e-Earth Electromagnetic Energy Fields Revolutionizing Treatment of Autism?

September 14, 2016

Ana Maria Abba, mom of son with autism age 8, YouTube video testimonial.

The Russians sent out a cosmonaut for 1 hour and 41 minutes and he came back with brittle bones and depression. As much as we need air, food, water and shelter, we also need electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy can be considered the fifth essential to life that no one is talking about. Applied properly, as with e-Earth pulsating electromagnetic energy field (PEMF) devices, it can accelerate autism recovery and has the potential to revolutionize how we care for those with autism.

Fifty-five (55) years ago the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) learned that we disintegrate and die within a few hours when we leave Earth and orbit in space. The sun provides vital electromagnetic energy that is stored in Earth rock, cosmic rays bathe in our atmosphere, and energy waves supply us from the ionosphere. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy (or e-Earth Energy, as Eileen Kurlander calls it) fortifies us, sustains us, and helps us repair and grow stronger.

Technology intended to replicate the Earth’s electromagnetic energy has been produced and studied for over 40 years. Johnson Space Center’s staff studied its ability in the space station to maintain astronauts’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This technology is replicated in home devices designed to support wellness. In a 4-year long NASA study (NASA, 2003) Thomas Goodwin concluded that electromagnetic energy that mimics the Earth’s naturally occurring energy, “can enhance the brain, body, tissue, organ and cellular processes towards greater repair, growth, and regeneration towards a stronger more vibrant state.”

e-Earth Energy can enhance the body and mind so that it repairs itself, develops, and grows to higher states of well-being.

woman-before-e-earthwoman-after-e-earth Improved circulation – Woman before and after an 8-minute session

Eileen Kurlander, owner of Natural e-Intelligence, distributor of e-Earth Energy PEMF devices and the researcher behind the 30-day e-Earth Energy study has been using this low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic energy in her wellness practice for six years. She finds the e-Earth Energy system lightweight, portable, and very easy for people to use. The system offers two delivery modes: 1) a yoga-sized mat to lie down on or sit upon, and 2) a second pillow-sized mat designed to be placed over the gut or area of discomfort. People find that use of the device is very relaxing and can produce profound beneficial results in minutes.

In Eileen’s practice, she has found the e-Earth Energy system useful in supporting underdeveloped neurological systems, people with autoimmune conditions, and people with both chronic and acute illnesses. All the members of her family have used the system with great benefit, including one on the autism spectrum. It was Eileen’s desire for recovery that prompted her to explore e-Earth Energy’s benefits for people on the spectrum and inspired her to conduct a study on its effects on four children ages 8 to 13 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), three of whom were nonverbal at the study’s start.


Child using the e-Earth Energy Wellness System

Just completed, the study (“e-Earth Energy Pulsating Electromagnetic Energy Fields (PEMF) improves Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A Preliminary Report.”) indicates that the e-Earth Energy Wellness System offers across-the-board benefits for people with autism as demonstrated by dramatic improvements (of approximately 15 points each) in the children’s ATEC scores over a 30-day period. Be sure to check out the study’s graphs to get a quick overview of the significant improvements each child experienced.


Sample of study results in three non-verbal children with autism


At TMR we are always interested in bringing you information on therapies that can help ease the difficulties of autism and/or support recovery and wellness, and we’re delighted that this particular non-invasive treatment can have benefits for the whole family as well.

Below is a  summary of the results of the study, including parent comments from some long-time TMR friends. (Be sure you watch the video of Ana Maria at the top of the page.)

Children with ASD showed these improvements at home and school in the study:

  • Forming relationships and in new social interactions.
  • Made verbal and nonverbal communication advances.
  • Decreased repetitive sounds, increasing words and conversation.
  • School behaviors and learning improved.
  • Decreased unhappiness, increased pride.
  • Decreased aggression, frustration, and anger.
  • Improved intellectual evenness, with boosts to disabled or incomplete areas.
  • Improved physical endurance, gross- and fine-motor coordination.
  • Longer periods of attention and focus: able to enjoy a movie, learn.
  • Increased comprehension, more learning, learning to read.
  • Improved falling asleep, staying asleep, and sleeping well.
  • Greater consciousness, awareness, and presence.
  • Eating more and making better choices.
  • Improved gastrointestinal and bowel function.

Parents concluded for themselves that sessions with the e-Earth Energy System resulted in reduced pain, anxiety, and stress levels and increased energy, happiness, and patience in their children. It was easy to use, and their children liked it. In addition, the e-Earth System made it easier for them to be better parent. Over the long-term, with prices starting at $2995 for a basic package, they felt it would be one of the more affordable biomedical treatment options.

