Anti-Vaxxers Need to Shut Up and Listen to ‘REAL’ Doctors!


“Anti-vaxxers need to shut up and listen to ‘REAL’ doctors!”

This is the sentiment of many media pieces that have come out over the last few months as the debate over vaccine mandates vs. parental choice heats up. Recently, a certain video by Sarah Silverman’s ex-boyfriend made it clear that we should be listening to ‘REAL’ doctors. ‘REAL’, meaning : pro-one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule – no-room-for-debate, you-shut-your-mouth-when-you’re-talking-to-me  medical practicioners.


For the record, I would like to say that many of us “anti-vaxxers” DID, in fact, listen to those ‘REAL’ doctors. I know I did. Actually, that’s ALL I did during those early years when I was having babies and raising toddlers. I listened to, and accepted without question, doctor’s orders. Flu shot while pregnant? Sure thing! Terbutaline during the entire third trimester? If you say so! Load them up with a double dose of Tylenol before and after their shots? I’m your girl!

As infants, my children received every single shot and on time, even early on some rounds, because that’s how the military rolls and . . . well, I was an excellent soldier.

fluzoneIf you actually take the time to listen to the stories of parents who watched their kids regress into autism – in a matter of days/weeks/months saw their child’s development stop and their health deteriorate – you will start to see a common thread woven among their experiences. Most of us followed our doctor’s advice and vaccinated blindly. When we started to notice these regressions in our children and brought it to the attention of those same doctors, our concerns were dismissed. Our children eventually ended up with a diagnosis of autism somewhere on the spectrum, and we were then sent to a slew of specialists, under the impression they would give us some guidance on what to do next. Now, this is usually where we began to lose faith in these so-called ‘REAL’ doctors. We were bounced from one specialist to the next, and, inevitably, one of these doctors said some version of the following: “Your child will likely never speak or function independently. The best use of your resources is to save up for assisted living for when your child ages out of the system. Alternative treatments like diet and supplements are a waste, and the doctors who offer such treatments are quacks. We don’t know what causes autism, but we do know it’s not the vaccines.”

This. This is where we decided to stop listening to those ‘REAL’ doctors. It’s not because of Google, or Jenny McCarthy; it’s because when someone tells you there isn’t any hope for your child, it ignites something within you. I couldn’t listen to those doctors any longer because doing so would mean giving up on my kid. And that’s not going to happen. Ever.

real doctors

So we looked into those alternative treatments we were warned against, like diet and supplements, and, with nothing left to lose, we took a chance on them. And guess what? It was the first time many of us saw improvements in our kids. This further convinced us that those ‘REAL’ doctors were misinformed and that choosing to no longer blindly follow their advice was the right path. We began to question everything they told us. We read books and studies and shared information with other parents having the same experience. WE. DID. THE. WORK.

Doctors we were told were ‘quacks’ worked alongside us as we tried to unravel the complex medical issues our children suffer from. These doctors understand that nothing in medicine is one-size-fits-all, nor should it be. These are the doctors healing our children. They hail from Harvard, MIT, UCLA, Cornell . . .  Quacks? Sorry to disappoint, but no, they are not. I think the label of ‘quack’ is more befitting a medical practitioner who thinks donning a white coat gives them all the answers or one who claims to know what is best for your child without ever having met them, and makes a joke out of the suffering of children in a video for a late-night talk show host who used to date Sarah Silverman.

~ Frankie

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19 Responses to Anti-Vaxxers Need to Shut Up and Listen to ‘REAL’ Doctors!

  1. mamaof5 says:

    I have 5 kids. All but my infant and almost 2 year old are fully vaxed. My almost 2 yro has almost all her shots. Out of all my kids the infant is the healthiest. He has yet to get a cold or anything. My others were in and out the hospitals alot. My 2nd son (fully vaxed) had even cough whooping cough at 1 yr old. Our pediatrician isn’t understanding, my baby hasn’t been to a dr in a couple months because ours hard to find one to accept him being uncircumcised and unvaxed plus to accept my 4 other kids as patients too.

  2. Frankie says:

    Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts and stories here ♡

  3. Avril Dannenbaum says:

    The story is so familiar. Our son regressed around 18 months after his vaccines. Thank goodness a kindly old doctor told us, “Well, he’s not doing so well, let’s hold off on the chicken pox vaccine.” At 3.5 years we went to a DAN specialist. DS responded to Secretin Therapy. He regained language and eye contact in 24 hours. That was the beginning of our battle. Allergies, ADD, Bowel Disease (lymphonodular hyperplasia), PANDAS–we dealt with it all. Around 12 he was passing for neurotypical. He still has seasonal and food allergies, but he’s 18 now and in his freshman year of college.

    What gets me is all the parents who continue to trust conventional doctors. Their kids have little chance of getting better. Keep spreading the message Warrior Moms!

  4. Antoinette says:

    When I was concerned about my son’s regression, at his 2 year check up the doctor told us, “He doesn’t have autism. He’s too good looking and has great eye contact”.

