Scientific Proof: Vaccines DO Cause Autism

August 30, 2016

The ProfessorThis is it: The Changepoint.

Can you feel it? The last 30 years have led inexorably to this moment when, for the first time in history, all the candidates remaining in the race for the presidency of the United States feel the need to clarify their stance on the use of vaccines – repeatedly and conflictingly. How did we get to the point where vaccines have become such a highly charged, controversial issue? After all, if vaccines are truly as safe as “they” say they are, wouldn’t anyone want a “get out of sickness free” card?

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The truth? Of course they would. If vaccines were a truly “free” way to avoid illness, there would be no controversy, plain and simple. Everyone would be on board. That’s why vaccines have generally enjoyed the largely unquestioned popularity they have for as long as they have. Everyone wants to believe in magic. The problem is that, as the number of recommended vaccines and vaccine doses has climbed in the last 30 years along with their concomitant serious adverse events, it has become glaringly obvious that such avoidance of illness through the help of a hypodermic needle is anything but “free” for a large and growing segment of the population who are now living with chronic, often debilitating, illness.

The recent full-frontal assault (represented by legislative efforts nationwide such as SB 277 in California and most recently by yesterday’s press release from the American Academy of Pediatrics) on the right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatments that carry with them the risk of death or permanent disability, topped by the recent pressure on presidential candidates to declare themselves all in favor, means that the time has come to stop pussyfooting around on this subject. So I’m just going to say this baldly:

Vaccines do cause autism.

You all know in your heart of hearts it’s true. The mocking of CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen, her “journalistic” colleagues, and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Special Masters notwithstanding, there can be no other explanation for why the “myth” has persisted.

The mainstream media would have you believe that everyone who believes that vaccines cause autism (at least one-third of American parents of children under 18 at last count) is a superstitious, anti-science nutcase. But if you actually dig deeper and investigate this claim, you will find that often the “all vaccines are magic” crowd is actively discouraging the sharing of science and factual information while at the same time disseminating a great deal of – what shall we call it? Misinformation? – justifying themselves with “you can’t handle the truth.”

Those of us who think that vaccines come with some very serious risks that mean that everyone should be thinking long and deeply before taking any vaccine, on the other hand, actively share as much scientific and factual information as possible, while at the same time encouraging you to do further independent study on the subject. We want you to understand that large, epidemiological studies are easy to manipulate. (There’s a reason for Disraeili’s saying, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”) We want you to look at who is funding the science, and ask yourself what questions didn’t they ask or answer? We want you to be aware of what the editors of the most prestigious medical journals and the Cochrane Collaboration (the least biased international repository for medical science) have to say about corporate corruption of science and the failure of peer review.

vaccines and the brain

You see, unlike those who believe you should have only enough information to make the choice they want you to make, we think that the more information you have on the real risks and benefits of any medical intervention, not just vaccines, the better the healthcare decisions you can make for yourself and your family.

When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem so radical, does it? That just might be because it’s not.

I have read and discussed a great deal of vaccine science in the last 10 years, sometimes with the researchers themselves, and I have come to the conclusion that repeated hyper-stimulation of the immune system, especially at very young ages when the neurological system is developing rapidly, is having serious negative health effects on a large and growing segment of the population. I’ve seen a lot of emphasis on particular ingredients and calls to “green our vaccines” in the vaccine-choice community, but I have rarely seen folks talking about the immune activation itself that is the goal of vaccination and a result of injection with toxic ingredients. And I myself have not organized or presented the information I’ve encountered except in a very general way. Fortunately for us, Twilight recently compiled a lot of the current and compelling science on autism and the immune system for a recent blog that makes it crystal clear that immune activation (such as might be induced with vaccination) and its resultant brain inflammation are crucial in the development of autism.

While this research is certainly suggestive of a link between repeated immune activation during pregnancy and infancy, such as might occur upon vaccination, and the subsequent development of autism, by itself it certainly does not constitute proof that vaccines cause autism. There are other ways to effect immune activation, such as acute infections themselves and toxic environmental assaults, and it’s conceivably possible that vaccines don’t cause the right sort of immune activation.

While it has long been known that acute infections such as prenatal rubella can cause autism, the fact is that acute cases of infectious disease have been decreasing at the very same time the autism rate (and that of other forms of neurological dysfunction) has been skyrocketing, implying that there is a much larger contributor at work than acute infections. “Coincidentally,” the number of vaccine doses administered to infants’ whose neurological systems are developing rapidly has been increasing concomitantly with the autism rate.

Before the recent vaccine-crazy era that began with the 1986 law removing manufacturers’ liability for vaccine injuries, it would have been highly unusual for an infant or toddler to face many intense challenges to their immune system while the neurological system was in rapid development mode. Nowadays, however, most children’s immune systems are under assault starting in the womb with the influenza and Tdap vaccines recommended for their mothers in pregnancy, and continuing with the hepatitis B vaccine on the day of birth.

After we ran the “Autism and the Immune System” blog, it came to my attention that someone, who wishes to remain anonymous because they feel that the science should speak for itself (as it should), has painstakingly connected the dots — using NIH-funded, peer-reviewed high-quality experimental science — between the immune activation triggered by vaccines, particularly aluminum-containing vaccines, and the production of specific cytokines in the brain that are a necessary and sufficient condition for the development of autism. (I’m constantly amazed at what people are allowed to work on and publish if they don’t explicitly mention a link between vaccines and autism.)

“Necessary and sufficient condition” is of course another way of saying “cause.” In other words, this anonymous blogger has compiled scientific proof that vaccines can – and do – cause autism. That is huge so I’m going to say it again: scientific proof that vaccines do cause autism. This person runs a website called Vaccine Papers where it’s all laid out. TMR will be hosting in the very near future, with permission of the author, a series of blogs from that website in the hopes of getting this information out to the widest possible audience, especially to vaccine-choice advocates everywhere, who should have the best of the available science at their fingertips. Feel free to dive into Vaccine Papers now or wait for our installments.

In the meantime, Vaccine Papers’ excellent brochure, “Vaccines and the Brain” which summarizes the information, will provide a taste of what’s to come.

immune activation

By the way, no matter where you fall in your opinion on vaccines, you should ask yourself if it is okay with you that political and commercial considerations frequently determine which science is funded and published. And is it okay with you that a CDC scientist came forward alleging research fraud at the CDC that in all probability has profoundly affected the lives of many thousands of people and, even though that information has been in the public domain now for two years, no media outlet or governmental committee has yet to consider it worthy of investigation? If either of those two things is okay with you, please excuse me for thinking that your protestations of “but . . . science!” ring hollow.

After our blog on “Autism and the Immune System,” Lisa Stephenson of Autism Revolution for Medical Intervention requested that we stop pursuing the link between vaccines and autism and suggested that by doing so we were sacrificing “all our children for the sake of the ones who have vaccine-induced autism.” I heartily disagree and will illustrate it with an analogy.

Say that you have read the research linking smoking and lung cancer. You know it implicates smoking in a big way, but the tobacco companies are running successful interference, and you see people all around you who don’t know about the link and are subsequently developing lung cancer. Do you keep quiet about it because there are some people who develop lung cancer, like my own father, who have never smoked a day in their lives and you might be “sacrificing” those people “for the sake of the ones who have smoking-induced lung cancer”?

Of course not! You speak up and inform people what their choices and actions may lead to and in the process benefit the individuals, their families, society at large by enabling them to avoid the physical, social, and economic costs of serious illness. Then, if they still choose to smoke, at least they’re doing it with their eyes open.

And none of that dissemination of information precludes advocating for proper treatment for all people who develop lung cancer, whatever the cause, just as informing people of what can happen if they continue to vaccinate according to the CDC schedule (or a number of other things we talk about) does not prevent us from advocating on a federal and local level for better lives for all people with autism — even the ones who think we’re crazy or misguided.

Yours in anticipation,

~ Professor

Update as of December 6, 2019: I’m fascinated by the fact that virtually none of the recent critical commenters on this post seems to have even read this piece, much less the science it’s based on, and yet they all want to school me with irrelevant and facile talking points.

MY comments always come back to READ THE SCIENCE, then you’ll have something worth discussing.

Fair warning: I will no longer approve comments that include “essential oils,”  “crystals,” Andrew Wakefield, or anything else that is not in this piece. Either address the material contained in the article or your comments will go straight to trash.

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172 Responses to Scientific Proof: Vaccines DO Cause Autism

  1. Phil Inman says:

    Such weak arguments. Especially the “no degree” argument. You are exactly answering these people as you should. I don’t know another topic where I’ve seen this. Tony Heller RE: climate change maybe. And it is so surprising that they keep lining up for their chance to make fools of themselves.! Don’t think for a minute that you’re wasting your time. Even if people read without comprehension, at least they are being exposed to reason and logic. God Bless you. Now, is that illogical?

  2. Emma B says:

    It’s quite hypocritical that you say “we want you to understand that large, epidemiological studies are easy to manipulate” and then later “the fact is that acute cases of infectious disease have been decreasing at the very same time the autism rate (and that of other forms of neurological dysfunction) has been skyrocketing, implying that there is a much larger contributor at work than acute infections.”

    Just because one variable is decreasing at the same time another one in “increasing” does not imply causation or even association. You said it yourself – easy to manipulate! And you are doing precisely that only when it serves to prove your belief.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, sweetie.

      There’s nothing the least hypocritical about noting that epidemiological studies are easy to manipulate if you want a signal to go away, and noting that there is an OBVIOUS NEGATIVE CORRELATION between acute infections and autism.

      Of COURSE one variable decreasing at the same time another is decreasing does not imply causation; it literally implies the OPPOSITE. That’s the point!

      How on earth could I “manipulate” the fact that vaccine-associated acute infections have decreased while autism has increased?

  3. DC says:

    I’m a physicist and mathematician, I know very little about human physiology. However I do understand the scientific method, mathematics and human greed. I was asked to look at a set of data given to me in 2004 by a good friend I made while attending college (he is a biochemist). When you’re dealing with multiple variables and you attempt to tackle this as a researcher, is it wise to do this when you have a very limited mathematical skill set? All a mathematician can do is estimate the odds of A causing B. Mathematics isn’t the smoking gun evidence to settle the argument, this is how the Tobacco industry tap danced around their products causing cancer for years. Some of the most compelling evidence for the vaccine/autism link came from populations that saw an extreme increase in Autism after vaccines were introduced to the population. You must also look at environmental factors, food additives, GMOs, water contaminants and other possible variables that may have introduced in the same time period. A mathematician is never going to find to biological mechanism, that is the job of the biochemist, but we can tell you if you’re heading in the right direction and if there’s cause for further investigation. When you get estimates ranging from 78% to 85% that A does in fact cause B and it comes from unbiased mathematicians, it’s a good idea to take a hard look at “A”. Yet I read hit piece after hit piece from the likes of Time, PBS, CDC and a host of other villains. There’s so much money at stake, the mainstream media derives too much income from Big Pharma and the pockets of politicians and researchers who will sell their souls for grant money/back channel contributions are numerous. Then there’s the profit from the sale of vaccines, we all should be painfully aware of this. I can’t tell you the cause. Too many vaccines too soon in the child’s life? Are aluminum or mercury derivatives the cause? Is it one particular vaccine or any other possible cause the biologist can posit? The answer will come from a team of biochemists with integrity. I can tell you that basic statistics is not the tool to use when multivariable calculus is required, that’s like fixing your electronics equipment with a hammer. I firmly believe one day biochemists will find the mechanism that causes autism and know without question the direct cause(s). Then all the politicians will want you to forgot about their pasts, the news media and journals will want you to forget their corrupt reporting. They will all jump on the vaccine safety bandwagon, saying we were trying to warn you about this all along. Harvey’s Weinstein’s friends scurried away from him like rats leaving a burning building. This is how it will be with those who took the money from Pfizer, GlaxoSmithCline, Merck and Sanofi.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yes, you are are correct on so many counts. However, a LOT of biochemical research has been done in recent years that elucidates physical mechanisms behind vaccine damage. Aluminum adjuvants are highly implicated because to a large extent they don’t break down and get filtered out by the kidneys; instead they remain as nanoparticles that are “cleaned up” by macrophages which then get called to any site in the body that is experiencing tissue damage and/or stress (AND the brain as well at those times!). The macrophages often die there, depositing their loads of cytotoxic aluminum, causing all sorts of problems. It also triggers the intense production of antibodies to virtually everything in the vaccine, including food proteins, antibiotics, proteins that look like human proteins, etc. Every day there is more and more good, hard science implicating vaccines in general and aluminum adjuvants in particular with widespread neuroimmune damage.

  4. Aiden says:

    Your point about aluminum in vaccines is wrong. You consume significantly more aluminium in a day than you do from one vaccine. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You do not have a medical degree that took 10 years to obtain.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Sorry, dude, but it’s YOU who has no idea what you’re talking about.

      Do we consume aluminum? Yes, indeedy we do! But guess what? Science researcher agree that only a TINY percentage of aluminum is absorbed from ingestion unless the gut is severely compromised. That percentage is on the order of 0.3%. I’m just going to copy what I wrote to Frank earlier:

      You’re right, we DO eat much more aluminum than we inject into tiny babies. But aluminum researchers say that less than 1% of ingested aluminum is absorbed into the body, while virtually 100% of injected aluminum is. In addition, the aluminum that is ingested is generally degraded to ions that are excreted out by the kidneys. The mechanism for injected aluminum adjuvants is dramatically different. Such aluminum is in nanoparticle form, and the majority is engulfed by macrophages which can go anywhere in the body, including the brain. Aluminum researchers have found very high amounts of aluminum (similar to that of Alzheimer’s patients) concentrated in the brains of people who died with autism, particularly in the microglia, the very tissues that are known to inflamed in a majority of cases of autism.

      Now, go read the science, please. Happy to discuss when you’re done.

