Gardasil Update from Europe: Marketing Tactics and Injuries in Ireland

shamrockHPV vaccine-injury stories are making headlines all over the world, most recently in Ireland, the U.K., Japan, France, Spain, DenmarkIndia, Australia, and Colombia.  In contrast, not one mainstream media outlet in the U.S. has covered this recurring, consistent global trend. The pattern appears to be that one day these girls are healthy, and shortly after receiving the vaccine things start to deteriorate. In some cases the reaction is immediate, with headaches and fainting, in others, the onset is later and more devastating, with autoimmune disorders or POTS-like symptoms. The most tragic cases have resulted in death.  Injuries in the U.S. appear to be similar in nature to those around the world, yet there remains a media blackout.

irelandI’m going to focus on Ireland as they have had recent press coverage and I have a particular interest there as my nickname may suggest. Five years ago, the press was even more open than today with a precautionary piece in the Irish examiner  detailing a stern warning from one of the safety researchers on Gardasil, Dr. Diane Harper. However, that piece was published on the last day of summer, and Ireland had adopted the vaccine a few months before. There was little time for busy moms to read it before their kids would go back to school and receive the vaccine for the first time.

My main concerns about the HPV vaccine program stem from the problems I see with the vaccine program itself. Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe that does not have a no-fault vaccine-injury compensation program, while at the same time having one of the most aggressive vaccine schedules. A baby in Ireland will receive 30 doses of 14 vaccines before she reaches 13 months old if you include the much-hyped flu shot. Vaccines are not mandatory, but there is immense pressure to conform to the schedule, which is rarely questioned. In Ireland, the HSE (equivalent to our CDC) financially compensates doctors for each vaccine administered. They are also given a bonus if patients complete the entire schedule. Unlike the United States, citizens of Ireland are far less litigious and not likely to sue the manufacturer or the government for damages due to the vaccines they were pressured into giving their children, partly because the cost of doing so is exorbitant.

A steering committee was set up to look into the possibility of establishing a no-fault compensation scheme in Ireland, acknowledging that vaccines come with inherent risks. In 2009, the committee issued a recommendation to the government in favor of its implementation, but so far nothing has been done. The committee noted “The State, through many call and recall programs, exerts considerable influence on families to immunize their children with a view to achieving the social benefits for the community in general referred to earlier. It is against this background that the very small number of cases of children who suffer serious adverse reactions to some vaccines need to be considered . . . . The State should acknowledge that and make arrangements for a payment scheme . . . .” I can see why the government might be reluctant to act. It can get expensive. Despite being very unpopular because it has not turned out to be the easy “no-fault” program it was envisioned as, and is instead remarkably slow and adversarial, the vaccine-injury compensation scheme in the U.S. has paid out almost $3.5 billion to victims since its inception and has a huge backlog of cases to review. When you pressure people to get repeated doses of something that is bound to harm a percentage of them and you take financial responsibility for that harm, it can get very expensive indeed.

So what about the HPV vaccine program in Ireland? Gardasil was adopted as the vaccine of choice in 2010, and teenagers were given three shots over three visits. In 2014, it was changed to two shots over two visits. The HSE calls it a “Blitz and Mop” campaign which they describe in detail on page 7 in this HPV instructional document for schools. The first Blitz has a Tdap booster complement and the second, a MenC booster.

Why only two shots in Europe when three are given in the U.S.? For some reason a “new marketing authorization” was issued from the makers of Gardasil and Ceravix in 2014, who decided — arbitrarily? — that there is a strict cutoff at 13 years and 364 days old, after which a child in Europe will then need an extra dose if she hasn’t already received two shots. Try as I might, I could not locate a scientific reason for this distinction. Rather, it appears to be a 33.3% cost reduction incentive for European countries where uptake has historically been inconsistent. The U.K. and Ireland have rates well over 80% in school-aged girls, whereas, other countries’ rates vary widely from 17% to 81%. With rates in the U.S. hovering around 30%, I think we might expect to see a similar incentive here once the two-dose experiment plays out over the pond. Although vaccine mandates appear to be the preferred tactic to increase uptake in the U.S.  In fact, Rhode Island recently mandated it for boys.

