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Here are some really great blogs about the dangers of vaccination and what you can do to educate yourself and your loved ones.

Blaze’s (Not So) Excellent CDC Adventure

Originally posted March 13, 2012 Hey!  Blaze here.  I’m an autism mom.  Before that?  A silly party girl with only the next get-together of like-minded good-for-a-laugh tomfooleries on the calendar (usually those were on all days that end in “y”). … Continue reading

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School Shots

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One month left of vacation.  One month of waking whenever and doing whatever.  One month before the school bells ring.  One month to fill backpacks with school supplies.  And for some, there’s one month left to get back-to-school vaccinations before … Continue reading

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Dodging A Bullet

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Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating when your own family thinks you are crazy and questions the things that you do. I hear the comments and know what they are saying behind my back. “I don’t think vaccines cause autism. … Continue reading

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Doctors, Politicians, and The Thinking Moms

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Every year a Living with Autism Workshop is put on near my hometown by a local magazine and health care system.   I attended this conference a few years ago and it was extremely disappointing.   There was no information … Continue reading

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Say hello to Sugah!  That’s me.  That’s what Tex named me.  Sugah has a syrupy sweet connotation, doesn’t it?  Like I’m all smiles, sweetness and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Don’t get me wrong — I have big, BIG love for … Continue reading

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NJ – The Dirty State

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As a child, I dreamed of a better life. Growing up in a then communist Hungary, made me appreciate all that the US had to offer. In 1980, my parents made that dream a reality and I boarded the plane … Continue reading

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Listen To The Rev and Dave Goes on Linderman Unleashed!

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Hi All!  Rev here.  Wow!  Two short months and over 2,000 followers!  This tells us you know what’s up and you are interested in what we have to say.  Thanks!  Lots of us spent the first few years of our … Continue reading

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Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure: Part 2

After I spoke it was lunchtime.  As the crowd started to mill around, I was approached by Peter Bell, VP of Autism Speaks.  We have a history of communication…I email him, he tries to call me at my house.  I’ve … Continue reading

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