  5. Frank says:

    Hey, I just want to get some facts straight, but remember I’m just posting my what I have found just like how you did. 1. The time someone gets a vaccine and are diagnosed with autism is the same. This sparked the whole vaccine thing and after that, people are just finding random coincidences and using that as factual evidence. 2. The amounts and chemical form of aluminum and mercury is very low. I saw that you said in a comment that any amount of mercury is bad. If that were true, then people would die out in the billions from the small amounts of mercury in the air. Also, we eat 10x more aluminum in food the than the amount of it in a vaccine. 3. We are in the safest, most advanced time period ever, so shit like vaccines and medicine are very advanced compared to anything we ever had. So it’s nothing to worry about. Vaccines do have weakened virus strains that can only alter a slight amount of DNA, not enough for you to develop autism. Don’t get pissed off at me, but this is factually true if you like it or not.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      *sigh* I’m sorry but your idea of “factually true” is so far from the truth that it’s depressing. You have a lot to learn; one can only hope that you do.

      I’m not “just posting my what I have found.” I’ve “found” literally hundreds of scientific papers that say all kinds of things, in addition to hundreds of articles that discuss those papers. I’ve sifted through that mountain of research and discovered that the vast majority of it does not say what the mainstream media and so-called science bloggers say it says. That fact alone made me curious. Why are they so keen to make people believe that the science is OTHER than they say? What I’ve posted here is simply the most concise and cogent information on the subject that I have found to make it easier for people like you, who have not done that work, to find and digest. Please do yourself a favor and read the science.

      1) Do you REALLY believe that all the parents who report their children’s behavior and health dramatically shifting after a round of vaccines are duped by a “random coincidence”? Is there another drug where we dismiss thousands of similar reports following administration as “coincidence”? Are you aware that there is a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has compensated more than 1,300 brain injuries and when investigators contacted approximately 200 of the families, 40% of them reported that their children had autism? Are you aware that brain inflammation of the sort that is listed on the Vaccine Injury Table is strongly associated with autism? Are you aware that the autism rate is now 1 in 54 12-year-olds? How does your theory explain the increase from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 54?

      2) Yes the absolute amount of aluminum and mercury is “very low,” but it is a FACT that any amount of mercury is bad. Does that mean that everyone would die from the “small amounts of mercury in the air”? No, of course not. It DOES mean that the more mercury someone breathes, the worse it is for the person doing the breathing.

      But that’s not even remotely what we’re talking about when we’re talking about INJECTION of organic mercury. First of all, organic mercury is known to be MUCH more toxic than inorganic mercury (the sort that is in the air we breathe). Secondly, injection bypasses all the body’s defenses and results in virtually 100% absorption into body tissues.

      The same is true for aluminum. You’re right, we DO eat much more aluminum than we inject into tiny babies. But aluminum researchers say that less than 1% of ingested aluminum is absorbed into the body, while virtually 100% of injected aluminum is. In addition, the aluminum that is ingested is generally degraded to ions that are excreted out by the kidneys. The mechanism for injected aluminum adjuvants is dramatically different. Such aluminum is in nanoparticle form, and the majority is engulfed by macrophages which can go anywhere in the body, including the brain. Aluminum researchers have found very high amounts of aluminum (similar to that of Alzheimer’s patients) concentrated in the brains of people who died with autism, particularly in the microglia, the very tissues that are known to inflamed in a majority of cases of autism.

      I hate to disabuse you of your confidence, but the federal agencies that are charged with keeping the population safe are captured by the very corporations they are supposed to be regulating. Contrary to your naive belief, there is plenty “to worry about,” and the sooner you realize it, the better for you.

  6. Thank you! You are my hero. You must have taken much more crap over the years than the first few who immediately disagreed with you without reading the article.

    I appreciate you, I appreciate the backlash you have taken to get this information out to the light of day. My child is partially vaccinated, and I fought with her pediatrician the whole way. I wish I had come across you, and your work 13 years ago.

    Luckily, we got off fairly easy with food allergies, skin rashes, and autoimmune disease. Some of my friends children, did not come out that lucky. Sending you much love!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, thank you, Kathleen! What a lovely St. Patrick’s Day message to get. <3

      Have you tried homeopathy? I have seen some pretty miraculous unwindings happen with the right homeopathic remedies and practitioner. You may be able to undo the immune damage. Good luck to you!

  7. Cookie says:

    I was vaccinated but I’m not autistic I just turned out to be a lesbian so are gonna tell me that was caused by the vaccines
    Not relying to be rude but usually people who think vaccines cause autism also think it causes other things
    But yes this will come across like I’m being a complete dick but I dont really care and if vaccines did cause autism I’m pretty sure a lot more people would have it

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I suspect you didn’t read the blog at all, but it’s clear you didn’t read this part:

      Update as of December 6, 2019: I’m fascinated by the fact that virtually none of the recent critical commenters on this post seems to have even read this piece, much less the science it’s based on, and yet they all want to school me with irrelevant and facile talking points.

      MY comments always come back to READ THE SCIENCE, then you’ll have something worth discussing.

      Fair warning: I will no longer approve comments that include “essential oils,” “crystals,” Andrew Wakefield, or anything else that is not in this piece. Either address the material contained in the article or your comments will go straight to trash.

      “People who think vaccines cause autism also think it causes other things” because “it” DOES. The practice of vaccination is known to cause encephalopathy (brain injury), anaphylactic allergies, and autoimmune disease. That is FACT, as you would know if you even took a cursory look at the Vaccine Injury Table, which contains only the most basic PROVABLE injuries

      Now, if you actually read some of the science on this, you’d know beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccination is behind at least a large portion of the recent alarming rise in anaphylaxis, autoimmunity, and neuroimmune conditions in children and adults.

      Yes, you are coming across as a “complete dick,” and an illogical and uneducated one at that. Your argument is nonsensical. Vaccines cause many kinds of neuroimmune dysregulation, some of which (ON THE INJURY TABLE) are much rarer than autism.

      Autism incidence is currently at around 3% of the child population (after experiencing exponential growth for several decades as we have been progressively vaccinating more children with more vaccines at younger ages). Fewer than 10% of lifelong smokers develop lung cancer. Does that mean that smoking doesn’t cause it when they do? In addition, lung cancer is just one extreme effect of smoking (like autism is just one extreme effect of vaccination). There are many other ways smoking affects long-term health:

      . . . research from the ongoing Nurses’ Health Study, published in May this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association, finds that 64 percent of nurses who smoked died from smoking-related causes. The life expectancy for a smoker in the United States is about 64, which is 14 years shorter than the national average (which includes smokers), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      So, ask yourself for a moment if this would this be a valid argument, “My mother smoked a pack a day for many decades and died at 91 with no trace of cancer (which is true, by the way). I’m pretty sure if smoking did cause cancer, a lot more people would have it.”

      I sincerely hope you possess enough logic and education to answer that for yourself: NO.

  8. Caesar salad says:

    I dont get why everybody believes this.
    Autism is a genetic mutation.
    Vaccines can not prevent that.
    Everybody is stupid who believes this.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Why don’t you try READING the article and the studies it’s based on? Then you might actually understand why.

      There are literally more than 100 genes, and scientists believe there may be over a 1,000, that contribute a tiny amount to autism risk; many of them are considered “loss of function” genes that affect myelination, synaptogenesis, or detoxification pathways. That does not imply “a genetic mutation.” It implies the interaction of genes that predispose one to damage from specific environmental exposures combined with those specific environmental exposures, several of which have already been identified.

      What is “stupid” is making blanket statements on the subject without actually reading the science.

  9. Luke says:

    Great work!
    I like to say to the dogmatic Big Pharma-indoctrinated ignoramuses, “I’m pro-choice about vaccines” and “my body, my choice” to use their own arguments about infanticide against them. Lol!

  10. Chris Marcum says:

    Do you believe the CDC is being paid by companies to publish and support false studies?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Not exactly. There is definitely collusion, that much was evident from Simpsonwood, but CDC has plenty of motivation to hide the truth without being paid directly (though pharmaceutical companies do largely fund the CDC Foundation). For instance, Julie Gerberding who headed the CDC in the early 2000s oversaw the Verstraeten study as well as the 2004 study that was the center of the CDC whistleblower controversy. She “retired” from the CDC in order to head up the vaccine division at Merck. She has made millions off her work at the CDC. Such conflicts of interest abound, on the individual and agency level. The CDC holds patents on technologies used in many of the vaccines, their employees hold pharmaceutical stock, and there is a revolving door between industry and the agency charged with both promotion AND safety of vaccines. Given that inherent conflict of interest, it should not be surprising that we are where we are.

  11. Anonymous says:

    2 . Vaccines do contain Thimersol(in some multi flu vaccines). That contains mercury. You are correct on that. Mercury is dangerous . You got that right. BUT, it is only dangerous HIGH levels. This is only used to preserve the vaccine and not let it get infected.
    Seriously, stop with the child’s play and get real. Crystals aren’t going to help you and neither are essential oils the cure to all disease.

    • ProfessorTMR says:


      Some bodies can excrete it more easily than others, but while it is in the body it has the potential to kill cells.

      If you have neither the courage to post with a name, even if it is false, nor anything better than “crystals” and “essential oils” to add to a scientific discussion, “seriously stop with the child’s play and get real.”

      I’m going to say it again, loudly for those who seem to be hard of “hearing”: READ THE FUCKING SCIENCE. Until you do, your opinion is completely and utterly worthless.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “If vaccines work, then everyone would be on board.” This is what YOU said. Why are there always 2 sides to a debate rather than one and just not debating. Secondly, your claims are only based on a article by The Lancelet that says that vaccines cause autism. This was published in 1998 and after 12 years, they retracted it. There were more than a dozen of studies that disprove this and the “doctor” was actually paid off from a lawyer who needed some kind of reason the moms have children with ASD.
    Please research further, thank you.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      *groan* There is so much wrong in your one little paragraph it’s painful.

      This isn’t a theoretical debate for the sake of debating. THIS piece is about a LARGE body of experimental science (which by the way has grown quite a bit since this post). It has absolutely zero to do with “sides in a debate” and is a presentation of facts. Learn the difference.

      Secondly, the journal you mention is entitled The Lancet, not The Lancelet, and the paper you mention did NOT say vaccines cause autism. Seriously, go and read it. I have read ALL the official documentation on the subject, which I know is more than you can say since you have clearly not even read the paper. Your “dozen of studies” are population-based epidemiological studies that are very easy to manipulate to hide signals, which is exactly what was known to have been done in two of the most prominent, Verstraeten’s Thimerosal study and the 2004 study on MMR timing that William Thompson stated deviated from its original protocol and deliberately dumped 40% of the data so that a strong, statistically significant correlation would largely disappear. That’s not science. That’s fraud.

      Thirdly, that paper has NOTHING do with this article. This article is about immune activation, especially through the use of injected aluminum adjuvants. The only vaccine mentioned in that paper was the MMR, which does not even contain aluminum. This article, shockingly enough, is based upon the science that is cited (and many more papers that weren’t–most of them experimental, not epidemiological). Do yourself a favor and “research further” by reading it.

      • R says:

        I am interested in reading quality, peer-reviewed evidence of both sides of this debate. I haven’t had difficulty finding evidence-based research that supports vaccination and the claim that vaccines are NOT associated with autism. I have had difficulty finding research and evidence to the contrary. You mentioned several times that you have access to such research. Would you list your references please, so that I can find these articles for my personal edification? I appreciate it.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You may not have difficulty finding “evidence-based research” that supports the claim that vaccines are NOT associated with autism, but if you read the science you may realize that QUALITY “evidence-based research” that supports that claim is thin on the ground.

        If you are really interested, it should be obvious that you should start by clicking on the links in the article. As I mention is an excellent site, filled with quality peer-reviewed science collected and analyzed by someone with a highly logical mind. The person who runs that site concentrates on the possible results of immune activation due to the injection of aluminum adjuvants, but there are many other vaccine topics you should investigate.

        Please investigate the connection between autoimmunity and vaccine adjuvants. Yehuda Shoenfeld is an acclaimed Israeli scientist who is probably the world’s foremost authority on autoimmunity. He named a general syndrome “autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” (ASIA) and wrote a book called Vaccines and Autoimmunity. Read as many of his papers as you can find (at least read the abstracts). Then track down papers that his coauthors like Romain Gherardi, Darja Kanduc, Christopher Shaw, and Lucija Tomljenovic have written. Look up Lluis Lujan’s work on autoimmunity in sheep who had been vaccinated for bluetongue. (By the way, autoimmune conditions run rampant in the autism population, and autoantibodies have been found in the brains of people with autism.
        Brain autoantibodies in autism spectrum disorder.
        Maternal anti-fetal brain IgG autoantibodies and autism spectrum disorders: current knowledge and its implications for potential therapeutics.
        Maternal anti-brain antibodies may play a role in autism.

        While you’re at it, look up the connection between injection of foreign proteins with an adjuvant and the development of anaphylaxis. Start with Charles Richet’s Nobel Prize speech. Look into von Pirquet’s work on allergy, triggered by “serum sickness” caused by injection of horse serum containing diphtheria antibodies into children. Find out how scientists induce allergy or autoimmunity in lab animals. Autism is by no means the only immune-mediated condition that can be induced by repeated hyperstimulation of the immune system through injection of antigens with foreign proteins (look at the vaccine excipient list to get an idea of exactly which proteins each vaccine can contain; note, most of the most common food allergies are on the list) and adjuvants which trigger immune recognition of proteins the immune system would otherwise ignore.

        Ashley Everly has gathered much of it into a “Vaccine Guide” that is available online.

        A caveat, some of the papers you will come across have been withdrawn by the journals, journals that are highly dependent upon pharmaceutical dollars, often with very little in the way of justification other than “people complained.” We know the people who complain, and they have evinced very little interest in the quality of science in the past.

  13. Chad says:

    Ok boomer

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      What a lovely ironic comment! I have such an appreciation for irony, so thank you.

