WHO: Accusations of Misconduct Over HPV Vaccine Safety Inquiry

January 15, 2016

shamrockWith each new Gardasil scandal (I should say “new revelation”) released to the world, people ask me, “Why isn’t this off the market yet?” or “How many injured girls will it take for the government to act?” My answer is always twofold: $1.7 billion and complete legal immunity.

Today, Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD sent an open letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Margaret Chan, relating to apparent misconduct on the part of Dr. Robert Pless, the chairperson of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GAVCS)*, Dr. Koji Nabae of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Dr. Melinda Wharton of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of Auckland University, New Zealand.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee

Dr. Sin Hang Lee

The letter calls the integrity of these individuals into question and alleges that they deliberately conspired to misrepresent scientific data presented as evidence at a public hearing of HPV vaccine safety in Japan on February 26th 2014.

In the wake of that public hearing, the Japanese government made the prudent and cautious decision to suspend its recommendation of HPV vaccines pending further investigation. The government based its decision on the overwhelming scientific evidence  on the risks of vaccination with Gardasil and Cervarix presented by Dr. Lee, Dr. Jerome Authier, Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD and Dr. Mirna Hajjar. Japan was the first country to suspend its recommendation, which inevitably ruffled feathers at Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

So what happened that caused Dr. Lee to write an open letter of complaint of misconduct to the Director-General of the WHO almost two years after that momentous hearing? A Freedom of Information request filed in New Zealand disclosing a series of emails involving the above-named individuals indicates that they may have intentionally colluded to deceive the Japanese public (and the rest of the world) on the subject of HPV vaccine safety.  For a detailed timeline of events, I’ll refer you to Sanevax as they were involved in supporting this endeavor and have kept excellent records.

One of the most controversial discoveries relating to Gardsail since it was licensed, occurred in 2011 when Dr. Sin Hang Lee found that 100% of 13 Gardasil samples he had contained HPV L1 gene DNA fragments, something which was denied by the FDA and Merck before that time. He also found that the HPV DNA fragments were not only bound to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant, but they had also adopted a non-B conformation, thereby creating a new chemical compound of unknown toxicity. Non-B conformation DNA structures are responsible for neurological diseases and genomic disorders. Sound familiar? Dr. Lee believes that this new non-B conformation is responsible for the array of autoimmune illnesses children and young women are experiencing after Gardasil vaccination and urged further study.

Dr. Lee’s findings have been replicated by the work of Dr. Laurent Bélec who states;

Preliminary data showed the presence of contaminating HPV L1 DNA in all tested different batches of Gardasil® vaccine from France. Our observations confirm independently and extend the previous observations by Lee SH.

Dr. Lee also discovered HPV-16 L1 DNA fragments in post-mortem blood samples of a teenager who died six months after completion of three Gardasil injections. His case study included a call for more investigation into this new scientific discovery. One would think the scientific community should have been screaming for funding from the rafters and demanding an international inquiry. But that’s not quite what happened.

In response to Dr. Lee’s findings, on October 21, 2011, the FDA admitted that yes, HPV L1 gene DNA fragments are contained in the vaccine, but they are an expected  result of the manufacturing process and pose no health risk, a statement for which the FDA is not able to provide any supporting scientific evidence as Dr. Pless was to discover. There is in fact no evidence that suggests foreign DNA fragments can be safely injected into humans.

Dr. Robert Pless

Dr. Robert Pless

Moving ahead to Tokyo 2014, Dr. Lee was about to present scientific evidence from his widely circulated paper that not only does Gardasil contain the DNA fragments, but also that they are anything but safe. (Dr. Lee’s study shows how the DNA fragments attach to the aluminum adjuvant and get carried by the macrophage through the bloodstream and to the brain, possibly causing autoimmune disorders or death. Dr. Lee explains it himself here.) Since there was no peer-reviewed science to refute Dr. Lee’s claims, this presented a PR problem for Dr. Pless and GAVCS. Isn’t it interesting that their first reaction was to refute his claims? Wouldn’t you think the very agency charged with world vaccine safety would be more interested in verifying Dr. Lee’s claims by recommending and funding further studies since those discoveries pointed to a highly probable risk signal in the vaccines? Dr. Pless, however, was only concerned with countering Dr. Lee’s claims ahead of the Tokyo public debate.

Shortly after the hearing, on March 12, 2014, GAVCS issued a formal statement, (which, we now know from the disclosed mails, was prepared in advance of the public debate) in response to the evidence presented in Tokyo. Dr. Lee takes exception to this statement, which he says is nonfactual and a misrepresentation of the referenced science. He believes this misrepresentation was deliberate and intended to mislead the public as evidenced by these never-before-seen emails from Dr. Pless to the Japanese Ministry of Health and their elected presenter at the hearing, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of New Zealand. Their intent appears to be to convince the public that the scientific evidence to be presented at the hearing could be dismissed.