Parents in Ireland are asked for their consent before the school administers vaccines, but some have reported that not enough information is given as to the side effects of the vaccines. The PIL (patient information leaflet) should be given with each vaccine as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. However, the HSE specifically instructs the local health authorities NOT to give a PIL for Gardasil. (Page 10 on this slide show). The PIL is important because not only does it outline the risks and contraindications, it also gives details on the ingredients (HPV Types 6, 11, 16, and 18, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, yeast protein, sodium chloride, L-histidine, polysorbate 80, sodium borate) and how to file a report if there are any adverse reactions. For example, if the teenager (or any woman) is pregnant, Gardasil can harm the fetus. This is extremely important information. So I was very curious to find out why the HSE would want to conceal this from the public and deny a generation of teenagers their right to have informed consent. What I found was shocking to say the least. In relation to the PIL, the HSE says on page 22 here that: “. . . about 1 in 4 Irish adults have literacy problems. Many adults therefore would have difficulty understanding the technical details in the Patient Information Leaflet.” Please read that last sentence again, and tell me if you are not wondering what century we are living in? While I am sure that literacy in some categories is weak, the overall literacy rate in Ireland is 99%, the same as the United States.  Are we really penalizing 99% of parents (and their daughters) because 1% “would have difficulty understanding the technical details”?


In other words, I think Irish parents could read a PIL if the health of their children depended on it — and it does. The government has already acknowledged that vaccine injury is something to be considered; so it is very worrying that the PIL would be deliberately withheld. It puts so many children at risk, especially since 80-90% of Irish school-attending teenagers have been vaccinated with Gardasil.

What IS given to the teenagers is an information “packet” that is supposed to go home with the consent form. This “packet” is really a marketing brochure with fun graphics aimed specifically at schoolchildren.  It is not a PIL as key facts and risk information are missing. This is surely contrary to the specific instructions of the Irish Medical Organisation’s recommendations regarding the advertising code of ethics when marketing ‘health related products’ to children.  The marketing material uses language that is clearly coercive as it makes exaggerated and untrue claims. For example, the claim that “HPV vaccine protects us from cervical cancer” is not one made by Merck, the manufacturers of Gardasil. In fact, they cannot currently and most likely will never prove that Gardasil protects from cervical cancer. The FDA, who authorized the fast-track approval of Gardasil, does not require it.  It may be safe to say that without a Patient Information Leaflet, the patient cannot have true informed consent. And vaccination is a medical procedure that requires informed consent.


“Marketing” materials sent to Irish teenaged girls

This has led a group of parents who claim to have Gardasil-injured teenagers to set up the support group called R.E.G.R.E.T. to bring attention to their complaints. The support group has only been active for a few weeks, but already they are receiving many emails citing similar stories of reactions to this vaccine that is heavily marketed to teenagers.  The primary goal of R.E.G.R.E.T. is to get help for their daughters who have been injured by the HPV vaccine. These girls, like many around the world, are unable to live normal lives and need lots of help and support. Just as important to these moms is raising awareness among Irish parents about the safety issues surrounding the HPV vaccine, in the hope that when those parents have to decide on this vaccine they will be in a position to make a truly informed decision. The group feels that the information provided by the HSE is incomplete and biased and is downplaying the safety issues while exaggerating Gardasil’s effectiveness. R.E.G.R.E.T. hopes that by sharing their stories, the truth will out itself, a belief which we share at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution.