If you’d like to learn more about how the e-Earth Energy system can improve your family’s wellness, join our new Facebook group  e-Earth Energy for ASD and/or our Zoom webinars this week by emailing info@e-Earth Energy.com with the word “WEBINAR” in the subject line. Include your full name and cell or home phone number so we can provide the webinar and phone login. If you’re interested but feel it’s out of your price range, be sure to check out our financing options and suggestions for raising money.


For months, my teen with autism had stopped going to bed and sleeping as usual and was roaming during the night, waking us up at 4:30 a.m. After a week of the e-Earth Energy Wellness system, he is going to bed on time, staying asleep and having better days. Not only has he recovered, but we didn’t suffer as much having the mat to use to recover ourselves. We are all so much happier with great sleep.

                  Laureen Forman, mom of son with autism, age 13

My son now participates more with the family. He is vying for more of our attention and says, “Hey, look at me!” He seems more with it, and there’s a flow in conversation. He follows along with what other people are saying and makes comments. With his two sisters he says, “I want to play too.” He has better tolerance for play and is able to play for several minutes before getting frustrated.

                                        Nancy Kirkman, mom of son with autism, age 10

Attacks and biting have gone way down; he’s not in constant fight/flight, has better overall function, is happier, and is able to focus and learn. He also began to learn to read! Now I wake up feeling rested and feel less exhausted in the afternoon after work, even though I get up for work at 3:30 a.m. This definitely has cleared the fog and exhaustion, and I feel much better.

                                    Vanessa Surprise, mom of son with autism, age 10


“There’s a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery. Energy waves are created so relief and healing can begin – you don’t just feel better, you are better.” (The Dr. Oz Show, 11-16- 2011)


The e-Earth Energy Wellness System manufacturer has a solid foundation and 20-year proven track record of providing superior, warrantied products. This technology is already approved for sale by the FDA, approved by Health Canada, and approved in Europe and Asia.

For more information or to place your order to begin, call 858-945-7532 or email [email protected].



GETTING STARTED DETAILS: Select one of the two starter sets and receive a free copy of the preliminary study, live webinar access, use guidelines, a family intake session, and parent coaching to assist you and your family’s needs.

** View more scientific evidence, as well as financing and scholarship options.

*** View the full preliminary study in a pdf version here!

For a printable pdf version of this blog, click here.



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10 Responses to e-Earth Electromagnetic Energy Fields Revolutionizing Treatment of Autism?

  1. Ken says:

    I found out that protection from EMF(like products here: http://emfclothing.com) makes a huge difference when trying to solve children disorders.

  2. Ella says:

    Is this supposed to replicate what happens naturally when you are barefoot outside or does it do something else?

  3. Kara says:

    What is the difference between this and earthing products?

    BTW, I literally spewed saliva all over my laptop when I read the price–eeh gads!

  4. The scientific report is WRITTEN for PARENTS. It’s written in layman’s terms with great looking charts at the end so parents can understand it and implement it for their families!
    You can visit the e-Earth Energy Family Study page here: http://www.e-EarthEnergy.com/e-EarthEnergyFamilyStudy.html

  5. I hear all the time how parents are exhausted, at the end of their ropes, living he–. We only admit it to other ASD parents. I was concerned about my own health, but didn’t have the hours of time to take off and devote to myself. I found this wellness system, and it changed my life.

    I started by getting up 10 minutes earlier, before I woke the kids. I went to lie down on it for 8 minutes, then began my day. Boy, what a different Mom I was. I don’t know that I would consider myself mean, but I became a lot calmer, less stressed out and nicer. Then I would lie down on it right as I got home. Again, I was more pleasant, talkative, happier and even would even toss in the word joyful. I slept better and started hearing from others, Wow! you have such great energy!”

    I began to incorporate it into my therapy practice and found others were feeling great too. Aches and pains from old wounds went away, lethargy was replaced with energy and vitality. Clients were calmer, happier, could think more clearly, and were not debilitated with seasonal allergies and the latest sickness going around.

    As I used this for my own family, and saw results with my children, I began to think about doing an ASD study so others would get to learn about it. If you take a look at the study, towards the end are (7) charts showing across-the-board results. Improvements showed in ATEC scores, behavior, language, sociability, physicality, bowel function, brain function and more! I have no doubt based on using this over the last 7 years, that if there were 100 more children in the study, they would have similar results.

    Until such time as an Angel Donor comes, the family study will be on hold. In the meantime, for those who purchase a system and support services through me, families can elect their data be included in any future study to help those who come after us. Also, for each system sold through a TMR referral, a donation will go into TMR’s Grant Program.