      Yes, “okay, boomer” indeed! The baby boom generation fucked over you younger generations royally. That’s why so many of y’all have so many disabling neuroimmune disorders. Rebel against the “wisdom” of your elders! Rise up and reject the premise that profits matter more than people, that “health care” is more important than actual health!

  14. AnInquiringMind says:

    I have been reading through these comments for a time and couldn’t help but wonder.
    You said that the immune system’s attempts to detox the body contributes to the development of autism, but don’t many bacterial infections cause damage by releasing chemicals and toxins? Can they cause autism.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Great question! There is some evidence that the immune response to certain types of infection can cause autism. In particular, maternal rubella infection is known to be associated with autism. But it’s important to note that before the tremendous surge in vaccines, autism was almost unknown, and before the initiation of aluminum adjuvanted vaccines it was unknown altogether. That means that autism can only be RARELY caused by actual infection. The most likely reason for this, in my estimation, is that in the past the immune system (as well as the neurological system) was allowed to develop naturally in most children before it encountered infection. Now, children are repeatedly exposed to substances that hyperstimulate the immune system at the time when it is most vulnerable.

      • Jennifer says:

        My autism wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult. Just because something wasn’t well known doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Many many autistic people went under the radar. Some of the more severely autistic folks got misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. As far as I am concerned the rise in autism has to do with better diagnosis and awareness. My dad’s autism is mild enough that it wasn’t until my autism was diagnosed that anyone suspected my dad is on the spectrum.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The fact that your autism wasn’t diagnosed until you were an adult doesn’t mean that’s the norm or that such a phenomenon accounts for more than a tiny percentage of autism cases. Virtually no one with severe autism was flying “under the radar.” For one thing, about a third of all people with autism do not speak or do not have functional spoken language (approximately the same percentage reported by Kanner in his first paper describing autism). That is not something that would go unnoticed.

        Were there many people with Asperger’s without a diagnosis? Certainly. But the latest diagnostic criteria doesn’t even include many people with Asperger’s. Rigorous analysis of California data tracking only the most severe autism cases makes it clear that most of the increase is a TRUE increase, especially with regard to severe and regressive autism.

      • Darren Graham says:

        I do believe without doubt that vaccines cause autism but here is were i am stuck…my son (13) was born premeture 1lb 10 ounce 6 weeks early i dont know wether this caused his autism or did the bastards inject him ..i no longer talk to the mother so this has never been brought up…i am no fuking proffesser but doing a lot of reading i beleive there is some sort of experiments going on in the controlling of a persons brain and learning of were all those sick fucks who were in charge of human experiments in the world wars in the ss german army were captured and divived up between govermants(operation paper clip) so that there sick work was continued even tho there dead to this day.
        Maybe i am full of shit but could i ask you for this info as a concerered father.
        I see my son onlycpl of days each week(long story) but in this short time could you give me some sort of info on what is the best vitiams and food to give my son…i know a extra intake of certain stuff can do nothing but benefit him..
        Sorry for rant but there is some evil shit at work in on our planet

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        There is certainly a lot of evil, but I think that the vast majority is done more out of “callous disregard” for the results of specific actions than deliberate intent. Our society holds profit as the highest value there is. It should not be a shock that it leads to sacrifice of all other values, including good health.

        My best advice is to read as much as you can, starting with Outsmarting Autism, by Patricia Lemer. The thing is that everyone’s pathway to autism is individual, and therefore the pathway back will be individual as well. Patty tells you how to figure out what it going on with your child and find the right treatments and practitioners who can help. Unfortunately, many of the practitioners have had great success with a portion of their clients, so they think they have found “the answer”; they become hammers in search of nails. Not all kids are nails, so it is important to get to know the possibilities and how they interact with your child.

      • Alex says:

        Hi.. I was just hoping you could offer me some peace of mind. Before I was educated on the adverse reactions of the shots I received a flu shot at 8 weeks I’m almost due and really upset at myself can you truthfully tell me there’s hope he will be ok? In your opinion of course. Thanks

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Of course there is! There are so many possibilities and ways to increase the odds of healthy possibilities. Try to find as much joy as possible in these crazy times. Stress is, unfortunately, not your ally.

    • Mo says:

      No it cant. You guys don’t know what your talking about. Vaccines do not cause autism. This is your opinion. I’m not here to be an a hole but you guys should do more refined research. Go to .edu sites. Essential oils don’t cure diseases but are good aromatherapy. I’m sorry and thanks for your time.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Instead of making facile mocking comments about essential oils, here’s a suggestion: READ THE FUCKING SCIENCE. ALL OF IT.

        Otherwise you ARE just here to be an asshole.

      • Mo says:

        Wow. Real mature for a professor with a “phd” to cuss out a 13 yo, karen.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m not a professor, bro; the name is a nickname on our site that is not and was not ever intended to be construed as literal, just as our other nicknames (which include “Saint,” “Goddess,” and “Princess”) are not meant to be taken literally.

        Nor do I have a “phd” or even a PhD. That is an assumption you made.

        “Cussing” has nothing to do with maturity, as you will learn as you mature. If you are indeed 13 years old, which I could not possibly have known, by the way, then realize that you know EXTREMELY little about the subject. That will be the case until you actually do what I told you to do and read the science. I will certainly not apologize for giving you excellent advice.

      • Mo says:

        Btw, I said it is good aromatherapy, but don’t use it as medicine. Go to an actual professional and get his opinion. Again, good aromatherapy, but not medical

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I don’t see anything on this post advising people to use essential oils as medicine, do you? Therefore your statement was a facile straw man based upon talking points spoonfed to you by so-called “skeptics” who are anything but skeptical when it comes to industry-sponsored “science.”

        You might be interested in the sort of advice “actual professionals” have been known to give (not all of them “hims”):

  15. Tim Lundeen says:

    Vaxxed II makes the connection extremely obvious. A powerful film!

  16. Peter Sun says:

    I have been vaccinated as a child and always sick with all kinds of “incurable” illnesses. When I turned 28 I found out about how nutrition, fasting, diet and lifestyle choices affect our health. I now have 5 children non medicalised my 18 and 26 year old never saw a doctor or a hospital EVER. No vaccines no medications. I am now 62 and never take any medical drugs or vaccines and am almost never sick . . . The idea that you can have radiant health by injecting disease into small babies and adults is naive and ignores the fact that medicine is a BUSINESS that wants to make more money. They are just selling their products like every other company. The army doesn’t recruit by advertising that you can get killed or have your legs blown off in some far away country. they say meet new friends, travel the world, learn a skill etc. Its all sales and marketing and in case of vaccines its pretty much all lies because if you observe the reaction of babies after they get vaccines it tells you everything. Health cannot be BOUGHT from a needle or some miracle drug . . . it must be EARNED through good lifestyle, food, clean air water and positive thinking. 🙂

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I would say that it’s not just “naive” at this point; it is contraindicated by ALL the evidence. We have the most highly vaccinated children in the world, and the poorest health of any developed nation while at the same time spending the most on “health care.”

      Perhaps that is not the paradox it appears and is in fact a correlation to be investigated, especially when you consider that medical “errors” are the third leading cause of death and that even properly prescribed drugs cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year, with another 840,000 hospitalized patients having serious drug reactions, making for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions and 128,000 deaths per year from them.

  17. Alyssa Rye says:

    vaccines cause adults im so happy

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’ll be sure and tell

        Karen Kain, whose daughter died at 15 due to damage sustained from her one and only vaccine in infancy
        Kari Bundy, whose son died following the DTaP vaccine
        Emily Tarsell, whose daughter died following the Gardasil vaccine
        the parents of Colton Berrett, who killed himself after Gardasil destroyed his life
        Michael Belkin, whose daughter Lyla Rose died 15 hours after a hep B shot,

      that they only imagined their children dying. I’m sure they will be so relieved to know that “vaccines cause adults” and you’re “so happy.”

      • pro vaxx says:

        clearly you had to many vaccines

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Right you are!

        So did Lorrin Kain, Mason Bundy, Christina Tarsell, Colton Berrett, and Lyla Rose Belkin, and so, so many others.

        I’m glad you recognize that there is such a thing. 😉

      • brad says:

        Long time no see, Prof.

        This clown needs to explain how Japan and Sweden reduced their SIDS deaths by about 60% simply by not giving babies DTaP shots.
        Maybe he wants to explain how nurses (the people he trusts to take care of him/her) have worked for over a decade and NEVER seen a SIDS death in which the baby had not been vaccinated within 3 days prior…

      • Mo says:

        You spelled tdap wrong btw

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No, I didn’t. The vaccine given to infants is called the DTaP. If you’re going to correct people, you should really get your facts straight:

      • Tommy lee says:

        In the science industry, this is coincidental, cherry picking way for people to seem right, but are actually wrong. I spent 11 years in Harvard doing research on similar topics of medical science and the psychology of people who do this. According to your coments, you have misspelled many words here. And also, you are cherry picking the info from also false articles as this one. You have nothing on me to prove me wrong. Btw, professors don’t cuss out people with the opposite opinion of everyone. Hope you have a good day. 🙂

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hi, Mo! I thought you were 13. You’ve been doing research at Harvard since you were 2? Wow! That’s impressive!

        The one “misspelled” word you pointed out wasn’t. You don’t have a clue what cherry picking is until you READ THE FUCKING SCIENCE.

        Since it is abundantly clear that you ARE just here to be an asshole, I won’t be posting anymore of your comments.

      • Tommy Lee says:

        1. He/she is just 13. she/he just thought you meant tdap. 2.I’m a different user dumbass

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No, you’re not, “dumbass.” You forgot to change your email address when you changed your name. 😉

        Bye, sweetie. You’ve used up your allotment of my patience.

    • Kay Mack says:

      “Professor” and other
      You are describing a handful of BILLIONS who have had an adverse outcome and MOST likely because of an underlying health issue – and do not tell me that there weren’t any because that is bull… Get your head out of the Kool-Aid bin, please.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’ll be sure and tell all those people as well as the others whose children aren’t dead but have lifelong chronic injuries that severely affect their quality of life that those injuries are perfectly okay with you as long as it slightly lowers your child’s chances of encountering measles.

        Did it ever occur to you that those children who had HUGE immune reactions to vaccines (that killed them or caused permanent injury) might not ever have been at risk from infectious disease in the first place? THAT is the “underlying health issue” for many of the people whose health is sacrificed on the altar of vaccines.

    • Alex says:

      Wait… Where are you getting these people from? If you’re talking out of a single country (Like the united states) There’s only what? 6-8 people? Out of 50 states?
      With most states having more the 1 million people? What is the chance of a child having that happen to them? 1 Out of 20 million? Now if you’re talking from the whole world… Well wow.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        First of all, Alex, that was in no way an attempt to list every child who died from injuries sustained due to vaccination. That was just a handful of people I knew offhand and most of whom I know personally. They are representative of MANY more, as well as the thousands and thousands more whose injuries, though devastating, were not enough to kill them.

        Secondly, do you know how many children have died in the U.S. from the measles in the last decade? ZERO. Yet, we’re supposed to be terrified that “measles is on the rise.” Thanks for making it abundantly clear that you–and all the others who say “you’re killing babies!”–don’t really care about children’s LIVES unless they die from the thing YOU fear.

        That’s not how it works here. EVERYBODY counts or NOBODY counts.

      • Jim Wymore says:

        What’s interesting is all the lives that haven’t been lost thanks to vaccines. Vaccines do not cause autism or we’d all have it.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sorry, Jim, but you just made the biggest logical mistake possible. The statement “vaccines cause autism” does NOT imply that “vaccines cause autism in EVERYONE” or that “vaccines cause ALL autism.”

        I will illustrate with a simple example: My mother smoked a pack a day for about 70 years. Not a trace of lung cancer. My father, on the other hand, never smoked a day in his life and when he died at 68, guess what was on his death certificate? Lung Cancer!

        Does either of those facts mean “smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer”? I’m sure you will realize that the answer is “no.”

        Just like lung cancer, there are genetic predispositions to environmental insults that result in autism that make some more likely than others to develop it when they are exposed to those environmental insults (and vaccines are by no means the only ones that can magnify risk). Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have it. Others are not so lucky.

  18. Rose says:

    There is no reason not to dig deep and do the research. It’s really not that hard. We have the internet at our fingertips, books, children we know, see, and hear of with autismn. It takes just a little common sense. One doesn’t have to look far. Autism is all over the United States. It didn’t used to be. And it’s not a matter of better diagnoses. It just virtually wasn’t there. Not in my world. But I’m surrounded by now.

    There are many more toxins in our environment than there were decades ago when I was born. When vaccines containing aluminum and other toxins are injected into a newborn or small child, how would any sane person not think there would be negative consequences? Bunch of sheep being lead to slaughter. I don’t blame parents who followed their incompetant doctor’s advice a while back, but autism is off of the charts now.

    Every parent and grandparent does not have the luxury of just sitting back and trusting the medical community. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is.

    Also, there is no such thing as herd immunity. Research that too please. Do not feel guilty if you don’t vaccinate your child. You can’t take back a vaccine. Measles, mumps, etc. were commom in my day and we did just fine plus developed
    life-long immunity.

    There is much misinformation concerning vaccines, autism, and treatable illnesses which don’t require vaccination. I believe that most of that information is deliberate lies. Ignorance is a factor as well, but the calculated lies are the worst. I also believe in a just God. VACCINES ABSOLUTELY DO STRONGLY CONTRIBUTE TO THE EPIDEMIC RATE OF AUTISM AND OTHER DISORDERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But virtually NO ONE CARES.

    Corruption, greed, ignorance, pride, fear of repercussion from the truth getting out, apathy,…are all at play and very strong. So hateful and evil toward the most innocent and vulnerable. But what the heck? You can kill a baby even though he/she is viable. Why not maime them too? And destroy a whole family in the process. It might happen. It might not. Whatever.

    Proper sanitation, hygeine, nutrition, and occasional antibiotics were all key to greatly reducing these illnesses. Even a chemical discovered to affect people with polio-like symptoms was eventually banned. Guess what happened after it was banned? Polio wasn’t a big threat.

