Say hello to Sugah!  That’s me.  That’s what Tex named me.  Sugah has a syrupy sweet connotation, doesn’t it?  Like I’m all smiles, sweetness and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Don’t get me wrong — I have big, BIG love for my sisters here at TMR — but I think that maybe ‘Spice’… or… ’Badass Autism Warrior Momma’ might more appropriately describe my attitude and disposition.   <wink> 

My son’s autism was preventable.  Let’s take a look at how he got it, shall we?  Not in a “Hey, let’s all watch Sugah beat herself up over all the mistakes that she made to cause her children’s toxicity” way, but instead let’s look with an eye toward, and an attitude of, prevention.   Maybe knowing this information can help save another child.  

Let’s play Monday morning quarterback!  Get your game face on!

In a nutshell, here’s how it went down: My son was weakened in utero by his mercury intoxified mother (me!), suffered further immune system damage with a full vaccine schedule which in turn made him susceptible to a multitude of sub-clinical bacterial, viral, fungal and other parasitic infections.

 Let’s break it down.




I was blind to the truth about the toxic effect of mercury in dental amalgams (silver fillings).

Some background:

It is a fact that amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and a mix of tin, copper, silver and other trace metals. 

As a child I had numerous cavities all filled with amalgam fillings.  At some point during my pre-teen years I had them all removed by a regular dentist and replaced with composite fillings.  The dentist put his drill in my mouth and blasted those fillings out, scattering mercury particles all around my mouth.

Looking back I can see the earliest symptoms of my mercury toxicity.  I *believe* much of the mercury settled on my thyroid.  I remember during high school, playing sports or at a school dance, my friends would be hot and sweaty, but my skin would be cold and clammy.  It was like my internal thermometer was off.  Later on — in my 20’s (long before children) — I noticed my mental clarity beginning to decline. 

[Side note:  keep in mind that the list of mercury toxicity symptoms is LOOOOONG. And a mercury toxic person will not have all the symptoms.   Symptoms differ between people based on where the mercury settled in their bodies and how their bodies reacted to it.]

So I turned to the Internet to look for answers.  I don’t remember which website I was on, or exactly what it said, but I do remember that it linked amalgam fillings to mercury toxicity — and mercury toxicity to a long list of chronic illnesses.

Then the blindness set in.

“That can’t be true.  No way.  There’s just no way our government would do this to the American people. After all, they have our best interests at heart and would have never allowed that to happen.  That’s just crazy.  I mean… they would have done testing to determine its safety before they allowed dentists to put it in our mouths, right?”

Now I get it.  Now I see.  Now I’m THINKing.

The EPA says this about mercury.  “Mercury is a neurotoxicant. Outbreaks of methylmercury poisonings have made it clear that adults, children, and developing fetuses are at risk from ingestion exposure to mercury. When mothers with no symptoms of nervous system damage gave birth to infants with severe disabilities, it became clear that the developing fetal nervous system is more vulnerable to methylmercury than is an adult’s nervous system.”  ([emphasis mine]

Of course the US government denies that the mercury in the dental amalgams is dangerous, and, even though it is in our MOUTHS, that it is not ingested per se.  However other countries are convinced otherwise.  Norway, Sweden and Denmark have smartly BANNED the use of dental amalgams.

The good news is that there are dentists who specialize in safe amalgam removal.  A quick Internet search on “safe amalgam removal” or “mercury free dentists” is a good place to start. 



I was blind to the truth about vaccine safety.

I had a friend of a friend who regularly questioned vaccine safety and who would not vaccinate her children on the suggested schedule.  I thought she was crazy.   

The idea that our government would allow pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines that would potentially injure our children is just crazy.  And those doctors, after all those years in medical school they would certainly know whether or not vaccines were safe.  I’ll just ask my doctor.” 

That was me.  I was blind.

After my son was diagnosed, it wasn’t like I immediately understood the truth about vaccine safety.  For a while I assumed that “those mothers” were just looking for someone to blame.

Now I get it.  Now I see.  Now I’m THINKing.

If you are still on the fence about the dangers of vaccines, or simply want to revel in an incredibly ACCURATE and therefore oh-so-rare video news story done by MAINSTREAM MEDIA, please take the time to watch Parts 1 AND 2.  



I was blind to the existence and potential impact of sub-clinical infections.

But he’s NEVER sick!”  I must have said that a hundred times before my eyes were opened to the existence of my children’s (and my own) incredibly high pathogen load.  I mean I understood candida… sort of.  I knew we had that.  But since my children never got sick or even had a fever, it didn’t make sense to me that they were suffering from pathogen overload. 

Now I get it.  Now I see.  Now I’m THINKing.

Bacterial, viral and fungal infections are common in our children and can be responsible for numerous physical and neurological issues.   When a child is sick often, it is rather obvious.  But in the case of my kids… well… they are just never sick.  A recent testing of our relative pathogen load (based on a nagalase test) has opened my eyes.