    As a busy working caregiver and Mom, I know the value that machine has given me personally and my family. It has been a lifesaver and paid for itself many times over. I hope you all get to enjoy the benefits of the potential for recovery and living vibrantly with e-Earth Energy.

  6. ProfessorTMR says:

    Tim comments often, Eileen. He’s just concerned for people’s welfare, not peddling his own products. The EMFs that we’re bathed in all day long from WiFi, microwaves, etc. are really a whole different subject and one that we really need a blog on soon. There are a lot of people who are quite sensitive to those fields. It’s natural to think there might be an issue with a product that generates an electromagnetic energy field. This device is, as you say, in the beneficial range rather than the harmful range, however, as is clear from the four testimonials. If these were harmful EMFs, those kids would not feel better, even if they were not the super-sensitive kids.

    • Thank you for mentioning this. Yes, dirty energy (from wifi, etc) blocks us from receiving the good energy the Earth naturally provides. Our body systems become deficient, and like what happened to the astronauts, our atom bonds can’t hold together. We begin to deteriorate, our energy level goes down and our cells don’t operate as usual, diminishing our health.

      I wrote a blog article including 3 tips on how to reduce or mitigate the dirty emf’s. You can find it on my blog on my web-site and the link here, “Invisible EMF Energy Can Kill You and PEMF Energy Can Heal You” May, 2015.

      The e-Earth Energy system does 3 things, it converts the dirty AC energy at the wall outlet into clean energy so a pure DC signal comes through the control box and pure torsion fields come out of the helmholtz copper coils. There is a specially made sharkskin cover on the control box so it’s field is as clean as possible. Lying on the mat for 8 minutes, mitigates the dirty emf in your body, and causes your cells to normalize back to proper functioning.

      If you lay on this daily, your cells are mitigated, and your new cells resonate properly. PEMF has been proven to slow cancer growth and shrink tumor size. PEMF was approved by the FDA for use in brain tumors in 2011. It is approved for much more and there are additional areas PEMF can support.

      Please go to the scientific evidence page to find out more family uses of the e-Earth Energy Wellness System.

      The e-Earth Energy system is a emf clean advanced system, carefully created and extremely well built in Germany, in the world’s largest and finest medical manufacturing facility.

  7. Tim Lundeen says:

    I’m concerned about pulsed electromagnetic fields, because it is so easy to get it wrong and cause harm. So suggest full due-diligence before using this product.

    It is always helpful, though, to reduce the normal EMFs from house wiring, WiFi, microwaves, cell, etc.

    There are some resources at Peter Sullivan’s site, http://www.clearlightventures.com/#/autismemf/ — they have a relatively easy protocol to reduce EMFs during sleep, if that helps then you can work on full remediation.

    There is an excellent talk by Dr Pall at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yydZZanRJ50 You can follow along with the slides from https://www.dropbox.com/s/5e617kju8v9pkh1/MartinPall.pdf?dl=0 — he makes a compelling case that both EMFs and environmental toxins contribute to autism and other brain/physical dysfunction, via the same downstream pathways.

    • I’m glad you brought that up. It IS easy to get it wrong, high-frequency devices CAN do harm, but this device produces only LOW FREQUENCY waves that mimic the natural frequencies of Earth (biomimicry). These frequencies fortify us and cause us to thrive.

      I spoke with a MAPS doctor at a recent Autism Conference, and she mentioned she had a device she spent tens of thousands of dollars on, but can’t use it with her Autism patients because the high frequency is too strong. She was very interested in this extra low frequency device.

      • In addition, I agree dirty emf’s are a problem to health. Electrosmog blocks us from receiving the good energy we need from the Earth.
        You may be interested to read, “Invisible EMF Energy Can Kill You and PEMF Energy Can Heal You” Here is the link including 3 Helpful Tips:

        The e-Earth Energy system includes design precautions and emf mitigation in each session!

        The system has a special converter at the wall that converts the dirty AC electricity into a clean DC current. This allows for a pure torsion field to be delivered to you.

        Also, the control box has a special sharkskin cover that does not emit an electromagnetic energy field of its own. Another way we build healthy design.

        Thirdly, when you receive the e-Earth Energy, it mitigates the dirty energy out, and normalizes your cellular resonance and cell function. Basically, it gets rid of it and supports your cells to function properly and gain strength.

        As a preventative, PEMF has been proven to slow tumor growth and shrink tumor size. It has anti-aging qualities as well. Check out this link to learn more of what PEMF has been proven to provide. http://www.e-EarthEnergy.com/Testimonials.html

        We are so excited to get the word out there so the whole family can benefit from low frequency e-Earth Energy.

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