    But everything’s a big threat now. Even chicenpox. And Hepatitis B in hours old babies. Really? How stupid does the medical establishment think we are? Pretty stupid. And unfortunately we’ve proved them right. We’ve been lulled from the past when we could trust doctors to do no harm, at least not on purpose. Those days have been over for quite some time.

    I would go to the ends of the earth to protect my loved ones. That’s why I research. That’s why I know that the CDC, FDA, government officials, and many more know the truth. Pediatricians earn huge bonuses when they fully vaccinate. That’s how they make their living. It doesn’t really matter what happens to the defenseless babies and little ones. Most will probably be okay. If not, the pediatritian will be there to prescribe medications for damange done to their victim’s immune systems. Cha! Ching! Got to live the good life. No conscience. And if they don’t know the truth, it’s their freaking job to know it. No excuse!

    So vaccinate or don’t. It should be the parents’ choice without a doubt. No one else loves their child more than the parents and grandparents. No one else is going to raise that child or care about each and every aspect of that child’s life.

    My heart and prayers go out to all who have innocently suffereed from vaccine devestations. No guilt. Who would have thought it would come to this? We just didn’t know but now we do. Now we pray and do what it takes to protect the most priceless gifts from God – our children.

  19. LazyAndBeyond says:

    I wanna ask ur opinion on seat belts and laws
    cause those aren’t 100% effective just like vaccines are, so why dont we ditch them
    because the chances of them being dangerous is very very low
    considering that the chances of dying from vaccines is 1 in a million

    i also want you to look into the fact that since vaccines were introduced death from preventable diseases have heavily deceased, so why are they increasing again?
    because people are now thinking vaccines are dangerous for their children and by them effecting the people who cannot take vaccines, and thats why u see so many big names promoting vaccines this days, because people think their 10m research is better than the years scientists spent on studying to provide this sollution

    just look at this

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You weren’t kidding about the “Lazy,” were you? You can’t be bothered to even spell correctly, much less come up with anything the teensiest bit intellectually rigorous.

      The arguments in this series have literally nothing to do with efficacy; therefore, your seat belt question could not be less on point. And that doesn’t even consider the fact that seat belts do not have a proven track record of permanently disabling a certain percentage of their users, like vaccines do.

      Deaths from exactly ONE so-called “vaccine-preventable disease” are verifiably rising in the U.S.: pertussis. (The situation is not clear with respect to influenza, but I suspect rising rates would not interest you because vaccination rates are at an all-time high.) If you weren’t so lazy, you might actually read the science on rising pertussis rates and discover that most scientists attribute the recent rise in pertussis to failure of the acellular pertussis vaccine to prevent pertussis infection. It allows vaccinated people to be asymptomatic carriers who can transmit infection to others without ever knowing they have it.

      Your video is juvenile and reductionistic. Vaccination is a VERY complex topic. Truth will not be arrived at by making fun of people with legitimate concerns.

      Come back when you’ve actually expended some effort to learn something.

      • aliza green says:

        Professor – Your analytical response to “Lazy” is right on target. While, sadly, there surely are lazy and intimidated parents who would have the same infantile and impulsive notions about the FEARSOME VPD, remember that there is so much money out there to pay people who are strapped for cash to write these vax-promoting comments on many blogs. When someone can be anonymous – it’s much easier to compromise integrity…but I wonder if some of them are not purposely writing in a way that a thinking person can come away hearing the deadly fraud about vaccines….just wondering

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I doubt it. I think these folks really are just intellectually lazy.

        I believe there ARE people who are deliberately writing (or producing) media stories that seemingly support vaccines but actually get people thinking about whether the safety is all that its cracked up to be. I’ve been on television discussing this subject three different times, and every time I met reporters and producers who were truly sympathetic, not just giving lip service. Most of the people I know who have encountered the mainstream media have said the same thing as well. We have many sleeper cells within the belly of the beast.

      • Parmesan man says:

        My dude, shortening words isn’t lazy, it’s just a way to say “you’re dumb and you know it” because they’re dumbing it down for you.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        😀 😀 😀

        Thanks for providing my laugh for today.

  20. BigPharmaAstroturferInTraining says:

    I enjoyed reading your article. If; however, I took a strongly worded stance against your position, what would you suppose the possibility of my securing a paid astroturfer position?

    I especially enjoy individual liberty. An indisputable fact is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists. The sole reason and justification for the program existence is Vaccines can cause injury. Program settlement payouts indicate said injury may be as minor as a mild rash, yet as major as death.

    Any time there is a risk associated with a medical procedure, especially so for death, informed consent of the patient should be obtained. Anyone presenting any argument to the contrary is welcome to have all the vaccines they desire. They can take them daily for all I care. To support vaccine mandates for me and mine, when such risk exists? Let them have the courage of their conviction and be the one to come to my doorstep, needle in hand.

  21. Charles says:

    I’m sure as an educated person even though from the other comments it seems that you don’t have a degree in any scientific fields to give a right to give an opinion about the subject, I do believe that there might be questionable information such as the fact that are you as a human being vaccinated and have you at least set up a pole to show what percent of the people polled have any symptoms of autism. Also, the idea of harmful chemicals is quite incorrect of which can be explained by this simple video

    Also I’ve gotten my shots and I’ve seen kids suffer from the disease I was vaccinated against and it seems as though everyone in the school who has shots which is an overwhelming 97-99% don’t have any symptoms of autism, so I would like a simple explanation behind a test group of 400 who simply say what you’ve stated as wrong.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Charles, I know your comment is meant to be a stinging indictment of me, but I’m sorry to say that it’s incoherent. I can’t make out what you’re actually trying to say other than that I don’t have a right to an opinion on this subject.

      There is no debate whatsoever that vaccines contain toxic ingredients. All you have to do is take a look at the excipient list and note that at the very least mercury and aluminum are neurotoxic. You may debate whether or not they contain them in amounts that are harmful to the majority of the population, but, again, there is no debate that at least a small minority of the population is significantly harmed by vaccination. That’s why there is a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid out over $4 billion so far.

      In the 1980s, before the explosion in the American vaccine program due to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the autism rate was estimated to be 1 in 10,000. “Rain Man,” which came out in 1988 was most people’s first exposure to autism. Yes, MOST people who are vaccinated don’t have autism (though many who do not have autism do exhibit symptoms of ADHD, seizure disorders, and sensory processing disorders, which overlap significantly with autism symptoms), but 1 in 40 children are currently diagnosed with autism. That’s 2.5% of the child population. We know that smoking causes lung cancer, but only about 6.4% of smokers develop lung cancer at any point in a lifetime of smoking. My own mother smoked for over 70 years. She never had a trace of lung cancer. Does that mean that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer? Not a chance.

      I actually do have a degree in science. I received a degree in Physics from one of the most highly selective colleges in the country in three years of study. But that’s utterly beside the point. A degree doesn’t confer any sort of special status that qualifies one to have an opinion. Anyone who can think can debate the points in question if they bother to educate themselves. Please do so.

      • Rob says:

        You are correct, science has proven that smoking causes lung cancer through many years of research. The same science that has studied vaccine’s for many years and proven they do not cause autism. Why is one research valid but the other isn’t in your eyes?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        😀 Because I’ve READ the research that “proves they do not cause autism,” and it’s about the same quality as the research that claimed eating saturated fat leads to heart disease, research that was paid for by the SUGAR industry to deflect attention from them. Obviously you haven’t read them. In other words, that research doesn’t even come CLOSE to proving that, especially when you actually consider the research that strongly supports the contention that they DO cause autism, which is of a much higher quality and which I have also read. To get up to speed quickly, I suggest you read How to End the Autism Epidemic, by JB Handley. It covers some of the most important and most recent research (which only gets more damning with respect to vaccines, especially the aluminum adjuvants present in so many). Then read The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, by James Lyons-Weiler.

      • ellis says:

        Are you vaccinated?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Fuck, yes. Much more than most people of my generation. But two types of measles vaccine didn’t stop me from getting measles. My mumps vaccine made me sick for a week and gave a family friend a WHOPPER of a case of mumps. And of my seven siblings, the last two, my younger brother and I were the only ones to suffer from immune dysfunction growing up. We were the freaks with asthma and allergies. Now we’d have PLENTY of company. In addition, I was lucky enough to have constant ear infections, eczema, and several autoimmune conditions. Lucky, lucky me.

      • Matthew says:

        Oh my God, dude. I understand you have done your research and you are probably extremely intelligent. You can definitely handle yourself in a debate, and I TOTALLY respect that. But vaccines don’t cause autism. A bunch of studies have taken place worldwide all stating that vaccines don’t cause autism. As for the aluminum issue, your Mother’s breastmilk contains more aluminum than a dose of MMR. It is true that vaccines are not 100% effective, but that’s like saying, “Oh, this bridge is 97% safe! I think Ill swim.” So many people cannot get immunized because of chemotherapy treatment and allergies, and it is our job to make sure that these unfortunate people do not die because of preventable diseases. You can easily see that the amount of Measles cases have risenespecially in Williamsburg, New York. But honestly, you are really smart. Since I am 13 and pursuing a career in microbiology, I respect intelligent people, even if their views contradict mine. If you would like, we can talk more about this subject.


      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Matthew, I am delighted that you have come to our site and done some reading. I’m also glad that you realize I have done my research and, yes, I am very intelligent. I suspect you are, too, so I think it’s worthwhile to take some time with my answer to your comment.

        First off, as shouldn’t be too shocking on a website named “The Thinking Moms’ Revolution,” I’m a woman, a mother in fact.

        Now… do yourself a favor and READ all the studies referenced here. There is absolutely NO question that vaccines cause autism, AND the CDC knows it. The only question is how MUCH of the autism we see today that it is causing. (By the way, more than 1300 cases of brain injury have been compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and when investigators tracked down approximately 200 of them–just a small subset–they found that approximately 40% of the children had autism. If the vaccines had nothing to do with the autism, the percentage with autism should be about the same in the general population. At the time that percentage was a little more than 1%, not 40%.) Keep in mind, that DOESN’T mean the vaccines are the only cause of autism, and it also doesn’t mean that synergistic factors with other environmental exposures aren’t very important (because they are).

        I don’t expect–or want–you to believe me. What I want is for you to say to yourself, “What? No way! That can’t be true!” and then go and READ the science, not just the science that says what the CDC wants it to say, but ALL the science. You’re not going to be able to understand it all, even as an aspiring microbiologist, but you’ll be able to understand a lot if you’ve got what it takes. And what you find will, I’m sorry to say, shock you to your core. For one thing, there are MANY more studies connecting vaccines, their ingredients, and their effects with autism than there are “debunking” a link, and the overall quality of the studies is higher than the epidemiological studies with nonsensical analyses that have published on thimerosal and MMR that you’ll find listed on the CDC’s website.

        The very best place to start at the moment is The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, by James Lyons-Weiler. But the book is several years old, and there have been MANY new studies that have come out in the last three years that underscore the fact that inflammation in the brain is a hallmark of autism, that inflammation is largely due to aluminum adjuvant nanoparticles translocated to the brain via macrophages that have engulfed the aluminum, and that repeated immune activation, both prenatal and in infancy, is hurting children’s nervous systems.

        I’m guessing that your CDC reading didn’t mention that only a tiny percentage of the aluminum you ingest is actually absorbed into the bloodstream? The accepted number is less than 1%. The most frequent number in the scientific literature is 0.3%. While injected aluminum adjuvants are not filtered by the gastrointestinal system and have direct entry to the body. So it’s disingenuous for anyone to tell you “THERE’S MORE ALUMINUM IN BREAST MILK THAN THERE IS IN CHILDHOOD VACCINES!” because that has nothing to do with how much aluminum has the potential to reach your brain. Unfortunately, when it comes to injected aluminum, virtually all of it has the potential to reach major organs and cause extensive damage.

    • brad says:

      You say in blatant ignorance, ” don’t have a degree in any scientific fields to give a right to give an opinion about the subject,…”

      Were you born with the knowledge of how to drive, do math, read, write, learn whatever your profession is, etc? Of course not.

      You were educated somehow. You collated information acquired by others. Then you absorbed what you found reasonable and rejected other differing viewpoints.

      What makes YOU think you are the only person capable of learning? What makes you think that someone who is not a registered MD cannot have knowledge about health which is valid? When you look at the fact that 95% of MDs have no training in biochemistry and nutrition, or how for MDs in med school, vaccination is a short afternoon with a dishonest history, a fraudulent immune theory, and whatever the current CDC recommended schedule is – then you can realize that an afternoon’s research will provide you MORE information about vaccines than med students get.

    • Kris says:

      I’m not sure when the last time you were in school was but as a a teacher and mother I have never seen so many kids on the spectrum as I have In the last 10 years.

  22. Liam says:

    Though I disagree with your stance on this issue, I do find it absolutely hilarious when someone who leaves a poorly written attempt to insult you gets an intricate response on why they’re wrong and gets their spelling mistakes pointed out in an eloquently worded essay.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Happy to amuse, Liam!

      Since you’re enjoying the “eloquently worded essays,” I would be happy to discuss the topic with you further if you’re interested. I would be interested in knowing why you disagree with my stance. I suspect we could have a stimulating discussion.