So just how safe is Gardasil? And how safe is it to combine it with Tdap and MenC? Could these girls’ stories be true? If there are even a handful of reported serious post-vaccination reactions, then Sanevax’s dire prediction from that Irish Examiner article almost five years ago would now be a reality. Every vaccine is “unavoidably unsafe” according to the U.S. Supreme Court; therefore, the answer to how “safe” is in the fine print. For this we need to look at the package insert where Merck provides excerpts from its clinical trials. You will note that throughout Merck’s clinical trial data Gardasil is compared to a placebo which contains an aluminum adjuvant, an ingredient already found in Gardasil. The gold standard of medicine is to test new drugs against an inert substance like a saline placebo. The aluminum adjuvant primes the immune system to mount a response to the antigen (the HPV virus in this case) and therefore, by definition, is anything but inert.  There was one small cohort study conducted with an inert saline solution. When you compare adverse events from this cohort to Gardasil, the results are staggering in their contrast. See page 5 of the package insert for examples. After that point in the insert, Merck combines the saline and the aluminum “placebo” results together in one comparison group in order to present a more streamlined — and less jarring — comparison.  (This sort of practice is highlighted in TMR’s blog “Critical Thinking 201: ‘Vaccine Science’.”)  This is the data that the world relies on when assessing the “safety” of Gardasil.

When healthy children are given preventive medicine, the precautionary principle should hold sway.  When reports of adverse events outnumber the cases of illness the drug is meant to prevent, the prudent thing to do is halt the administration of that drug until further studies have been done. In the case of the HPV vaccine, we may never know if or how many cases of cancer this drug will prevent because it is not possible to calculate for at least another 25 years, as the mean age for cervical cancer is 50 years. (This theme is explored in detail in TMR’s blog “The Evidence on Gardasil:  Modern Miracle or Dangerous Scam? The number of cases of cervical cancer in teenagers is close to zero. Therefore, considering the number of reported adverse events among these teenagers, what would be the prudent thing to do?

HPV adverse events

Ever since the end of the last century, patients’ reactions to vaccines have been routinely dismissed as if the victims were raving lunatics who needed to pipe down because there isn’t a triple-blind placebo-controlled study to back up their claims. The medical profession is supposed to be practicing evidence-based medicine (EBM), which is a modern concept developed in the 1980s.  The idea behind EBM is sound, except in cases where you have illnesses doctors can’t explain since it takes a long time to formulate and produce the evidence that provides the basis of EBM.  In such cases, patients’ anecdotes may our best guides while the good doctors are figuring it all out.

Facebook is turning into a triage center for vaccine injuries, autoimmune disorders and every other 21st century medical emergency that seems to be dismissed as “normal” by the medical establishment. If it doesn’t fit the pharmaceutical “medical” paradigm, then it either doesn’t exist or it is a psychosomatic illness and the sufferer should just have a lie down and stop complaining. Heck, it is even suggested that we should embrace “autism” as if it were some kind of quirky personality trait that we have only just noticed — we just never realized that it was here all along. “It’s better diagnosing; so stop talking about it as if it is iatrogenic and debilitating in nature.  Love your kids and embrace it.”  Completely ignoring the fact that all the recent research shows a huge environmental component in the development of autism.

This is not about vaccine injury alone. It is about a system of practiced cognitive dissonance so widely accepted as to be ingrained in the medical establishment, with many doctors unaware that they are active participants. We are living in an age where research is being compromised in favor of the status quo and the truth is being stifled in favor of a promotion or a paycheck.

So please pay attention to what is happening overseas as it seems to be the only place where the press is free to report both sides of the subject. I will be keeping a close eye on events in Ireland with the hope that the government will hold true to its promise to protect those most vulnerable to the side effects of vaccines, and in particular Gardasil. More worrying is that Gardasil 9 is just around the corner, and the same kids will be given this new vaccine on top of the old. My fear is that we will see a whole new wave of adverse events being reported to VAERS and a lot more emails being sent to R.E.G.R.E.T. in Ireland. When will it end? When is enough, enough (for Merck)?

Read the package insert and ‪#‎BeOneLessGardasilInjury‬.

