Fired or Freed?

Rev Preacher“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” ― Bill Drayton, Leading Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World

Let me set the scene for you.

A bitter cold Friday night in Chicago. Some Thinking moms decide to get together to break up the monotony of a seemingly endless winter. Several bottles of yummy wine lay interspersed among their mostly green, mostly raw, mostly organic food fest. They laugh and talk and enjoy one another’s company. The topic turns to pediatricians.

“I got fired from Dr. * this week.” Says, the youngest one of the bunch. This Thinker has aRev girl wine remarkably healthy child who eats well and is developing normally with no learning disabilities or developmental delays.

“Whaaaaaat did you just say?” We all rubbernecked, saucer-eyed and slack jawed in her direction; our delicate sips turning into large lapping gulps.

“Yep, he sent one letter certified and one to my house . . . Not sure what the point in that was.”

“Oh, he%$ no!” Piped up one of the senior thinkers. “Why?”

“I take *** in for his well-baby visits. He gets weighed and measured still. The doctor looks him over. But, for all the times I’ve gone in there I’ve never gotten a single bill.”

After reading many books, talking to several moms, attending seminars and events held to address the growing problem of chronic auto-inflammatory illness in this country, the young Thinker decided that given the undeniable link between chronic disease and genetically engineered foods and medicine, she would not be vaccinating her children. She is responsible and educated. It’s hard for me to resist wishing I was her, when I see her children reap the fruits of her research versus the pain my family endures as the result of my obedience to the herd. I think all Thinkers, at some point, wish they could get a cosmic do-over.

“But, I still go in for the check-ups! I need a pediatrician in case he does get sick! What am I supposed to do now?” The young one asked.

See, she is somewhat of an accidental renegade. She knows the score, but she is still holding fast to what is quickly becoming regarded as medieval medical-mindedness.

What will I do if my child is sick and I don’t have a doctor who I know and trust? Of course, this is what we think we are thinking — that we are coming at it from the perspective of our assurance.

Buuuuut, when we really look at the present landscape of contemporary American medical care what she really means is . . .

What will I do if my child is critically ill and I do not have a doctor that knows and trusts ME? Things can and do go terribly wrong in the mainstream medical model of “health” care when a mother dares to disagree with a physician. We’ve been intimidated into submission and taught to believe that the word of a doctor, any doctor, is as good as law. Even when a nagging voice (and, frankly hundreds of papers and scientific studies) tells us what may be good for one child is not good for all.

“Well, first off . . .” said my tipsy brilliant Thinker-friend, “There is no way to code ‘baby got weighed and measured, is well fed and perfectly healthy.’ You are taking up their billable time with your healthy baby! Vaccines are what make the ‘well baby’ visit a ‘well baby’ visit. You have every right to challenge your dismissal from their practice.”

The young one replied, “You know it really bothered me when I first started with Dr. * and I asked him to explain why he thought I should vaccinate. He didn’t answer the question, but turned the question back to me and asked why I didn’t want to.”

Listen to this next part closely . . .

“Then, he asked me if I had a history of allergies, asthma, or autoimmune in my family. He would never have asked me that question if I didn’t go a few rounds with him. Then he let it go, and I kept bringing **** for his visits. We didn’t really talk about it again. The nurses harass me sometimes, but, I just tell them I am not going to do it.”

“Yep!” Piped up another Thinker fresh off a sip of her Merlot. “Exactly. If you know, if you present the science, they know you know what you are talking about. You don’t get harassed so much. They will push you around because it’s their business model. It’s their job. Like a used car salesman only with the pharmaceutical industry, media and government supporting them.”

“But what happens to all the kids whose parents don’t know? I go into his office for his check-ups and I hear those babies screaming all around me. You know, those rooms — there are so many, and that office is always packed with new babies,” commented the renegade.

We all just nodded and pursed our lips. Been there, heard it, panicked, puked and wrote the book already.

“The nurses cannot harass you.” Said yet another wise, happily buzzed Thinker as she waggled her finger and flipped her braid. “That is a violation of your HIPAA rights. While HIPAA is in fact designed to allow your private health information to be bandied about among insurance providers without your knowledge, it also means a nurse cannot use your medical information to intimidate you. Your vaccination practices are none of her business, and you need to let them know you’ve been questioned.”

“I have called Dr. * to ask for an explanation for all of this, and they just keep telling me he is not available.”


I’ve been a Thinker going on six years now. If you follow me, you know our journey: volumes of science read, dozens of doctors consulted, many doctors’ offices and surgical facilities visited, over 20 protocols/diets implemented. Hundreds of food allergies accompanied by metabolic disease, autoimmune dysfunction, esophagitis, bowel disease — documented vaccine injury. That is my son’s story.

Rev Dorothy Day

For all you newbie Thinkers out there, this is the wisdom I wish to impart.

1. We are partners in our children’s healthcare. Partners. Partnerships operate under the assumption that both parties have a viable contribution to make. Partners respect and listen to one another.

Rev partnership
2. It is in our child’s best interest to build a team of healthcare professionals. After all, we all share a common goal: the health of all our child, right? A couple pediatricians, a chiropractor, a whole foods nutritionist (who understands grains and the gut), homeopath, naturopath, and homotoxicologist are all good team members. The pediatricians and healthcare professionals are covered by insurance so you can have as many of these on staff as you want! I enjoy having a few doctors because then I can weigh what one says against the other and decide for myself what the best course of action is for my child. For instance, my daughter had bronchitis three weeks ago. I tried my best to tackle it with essential oils and homeopathy, two methods of preventative and responsive medicine that are often quite effective for my family. They’ve helped assuage eye twitches, nausea, ear infections, minor allergic reactions, bruises, eczema and a myriad of other ailments. But, this bronchitis was nagging despite the fact that she did not have a fever and was still very active. She needed an antibiotic, so I took her to a pediatrician who prescribed one. My children do not get them very often, so I was willing to take the risk, off set them with probiotics, and make some dietary changes for the duration of their use. Days after she got the clean bill of health, she came down with an ear infection. Some Galilean olive oil with a dab of Thieves and she was good to go. Sometimes allopathic medicine is an option. Sometimes, simply educating ourselves about proper nutrition and preventative care is an option, too.