  23. Kari says:

    My baby is four months old and I’m a concerned mom trying to make the right decision on whether or not to give my baby any vaccinations. I’ve so far avoided it except for when I was pressured to give her a Vitamin K shot at birth and the Tdap vaccine while pregnant( my doctor didn’t explain anything to me and I regret getting the vaccine now). At my baby’s last appointment, I got into an argument with the young doctor who was attending my baby because I stated I didn’t want her to have any vaccines as of yet. My baby doesn’t attend childcare ( I pay a family member to care for her while I work) and I constantly avoid sick people/disinfect everything. While I know these aren’t sure methods of preventing contracting diseases, I feel that it will at least help. The doctor I was seeing stated that he had seen several cases of whooping cough this week and cases of measles last year ( my thoughts were” so why would I bring my child to place where people are sick so often…”). Admittedly, I really don’t have the extensive knowledge of years of research on the subject and I’m a just terrified mother who fears the consequences of both vaccinating and NOT vaccinating. There’s so many cases of babies who have died shortly after having vaccines ( with the same symptoms: blood and mucus in throat and just having appeared to stop breathing) in addition to the fears of rising autism. When my baby girl is older, I know she will likely have to have vaccines to attend school, but do any of the risks decrease as a child grow older? I’m so scared of making a wrong decision and it costing my baby dearly. On the other hand, you also read about meningitis or polio being on the rise again and those also are deadly. I simply do not know what to do and am seeking advice on the subject. I’ve read pros and cons from both sides, but I do agree with you that those who support and fund vaccines seem to hiding information.
    The other factor I’m considering is that my family has plans to travel outside the US ( Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and St. Martin) and if I decide to not give my baby vaccines then should I postpone traveling until she’s older.
    My baby’s four month appointment is tomorrow and I know I will be pressured once again to allow them to administer vaccines. From your research, do you think it’s overall safer to wait until children are at school age to give vaccines or are the risks then just as high?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Okay, take a deep breath. The first thing to remind yourself is that there were only three vaccines on the schedule back in the mid-1980s, the DPT, the polio, and the MMR, and none of them had an uptake rate of more than 70%, yet we didn’t see large numbers of children dying of communicable diseases. Does that mean that it can’t happen? Hell, no. But you cannot eliminate all risk in life (and certainly not with vaccines).

      Now, you might want to Google the Brady Bunch episode when all six kids got the measles (this was long after measles vaccines were available, by the way; no one chided the Bradys for not having gotten the kids vaccinated) to see what measles is like for most well-nourished children. Can measles have complications? Certainly, but they can be mitigated with vitamin A and homeopathy (learn how to treat most self-limiting illnesses like measles). But keep in mind that the likelihood your children will encounter measles is infinitesimally low. There are usually only about 200 cases a year in the United States, and it has been declared eliminated in the entire Western hemisphere.

      The DTaP vaccine is directly responsible for the rise in cases of whooping cough. The vaccine actually makes people MORE susceptible to infection, even though it may make them less likely to have symptoms. This means that, due to the vaccine, there are many people walking around with asymptomatic infections. If your child is staying home with a family member, your chances of encountering pertussis bacteria are quite low.

      Bacterial meningitis is certainly dangerous, but it is VERY uncommon. Again, staying at home with a family member means the baby is unlikely to encounter it.

      And next, depending upon what state you live in, your child may not need to be vaccinated at all to attend public school. All states have medical exemptions available, and all but three states have some form of personal belief exemption. Check to find the specific exemptions and regulations for your state.

      Good luck! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you before now.

  24. Curious Student says:

    Hey Professor, where did you get your medical degree? Surely only a doctor would make claims about vaccines right?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      😀 😀 😀

      Sorry to disappoint, but no medical degree here, which is also true of most vaccine researchers. 😉 Turns out, all you need to “make claims about vaccines” is read the research!

      No, scratch that. Come to think of it, most of the people we debate have NOT read the research. So I guess all that’s really required to make claims is a keyboard and an internet connection.

      • iamnotascientistiamnotascientistiamnotascientistiamnotascientist says:

        lol read the last bit of your final paragraph and think….

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, aren’t you quick! Guess you missed the fact that I have read (and understood) much of the science, while those who ridicule me have not. 😉 Guessing from your comment that you’re in that category, too.

      • Dammit, Jim says:

        Yes, most doctors are too specialized to diagnose a new disease. They are indoctrinated, and if they challenge the monolithic indoctrination they are defunded and ostracized. Many of the biggest breakthroughs in terms of disease cures were from people who did the research without a degree because the people with a degree misdiagnosed or didn’t know what the issue was because, again, they were too specialized to diagnose a new disease, let alone cure it. The “you have no degree” ad hominem attacks are, ironically, intellectually lazy and are the end result of indoctrination.

      • Matthew says:

        No medical degree? No offense, but I think you’re giving a bad name to anti-vaxxers by saying that they don’t have medical degrees. My Grandfather is a Registered Nurse and he says all vaccines are bad.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        A) We’re not “anti-vaxxers”; that’s a term made up to denigrate parents and medical professionals with real concerns about vaccine risks.

        B) I was referring to myself when I said no medical degree, not anyone else. My degree was in physics, which I put to use as an electrical engineer and software engineer. I personally know quite a few vocal doctors and nurses who are aware of vaccine risks, and many of them are quite vocal about it.

      • Matthew says:

        I go on my computer every day and go on the CDC website, researching the “Vaccine-Autism link” and I do reports on it for school and 500 word research projects. With all due respect, man.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I responded at length to your other comment.

    • brad says:

      Dear Curious Student:
      What are you studying. Are you done? If not, and therefore have no degree, do you feel qualified to give any opinions about anything. Do you for instance know how to drive? Have an opinion about a sport or activity you engage in? Have a political opinion? Believe the idiocy of more than 2 genders?

      i think you will find that one does not need a degree to discuss medical conditions intelligently – and from direct experience on the receiving end, i PROMISE you that getting a medical degree in the USA and practicing medicine as an MD LIMITS YOUR KNOWLEDGE SIGNIFICANTLY.

      My heart doctor (accident caused valve damage which did a domino trip on my bod…) wants me to take drugs – says i am in “end stage congestive heart failure” and will die any day now. This is what i was like when i entered the ER – and could literally make the 50 steps to the ER window on Labor Day. They almost killed me with drugs a couple hours later and put me in the ICU for 8 days from that AND made me lose 11 pounds of congestive fluid accumulation AND then over the next 6 days – 10# of me.

      So “I” (!!!) and my wife took me off the drugs that were giving me a bad reaction. i took myself off the stupid low sodium diet that was depleting my body – and gained 2# in 2 days.

      My diagnosis is so dire because i refuse to take their meds – and they NEVER see any heart patients recover from congestive heart failure. On the other hand, i have walked 8 miles carrying 3 inch diameter, 30 foot long irrigation pipe and hooking it up in the field after their diagnosis. My wife and i researched herbs, so when my doc said he was worried about angiotensin II (pancreatic stress hormone) we found which HERB would stop that – thus no Beta Blockers. No Ace inhibitors. We have found herbs that rebuild heart muscle, increase oxygenation, increase depth and duration of heart stroke, increase muscle strength and function of the heart, repair the valve, normalize blood pressure, regulate heartbeat and so much more – so instead of dying as his drugs just stop a symptom here and there, our herbs are rebuilding my body in ways that he can’t understand. He is literally confused, because he tells me i have “BAD heart function” and will always have that. Next time i come in – 1-1/2 months later i have NO gurgle in the tricuspid valve and GOOD heart function.

      So the point here is that one DOES NOT A DEGREE OR ACCREDITION FROM SOMEONE IN “AUTHORITY” to have intelligent, valid, well-thought out and well researched ideas, knowledge, viewpoints, etc.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Your history is fascinating, Brad. I’m particularly interested in the herbs you are taking.

      • brad says:

        i need to print out the list of what the herbs i take do specifically, but i take Hawthorn – Oregon Wild Harvest – 600 mg flower and leaf & 600 mg berry. This (2X/day) is more than studies use (by far) to control BP, normalize heartbeat, reduce angina, prevent arrhythmia.
        Note – my issues do not include arterial plaque or high blood pressure, nor angina – and the Maze procedure during open heart valve replacement and repair surgery supposedly stops atrial fibrillation.
        Ubiquinol – 2X per day @ 100mg. More than most studies. CoQ alone has helped many people reverse mild congestive heart failure. It is of course critical for efficient function of the heart muscles on the cellular level and ubiquinol is a “reduced” form of CoQ – more bioavailable.
        Alpha Lipoic Acid – Doctor’s Best brand – 600mg 2X/day. More than recommended. My favorite antioxidant since it is rare in it’s ability to work INSIDE cells. It also goes anywhere in the body with fat or water soluble carriers not being an issue some magical way, lol.
        New Chapter Turmeric Force – 2/3X/day. Best anti-inflammatory known, and inflammation is a major component of every known disease they are starting to think. It also has over 60,000 studies proving effectiveness against more forms of cancer than any other known agent and many more benefits. 320mg rhizome aqueous extract, 80mg rhizome supercritical extract.
        NOW brand L-Carnitine. 1,000 mg – 2X/day. At lower levels than i take, studies have proven it to decrease ejection fraction by an average of 13% – which is significant when your diagnosis means you aren’t supposed to walk 60 feet without needing to sit. (i’m no longer there, lol) It has done more than that with some people improving to 15%.

        Arjuna. An astringent bark from the tree called, Arjuna. It is very finely ground and i take a half tsp about 3-4 times per day. It is a pretty innocuous taste, but DO NOT INHALE as you put it in your mouth. Best taken before meals, so i stick it in my mouth (which puckers, dammut) and swish water around to get it the heck OUTTA THERE.

        It helps regulate BP – normalizes it. Too high and it is brought down, too low it’s brought up – within reasonable ranges. It has been shown to increase depth/length of heart stroke. Obviously means more pumping which i like. It oxygenates and strengthens the heart muscles. It clears out arteries which are clogged (is there B-vitamin aspect to prevent high homocysteine levels? Because cholesterol usually is NOT the cause of hardened and built up arteries from what i’ve researched)
        i also take 3 alcoholic tinctures – but i HAVE to do them in heated drinks because my body HATES alcohol. Or vice versa.

        (“Friend” in the army got me drunk. i wanted to beat up a pick-up at 2 in the morning because it was green….) If i take the tinctures without heating them up my mouth is destroyed for almost 2 weeks from less than an 1/8th tsp of the stuff.

        One tincture is Cactus Grandifolia – i think it is the night blooming cereus. i forget specifically what it does beside cleaning vascular problems. Likely lowers BP by increasing flow through arterial blockage removal, but i think more – again i need to print out my sheet of things and what they do, but am too much a neo-luddite to do that. Think it’s on the wife’s laptop anyhow.

        One tincture is Osha root and another is Elecampane root – both are for respiratory issues. i also have a glycerite of local gumweed made by my wife – and that is for respiratory issues also.

        Last winter our region in N Cal had massive lung crud – pneumonia? Nobody says, but i was having to sleep sitting up from January through mid April and gained (slowly) TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS of excess fluid from CHF. Oops – gotta jump on that shit sooner, lol. The lack of oxygen made my heart beat hard and quickly in order to pump the O2 that was not there. Congestive Heart Failure. Doc P said i had “BAD heart function and always will” as he recommended Beta blockers to keep me alive.

        i refused to take them, took his Lazix as a diuretic, digoxin to regulate heartbeat to normal ranges, and after about 3 weeks i stopped those and did herbs and my HBO chamber. When i saw him on 15June – he stated he was “confused”. When asked why, he said he no longer heard any murmur in the tricuspid valve, and i had GOOD heart function. He just didn’t understand it.

        Flash to the Ranch Fire – largest in California history. Many fires are less than a thousand acres, some very newsworthy fires eat a couple thousand acres per 24 hour day. In our fire we were doing 10, 12, 15,000 acres a day to start – as it hit and burned our ranch itself (not bldgs or equipment or livestock) for 5 days. Then we had horrible air. The Bay area was whining about having particulate levels of 120ppm – we were frequently over 600, 640 and more. i stupidly did not wear a respirator.

        Lungs got coated, no air, CHF – DAMMUT BRAD!!!!! This time “only” 11 pounds, but i get in early Labor Day – 0320 hours – and am given IV Lazix – MUCH stronger – and very restricted water intake. (Seems stupid from what i can see) Well by noon i’m in hospital room 137 and they give me 2 pills to “help”. They almost killed me. Dropped my BP to 54/50 which is on one side or the other of death, lol. Luckily i called the nurse’s station and told them i needed to talk to someone because we have a big problem. Apparently as i was going out i told the head nurse i was dying – which they always take seriously.

        So THEIR drugs put me into the ICU for EIGHT DAYS – and after about 3 days i started to think a little and realized they were STILL worried about low BP ( i had about a half dozen episodes of ventricular tachycardia – ALWAYS when my spine was out of alignment and i had to consciously think about making EVERY BREATH happen. Try it for a couple minutes and ask how i could possibly become oxygen deprived and go into v-tach. i mention the spine – do they bring in a DO? Heck no. They have their diagnosis and they are sticking with it regardless of reality or input from the only one connected to the medical reality.

        Did they bring in a pulmonologist? No – same thing.

        So finally i figure out on my own that they are still giving me low doses of the shit that put me down! They wanted me on 6 drugs and had me on 4 – of which 2 were causing me problems! When i complained about that they said i needed to take eplerenone along with this other stuff. Well – before my original cardioversion (prior to surgery last November) they gave me that shit and my legs BURNED and hurt. So i refused that.
        Then i refused the other two drugs. i wasn’t going to take them at home, and they were wanting to stabilize me on the drugs i would take at home, but their combination was not working. The day after i stopped taking all their drugs i was put back into room 137 again. Amazing.

        i had lost not only my initial 11# of fluid within 3 days, but on the stupid low sodium diet i lost 10# of ME within 6 days. At a normal 140# – i can’t afford that loss and still have way too little muscle mass from that. Even if i did tell them that i was going to be taken off the low sodium diet at lunch, or i was going to leave the hospital that night. They took me off the diet – and i gained 2# in two days.

        Hmmm – the things i did worked, the dogma and “standards of care” for the MDs didn’t beyond the fluid reduction. So i got back home and we put our research into practice – my better half would visit me with her laptop and research herbs while we were together in the afternoon/evening sometimes.