~ ShamROCK

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40 Responses to Gardasil Update from Europe: Marketing Tactics and Injuries in Ireland

  1. Angela Kaplan says:


  2. Lorraine says:

    Oh my god,those gluten comments i really have no words except is gluten the new candida??! Leaky gut doesn’t exist, fad diagnosis. Another conspiracy theory by people into biomedical. Illegal biomedical I.e Bleach, chelation etc. By the way I stopped reading at “leaky gut”.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      If you stopped reading at “leaky gut,” then you have made it clear that you are not the slightest bit interested in truth.

      Edited to add: I’ve been thinking about the attitude that you displayed in calling leaky gut a “made up condition.” It’s clear that for whatever reason you feel threatened by the plain and simple truth that people who treat their leaky gut symptoms get better, sometimes partially and sometimes all the way. But to deny the reality of what they experienced because YOU don’t want to acknowledge it, is arrogant and selfish. I suspect that you or someone you know is on the spectrum and doesn’t wish to be “cured,” which is absolutely your right. When someone has had a condition for a long time, particularly one that affects the way the brain works perhaps, and has adapted well to it, it is understandable that they would not wish to introduce major change to the way things work. Many adults who have deafness that could be “cured” or “corrected” with cochlear implants have to go through just such a decision, and the major rewiring required to integrate hearing into their brain function can certainly be enough to put people off the attempt. But how selfish would it be, having chosen NOT to take advantage of the possibility of change for themselves, if they said to parents of young deaf children, “YOU should not cure your child’s deafness — you shouldn’t even CONSIDER it — because it would mean that you ‘hate’ and don’t “accept’ your child”?

      • Donald Monty says:

        But leaky gut IS a fake diagnosis.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Gee, well THAT put me in my place, didn’t it? Clearly YOU are the last word on the subject. *eye roll* And the New York Post, that bastion of alternative health “quackery,” ran an article JUST this week about yet another kid with autism that got well when his leaky gut was treated. Damn, those delusions just won’t die, will they?

      • Donald Monty says:

        That article doesn’t mention leaky gut.

      • Donald Monty says:

        Professor? I pointed out that the article doesn’t mention leaky gut.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Just out of curiosity, what do you think are the “gastrointestinal issues” that are being treated with this?

        “Levin is part of a growing group of people who are paying more attention to diet — organic, gluten- and casein-free among them — as a way to treat the symptoms of autism and other disorders. So strongly does she believe in the healing possibilities of food that she’s now a family wellness coach working exclusively with families of autistic children.

        While the scientific verdict is still out on diet as a cure, statistics point to a definite link between gastrointestinal issues and autism. A 2012 study published by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology found a direct link between GI issues and behavior. As many as 70 percent of children with autism have gastrointestinal issues at some point during childhood or adolescence — and diarrhea, food sensitivity and constipation can cause extreme discomfort, leading to irritability, and erratic or withdrawn behavior.”

        The people who consider “leaky gut” a fake diagnosis are the same people who think that diet has no effect on autism. The people who are treating “leaky gut” are often doing it with the use of the GAPS diet or the Body Ecology Diet. Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet (which the subject of the article used to recover her son), and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut & Psychology Syndrome, which is ABOUT healing “leaky gut,” got together to discuss the common roots of their protocols.

      • Donald Monty says:

        Let’s pretend leaky gut is real. What would be a mechanism by which it caused autism? Toxins? In the brain? How would they cross the blood-brain barrier? And what toxins? Why haven’t Gates or Campbell-McBride published any research? And since the parents of the child in the NY Post were constantly trying different treatments, even different diets, they’d have attributed anything they were doing at the time to his improvement.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sorry, Donald. You can do your own homework from here. Read Gates’s and/or Campbell McBride’s books. Or any of the abundant literature and research on the connection between the gut and neurological conditions. Or don’t. It’s all the same to me.