    Fast forward to 3 1/2… While we had stopped vaccinating him and were now seeing biomedics, we were still with a developmental ped and when I excitedly shared our clear recovery process and asked her if there was a possibility that one day our son would NOT be autistic, she replied, “Look, I was taught by a book and I don’t deviate from what the book says. I don’t think outside the box and so no, I think he will always be autistic.”

    Our son is now 6 & 1/2 years old with not a single trace nor hint of autism. Both those comments from “REAL” doctors will forever be ingrained in my soul. And that last comment is what made me decide NEVER to look back at mainstream doctors. A very scary thought indeed, but a more comforting thought than that is that God created is for such times as these… We have God-given instincts to protect our own. And just like animals can sense a storm before it even hits, so can we. It’s just that doctors tell us there’s no way we can think without them by our side. Right.

    I did my best thinking away from those “in the box” thinkers.

  5. El says:

    It wasn’t actually my son’s vaccine reaction (it was a mild-moderate one. Temporary regression from milestones, crying for hours and hours, refusal to sleep or nap for more than 30 minute increments where he’d seem to be in pain and wake up from it, fever, several day long nursing strike where he seemed confused about how to nurse and I fed him almost exclusively bottles until he got back to nursing more again) that sent me delving into research about vaccines: pharmaceutical company corruption, VAERS, conflict of interests within research and recommendations, a lack of truly controlled trials, doctors brushing off concerned parents..

    I got sent down the rabbit hole of research because of my child’s first doctor, his reaction to my queries about his vaccine reaction, it scared me.

    “Oh, he must have been mad at you.” What? A few months old baby was so “mad” at me he stopped smiling and cooing, sleeping and nursing? “Are you going to record his reaction?” “Why would I, it was nothing.” “Are you worried at all he might have a worse reaction after his next round?” “No, why would I, again, it was nothing”. I got incredibly nervous. My heart was racing.

    Something about the doctors nonchalance with my child screaming for hours and regressing temporarily made something in my brain say “Danger, danger” and so I delayed his future vaccines so I could do more research – and never started again after the research I did only made me more anxious.

    When we met again, instead of addressing any of my concerns, the doctor told me “not to read so much, the internet is dangerous, I respect your decisions but I really wish you would just trust me” and that was when I changed doctors. I understand his reaction was better than many doctors, but, him brushing me off made me distrust him.

    The kids current doctor is not particularly pleased that I am not vaccinating my kids, has put up pro-vaccine articles in the office *after* I started to come to their office, but he respects I am their mother, respected my concerns, and would never suggest I just “trust him”.

    Until there is *real* transparency, better research into reactions and who is prone to them, and doctors actually write down and report the reactions children have and believe their parents fully that these reactions are happening and take appropriate precautions with further vaccination — then I have no choice in my mind but to take this calculated risk with my children.

    Who is ultimately responsible for their well-being and care? The pharmaceutical companies? The doctor? The peanut gallery? No, no, no, ME. I am responsible.

    • Natalie says:

      We as mothers of children that were vaccinated and injured need to find a way to insist on reporting these incidents!!! I am just as frustrated with conventional medicine, but more scared that doctors treat these effects and other medication side effects as “normal” and do not report them! I know that we can report them ourselves, and I think that a huge difference might occur if all of us did so. I would love to start a dialogue about that, and find a way to campaign for moms to report vaccine injury symptoms somewhere where they can be analyzed and used as data for our “expert” medical professionals!

  6. Maria ONeil says:

    Love you Frankie ❤️ keep spreading the truth! So glad you attached the video with all our beautiful kids , my Connor one of them . Diagnosed severe non verbal ” autism ” by 2.5 , recovered at age six. LISTEN well , you have choices today in regards to todays autism !

    ~Spartan Team TMR

  7. angie says:

    I will give those doctors the time of day they gave both of my sons who no longer qualify for diagnosis. They ignored us and now we ignore them. Funny the hissy fit they have about not being heard huh? OK, then hotshot tell me SOMETHING!!!!! You can have my ear and my respect when you get some answers. I once told my doctor that he was not exempt from the late night reading that I had to do to get to the bottom of this. If I can, he can. If Jimmy Kimmel wants to be the vax spokesperson let him. Let him actually read the studies and be open to a public debate about who funded them and how they were altered. C’mom Jimmy get out your medical dictionary, loose a few years sleep, gorge yourself on pots coffee and cases of coke and read through your own tears. It is the only way. No one gets my ear until they walk the walk.The best advice they’ve come up with is to essentially use my own money to fund a full behavioral treatment program and hope it detoxifies my kids. My money? my choice. Until they can stop staring at the floor of their offices, stop looking compulsively into my kids ears, and start looking at some real labs there is no conversation; except in their own minds. Talk about quackery. I’m listening, but what are they saying????Besides vax vax,vax,vax…….

