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guestblog2As parents, we are told to trust our government. If we become suspicious of those in positions of power, either due to education, negative experiences, or both, we are told we are wrong. Our government wouldn’t allow something that was harmful. Time and time again I have heard that phrase. But the facts just don’t hold up. Not in regards to our food, our medicine, our vaccines, or our water. When a closer look is taken to any of these issues, it becomes apparent that our government is, in fact, allowing us to be harmed.

I have three wonderful kids, a son and two daughters. My oldest daughter has a hearing disorder calling Auditory Processing Disorder along with some standard hearing loss. She had a sudden onset of hearing issues around the time that she received her MMR vaccine. We never put two and two together, and thanks to a practically worthless pediatrician, she didn’t even receive a referral for a proper hearing evaluation until much later. We told him time and time again that she wasn’t hearing properly, and she would not stop pulling on her ears. We were repeatedly told that she “spoke too well” to have a hearing disorder and that her constant ear pulling was a “bad habit”.

I actually had to loose my temper in the pediatrician’s office to get our records and get released from his practice, so that I could take my daughter to someone that would give her a hearing exam. They found that she did indeed have a hearing problem. We never suspected her vaccinations, even though the onset was at the same time.

In October of 2010, we took our youngest in for her vaccinations. We had no idea she was going to be given so many in one sitting. Within 15 minutes, her face turned blood red and swollen, she cried, she ran a high fever, she lost all of her speech, all of her ability to chew, and developed nearly every symptom of what would later be diagnosed as autism. She had not a single one of those symptoms prior to her vaccine reaction. Not one.

We’ve spent over three years fighting to recover what she lost that day. We didn’t take what I refer to as “The No Hope Road”. We kind of bucked the system and along with a great deal of research and prayer, we did what felt right to us. Slowly, but surely, our youngest is regaining many of her skills. She still cannot chew. She is still non-verbal. But she’s happy most of the time. She laughs. She plays. She interacts with us. She is “with us” again.

I have shared our journey openly with family, friends, and on my blog. I have done this because I write about my life, and this is a part of my life. But also because I want people to know this sort of thing does happen. I want people to know that there is hope, and that people who cannot speak, they still think and feel just like you and I, and they deserve to be treated as “typically” as possible.

I’m known for being bluntly honest, so anyone that knew me well, or knew our daughter “before”, never doubted what we said happened to her that day. But others did. When they did, their argument was always the same thing, “The government says it’s safe. The government wouldn’t allow it if it weren’t safe.” and time and time again, “The CDC says it is safe. The CDC says what happened to your little girl couldn’t have been caused by her vaccines, you are wrong.”

Sure. Because something that happens to your child right in front of your eyes, within a matter of minutes, must be something else. Surely she was “born that way”. Some would rather believe that. That is much easier to believe than to think of the horrific possibility that their child might be the next to fall. It’s much easier to believe that it was “fate”, something that was destined to be – something unstoppable… rather than to face the fact that our government may lie to us about the safety of our children.

I have several autoimmune issues, including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and an autoimmune neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis (MG). Nobody told me that my children’s family history of autoimmune diseases put them at a higher risk for vaccine reactions. There were many things we were never told. Many things that we deeply regret that we did not research for ourselves. My husband was a nurse, we didn’t think that our children would be damaged by their vaccinations, and we live in a state where there are zero parental rights for vaccine choice. The government mandates it and the government tells you it is safe and for better or worse, life goes on.

Then on January 9th, 2014 myself, my family, and over 300,000 residents in my area were poisoned. We live in the area of West Virginia that was impacted by the chemical leak into the Elk River. The leak occurred approx. a mile up river from the intake for WV American Water Company. So the chemicals were pumped throughout over 1,700 miles of pipeline and contaminated the water for over 300,000 residents.

They admittedly knew about this contamination hours before they alerted the public and issued a water usage ban. During this time we were all drinking the water, doing our dishes and laundry, etc. Many of us became ill, myself included.



After several days, they started to lift the ban, zone by zone, until everyone was cleared to use their water again. They based all of this on one thing, a recommendation by the CDC. The CDC said that the water was now safe to use. They told us it would have an odor, but it was safe.