I don’t have all the answers to this piece of the puzzle.  This is where we’re at: fighting pathogen overload.  Feel free to share what you know or what has worked for you.  I would love to hear from you!



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10 Responses to Blind

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  2. jessymum says:

    Thanks for this insight. Very interesting comment about your ‘internal themometer’ being broken. In our house there are just two of us – me – the ‘cold fish’ and my daughter the ‘warm cat’ … our ‘internal thermometers’ just couldn’t get much different! … now I have never had any mercury fillings thankfully – but my mother definately did! … and I was vaccinated ‘without any harm’ … and then interestingly enough I get diagnosed with Aspergers at 35 yrs old!… I’m now intrigued about my ‘pathogen load’ although I am rarely REALLY sick – I’m very often just a little ‘under the weather’ and just keep on keeping on… I’m wondering if it all might add up to something and there could be hope for me yet! … in the mean time – I’m waiting for a call back from a very over-worked bio-med dr who MIGHT (or might NOT) be able to fit me into his schedule!

  3. Jaci VW says:

    “After my son was diagnosed, it wasn’t like I immediately understood the truth about vaccine safety. For a while I assumed that “those mothers” were just looking for someone to blame.”

    “Now I get it. Now I see. Now I’m THINKing.”

    Sugah, this was great. My journey has been very similar. I fully trusted my son’s pediatrician, then went to thinking that there might be a mercury/vaccine link to his autism, then wavered and thought there is just no way our government and doctors would allow this to happen to so many people. Now I understand the depth of corruption and greed that is prevalent in Big Pharma and the sins of omission committed by the AAP. Thank you for sharing your journey and hopefully more families will see this link, rather than writing it off as too radical. Families are going to be the voices of change in this battle and we have to speak loudly until all ears have heard the message.

  4. katie says:

    I was “blind” too….now that i know all the things i know, there are so many things i wouldve done differently and i carry so much guilt. I always feel that it was a decision i made for my son that hurt him….and now it will be a decision i make that gets him back. I promise myself that all the time…great post sugah

  5. Kat says:

    Love what you wrote. I’ve been at this for 6 years trying to heal my daughter, who is now 7 1/2. This is where we are now, just about to start with Dr Maile Pouls, PhD. I urge you to check out her web site. She heals the gut and offers chelation if necessary through ALL natural way. No medication. I’ve spoken with a few moms whos kids are now completely recovered by her treatment. She is so kind and caring, and not expensive at all… At least from all the DAN! doctors I know of.

  6. Laura Sauls says:

    I can so relate to this post! I was blind as a bat pre-autism diagnosis. Having mercury in 8 teeth for 20+ years – no problem! That can’t possibly hurt you! Detoxing before pregnant? Not necessary. Thinking twice about the vaccine schedule? No, that’s something those hippy homebirth mom friends are doing. Vaccines are perfectly safe. Not making the connection between the “colic”, eczema, and food allergies, then giving vaccines to child with colic, eczema, and ear infections, because there’s no reason to schedule two appointments at the ped.

    Sigh. Hindsight is 20/20! The only good thing to come from my blindness is that it possibly spared my younger children when I woke up and got rid of the mercury, chelated, delayed and selectively vaxxed, etc. Now, if there were only a time machine so I could prevent the damage to my oldest son!

  7. Leigh Graham says:

    Great information. I’m so happy that you shared all of this information with us. I can’t wait to share with other moms that may be still Blind.

  8. Cheryl Bailey says:

    Thank you. When I hear parents screaming at the top of their lungs that their autistic child was never, ever harmed by vaccines and how safe vaccines are, bla, bla, bla, I know in my gut two things. One, in order to except that your child was harmed by anything, silver fillings, fire retardant clothing and bedding in the nursery, arsenic on the back deck treated wood and so on, you first have to admit to yourself, you dropped the ball and went with blind trust. Two, this big group of autism parents who still don’t get it, are only hurting their child.

    If you are driving a car and run into a building and harm your child, don’t you know it? Don’t you get them to the hospital to fix broken bones and help them recover. Feel bad about it, yea, but you suck it up and fix your child. Same thing here, we drove a bad car, we had a very bad wreck, but by golly, we suck it up and get on the job of recovery. Too many autism parents are unwilling to even look into biomed, and spend hours talking about us and writing blogs bashing things, like Autism One.

    Hats off to the Mom’s who read and understand. I am sorry it happened to you, but I am so proud of you all for moving heaven and earth to recover your children.

  9. Michelle E says:

    Straight up Sugah tells it like it is.

  10. B.K. says:

    Great post Sugah! Although the truth can be hard to deal with sometimes, I am so thankful to have woken up and started thinking. Always on thinking overload now! xoxoxo

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