Autism, Family and Marriage

rev-preacherHi All! Rev here. Please take a few moments to listen to my husband Dave and I talk about autism, family and marriage. Huge, abundant thanks to Karen Kain, Lorrin’s amazing mom, for taking the time to talk to us and film this. The honor is all ours. Think ON and Happy Fourth!

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4 Responses to Autism, Family and Marriage

  1. White Rose says:

    Melanie , I concur with your thoughts about Autism wrecking lives .And to hear you say it like that resonated with me , and made me think how much damage it has done to my life . Thankyou TMR so much for the fierce fight you are putting up against vaccine tyranny . You can count on me to join you whole heartedly .

  2. Melanie says:

    I have been following your blog with great interest. I have researched and advocated in the area of autism since my son was diagnosed in 2007 . It is refreshing to see a website/blog addressed to the public and concurrently mostly scientifically based. Kudos.

    I must say, however, that the video re “Autism, Family and Marriage” imho came across as a little smug. Your house is full of people who laugh with you and understand your challenges?? You have apparently endless family support and are able to to have frequent “date nights”?? Your marriage is strong and you have time to pray together?? The brief perfunctory nod to the “single mothers”??

    So many of us parents of children with autism face the same challenges as you but in a very different, opposite context. Isolation, fear,guilt, loneliness, lost careers, crumbling marriages, divorce, financial woes, chronic illness…

    I found the self-complacent tone of your video to be so upsetting that I had to escape into my bathroom to cry for a moment. I rarely cry. I cannot cry in front of my precious son who has autism. And yes, I am a “Single Mother”.

    You are so very fortunate to have so much support and to have each other. Please don’t be so flippant about it and count your blessings.

  3. Laura Hayes says:

    Wonderful interview 🙂 Thank you, Karen, for recording it, and thank you, Lisa and Dave, for sharing your lives on camera. Hopefully, as people share this poignant video with others, more people’s eyes will be opened to the very difficult lives we lead when there is severe vaccine injury (veiled under the disguise of the oh-so-mysterious “autism” diagnosis) in the family. Our lives can be daunting, challenging, and exhausting 24/7/365, yet the average neighbor/friend/relative/pastor/priest doesn’t have a clue. It it frustrating and hurtful to have so few people understand what it is like to live with vaccine injury/autism in the family everyday. Only the family members, tutors, and regular caregivers truly have a clue what it takes day in and day out. Thank the Lord that He has given us one another, as the vaccine injury/autism “family” is a strong, loving, and supportive one 🙂 May God bless, strengthen, and watch over you and your family on this challenging journey. Hope to meet you both in person one day soon 🙂

  4. Rebecca Lee says:

    God bless you sweet, lovely people.

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