The U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) seemed to disagree with the recommendations put out by the CDC and WV American Water Co. when they suggested to officials that residents be told to run water from their homes until they no longer smelled the chemical odor, according to communications that were obtained under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act. This recommendation was not followed. We were directed to perform a short flushing process and we were told that the water that then came out of our pipes would be safe, as per the CDC.

As people began using the “safe” water, many became ill. A woman died, another is hospitalized with kidney failure, and hundreds of others became ill enough to require treatment at area hospitals. Many residents shared photographs on social media of their rashes and chemical burns from showering in the “safe” water. I can only guess how many more, like myself and my family, became ill but did not seek medical attention. So many thousands of calls poured in to the local poison control hotline that they had to bring in National Guard volunteers to help man the phones. This was after the CDC said the water was safe.

Some areas are now starting to improve enough that people can use the water for washing, etc. At my home the fumes from the water are still too severe to use it for anything other than toilet flushing. Currently, my family has been over 24 days without usable running water from our tap. Thankfully, we are one of the “lucky ones” that had an old well on our property. So we have been able to supplement our bottled water purchases by carrying water from the well and boiling it. Meanwhile, the CDC still maintains this water is safe, even after all of the injuries (chemical burns, rashes, pneumonia from respiratory irritations, kidney damage, liver damage, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.).

When a resident contacts local officials or the water company about the water safety, they all fall back on the CDC’s statement. When residents contact the CDC, the CDC refuses to comment. They tell us to contact our local officials. It is in my opinion, the very definition of a runaround. Even our local health official says he and his family are not drinking the water that the CDC says is “safe”.

Just this week, we were told that the “safe” water does contain a known carcinogen.

So I said to residents of my area, and I will say it to all of you, please remember this. Please remember that the CDC said this was safe, along with so many other things that the CDC says is safe.

And to the friends and acquaintances who doubted what happened to our little girl because, “the CDC said it was safe”, I hope they remembered that, as they turned on their CDC-approved tap water.

They said it was safe.

I hope what happened here in our beautiful state, serves as a warning to everyone. We need to protect the health of our environment and of our people. I hope you don’t forget West Virginia. I hope when you think of us here, without drinkable water coming from our tap, you remember the same CDC that told you those vaccines are safe, said the very same thing about our water.


– Debbie Norman


Debbie Norman’s previous career was in environmental science. She worked in a laboratory that tested water, soil, and air to make sure that companies were within regulations. The chemical, pesticide and heavy metal exposure from her job, caused her immune system to malfunction and she became disabled. She is a wife and mother of three children, one with autism. She is the founder and director of Women with MG, an international support group for women with myasthenia gravis. She blogs regularly at DebbieNorman.com

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14 Responses to Featured Guest Blog: They Said It Was Safe

  1. annonomous says:

    I forgot to mention in my rant

    my best friends daughter had the trans dermal birth control implanted in her arm at the age of 13 and the parent has no right to know…One side effect is suicidal tendencies …… She committed suicide hanging herself from a bridge with her dogs leash… my friend found his daughter hanging too late….. This is planned parenthood…. And now in California they require inoculations to attend school and they do so without notice to parents.

    When did we lose our freedom this way

    I say it’s time we arm ourselves with guns pitchforks and plough shares and March on Washington remove all politicians and begin again with no businesses allowed to lobby
    Return or freedoms

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      To be absolutely clear, we at TMR do not advocate violence. We DO advocate marching on Washington, or local governments, and taking back the power that has been offered up to the highest bidder.

  2. annonomous says:

    Just a note or rant


    what they say is safe now
    GMO FOODS CONTAINING POISONS like nicotine and hundreds of other things yet they refuse to label gmo

    what else do they say
    in 1974 they claimed the coming ice age
    now they claim global warming yet all their predictions have failed to come true

    chicken little it’s time for you to go into the stew pot

    Bill gates openly States on stage in speaking engagements that they are reducing the world’s population from 7 billion to less than 2 billion using health care and inoculations

    wtf is wrong with these idiots
    study up people on agenda 21

  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you for sharing so eloquently this powerful message. I am sorry for all that you (and countless others) have endured after placing trust in those who hold positions that should be beyond reproach. I too have a similar story with my second daughter, damaged irreparably from her vaccinations, and the life changing events that continue to this day. Though we thank her for the suffering she endures ( and we along with her) because my last two children remain vaccine free, and by nature, are way healthier than most children because of that. I am shocked every time when I see the deceipt, ignorance, and blatant lies of those whom we trust to supply our food, water and medical care. The biggest issue is when profit is placed before people. Every which way you turn, the bias is towards profit or greed, and not the wellbeing and happiness and quality of life of the people such products and services are designed for. Money is a heartless, soulless God and those who worship it perpetuate the disease that seems to be destroying our humanity. Sad sad sad….. thank you again for such a powerful blog…..