        By the way, parents who try different treatments (“constantly” being a judgment YOU laid on them), are generally VERY aware of which ones made big differences. Nice try, though. ‘Parents and kids do what is supposedly impossible by treating a supposedly “fake” diagnosis . . . hmmm, how can I discount that? Of course! I can say they couldn’t possibly know what did it!” Even though, almost everyone who has accomplished something similar has also said that diet was a huge factor in their child’s healing, and the only people who don’t believe it are the people who are still saying that what they accomplished is impossible.

      • PRS says:

        The gut and brain are, as evolving science shows, very connected. Recent research by University of Virginia has shown that the Blood Brain Barrier in not a barrier ( More evidence shows us everyday that the immune system lies in the gut. It is only a matter of time before the connections are established and this very tired, old regime is put out to pasture. People can belittle leaky gut, and other terms not currently endorsed by the AMA, but taking a postion to denegrate others trying to help someone they love a disease in itself.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Ok “30 doses of 14 vaccines”

    1 bcg
    2 6in1
    3 men C
    4 PCV
    5 MMR
    6 HIB

    Four visits to GP, one injection in each leg thats EIGHT shots, I do live here and am a healthcare professional. Do I know what I’m talking about.

    The HSE is NOT the equivalent of CDC.

    Then the fairytale of the “injured” correlation does not equal causation, these “gardasil injuries” in ireland are not substantiated. Stated “we believe” it may be related, gardasil has been found not to be causal and as for Diane Harper I can fix that too. I will post in a different comment

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Shots” do not equal “doses.” “6in1” nicely disguises the fact that it is six DOSES of vaccine in 1 shot. MMR is three doses.

      And of course, they’re “not substantiated,” because no one REQUIRES them to “substantiate.” Well, that’s the way it is here in the States anyway. There is ONE place where the public can view vaccine injury data and we are constantly being told, but THOSE AREN’T SUBSTANTIATED! My response? THEY WOULD BE IF YOU WERE DOING YOUR JOB!

      Sorry, Lorraine. I will not post your links to those blogs. You may quote them if you like, but we don’t refer people to blogs that have made it clear they are not interested in telling the truth.

    • Martin says:

      We looked at three cases of VERY rare blood disorder reported to HSE in one week..all after Gardasil. Maybe this clarifies the causation question?

      • ShamROCK says:

        Thank you Martin. It is truly shocking what we are seeing in our young girls. Illnesses that were not there before 2010 are suddenly appearing. Gardasil – the leading cause of “coincidence” in the last 5 years. Thank you for sharing.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Lorraine, again, please click on the links to the HSE documents for the important information you seek. You are counting needles and we are counting vaccines. The HSE details them for you here

      Gardasil is now being recommended as a 2 shot vaccine instead of 3 for the younger kids, although if they are over 14 then they must get 3. I made that distinction in the article.
      If you believe that vaccine injury is a “fairytale” we would encourage you to read the article again, where I refer to a government document presented to the “Dail” which states that vaccine injury is a real consideration in Ireland and those affected should be financially compensated. Again, I don’t think you are clicking on the links provided.
      If you are a “healthcare professional” then I think you need to learn a bit more about your profession before declaring that you know what you are talking about. I guess with regard to vaccines in Ireland, you have a ways to go. Thanks for taking the time to comment, yet again.

  4. ladywitch says:

    what’s your problem, lorraine? what is this aggresion about? you didn’t post any citation, any link, where you made your research, but attack another person, who spent hours and hours of researching. i’m not irish, i live here for over a decade, but still do care about people in my home country, so i understand why somebody living in u.s. still takes care about irish people. is that really your problem, or you have some personal issues, why you’re attacking this blogger?

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Ladywitch. My motives are always with the truth and the fact the HSE are deceiving the Irish people should be of concern to everyone, no matter what your view on Gardasil is and no matter where you live. I hope that the HSE reads it and makes some important changes to the program to protect those teenagers (boys and girls) first and foremost. Informed consent before a medical procedure is a basic human right.

      • Lorraine Murphy says:

        Also pil is given out and available on HSE website publicly for all to see, if you look also the vaccine ingredients are listed too, there really is no point talking to antivaxers. its a prodisease ,brainwashed cult and I have a lot better things to be doing with my time

        However I will post my article when its ready.

