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10 Years of Love, Acceptance and Survival

Ten years on Autism Road will take a lot out of you if you let it. It will completely suck you up, rip you to threads, and spit you back out. You have to fight your way through the darkness … Continue reading

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Educational Strategies: What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Learn Successfully

On average, our kids are in school for seven hours per day, five days a week.  Show of hands — as you are reading this, how many of you know what kinds of strategies your children’s teachers are using to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Healing Without Hurting, by Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, NNC

Last year, I had the honor of reviewing Marcia Hind’s book, I know You’re in There.  Since then, Marcia and I have talked frequently on Facebook.  We share a common bond that most of us autism moms share.  It’s easy to … Continue reading

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Book Review: I Know You’re in There, by Marcia Hinds

Nine years on this journey and I STILL get excited when I get my hands on a new book which is all about recovery from autism. I have read my fair share of books discussing anything and everything autism over … Continue reading

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Featured Guest Blog: Promises Made and Promises Kept

Eight years ago to this day, autism entered our lives.  I knew it was coming.  It was no surprise.  I wasn’t in denial.  I felt it. I Googled, and I completed checklist after checklist.  I had specific questions for the medical diagnostic … Continue reading

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