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Obstetricians: The New Frontier for HPV Vaccine Marketing

April 19, 2017 There are few things more egregious in the vaccine risk-aware community right now than the HPV vaccine and its tsunami of marketing efforts, targeting one of the biggest fears the American people have: cancer. HPV is a … Continue reading

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Scientific Misconduct and Maladministration Accusations over HPV Vaccine Safety in Europe

October 18, 2016 The Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark issued a complaint earlier this year to the European Medicines Agency over its safety review of HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) and their causal association with autoimmune disorders, specifically CRPS (Complex … Continue reading

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WHO: Accusations of Misconduct Over HPV Vaccine Safety Inquiry

January 15, 2016 With each new Gardasil scandal (I should say “new revelation”) released to the world, people ask me, “Why isn’t this off the market yet?” or “How many injured girls will it take for the government to act?” … Continue reading

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Gardasil Update from Europe: Marketing Tactics and Injuries in Ireland

HPV vaccine-injury stories are making headlines all over the world, most recently in Ireland, the U.K., Japan, France, Spain, Denmark, India, Australia, and Colombia.  In contrast, not one mainstream media outlet in the U.S. has covered this recurring, consistent global trend. … Continue reading

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