        Good luck on being responsible for needless deaths from cervical cancer when it can be prevented. I hope you can sleep at night. Go get a hobby. don’t bother passing this, I wont be back.

        but the irish authorities and health depts are aware of your antics. Be assured of that.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Of course, the PIL is available on the website. How do you think ShamROCK got it? That wasn’t the point. The point was that, despite the law, they are deliberately withholding it from parents when offering the Gardasil shot.

        And you were saying about “hate,” Kristen? “Prodisease, brainwashed cult”? I think that Lorraine has made it very clear that “hate” is an appropriate description. 😉

      • ladywitch says:

        dear lorraine, i must remind you, that gardasil is not the only option to prevent cervical cancer. one of the options is not to be promiscuous. i’ll better to teach my kids not to sleep with everyone, and always use a condom, than give them that poison.
        you also remind me one my friend, a health care worker, who told me, tetanus is not a part of infanrix hexa. when i send her an article about infanrix hexa content, she started to be rude, called me “a google-educated mother” and signed off the page to show other mothers and friends, she won’t talk to me any more, because i’m not a health care worker. you don’t have enough of knowledge, but you try to cover it with your aggressive behaviour. we simply didn’t see any facts, any links, any article from you yet, but you act like you know everything. this article is here since 12.june, that’s 5 days. that’s a long time to post even a single article, don’t you think?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        She actually did post a series of links, without comment, to some blogs that I did not approve. The bloggers in question are easy enough to find, get plenty of traffic and have no regard for the truth, so we feel under no obligation to advertise them further.

  5. Lorraine Murphy says:

    I would really love to know what an Autism hating, antivax, conspiracy theory website based in USA is writing about irish vaccination schedule?? Your ‘facts’ are completely wrong and exaggerated, it actually looks comical. What are your qualifications to refute countless research, studies etc, where are your studies, I also know who wrote this ‘blog’ I will be reporting to HSE and heads of immunisation departments, you have no business pushing your lies onto the irish public, you may be an irish citizen, but you don’t live here. It’s fraud, or maybe you want to be responsible for countless cervical cancer deaths because of your own antivax views.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You’ve spewed a lot of hate there, Lorraine, but you haven’t disputed ONE fact in the entire blog. So how about it? Give us just ONE fact that you think is false.

      And we’ll take our chances with the “countless cervical cancer deaths” when the doctor leading the clinical trials herself said that this vaccine cannot lower the incidence of cervical cancer or death from cervical cancer significantly in industrialized countries that already recommend regular pap exams. In addition, a mainstream study found that HPV vaccines MIGHT save 1,300 U.S. lives over approximately 60 years of vaccinating. The problems are that 4,000 a YEAR are dying of cervical cancer. That amounts to about .5% reduction in the death rate. Not even a DENT, and at the cost of rendering how many previously healthy young women infertile and/or permanently disabled?

      Report all you want. We won’t stop telling the truth because people like you don’t like it.

      • Lorraine Murphy says:

        “Professor” not hate, although tmr is renowned for being antivax. Her irish vaccination schedule is off the wall wrong. Where is your evidence and peer reviewed studies? Not from sanevax,naturalnews etc etc….Citations ,evidence??? And as for “shamrock” none of you understand the difference between an adverse reaction and an adverse event. Who is the “scientist” leading this? Keep your antivax lies for the US. Every singlr thing in this article can be refuted with evidence and studies..your cervical cancer figures are wrong also and need to be amended. I will quite happily do an article and tear this apart with real facts and evidence. I do actually follow tmr for other reasons. Like condoning dangerous “treatments” for autism. I won’t go into detail here, I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to anyway. But give me a couple o days and i’ll have my article ready and i’ll happily send it on 🙂

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Lorraine, my dear, the Irish vaccination schedule we linked is an OFFICIAL document, and yet you claim that it is “off the wall wrong.” How about some “evidence and peer-reviewed studies” yourself? Again, give us a specific thing you want a citation for as the blog has link after link to OFFICIAL information. We’ll be happy to support anything you like.