  4. Kim Douglas says:

    I, also, am very sad and sorry for the harm and damage done to you, your daughter and thousands of residents in W Virginia, (plus the millions who have been poisoned “safely” by governmental regulated products.) Thank you for sharing your story and for informing me about the chemical spill and how the public was lied to. Plus I read there was another spill yesterday although supposedly it was small and contained…lets hope this report is true. I am sure many will learn from your article and take action for themselves and their family’s benefit and protection.

  5. nhokkanen says:

    I have wondered whether the few vaccines parents received decades ago set off allergies and autoimmune conditions. So nowadays children get walloped with dozens of vaccines, starting immediately after birth — and their adverse reactions get written off as coincidental. That dismissal, absent investigation, defies scientific logic.

    For years parents on listservs have reported their own autoimmune ailments, yet the CDC has shown no interest in using that information. And it’s darkly interesting to hear how lately the vaccine/autism denials are followed by the caveat “even if they did…” — showing how sadly easy it is for health care policymakers to make pseudointellectual bargains devaluing the lives of vaccine injury victims.

  6. Jennifer Power says:

    What an incredible post. I am sharing right now.

    Thank you.

  7. Laura Hayes says:

    Right on target…well said. Our government regulatory agencies cannot be trusted…not one little bit. We are being poisoned from so many directions, by things approved, and often also recommended, by our government regulatory agencies. Many at those agencies should be in jail…for life…for their crimes against humanity. Thank you for this well-written, spot on article, Debbie.

  8. Chuck says:

    Very nicely written, and very sad for those effected.

  9. Your blog gave me chills. My mistrust ended when I heard a CDC doctor say about the harmful vaccines”we want to make sure they get them all ” This was in response to the question ” Why are so many vaccines being given all at once?”
    Congressional Autism Hearing November 2012

  10. Nicole says:

    I learned it as young as I could, but still wish I had learned it sooner: don’t trust the authorities. They are not acting in your favor. If you die, they will not care, feel guilt or even mild regret. Your life is yours, not theirs, so do not give them the authority to tell you it is okay to take risks. These are principles to live by. They make others say I’m crazy or paranoid or freakish. But my life is my own, not theirs: I do not belong to those who call me names and make decisions that might kill them. And teach your children the same: if “they” say you should do xyz, don’t. Ignore the input and make a decision based on all the other information you can gather, but by all means, leave “them” out of it.

  11. Ana Maria Abba says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you and the many thousands in you area.

    Just another example of greed, and the government protecting itself for those who have money and to hell with the little people.

    Thanks for your courage. Keep on fighting the good fight.

  12. Jan says:

    I have goose bumps from reading this post and feel a little sick. This is terrifying that this has been allowed to happen. My heart goes out to you and all of the residents in your area. I’m also grateful that you are spreading the word as up here in new England I have seen little to nothing about this in the paper or on the news.

  13. Jim West says:

    Being a musician who lost some of his hearing and studied causation deeply, let me opine:

    Poisoning defeats the natural noise protection functions of the ear, which are hormonal moderated functions. I lost some hearing years ago while I was being poisoned at somewhat “normal” levels by our unventilated gas stove exhaust. It took a few years but I finally bought a CO2 meter and logged a few days of exhaust activity to understand that our apartment was being polluted by our stove exhaust.

    The ears normally protect themselves with a compression mechanism, the ability to instantly respond to loud noise by reducing its effect, i.e., flattening out the audible intensity curve. It is an amazing feature of our hearing system, unfortunately defeated by industrial pollution.

    Another source of poisoning, aside from vaccines, could be pharmaceuticals, if they were prescribed to your daughter (?).

    Vaccines, being poisons, could do the same thing, also working synergistically with other poisoning such as with vulnerabilities set up by fetal ultrasound, a form of toxic radiation (yes, it is actually a form of “radiation”).

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