        So, my heart Doc and the others say that CHF doesn’t get better. i already disproved that – even if the doc doesn’t understand and can’t agree with it, but i’m hoping that i’m going to do even better now. i realized about a month ago that the MDs don’t think these things can be repaired at all because they likely never had a patient who didn’t take their meds and replace them with herbs and supplements (Oh – magnesium – helps rebuild valves and reduce muscle cramping which a heart attack is, lol. Also potassium to balance electrolytes and keep the proton pumps working)

        i know of people with CHF who didn’t take their meds, did nothing else and just died within months. But they likely don’t have any experience with patients that don’t do what they are told to do. So ALL their patients will die – but more slowly than if they didn’t have some symptoms controlled. None of their meds reduce ejection fraction or stop angiotensinII pancreatic stress hormones like Beta blockers without the guaranteed toxicity and complications. i am covering the symptoms and dangers my expert heart doc warns me about, AND not poisoning my body while doing so. i am rebuilding my body as i go instead of adding a toxic load that WILL cause other problems and accelerate your exit from this current life…

        Working to avoid that.

        Hope that isn’t too much, but it’s what it is.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Wow, THANK YOU for that. It’s SO inspiring. I know my heart has been a bit problematic lately, and I don’t want to go to an allopathic physician and get drugged up. I’m going to try some of your suggestions. (Been taking magnesium since my second pregnancy. I know how much it helps with palpitations.)

      • brad says:

        Glad to help. i’m finding my body has only a certain tolerance for the Arjuna. It is a dry, astringent powder – WAY too easy to sniff a touch into your lungs for a long but of unpleasantness. So i take a half-teaspoon btwn meals and put it in my mouth when i am holding a deep inhalation.
        When my wife and i were young, she frequently got debilitating appendix pains. The solution we found was to take the juice of one lemon in a cup of water as hot as you can possibly drink it. It cleared out the constipation which was the root cause – in every instance – within 20 minutes to two hours. The astringent makes cells move – i think they sort of shrink if water is sucked out – and the increased fluid in the GI tract frees you up. i think Arjuna is doing something similar to me. Thus i now take it only twice per day.

        As for the computer being wiped of ONLY my vaccine info – i find it impossible to be some sort of accident. How could that be? Same programs, same disk, scattered through the disk at the time, nothing else missing – nothing but a deliberate attack makes any sense, and since i had a late friend who’d been into high level programming since ’64 who stated that even if you have your ‘puter off, and today, even if you are turning off your internet connection – the govt can get into your ‘puter and assay it to find bootleg programs, vids, etc. You would have to shut your computer down and pull the battery, or put it into a Faraday cage when turned off in order to prevent access today.

        As for the correlation not being causation – of course that holds true, but i always am forced to look at those challenges – whether for vaccines, GMOs, or whatever medical procedure the regular MDs are screwing up – i MUST see that there is NO correlation btwn more GMOs and increased societal health. There is NO correlation btwn vaccines and better childhood health – so why do people assume that these things ARE causing health? In their own words, correlation is not causation – and there is no correlation to even IMPLY that vaccines are making any group of people healthier.

  25. John says:

    Oh, look. What a surprise.

    This is the consequence of you anti-scientific drivel. Thanks to nonsense like this multiple children now have this illness.

    If one of these children dies – and, given the disease and the number affected, its quite likely – then that is on your head.

    Remember that. Try to live with that guilt.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You’ve got to be fucking kidding. Chickenpox? That’s what you’re using to try and induce guilt? You know that the UK doesn’t even vaccinate for chickenpox, right? You know why? Because they don’t consider it a “deadly” disease AND they are concerned that using it could cause an INCREASE in shingles, which is far MORE deadly than chickenpox. Guess what? That’s exactly what’s happened in the United States. As the incidence of chickenpox has dwindled, the incidence of shingles has shot up (necessitating a shingles vaccine; high five!) at younger and younger ages. Try to live with the guilt of the kids and senior citizens who have died from shingles. By the way, children, even vaccinated children can get chickenpox from people with shingles, so it is impossible to eliminate, much less eradicate, chickenpox. But I guess facts aren’t important when you’re spewing “anti-science drivel,” huh?

      • Lisa says:

        Since you seem to love to read…please take the time to research the mutations that can occur in regard to diseases like chickenpox. While I appreciate the fact that you try to educate yourself, your opinion and understanding of what you read still does not make you an expert. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject either, nor do I present any rebuttal to these kinds of debates that would indicate that I do. But if you are going to present yourself in such a manner then you have a lot more information to wade through. Hence the suggestion of research on mutations.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        How about you give me a clue what it is YOU want me to understand with regard to mutations? For the most part, the longer a disease exists within a population, the less virulent it becomes.

    • brad says:

      Do your research silly boy, lol.
      South Korea decided they had a chicken pox problem in 2005. They increased “vaccination compliance” (forcing more vaccines) and EVERY TIME they increased the # of vaccines for chicken pox, the disease cases AND outbreaks increased MORE.
      By 2015, they figured they had 97% vax compliance for infants – i think under 18 months – and 95% compliance societally. FAR more than the fake “herd protection” would need.

      They currently have triple the chicken pox rate of what they had back in 2005.

      This proves that the more you vaccinate for a disease, the more you let that disease loose in your society AND it proves that herd immunity is impossible from vaccines. Actually from all diseases, but it is TOTALLY impossible from vaccines because vaccination SUPPRESSES the necessary cellular mediated response necessary to develop immunity. So the Humoral response caused by vaccination guarantees no real immunity will ever happen – and the best one can hope for then is temporary protection – IF you are one of the people that can make antibodies. Not everyone can or does.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Logically that does not prove that “the more you vaccinate for a disease, the more you let that disease loose in your society.” It merely indicates that for THAT vaccine and in THAT population, that was the result. It does indicate that generalizing assumptions of the effect of a particular vaccine on a particular population based on its effect on another population can be extremely problematic.

      • brad says:

        i used to have a study in which a statistician took ALL the countries in the world who mandate vaccines. They then compared which vaccine was most used (usually several vaccines) and then found the disease rates for each of the diseases that the vaccines were provided for. In every case, the most vaccinated disease was most prevalent in each country, and in all the countries the numbers went right down the line.
        Unfortunately that was on my first laptop in California among my more than 320 medical studies and abstracts, articles, interviews, links, historical data, vax inserts, etc.

        Suddenly my laptop died. i recovered my hard drive and it is sitting in an external bay right now. My farming and permaculture vids are there. My music is there. My martial arts vids are there, my alternative health articles, studies, abstracts etc- everything is on that hard drive EXCEPT my vaccine files. Everyone of them was wiped remotely – or someone needs to explain the magic of that happening while leaving everything else alone…

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hmmmm, that’s odd. It seems odd, though, that you would be that much of a target. That study sounds like the classic example of “correlation doesn’t equal causation,” though. In the countries where a particular disease is common, the people are more likely to choose to vaccinate against it. The only way to tell if the process of vaccination is causing increase is to compare rates of a disease in a specific location before the vaccine to rates after the vaccine, while making sure that all other things remain constant, such as the diagnostic criteria and methods (as we know was not the case for polio). And even then, there’s no guarantee that it would be the same for other diseases or other populations. It’s not logical to say that it always increases. In the case of measles in the United States, since the vaccine we ha e gone from 3-4 million cases of measles per year to a couple of hundred.

    • char says:

      My severely autistic son got the chicken pox when he was about 8 years old. He pretty much breezed through it . I quit vaccinating him after his MMR at age 13 months. He is very healthy although still non verbal. I did see a big change in him after his MMR, just drifted away mentally and lost any speech he already had. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. He is now 22 and still healthy. And tall, 6’5″. I did the right thing by a lot of people’s standards and vaccinated him, but for him it turned out disastrous so I refused to keep subjecting him to that.

    • brad says:

      John, i am trying hard not to laugh, but chicken pox is considered to NOT be a health threat. Furthermore a person is MUCH safer to have chicken pox as a young child since post-pubescent chicken pox victims are 15X more likely to develop permanent injuries from getting it after their vaccines wear off – post pubescent. While very, VERY few people ever die of chicken pox, you ARE 20X more likely to die from it if you catch it after your vaccine wears off rather than just getting it over with as a child and then never having to worry about it ever again.

      • Lisa says:

        Then by that rationale, if vaccines DO cause Autism, it is not very common, so isn’t it better to vaccinate against a disease that can be lethal rather than not vaccinate for fear of a disease that has not been proven to cause any death?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Autism isn’t very common? You don’t think 1 in 36 children is COMMON? I’m afraid there are few people who agree with you.

        The most “lethal” diseases we vaccinate for are bacterial meningities and tetanus. There are about 300 cases of vaccine-addressable bacterial meningitis a year and 30 cases of tetanus. Yes, you read those right. Out of a population of 327 MILLION, that represents a vanishingly small risk of death. Would I take that vanishingly small risk over a risk of neurological and immunological damage that is MANY orders of magnitude higher? You bet I would.

        You might want to adjust your understanding of autism’s risks as well:

      • brad says:

        Didn’t RFK Jr do the math on the meningitis shots if mandated in the state of NY? He did the math and figured out that normally the meningitis would average killing 3 people per year. With the known and accepted reactions to the meningitis vaccine, that 3,000 people would be hospitalized from the vaccinations, and 30 people would be killed by the vaccine – to stop 3 people from dying.

        If that’s the cost/benefit rationale the drug pushers use, I want no part of it.

  26. Daniela Adams says:

    Dear ProfessorTMR,

    Do you have a blog or a web page where you discuss more information on the topic.
    I would be very interested in following it.

    Best regards,


    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hi Daniela! I’m the editor here at I write blogs related to the topic fairly often. If you click on the link at the bottom of this blog, (“For more by . . .”), you’ll come up with a list of MY blogs, but we also have a number of others where I comment frequently. You can search on any topic you like in the search bar. In addition, I heartily encourage clicking on whatever is linked in my blogs or comments so you can see the support for what I am saying. If something doesn’t make sense, bring it up! I’m always learning. (Note: “Skeptic bloggers” often hope you do NOT click on their links because they are often misrepresenting what the science indicates. They won’t say “Don’t click on it,” but the instant you bring up a point related to it they’ll call you names. It’s a clue.)

  27. Pamela Blackwell-Nwonye says:

    I just hate it when the parents of vaccinated kids gets upset at parents who choose not to vaccinate. What is their worry being that their kids ARE vaccinated?!

    • Lisa says:

      Because viruses that are allowed to attack are also allowed to mutate within the non vaccinated children, eventually causing a new, potentially more dangerous virus for which we have no vaccine.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You’ve got to be kidding. How are viruses kids don’t have “being allowed to mutate within the non-vaccinated children”?

        Aside from which, vaccination is known to provide evolutionary pressure that can result in type replacement, sometimes with more virulent (dangerous) types that have higher rates of complications, sequelae, and death.

      • Lisa: You have this backwards. Just like antibiotics, it’s the vaccines that are driving viral evolution.

  28. Here We Go Again says:

    So what do you suggest someone should tell their child when they contract a life threatening disease because their parent/s wouldn’t vaccinate them? With all the advances we’ve made in science, we could be on our way to a world where so many horrible illnesses will have been eradicated, but people continue to push this pseudoscience nonsense into the mainstream. Autism is an inherited genetic mutation. It is not “caused” by vaccines, and the “dangerous” substances in vaccines are either compounds or not not nearly enough to cause any harm to a child’s brain or body. I suggest you do more extensive research and cite up-to-date articles.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Here we go again,” indeed!

      You are clearly not aware of the fact that death rates for virtually every “vaccine-preventable” illness dropped by more than 90% before the vaccines were introduced, as did the death rates for other diseases for which there still are no vaccines. Most parents who choose not to vaccinate know a great deal about how to boost the immune system naturally as well as the real risks associated with any infectious illness, not just the “vaccine-preventable” ones. My children have both had rotavirus and chicken pox. Neither were much fun, but neither did any lasting damage either.

      The most prevalent “life threatening disease” in the United States today that there is a vaccine for is pertussis, known as whooping cough. Pertussis is on the rise; you probably think that is due to “anti-vaxxers” because that is what the pharmaceutical-supported media tells you at every opportunity, so that you will fear the very people who are trying to keep you and your children healthy. However, pertussis is actually on the rise because the acellular pertussis vaccine (now the only one available in the United States and many other developed nations) does not actually prevent pertussis infection. It merely reduces symptoms. So now vaccinated people can cough on their neighbors and families for weeks without even knowing they have a pertussis infection. What do YOU tell the parent who has done everything they’ve been told, had the DTaP vaccine when pregnant, made all their family members get one too, and still their newborn dies of a pertussis infection?

      And what do you suggest someone tell their child after they watch them react horribly to one or more vaccines, leaving their neurological system in a shambles? I know countless families who have been in that position, and believe me it doesn’t compare with a kid getting the measles. Not only is it possible for vaccines to damage the brain (or the rest of the body), it is common. Some of the more extreme brain injuries have been compensated, more than 1300 times in fact, by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (a.k.a. “vaccine court”). It might be interesting to note that when nearly 200 of those families were contacted, approximately 40% of the affected children had autism.

      You have been duped by those who want you to believe that “autism is an inherited genetic mutation.” In fact, that is utter bullshit. There are a small number of genes that occur very infrequently in the population that make autism very likely in those who possess them, but those can account for only 5-10% of all autism cases. What about the other 90%? There are at least several hundred to a 1,000 genes that are slightly more prevalent in the autism population than the neurotypical population. THOSE ARE NOT “AUTISM” GENES. Well-designed studies in recent years have made it clear that approximately half of autism risk must be environmental in origin.

      If you really wish to understand the subject (and I sincerely hope you do), I suggest you read James Lyons-Weiler’s book The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism. Lyons-Weiler has read (and, more importantly, understood) more than 2,000 studies applicable to autism and has been able to place all the research in a framework that makes sense. The vast majority of genes that contribute to “autism risk” are those that make someone more susceptible to specific environmental insults, including, yes, the repeated hyperstimulation of the immune system through vaccination in the early years of life.