        “Every singlr [sic] thing in this article can be refuted with evidence and studies,” then by all means, do so. I haven’t seen you cite a single thing yet. Feel free to send on your article, but don’t be too surprised if people don’t read it. If you can’t be bothered to cite evidence here, what is the likelihood you’ll do it there?

        What do you mean, “who is the ‘scientist’ leading this?” Leading what? Do you mean Dr. Diane Harper who lead the clinical studies for Gardasil? She has a LOT to say on the subject. “”If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn’t last… we’ve put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit,” says Dr. Harper. “The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.” She also says that enough serious side effects have been reported after Gardasil use that the vaccine could prove riskier than the cervical cancer it purports to prevent.”

      • KristenM says:

        Why is it when anyone attempts to post something counter to the prevailing paradigm here it’s labeled as “hate”?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        So not true, Kristen. We post a lot of comments that are “counter to the prevailing paradigm here” that are not labeled as hate. Some are indeed hate, however.

      • Allison McClymont says:

        If you are a Professor, God help us if there are any more such as you out there in the wild.
        Your “facts” are ludicrous and unsubstantiated. Your hatred is abundant. Your agenda is very obvious.

        I rather hope you are prosecuted for your mischief.


      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You know, Ally, I usually just “trash” comments like yours as simple insults do not add to discussion in any way, but this time I thought I’d respond.

        If you have a problem with my “facts,” by all means contest them. I suspect you don’t have any “substantiation” for your statement, or you would have already offered it.

        I agree, my “agenda” IS obvious: to improve the overall health of all children everywhere. That’s why I essentially volunteer my time and energy to inform people — even though they frequently respond by calling me names.

        My “hatred” is non-existant. I don’t hate anyone, not even people like you who insult me without cause.

        I am not sorry to say that your “hope” will not be fulfilled, because there is nothing actionable in providing people with facts they might otherwise find difficult to obtain — what you call “my mischief.”

        I hope that YOU, Ally, have a great day, and that before long your eyes will be opened.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Lorraine, every fact in the article has a link. I don’t believe you have read it. If you can make a comment with a little less hate and a little more composed reasoning, then we might be able to have a civil conversation. Maybe it was me but it sounded like you were yelling?

      I’ll summarize it for you… this article is about Gardasil in Ireland and how the government thinks that its adult population is too illiterate to understand basic safety information on a PIL. I was outraged at that tbh and I thought many other people would be too. I was right. There have been over 800 adverse events reported to the Irish government since the inception of this vaccination program. There have been zero cervical cancer cases in teenagers in that time. So it is reasonable NOT to support a program of vaccination that does harm. It is a basic tenet of medicine.

      Your continuous request for peer reviewed studies was the exact point of my article. It is not possible to conjure up peer reviewed studies in this time frame. Do you have any idea how a peer reviewed study is conducted? Who would do it in this case in Ireland? There is no incentive for vaccine manufacturers to study post-market adverse events on its own product. That’s not how this works. So please refrain from attacking people for speaking the truth,which is irrefutable in this case. Everything is supported by the HSE’s own documents which are linked. I’m very happy that you will be bringing this to their attention, thank you.

      Also, I think it might get very tiresome to defend each and every (experimental) vaccine just because it is a vaccine and you believe in them as one would in a religion – “without question”. You’d better buckle up because there are lots more fast-tracked vaccines to come (MenB for example), and we will question each one for their safety. Thinking people question everything because we are not all the same and we all react differently to different medicines & vaccines.

      We are not filled with hate, for anyone. Vaccinate yourself and your children, that is your right and we support you. Many people do just fine with vaccines and I for one am very happy about that. Indeed, some are quite useful.