  8. Becky says:

    Yes… Please listen to the REAL doctors whose education and continuing education is funded significantly by, you guessed it, pharmaceutical companies. Look at all their journals and you’ll see that just about every ad is from a pharmaceutical company. While you’re at it, please notice how all your news is also partially funded by these same pharmaceutical companies (Count how many pharmaceutical adds are on TV during your nightly news). Most of a primary care doctor’s education now revolves around studying medications and their interactions and if there isn’t a drug for it then it either doesn’t really exist or they cannot help you. Pharmacueticals have their place and their glory, but they are becoming a monopoly in both our “science” and our politics and if you never question them ( either as a health care provider or a consumer) its easy to get burned.

  9. Jessica says:

    I haven’t had to go through any of my children having or being diagnosed with autism, but I just want to thank everyone of you for opening my eyes. I want to thank you for helping me to be informed on this whole situation so I can make the best decision for my children.

  10. Elisabeth says:

    This is my story. My 18 year old son, Joseph, went into a 24 hour period of repeated seizures after his 15 month shots. Was repeatedly told the vaccines had nothing to do with it. When he began to regress, I was told I was imagining things, he was fine, he was just a boy and therefore different from my oldest, who is a girl.

    This is a child who crawled at 4 months and was doing puzzles at 6 months (the kind with the knobs on the single pieces of things). I had been a nanny and babysitter to many little boys so I knew he wasn’t behaving “like a boy”.

    When I FINALLY got the doctors to admit there was something wrong with him, they told me to put him in a home and forget he exists. That he would never accomplish anything. I said, “You were wrong before and you’re wrong now.”

    We had to do ALL of his therapy by ourselves. We got no help. There was little help to be had at the time. And everyone just wanted to drug him up.

    He is now 18, graduated from high school with honors, was his high school’s “Most Inspirational Varsity Football Player” his senior year, and works as a disc jockey for a country radio station. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it.

    His closest younger siblings did have their vaccines because I still believed the doctors at that time. They both suffer from severe eczema and other allergic issues.

    His four youngest siblings are varying degrees of vaccine free (the littlest have none, the two older than that had the Hib because their dad took them to the doctor and he got bullied and caved.) They are VERY healthy children.

    I am a RN, a Certified Pediatric Nurse, and an International Board Certified Lactation Counselor. I am lucky to have a family doc who respects my decisions and understands why we have made them. But even he wouldn’t be able to issue a medical exemption for the children based on what is required for that diagnosis. Luckily we live in a state that allows exemptions (plus we homeschool the five youngest children).

    I have not made my decisions about vaccines lightly or without regard for “science”. Like all substances used by the medical profession, vaccines have benefits and risks. The risks are just as real and as tangible as the benefits. No one would tell someone who has an adverse reaction to penicillin that they are “science deniers” or run them out of their medical practice. They would ensure that they never receive penicillin again and would caution other family members to monitor all antibiotic usage carefully.

    We take adverse reactions to medications SO seriously in the medical profession. We ask about them at every ER trip, doctor’s visit and hospitalization. We put special armbands on patients and put special alerts on their medical charts… except for vaccines.

    Too many doctors act like “vaccines” (which are actually a series of related but not identical medications, each of which carries unique risks and has its own risk/benefit ratio) are somehow exempt from this reality. They act as if “vaccines” are superhuman and somehow completely risk-free. Even if they pay lip-service to the idea that “some people can’t take vaccines”, any and all adverse reactions are written off as a “coincidence”… mothers are told “correlation does not equal causation”… which is true but inadequate as they refuse to adequately study these “coincidental correlations” properly.

    Vaccines… the #1 leading cause of coincidences.

  11. Ruth says:

    This is almost exactly our story! I wouldn’t call the traditional doc a quack although I get your point. I’d call them misinformed, or uninformed because they don’t know- they haven’t read or studied things other doctors we’ve found have. Many of these “new” docs we’ve found are members of an integrative medine professional group or environmental medicine group rather than AAP for

  12. charlotte says:


  13. Lyn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love this! How anyone can argue against this is beyond me! Nobody knows a child more than their mama! People try to act like doctors are fool proof! Bullshit! In the rare occurrence that we go see any doctor, we are the ones who tell them what’s going on with our kids! Most of the time All they do is guess and shove meds at us! I cannot tell you how many times I have figured out what is wrong before even going to the dr.! Because I know my child! I am also very in touch with childhood illness because I have to be now! I can’t trust doctors! I also know what’s normal,what’s not! That skit on jimmy kimmel had fire raging through my veins! Listen to your doctor! They know what’s best for your kids! Obviously they do not or most of our kids would not be vaccine injured! Any doctor that doesn’t respect my choice after what my child went through Can kiss my A$$! That goes for pro vax parents too who have a problem with my descision!

  14. Joy says:

    Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Karin says:

    This is so very inspirational and heart-warming. It breaks my heart every time I read a story of a parent going through any type of problem with their child, seeking help and advice from the people who are supposed to “know what they’re talking about” (as seems to be the pro-vaccinators argument) only to be laughed at, shut-down, or sent in completely the wrong direction for treatment. I have such a deep respect for people like you and all of the parents who fight for their children’s health and recovery. You all are amazing! Keep it up! 🙂

  16. Toby Monte says:

    Excellent post! I am sharing this on Facebook.

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