. my cousin’s wife had one back in the 70’s, got guillain barre syndrome (although at the time i never heard it called that) and spent a year in a wheelchair.

    she did recover but from that moment on, i decided to take my chances with the flu!

    BTW, your post was great, very well written, very measured. i presume you read this in the New Yorker:

    this guy needs your smack down badly!

  60. Nicole says:

    I’ve chosen to delay vaccinating because you can always vaccinate but can never un-vaccinate. My concerns include family history of auto-immune disease, digestive issues, aborted fetal tissue and foreign DNA ingredients, heavy metal ingredients, and other carcinogenic ingredients. I can’t wrap my head around injecting such things into such a tiny body. It boggles my mind that some of the ingredients are known to cause damage individually but yet it’s somehow okay to inject the combination directly into a child’s (or adult’s) system. I don’t understand how when a Dr. prescribes EVERY other drug, they consider a patient’s family history and yet with vaccines they don’t consider it at all. I also don’t understand how for EVERY other drug, there are commercial after commercial about “call your Dr. if,” “adverse reactions include,” and lawsuits due to the damage they have caused and yet with vaccines there is no reference to the adverse reactions in the advertising and there is no accountability on the part of the manufacturers.

  61. Jessica Rayner says:

    I have been trying to find the me separated into individual injections but I’m not having any luck…or any help from doctors offices, health departments, or pharmacies!! Any suggestions? Do they make it separately?

  62. Karen says:

    My father was a chiropractor and thus throughout his life held a major disbelief in and distrust of modern “medicine”. Neither myself (the youngest at 44) nor any of my four older siblings (the oldest is 61) received any childhood vaccinations. For reasons I’m not quite sure of, my oldest sister had her five children vaccinated. Her youngest (now 19) regressed into autism after his MMR and was diagnosed at the age of two. He is nonverbal and will never live on his own. When I became pregnant with my first child nine years ago, I began to gather information from my sister as well as internet resources and made the decision not to vaccinate. I continued this with my second child, who is now five. I am 1000% certain that I made the right decision. If there is ever a study done to compare the health outcomes of vaccinated v. unvaccinated children, I will be the first to volunteer my two.

  63. Cougar Team TMR says:

    My oldest was vaccine injured, so we became “anti-vax”, which really means we woke up and did serious research. We are not alone; this is the pattern of numerous families we know!

    With the research that’s available now, you almost have to be deliberately sticking your head in the sand to not see what’s happening. I’m guessing the same thing happened during the cigarette era?

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