      I suggest you read this piece, and all the linked pieces, before you go around recommending “more extensive research” and “up-to-date articles.” It is abundantly clear that I have done far more extensive and up-to-date research than you have, and I would be happy to debate any salient points once you have familiarized yourself with the scientific research. The evidence indicating that injected aluminum in the amounts contained in vaccines is causing tremendous harm to young brains (not to mention older brains as well) is overwhelming–yes, overwhelming–and more is being published every month. You are doing yourself and any students you may be teaching a tremendous disservice to continue spouting pharmaceutical-written talking points.

      I sincerely hope that you are not teaching at the Beacon School in New York City. If so, my respect for the school will be significantly diminished. I was under the impression that they taught critical thinking supported by evidence there. But if that was something you understood or believed in, you wouldn’t come here spouting so-called “skeptic” talking points. You would be discussing specific details of scientific research to refute specific points in the arguments made.

      • brad says:

        As always, so well presented. Erudite, articulate, factual AND readable. Your patience is astounding. Sometimes i get so frustrated by the apparent stupidity i just want to walk away with my mind silently screaming in frustration. i suspect it is actually a reaction to people’s ignorance – which you are sure to know means “lack of knowledge” without any pejorative connotations of intelligence.

        But with so much information available – to remain ignorant is an option that frustrates me. Granted – most people don’t have the time to devote to studying this issue – so i don’t expect clones of you and your stance to be everywhere, but if one does not do balanced research to look at both sides of an issue – THEN SHUT UP ABOUT IT, lol!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Thank you so much for the encouragement, Brad. I’m finding that my patience is increasing with practice. I don’t expect a lot of clones of me walking around either. That’s one reason I work so hard to get it right. That way at least I know that the information I am imparting is as good as possible. Every once in a while I come across someone I don’t know using my own arguments, and I know I’m making a difference. 😉

      • brad says:

        Well i am not alone in appreciating your efforts.

        i have been hammered on some blogs for persisting in refuting the arguments of those i call the ‘JABBER’ crowd. Ready to jab you with every vax – and endlessly jabbering pseudoscience like Offitt and his ilk. Or is it ill-k?

        My thinking is that more and more people are questioning vaccination and it’s safety and effectiveness. These people frequently come on some blog or discussion group and next thing you know there are the shills working things, distracting from the salient points with questions that they demand to be answered, demanding you give them incontrovertible proof of your viewpoint as they provide none for theirs, etc.

        i know that many times we who question get tired of this and just quietly (or less so) leave the discussion.

        i worry that this leaves people who are just exploring the issues with the impression that we who distrust random and mandatory vaccinations thinking that we have no rebuttal to the latest demand of the shills. i hate to think that someone went back to getting their kids shot for such a reason.

        i also work on another level – the legality or actually lack of lawfulness of the mandates on vaccines. Just on the surface with a quick thought it proves that “our duly elected representatives” have decided this means their “election” gives them literal dictatorial powers. They represent MY viewpoint – and then make it mandatory for me to do something i flat out refuse to do – and have every right to refuse doing? That is literally a dictatorship, and we who elected these tyrants are now literally slaves of them.

        They not only mandate vaxassinations – but they practice medicine without a license – again in every sense. It is this nameless, faceless, fictitious and non-existent entity which “decides” that it can diagnose us without any diagnosis or examination, and then prescribes the idiotic and dangerous “one size fits all” prescription to each and every one of us. Further evidence of enslavement and really, really bad thinking on the part of those participating in “government”.

      • brad says:

        Furthermore on the autism subject, think about how some parents are saving stem cells from the umbilical and storing them. Their children (some) develop autism from a year to several years later. If their “genetics” were responsible for the autism you’d think the autism would have pretty much always presented. In fact, some of these parents took their children’s umbilical stem cells and cultured them. When re-injected into that child, autistic have declined and/or disappeared. If their genetics had been faulty then the question arises as to how the ALWAYS flawed genetics improved the situation after the ASD had been triggered.

        Acetaminophen usage seems implicated also. In 1980 the circumcision torturers started using acetaminophen as the painkiller of choice. As soon as they did this, the autism rate of this group of males immediately increased. In the 1980s there were 2 years in which acetaminophen sales dropped because of contamination at the tylenol factory. Those are the only 2 yrs in which autism dropped since the 70s…

        So a parent is pressured into vaccinating their child. The child has pain of various degrees and types. Some parents give their child some children’s tylenol and BAM! Double whammy. Although we don’t hear any organized discussion on these matters, the FDA has actually recommended that pregnant women and their fetuses, newborns, and babies until (?) age DO NOT TAKE ACETAMINOPHEN.

        It is a horrible drug – a holdout coal tar product. It is one of 32 drugs in the PDR which cause onset of dementia symptoms. Children getting acetaminophen are about 5X more likely to develop asthma AND their attacks have an exact correlation regarding severity and onset of asthma attacks and the usage of acetaminophen….

      • J says:

        you truly need to do some real research ..

        I hope your not a parent.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        😀 😀 😀

        Thanks for the laugh; I appreciate it. (I hope that “your not a parent” — or a writer/editor. ;-))

      • brad says:

        You need to do some research. And i don’t mean just parroting the things the vaxassination industry tell you. Look up for example agammaimmunoglobuminaemia – a condition found in the middle of the last century BEFORE even the measles, polio, or most vaccines existed.
        Those people DO NOT MAKE ANTIBODIES! Yet they got the same childhood diseases at the same rate as people who do make antibodies – and their cure times and cure rates were IDENTICAL to the cure rates of those who make antibodies. This proves that the antibodies are NOT the key to immune health. Vaccines are PROVEN to decrease cell-mediated response to infection in lieu of their humoral mediated response.
        The vaccine induced humoral response MAKES IMMUNITY IMPOSSIBLE.

        The exceptions to the 90% drop in deaths from infectious diseases BEFORE vaccines were developed? (PROVING that the vaccines weren’t responsible for “saving the world” as the industry lies) Smallpox. The smallpox vaccine ALWAYS increased smallpox disease occurrence, outbreaks, and deaths over non-vaccinated areas.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I know that there are pockets where smallpox was KNOWN to increase after vaccination drives, but I think it’s a huge stretch to make the claim that it always increased. I think there have to have been many situations where it decreased. The smallpox vaccine was notoriously inconsistent. I think it could easily have been very successful in some communities and very dangerous in others, just like when the Cutter Incident was responsible for many cases of polio paralysis.

      • brad says:

        Thankfully the Brits kept smallpox death “cycle” (2-yr) records prior to and after vaxassination.
        Prior to the smallpox vaccine there was no cycle in which even 2,000 people died. After the mandated vaccinations, the death rate per cycle shot up – to the point where outbreaks were then killing up to 14,000 and 15,000 people in the early century, and later outbreaks killed over 44,000 and 45,000 people per cycle.

        Hardly qualifying as any sort of vaccine success. IF there were pockets in which it “did work” i’d suspect they were small, isolated, rural areas which consumed raw milk and other probiotics, and had natural quarantine going on.

        When Leicester (pronounced Lester, don’t ask why) had 80,000 parents march on city hall and DEMAND the cessation of smallpox vaccines so that they would no longer kill their children, Leicester stopped the mandatory vaccination. In all the following years their disease, outbreak, and death numbers were extremely lower than any areas which still forced vaccinations. The people of Leicester quarantined the sick – who were tended by people who’d survived past outbreaks and had full immunity. They cleaned the houses and nurtured the sick. THIS is what stopped outbreaks – like the modern university infectious outbreaks of Mumps.

        The authorities telling some students to get FOUR mumps shots – and it didn’t slow down the outbreak one tiny bit. But isolation and quarantine – and poof – outbreak gone.

      • Lisa says:

        But she can read! That makes her “understanding” of an article scientific proof!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Nope. I’d the be the LAST person to say that. I want YOU to read it and understand it for yourself. Then, when you do, by all means, come back and discuss it. Until then, your comments mean less than nothing.

    • Charlene Lauder says:

      Wow, my son is severely autistic. I believe his mmr caused his autism. He is now 22 and lives in a group home.You have no idea what I see there. I just THOUGHT he was severe. There must be thousands of people who have a “inherited genetic mutation”. Enough to walk down a hall and bang your head against the wall. People years ago did not lose their ability to speak by droves and thousands. Genetic my foot!! Most parents saw a before and after vaccine change in their child’s behavior but people like you who dis what they say are intimidating them into being quiet about it. We are not scientists but we know what we saw and how they changed afterwards.

  29. Ramilla says:

    Can you please answer how children in third world countries are autistic and never had vaccines? In fact there are children in the United States that have autism and have never been vaccinated a day in their life! So if vaccines cause autism, why do these children have autism as well? Also do you have any studies that are more current proving that vaccines is the cause for autism and not just genes/DNA as reported by over a thousand studies, in fact Autism Speaks did their own study and verified that children with autism have a different DNA than children who did not have autism. Are you telling me that vaccines can change DNA as well?

    • Ramilla says:

      Also these mothers did not have prenantal vaccines! Just in case you start saying that is why the children not vaccinated have autism!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Your question is a good one with a very simple answer. Just because vaccines cause autism (and, yes, there are many studies that support that that doesn’t mean that vaccines are the ONLY cause of autism. One of the major reasons why vaccines cause autism is because there are many children who are genetically less able to detox than “normal.” When these children encounter toxins, the body does whatever it can to eliminate them. When “normal” detox channels (such as methylation and sulfation) are not working properly or well, the body will recruit the immune system to do the job. There are many pathways to the sort of immune activation that can cause autism. It’s just that here in the United States and most other developed countries, the single most common trigger is one or more vaccines.

      Think of it this way: we know that smoking causes lung cancer. Does that mean that all lung cancer is caused by smoking? No indeed. There will always be cases of lung cancer in people who don’t smoke. My own father died of lung cancer even though he never smoked a day in his life. If no one smoked, all cases of lung cancer would be caused by something other than smoking, but that still wouldn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer.

      I’m not sure which study you are referring to, but the genetic questions are FAR more complicated than you present them. There are nearly 1000 genes identified which can confer “autism risk.” The vast majority of those genes are only SLIGHTLY more prevalent in the autism population than in the neurotypical population. That means that those genes cannot be said to “cause” autism by themselves. They will need to interact with some environmental trigger to cause autism, an environmental trigger such as vaccines. Without that trigger, the autism would never develop. The most consistent finding in children with autism is that genes having to do with inflammation are “switched on.” That is an epigenetic effect that is caused by environmental triggers. Brain inflammation of the sort talked about in this series of blogs is characteristic in most cases of autism. (In some cases, children have what are called “de novo” gene mutations that their parents don’t have. Some of these are among those genes that confer autism risk. What you never see is any sort of discussion about where those mutations that their parents don’t have came from. The only way they can arise is from malfunctions in DNA copying as the egg, sperm, or embryo are developing. Those malfunctions can be caused by prenatal environmental insults such as vaccines.) By the way, there are a small number of genes that confer a much greater risk of autism, but those are present in a very small percentage of autism cases, less than 10%.

      If you are really interested in understanding the genetic and environmental underpinnings in autism, the very best overview of this subject is in The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, by James Lyons-Weiler. He synthesized what he learned from over 2,000 studies on the subject.

  30. Peter Olins says:

    ProfessorTMR, last year you wrote an article starting with the sentence,

    “Far too many are still swooned by false promises from people with initials like “Dr.” and “CEO” in front of their names.”

    So isn’t it time for you to drop the “professor” moniker — or is this just an attempt at irony?

    • ProfessorTMR says:


      Where on Earth did you get that sentence? It certainly doesn’t sound like a sentence I’d write, but just in case I checked over EVERY article I’ve written in the last few years, and none of them start with anything remotely like that sentence.

      The “Professor,” as I have freely admitted ANYTIME anyone asked, is a nickname given to me by one of TMR’s co-founders and a good friend that is meant to capture my persona and is not meant any more literally than the other nicknames on this site, which include “Princess,” “Saint,” “Goddess,” and “Savage.” As such, I don’t give a flying fuck WHAT you think of it.

      • Peter Olins says:

        This was an article last October on greenmedinfo written by “professor” (Zoey O’Toole), who has “…four years of writing and editing at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution…”.
        The TMR site even mentions “…Zoey O’Toole aka Professor…”. Perhaps there’s more than one person using the “professor” alias at your organization?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Ah, mystery solved! That does indeed refer to me. GreenMedInfo reran this article: “What Do Sugar, Trans Fat, and Vaccines Have in Common?” with an added editorial comment at the beginning ( For future reference, editors often put their own comments in italics before a piece begins. As you can see that sentence appears nowhere within my article. You had me worried there for a sec, because I don’t remember every word I’ve ever written, but I really can’t imagine putting together a sentence like that.

      • Max Wang says:

        How is that relevant? It doesn’t matter if he is a professor or not. He is presenting a well supported argument, which you can research and validate yourself. Why does his title matter?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m a “she,” Max, but yes, either an argument stands on its merits or it doesn’t, no matter what the “credentials” are of the person making the argument. If it matters to you what title or initials are attached to the argument, then you are being influenced by something other than the information and you are making an extremely common logic error known as “appeal to [or from] authority.” “Appeals to authority are not valid arguments, but nor is it reasonable to disregard the claims of experts who have a demonstrated depth of knowledge unless one has a similar level of understanding and/or access to empirical evidence. However, it is entirely possible that the opinion of a person or institution of authority is wrong; therefore the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether their claims are true or not.”

  31. AnonymousCanadian says:

    Does this mean there will never be a vaccine for autism?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Essentially, yes. As far as we know, you can’t fight brain inflammation with a tool that is designed to introduce inflammation. I was on The Nightly Show last year during the measles brouhaha and was asked point-blank if there were a vaccine for autism would I use it? I gave them a flat “No,” which shocked much of the audience, but I didn’t get the chance to say it was because I knew too much of the nature of autism (brain inflammation) and the nature of vaccines (designed to induce inflammation).