3. At TMR we recently sent around a meme expressing that it is not the same to think and do. We have to do both. Many of us with chronically sick and brain-damaged kids found ourselves in this predicament because we believed wholeheartedly that our children would suffer:






Diptheria (in a country where the poorest of the poor have clean running water and garbage disposal),



Hepatitis B, (to get this one you must believe your newborn will get a sexually transmitted disease or use IV drugs on the day he is born)

Hepatitis A


in the first year of life, if we did not allow the pharmaceutical industry to intervene. We did not have confidence on ourselves. We overlooked the fact that the very premise of vaccine philosophy is that it is both fine and necessary to sacrifice some for the good of many. To date our government has paid out over two billion dollars to the top 1% of the “some.”

But now the “some” are the many, and marketing executives sit in board rooms all around the country trying to figure out how to make paying customers of the few somes that are left. Chronic autoinflammatory illness of unknown origins is incredibly profitable these days.

4.  If and when that letter from your pediatrician arrives? Consider it a victory. You are now a Thinker, and you have been invited to take an active role in guiding healthcare policy in this country. May I gleefully suggest there are several medical, chiropractic, whole-health physician practices in your urban/suburban areas that will be more than happy to care for your child? Investigative physicians that treat the individual child are out there. Many, many physicians are resisting this intimidate-to-vaccinate model and are finding ways to stand up for themselves and their practices. They need us all to do our part as Thinking parent if they are going to be successful. Link arms with them, present the science, share your story and consider yourself freed instead of fired!

Love and Respect,

~ The Rev

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6 Responses to Fired or Freed?

  1. Laurie says:

    Actually, there *are* IDC codes for “happy, healthy, normal baby,” and that’s a perfectly billable check up for any pediatrician.
    I realize that goes against your narrative, but there are IDC codes for practically any encounter or diagnosis that a pediatrician would like to make.

  2. Lynn says:

    some more victims of vaccines. it seems in China, they are pretty adamant about making certain the kids have vaccines. Wondering if they have access to groups like this.

    Vaccine fears in China after hepatitis B scare
    December 25, 2013 09:24 AM

    Beijing: Chinese state-run media and Internet users demanded action Wednesday after the deaths of at least seven babies since November following their vaccinations against hepatitis B.

    China’s Food and Drug Administration has suspended use of the vaccine involved, manufactured by domestic producer BioKangtai, and is investigating, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

    More than 44 million doses of the vaccine are in stock or have been sold to 27 provinces and regions across the country, the Beijing Morning Post said.

    An eighth baby died after being given a vaccine made by another company, reports said.

    Hepatitis B vaccine is one of around 10 free but compulsory inoculations for most children in China. It is injected within 24 hours of birth, with further doses at one and six months.

  3. cia parker says:

    It’s also possible to take a child to a G.P. (family practice, or whatever, someone who treats adults) instead of a pediatrician. He or she should be able to handle anything, and then it would be easy to get an antibiotic in case of a serious bacterial infection or a potentially long-lasting one like in sinusitis. They are used to letting patients make their own vaccine decisions, and I can’t imagine one firing an adult because he won’t get a flu shot.

  4. Laura Hayes says:


    I read your comment and had a thought. Have you considered going to meet this doctor without taking your 15-month old, just to discuss his philosophy about whom the decision maker is with regards to medical decisions for a child? If he believes it is he vs. the parent, you might not want to take your child to see him, ever. A better option at that point would be to continue seeing your current pediatrician/naturopath, even if you have to pay out of pocket, and using urgent care in the event immediate medical attention is needed. If you have a good relationship with your naturopath, you can always have her prescribe something over the phone if needed, after a phone consult, if you’re unable to drive the hour that particular day. If your child is unvaccinated, eating a nutrient-dense diet, and is well-supervised, you might find that you won’t need to be seeing a doctor 🙂

    Just a thought 🙂 I hope everything works out well for you and your child!

  5. Kristen says:

    Love this! I have been fortunate to have a pediatrician/naturopath, even if I have to drive an hour to get to her. Recently though, we have had to get on the state insurance and are required to use their PCP’s. Of course our fabulous dr is not one of their choices. I have to take my son there for the first time for his 15 month we’ll visit next week and am so nervous that they are going to harass me about the kids not being vaccinated. I’ve never talked to anyone on the state insurance who doesn’t vaccinate.

  6. Laura Hayes says:

    Right on target, Lisa, as always!

    Just one note to add, after reading all of the articles on Age of Autism last week regarding just how much poisonous pesticide is used to grow wine grapes, you/we are all going to need to switch to organic wine at our next get-togethers!

    And I love your “consider yourself freed versus fired!” ending line…so very true. Thinking Moms out there, you do NOT WANT a doctor who does not understand how dangerous and damaging vaccines are (not to mention ineffective), or who ever wants to FORCE you to accept a particular medical treatment for your child, or who does not respect THE FACT that any and all medical decisions regarding YOUR child are YOURS to make, without any harassment or coercion, thank you very much. Any doctor who does not understand these critical elements of the doctor-patient relationship needs to be FIRED by YOU…and what a GOOD RIDDANCE that will be!

    Forge onward, Thinking Moms…your children are counting on you 🙂

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