Featured Guest Blog: Promises Made and Promises Kept

Eight years ago to this day, autism entered our lives.  I knew it was coming.  It was no surprise.  I wasn’t in denial.  I felt it. I Googled, and I completed checklist after checklist.  I had specific questions for the medical diagnostic team that evaluated him.  Will he ever talk?  Will he learn?  Will he have friends?  So many things were unknown at that point.  We left the office, went home and got back to work with his therapy schedule. Shortly after, we started dietary protocols and then we added in biomed, homeopathy, etc.   Our journey had started . . .


Kale is now 10 years old. He has a twin brother, Jaden. Although I would love to tell you we have reached our goal of recovery and health for our son, we are not quite there yet.  Although he is considered beyond that imaginary autism window in age, he is making progress.  We continue our fight.  We have gotten sidetracked over the years.  We have sometimes chosen the wrong path.  We have made our share of mistakes.  Most importantly, we have embraced this journey.  We still have along way to go and a lot of fight left in us.

After Kale’s diagnosis, I went back to school.  I got my Master’s degree in special education.  My thought was if my son was going to be needing special education services, I was going to know how to fight for everything he needed.  My next step was becoming a developmental therapist for Early Intervention.  I am currently working with families as they go through the diagnosis process.  I am also an autism education advocate.  I assist families in getting the services their children require to be successful in the educational setting.  I train first responders about autism.  I teach educators, administrators and school-based therapists evidence-based strategies for educating children with autism.

All of this is because of that day eight years ago.  I had a job that I loved when Kale was diagnosed.  I left it after I graduated and became credentialed to work with families who were on the same journey we were.  I am able to share our journey with others in order to help the children that are coming up behind us.  I am able to share our experiences, failures and successes, with the families I work with.

Would I have chosen this journey for our family?  Absolutely NOT.  However, it is the journey we are on, and I embrace the change that I can make happen for not only my son, but so many like him.  This year, we are moving forward at a pace that I have never felt before.  I feel the change, the gains, the goals . . . all of the possibilities are there for us this year, more than any other.  It simply will be our year to get Kale that much closer to recovery.  That is our goal, and, although our journey started oh so long ago, we have not lost sight of that goal.  I promised Kale a very long time ago, that I would try everything.  I will be able to look at my son when he is 21 years old and say baby, mama tried it all.  I will never give up on his journey.  I will hold true to my promise to him.  Make that promise with me: Look at your child, hold them close, and tell them . . . you will never give up.

This year, we will together:

Embrace.  Move forward.  Fight.  Never give up.  Succeed.


~ Guardian

Sadie West is mom to Jaden and Kale, wife to Mikey and advocate for many.  Guardian was chosen as my TEAM TMR nickname because of the number of kids I fight for and advocate for each and every day.  My heart is full with the love I am given from these kids and vice versa.  I am honored to be among such amazing, powerful and dedicated warrior moms.

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16 Responses to Featured Guest Blog: Promises Made and Promises Kept

  1. Bhavna says:

    Your article inspired me …thank you

  2. Go Guardian! Trying it all is the biggest and best gift we can give our kiddos!! kuddos!

  3. Mary Cavanaugh says:

    Love your spirit and passion! So evident!

  4. Renee Harper says:

    Sometimes the strongest people are the one’s who love beyond all fault, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that no one knows about…. That is you Sadie, and you do it with such grace.

  5. Lisa Lukas says:

    You are one amazing mama! I have learned so much from you and continue to be inspired. Kale is one lucky boy and I love him so much!!!!!

  6. Christina says:

    I’m so proud of you Guardian! Kale is so lucky to have you as his mama and I’m lucky to call you a friend!! Xoxoxo

  7. Christina says:

    I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished friend! Kale is so lucky to have you as his mama! Love you both!

  8. Mel P says:

    I’ve known the West family for over two years now. From the moment I set foot in their home I knew they were a “special” family. You can see the love they all have for each other…even on difficult days when everyone is running on very little sleep. Sadie is one of the most involved parents I know when it comes to her child’s recovery and educating herself about all the options that exist…which we know can be overwhelming. She’s definitely shared her knowledge with me more than a few times…which I am very grateful for as a new mom myself. I am more educated in a number of areas all thanks to her. I am very proud to know the West family and incredibly happy to see Kale progressing in the right direction.

  9. Incredible. We are 4 years deep in our journey, and as a former teacher, I commend you on taking your challenges with Kale, and turning it into an avenue to help other families as a DT.

  10. andrea says:

    Love this, Guardian! I, too, think of that moment down the road when I will look back and be able to say I tried absolutely everything to help my son. It’s empowering! Always. Keep. Fighting.

  11. Ana Maria Abba says:

    You are amazing! Kale is so lucky to have you as his mom!

  12. Beth says:

    You just leave me in awe! That blog was amazing!! I love you friend!!

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