  32. Hans Scholl says:

    Another Vaccine “Bombshell” Glyphosate – Think Monsanto’s Roundup – Confirmed in Most Vaccines

  33. Pammypies says:

    Have any of you seen this?

    Announcing the Global Health Coalition
    More Info
    HPV vaccine the poster child from what’s wrong with modern medicine

    From our Friends at the Global Health Coalition

    The Global Health Coalition exists because HPV vaccines have brought the vaccine controversy to a global level. Whether you are just now beginning to question vaccines, or have been advocating for patient safety for decades, you probably already know HPV vaccines are the perfect ‘vaccination poster child’. These vaccines graphically illustrate everything that could possibly go wrong with a vaccine or vaccination program.
    Gardasil and Cervarix have become a global problem primarily because of the near universal push for increased uptake in the face of the substantial number of adverse events being brought to light post-vaccination; adverse events which are apparently being ignored by health authorities and vaccine stakeholders worldwide. The only answer to a global problem is a global response. The Global Health Coalition will help provide that global response.
    The Global Health Coalition: Supporting SANE Medical Paradigms Worldwide

    The Global Health Coalition believes human beings have the inalienable right to utilize any scientifically proven SANE (safe, affordable, necessary and effective) health intervention available. The coalition believes human beings have an absolute right to exercise free and informed consent prior to any medical intervention.
    Their goal is the creation and maintenance of a global network dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, and defense of every human being’s ability to exercise these fundamental rights.
    The ultimate goal of The Global Health Coalition is to establish an international multi-disciplinary network of individuals and groups capable of responding quickly and efficiently whenever a medical paradigm that is not SANE (safe, affordable, necessary and effective) becomes a problem anywhere in the world.
    The Coalition’s First Project

    Just prior to the creation of The Global Health Coalition, the prestigious Nordic Cochrane Centre issued a formal letter of complaint to the EMA (Read the complaint in Spanish here.) questioning the methodology used in the European Medicines Agency’s recent safety evaluation of HPV vaccines.
    After having read the EMA’s conclusion on HPV vaccine safety and the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s letter of complaint, the founders of The Global Health Coalition unanimously decided to issue The Chicago Declaration: HPV Vaccine Safety as an internationally endorsed document supporting the efforts of the Nordic Cochrane Centre to hold the European Medicines Agency, and all other health authorities, to the highest possible scientific standards. Learn more about this project here.
    If you are interested in more information about The Global Health Coalition, wish to become a member, volunteer your time, talent/expertise, add your signature to support the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s complaint, or offer financial support, please, and visit their website here. Simply use the ‘contact us’ link to send an email letting us know how you wish to help.
    The Global Health Coalition welcomes participation from individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring medical interventions are safe, affordable, necessary and effective.

    If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, please click here.

    • brad says:

      GHI sounds like a wonderful step, but as basically an archist – i don’t believe rulers have some right to tell me what to do as long as i don’t harm others – i don’t think they have the wording strong enough.
      In my mind NOBODY has ANY authority to force any medical, health, nutrition, life choice upon me. Obviously i have to work within the constraints which do exist – i can’t sue someone for destroying my anti-gravity transportation for instance, but nobody has the right to force any medical decision on my body.
      Ironically, we Californians have that right – the state constitution states very clearly that all medical procedures must have full medical disclosure provided and whether or not that procedure is “good” or not – we have the right to refuse any and all medical procedures.
      Thus SB277 totally violates that portion of the state constitution – and the one stating that all children get education. Well – nothing in the constitution there says IF you become someone’s medical slave, and allow the state to practice medicine without a license.
      Then on the US Constitution level – “congress shall make no law regarding an establishment or religion, nor the free practice thereof….” First Amendment.

      So if i have spiritual objections to aborted fetal cells – no phukken school system lawyer has ANY right to grill me about my belief system. There are no caveats, no tests, no qualifications – just the statement of religious belief. There is no minimum denomination size, in fact no requirement to belong to any specific group whatsoever…

      This is my line in the sand, and i will destroy the appendage which approaches to inject me with any medication at all. Then, no doubt, my sane reaction of legitimate self-defense will be intentionally misconstrued as being a “menace to society” and i will be removed from the population through death or imprisonment – and forcibly injected there no doubt. So this issue is HUGE for me.

      Thanks to all the people who support the fight against vaxassination!

  34. brad says:

    Enjoyed this article as with all the others i’ve read of yours. Hate to admit it, but i must still have two testosterone molecules because that little Prof picture is too worth pausing over – but as always your erudition is impeccable, YOU EVEN USE MANY WORDS CORRECTLY, LOL (your/you’re etc)

    The science and logic are again impeccable, with dry wit to leaven the focus upon the absurdity of some Vaxassination Club paradigms.

    Keep up the good work. Eventually we may get the lemmings to NOT climb down the cliffs and swim to death….

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You gave me a good laugh, Brad. The picture isn’t me, but it was offered to me by another Thinking Mom because it expresses a combination of traits I possess. 😉 Even with that picture and the title of this site being the Thinking MOMS’ Revolution, you’d be surprised how many people assume I am male. Ah, well. Guess we have to change the world in more ways than one!

      • brad says:

        i would be interested in seeing the study in which gly-based herbicides GBHs, were found in vaccines… do you have a link to this?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I don’t think it has been published yet. Word got out before it was supposed to.

      • brad says:

        A) while there are some genetic differences – pigmentation for example, basically we are one human race. Therefore the epigenetics seems at least as likely as any “racial” cause. These are urbanites – sucking in bad air, no doubt with fluoridated water – and chlorine thrown in to throw the gut into dysbiosis…..
        B) i hope the study gets published, because i’m NEVER going to be able to hack into their sites and pull out the skeletons. If i were so gifted – Monsanto would have zero credibility right now as would most of the self-annointed “elite” idiots.
        C)As for the MOM’s in Thinking Mom’s Revolution – i am tapping into my gentler, effeminate side i guess. (right) i DO HOPE that this group realizes they are definitely engaged in a literal revolution – that there are going to be violent consequences at some point if not enough people wake up. As of right now, the CDC has proposed rulings which would give them the “right” (totally anti-constitutional of course) to indefinitely detain anyone if they accuse them of being infected. They want to be able to vaccinate anyone they point their fingers at, hospitalize them, whatever, and hold them indefinitely….
        To resist this means violent conflict as someone like myself – VERY sensitive to drugs so i haven’t taken ANY (recreational or otherwise) or had alcohol for so long…. 2 aspirin and 2 motrin since 75, 4 or 5 drinks in my life – none after 75, last joint on 16 Aug 76…. Hallucinated on 2 Darvon in the army…

        For me – to get vaccinated means i’m going to become violent in self defense if that is what it takes. Then i’ll be shot up while tased or imprisoned – if i survive. My self-defense will intentionally be construed as being a danger to general society, which would obviously be false unless general society starts walking around with needles and vaxassinating everyone else….

      • brad says:

        Being a “high functioning neo-luddite” (yes, an appropriate oxymoron perhaps) i somehow managed to reply to an email from someone talking about GBHs in vaccines – and it went here, where i had intended to reply.
        It took me a bit to figure out that perhaps you were of the “correct” gender, lol. (being married i’ve found that many times my solution – regardless of it’s efficacy – did not match the female version of how the universe had BETTER LINE UP and act – so it was grudgingly accepted as effective even if there was a taint of wrong to it…) i actually never assumed that that hot female with the chalkboard was necessarily (fictitious legal name for Prof TMR) YOU since my boys *sigh* play a lot of video games and choose the “hot chicks” so that they can watch babes run around and shoot and stuff…

  35. Hans Scholl says:

    My God . TMR surpassed yourselves again , and I haven’t even gone into the links yet.


  36. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    1. DT aP ie acellular pertussis whooping cough vaccine, in use in Australia from 1996 has caused the most massive non stop epidemic of whooping cough, ever known, even more than pre vaccine times in the USA in the 1940s. We have a 99 out of every 100 kids are vaccinated. ie 98.5%. this has been happening for 8 years now, as the vaccines are failing in vaccinated kids, by age 6-12.

    2. UK got Dtap 8 years after Australia, the rise in whooping cough, to the Australian numbers is 100% correlated, same vaccine causing the same epidemic.

    3. USA (I believe) got the vaccine 10 years after Australia, in another four years, USA will have 1 million cases of whooping cough, due to vaccine failures. The vaccine fails in most around 3 years after the last jab.

    4. Every baby infected in Australia, has been infected by a Dtap vaccinated child, usually a symptomless sibling (ie carrier, due to Dtap vaccination).

    5. Coccooning failed (ie jab everyone again, who is wanting to be near a newborn). It failed, because by jabbing older people (who are NOT carriers) with Dtap they just created more Dtap vaccinated symptomless whooping cough carriers. This happens even if the grannies, mums, dads, are already totally immune to whooping cough. Given a “”booster”” of aP acellular vaccine, allows them to be symptomless carriers.

    6. To hide the fact babies are being infected by the Dtap vaccinated they began Tdap in pregnancy, a last ditch attempt to hide the truth. Outcome? Brazil, microcephalic babies, every one of those babies is a Tdap in pregnancy vaccine damaged baby.

    7. USA in 2004, had 400 microcephalic births, TOTAL. By 2010, they were giving flu shots in pregnancy, rate of microcephalic babies 4,800. By October 2011 they began jabbing also with Tdap. Microcephalic births now in USA? 25,000 per annum.

    I think everyone should be very angry. These are facts. Australian Health has known the whooping cough is caused by the vaccine. FDA wrote a research paper, also proviing this in 2013 (but forgot (?) to release the paper). Just google FDA baboons, it comes up now!

  37. Heather says:

    I still don’t understand how we are supposedly “sacrificing” our children. I have yet to see any disease outbreaks where the unvaccinated kids actually died of the disease recently. All of the recent outbreaks, in fact, have been in vaccinated populations.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m hoping she meant by spending energy and resources on what she considers a fool’s errand. If she actually meant sacrificing by not vaccinating, that’s a whole other level of wrong. .

  38. And Lisa Stephenson’s request makes no sense: we need to stop creating more damaged people using every method available.

    Hers is such an odd request and so illogical it raises a red flag for me.

    Was the request authentic? Or driven by something else behind-the-scenes?

  39. does a fantastic job of walking the reader through the science of immune activation and autism.

    When the immune system is activated via vaccination the brain’s immune system is also stimulated — it’s all connected.

    Patterson’s group at Caltech was able to create autistic mice (Caltech, 2009) solely by increasing the production of interleukin-6 without any infection.

    Subsequently, they were able to repeat the experiment with monkeys (Caltech/UCDavis, 2014).

    These experiments were performed with a pregnant animal and the results occurred in the offspring. What was particularly important were the discoveries that:
    • IL-6 is necessary and sufficient to cause autism
    • an infection is not required; simply causing the pro-inflammatory IL-6 to increase caused the damage

    What we are doing is repeatedly activating the immune system of every child with vaccination. In some cases, the IL-6 will spike immediately and the regression will also occur immediately. In other cases, the IL-6 will increase chronically and the regression will occur over days, weeks or months.

    Due to biologic variability, not every child will become autistic from repeated immune activation. However, one really excellent way to discover which children *are* susceptible to IL-6 induced autism is to repeatedly activate the immune system of each child. The ones who become autistic are the ones susceptible.

    This is, of course, the madness that we are currently doing — repeatedly activating the immune systems of fragile, developing brains — otherwise known as “dutifully following the government-sanctioned vaccine schedule.”

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Very well said, Andre!

    • Linda says:

      Well, my good sir, Andre,

      You have certainly nailed this one. I am not a scientist but I love science and biology and served for several years as an Industrial Hygienist with OSHA assessing workplace exposures that exceeded the air contaminant standards. Lets not go there cause that’s another whole story that is fraught with a back story of frustration.

      What I do want to acknowledge is you certainly have wrapped your head around this and done a great job of explaining it so that others can get the very important point of how vaccinations are causing some of the injuries we are seeing. I think this is why my granddaughter has such a poorly functioning immune system. This whole this is ironically sad, isn’t it. SO…

      WOW, makes me a bit crazy really, that the very vaccines they say are to protect our health and that of our children is causing a immune system storm that is the foundation of the neurological presentations we see in so many. And no doubt a contributing factor to what are brain disorders in children who have ‘learning disabilities’, all brain function issues. Yes, this all makes me a bit crazy, and angry, and sad, oh so very, very sad.

      Thank you for your well-spoken information and response to this TMR article!!!

    • Ian says:

      This is an excellent breakdown.. Thank you.. Could it be plausible then that the differences in Racial immune response could be the determining factor in the increased risk of autism for African American boys?

      It seems they have a higher response of IL-6 from what I can tell from this..

      • brad says:

        i question whether the “racial” difference is actually more of an epigenetic influence. They don’t run out and test vaccines or other potential dangers on the kids of the wealthy – that’s what the poor are here for – lab rats.

        You can suspect that the infants in the Atlanta study were not at the top of the black income range – and many of these children are likely not fed a very balanced diet. The lower rates of healthy fruits, vegetables, organics, non-toxic and unprocessed foods may have been responsible for the body’s production of more IL-6?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’ve certainly thought that socio-economic factors could be responsible for at least some of the strong effect seen in the African-American population.

  40. Donna Powers says:

    Looking forward to the series! Go TMR!

  41. Tim Lundeen says:

    Superb article, thanks!

  42. Tim Lundeen says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about EMFs, and they are also a major contributor to developing autism and to our general poor health.

    There is an awesome talk by Dr Pall at You can follow along with the slides from

    Compelling stuff — it’s clear from Pall’s research that EMFs are major contributors to poor health. Then add in vaccines and other chemical toxins and we see lots and lots of sick people, both kids and adults.

    There are good resources at Peter Sullivan’s site, including a relatively easy protocol to reduce EMFs during sleep; if that helps you or your child you then can work on full remediation.

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