Dr. Lee’s main grievances relate to the dismissal of two unrelated papers, which Pless conflates. Dr. Lee believes that Dr. Pless understood that two the papers related completely different issues (HPV L1 gene DNA fragments per Dr. Lee’s paper and HPV-16 L1 virus-like particles (VLPs) per the Tomlijenovic/Shaw paper) and deliberately misled the world by implying that a technical report that refuted one of them also refuted the other. The CDC technical report Dr. Pless referenced was based on a phone conversation with unnamed participants and refers only to HPV-16 L1 VLPs and does not cover the consequences of injecting HPV L1 DNA fragments into humans. Compounding this, is the fact that GAVCS admits it didn’t review the material, but instead states that the papers were reviewed by a panel of (unnamed) experts, without further explanation. Furthermore, Dr. Lee’s paper on HPV L1 DNA fragments was published after this unpublished CDC report was written and, therefore, the report cannot be used to dismiss his findings about DNA fragments. There is no study in the world right now that will support the safety of injecting HPV L1 gene DNA fragments into the human (or animal) body.

In fact, Dr. Lee states that:

Natural HPV DNA does not remain in the bloodstream for very long. However, the HPV DNA in Gardasil is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) — genetically engineered — to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms. Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.

Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris

Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris

In an attempt to find a study to counter Dr. Lee’s claims ahead of the debate, Dr. Pless reached out to Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris in New Zealand as she had refuted Dr. Lee’s assertions point by point in an online blog. He admitted in an email to her that GAVCS had not yet addressed the “DNA question,” and she was the only one he could find that had attempted to do so. Interesting, isn’t it? Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris has not published papers that would deem her qualified to make such assertions about Dr. Lee’s findings. However, it appeared that Dr. Pless was desperately casting out a net and she got caught.

Dr. Petousis-Harris replied immediately that she placed the rebuttal in the public domain “at the 11th hour” as “the only means of providing the information to the Crown Prosecution representatives.” She is referring to the case of the death of Jasmine Renata, allegedly due to Gardasil. Dr. Lee’s testimony at the inquest into Jasmine’s death is as follows:

The finding of these foreign DNA fragments in the post-mortem samples six months after vaccination indicates that some of the residual DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil® have been protected from degradation in the form of DNA-aluminum complexes in the macrophages; or via integration into the human genome.

Undegraded viral and plasmid DNA fragments are known to activate macrophages, causing them to release tumor necrosis factor, a myocardial depressant which can induce lethal shock in animals and humans.

In the same email, Dr. Petousis-Harris refers Dr. Pless to another science blogger (her “public domain” source?), this one in the U.S., whom she assumes “has given the material some thought” and whom Dr. Lee refers to as “an online character assassin masquerading as a science defender.” Petousis-Harris freely admits that she’s not an expert while also revealing her lack of understanding of the issues. She assumes Pless is referring to the issue of VLPs “tightly bound to the adjuvant and that the Shaw and Tomljenovic ‘hypothesis’ that it somehow finds its way to the brain carried by macrophage” In fact, this is not possible. She clearly mixed up papers and “hypotheses” and made no sense. Despite this, she was chosen to present at the Tokyo hearing via Skype as an “expert.”

Petousis-Harris’s presentation is filled with inaccuracies and character assassinations according to Dr. Lee. Most notably in Dr. Lee’s opinion, it seems that she doesn’t understand basic medical science as evidenced by this statement: “There are no controls used (unvaccinated). This is a vital part of the scientific process.” (original emphasis) Controls are indeed a vital part of the scientific process, but not in a case report such as Dr. Lee’s. Case reports are used to report intriguing initial findings that the author believes warrant further research such as clinical trials.

In preparation for the hearing, Dr. Nabae of the Japanese Ministry of Health suggested changes to Petousis-Harris’s slides based on his knowledge of credible science presented in previous meetings:

Dr. Nabae was concerned about Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris’ Powerpoint slide which stated “immune activation on uptake of HPV vaccine does not include an increase in inflammatory factors (incl TNF) even in vaccinees with large injection site reactions at time of local inflammation” because such claim contradicted the data presented by another expert at their previous meeting which in fact confirmed that cytokines following vaccines increased particularly at injection site after Cervarix® compared  to other vaccines (including tumor necrosis factor- TNF)

However, Dr. Petousis-Harris dismissed this concern by citing her, as yet unpublished, peer-reviewed PhD thesis: “we specifically examined the reactogenicity of the vaccine and associations with 27 cytokines incl TNF and IL1 . . . there was no elevation of any cytokine associated with reactogenicity.”