      Gardasil is not a “greater good” vaccine and so we must do what is right and share the information that the Irish government is withholding from a generation of teenagers, so that they may be better informed and avoid some very real risks that the manufacturer does not want people to be aware of. I’m sure you can understand that logic? I hope you read the article before you reply. Thank you.

    • Martin says:

      What’s wrong with hating Autism?

      • ShamROCK says:

        Martin, some people feel that you shouldn’t treat an autistic child for anything and accept the label (and all the symptoms that go with it) as if the label defined the child.

        At TMR we believe that as a parent, you have a responsibility and the right to treat the child as an individual, with medical and therapeutic needs as appropriate, and put the label to one side. We believe in healing and each child’s potential, just as you would with a typical child. Some people disagree and call it “autism-hating”.

  6. Lucy Vaughters says:

    Excellent article.
    Kudos to TMR for its ongoing vigilance on behalf of the health of all of us and our children.

  7. ShamROCK says:

    UPDATE since the article was published.
    When I asked a scientist very familiar with Gardasil as to why “only” 2 shots were needed in Europe, she said “It is for cost savings and also a quiet acknowledgment of the side effects. The problem is that even 3 shots have relatively short duration of protection, who knows how long the 2 shots will last. It is true though that younger kids respond better, that is also why the adverse reactions are higher. Merck studied the vaccine in mostly 16-26 yo girls and women but it is mostly given to 11 yo girls. Their argument was that you cannot do a pelvic exam on young girls – but they could have done HPV tests. So there is VERY LIMITED safety data on the actual age group that receives the vaccines.”

    • Lorraine Murphy says:

      Do real research. Gardasil is administered in three shots, Not two. I also want to know why you are so interested in the irish vaccination schedule when you live in USA. Also i’d love to know who this “scientist” is. Gardasil is safe..Everyone here is staunch antivax, not just Gardasil. you also need to research and learn the difference between an adverse “reaction” and an adverse “event”. All this antivax propaganda is also fuelling unauthorised “treatments” for autism as you and your “following” see autistic children as damaged and toxic. It is illegal in Ireland to perform chelation on an autistic child but you probably know that. Gluten free diets do not “cure” autism. I would also like to see your information sources for your “blog” because none of it is correct. Also where in god’s name are you getting “30 doses of 14 vaccines” I want to see the source because its not true…also yes there is a vaccine injury board in irealand…it is NOT validated….it is for genuine extremely rare substantiated vaccine reactions….not autism!! You honestly think a vaccine injury board will recognise autism as a “vaccine injury” vaccines do not cause autism. Your vaccine information is bordering on fraudulent, your sources are not credible. I’ve told “professor” I will pick it apart and do real facts and evidence.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Lorraine, you can see the “information sources” easily by clicking on the links provided. All of the sources are official. If you want to refute facts, find a better source.

        No one has said gluten-free diets “cure” autism. Many children with autism have gluten sensitivity due to leaky guts (by the way, they are not alone in this at all, the condition is rampant). For many of them gluten proteins that act very like morphine get through the gut lining and go to the brain where they can make a child feel and act intoxicated. Countless people have said that within a few weeks of gluten removal (though often they had to remove casein as well) resulted in a non-verbal child beginning to talk. That’s a pretty awesome thing. It’s hard to imagine why you have such antipathy toward it.

        No one thinks that a “vaccine injury board” is going to automatically recognize autism as a vaccine injury, not with the United States staunchly maintaining that it is not, despite the fact that upwards of 500 cases have in all likelihood been compensated already by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

  8. Malgorzata says:

    Vacciness are made different for last 2 to 3 decades, results are tragic and yet is growing. How about organizing international boycott to this crime? CEO’s of the makers hold responsible for bigger and worst attack on humans than during second war. Entire populations are destroyed now and parents are sitting down with hopeless run around of lies. I am not one of the mom who is going to believe official lies since the same who developed and used on our kids poisons are the same who doing ” research and study” ….. What a discusting way to cover up, media is on their side too because it is a one group of corrupted idiots.

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