This is one of the more blatant misleading points of her presentation in Dr. Lee’s opinion. Petousis-Harris acknowledges in her thesis that

Only a single blood sample was taken. The absence of a baseline measure precludes any within-individual changes. It cannot be determined if there were any changes in cytokine levels as a result of the administration of the vaccine or if these were base-line levels.

And “as many cytokines have localised activity it is possible that increased activity is not captured systemically.” Therefore she has no real basis for the assertion that “there was no elevation of any cytokine associated with reactogenecity.” — a finding which Dr. Nabae took at face value, despite the fact that it directly contradicted evidence presented by a Japanese scientist at a previous meeting that HPV vaccination does increase cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor, at the injection site. As Dr. Lee explains, “HPV vaccines contain HPV L1 gene DNA fragments, the viral DNA fragments, bound to aluminum adjuvants in the vaccines.”

Dr. Koji Nabae

Dr. Koji Nabae

It’s clear from the emails that the GACVS prepared its “reaction” statement before the hearing, and shared it with the Japanese Ministry of Health prior to the hearing as well. Yet a few days before the hearing, Dr. Nabae told GAVCS that they should not be present at the hearing and should wait a few weeks to release their statement. Dr. Lee believes that this was deliberately done to avoid cross-examination or scrutiny of their statement in public.

Given these assertions, and many more, by Dr. Lee, a logically minded person might assume that the WHO would launch an immediate inquiry into Dr. Lee’s findings and issue at least a temporary moratorium on Gardasil and Cervarix, right? I’m not going to hold my breath because, as Dr. Pless mentioned, “the GACVS has not yet had a chance to delve into the DNA question” – three years after Dr. Lee’s findings were published. Apparently, it’s okay to risk harming our children because the GACVS “hasn’t had a chance” to do its job.

As you may know, Japan is the figurative “patient zero” in the never-before-seen epidemic of “psychosomatic” illnesses in young girls and women popping up all over the world, coincidentally where HPV vaccines are administered. An epidemic fueled by Internet rumors and the “vaccine hesitant movement” if you believe a report by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), commissioned by Merck and co-authored by Dr. Heidi Larson of the Vaccine Confidence Project in the U.K. The report provides fascinating insight into the minds of Merck and some vaccine proponents, and their absolute determination to drive home their agenda at any cost. They viewed the Japan situation as very troubling and painted a picture of an all-out war over media coverage, fearing they “had lost” to “anti-vaccine groups”:

Over the last year, controversy within the Japanese medical and political arenas over the HPV vaccine has touched the public at large.

Through social media and highly publicized events, anti-vaccine groups have gained control of the narrative surrounding the HPV vaccine.

This shows contemptible callous disregard in my opinion. Girls’ lives are at stake and they want to fight over media coverage? Where is the concern for these girls and their health? Incidentally, this report makes no mention of the 2014 public debate in Tokyo and the expert scientific presentations by Drs. Lee, Authier, Tomljenovic and Hajjar.

What is mentioned, however, was that just prior to the public hearing on HPV vaccines in Japan, a Japanese official, Dr. Yutaka Ohno, described the girls as having psychosomatic reactions:

It is impossible to find physical causes for the alleged and presumed adverse reactions at those vaccinated girls, so we cannot help, concluding that their so-called adverse reactions are the mere consequences of psychosomatic reactions. The government should provide counselling to the girls so that they may be freed from their psychosomatic reactions.

However as Dr. Lee pointed out at the hearing, a psychosomatic reaction cannot cause death in an otherwise healthy teenager. He asked for a show of hands from those who believed differently. Crickets. Even from the “expert” from New Zealand.

I discussed this idea of HPV-vaccine-induced illness as a psychosomatic phenomenon in more detail in my last article where I asked the question, Is This The Beginning of The End of Gardasil?, referring to current events in Europe. I should have emphasized the word “This” as it seems that there have been many occasions in the past where information has come to light and one might be forgiven for assuming that common sense would finally prevail and THIS would be the end. Incredibly cognitive dissonance continues to hold sway, and the status quo is maintained.

Something needs to be done about the Gardasil situation – and fast. We need corporate accountability, government inquiries, scientific funding and a framework for legal discourse. In the U.S., Merck has legal immunity, but other countries can pursue legal avenues. France has been so inundated with lawsuits in recent years, it pledged this week to launch a public inquiry in 2016. There, HPV vaccination uptake is only 17%. Ireland has one case pending in the High Court where one mother is asking for the revocation of Gardasil’s license. Indeed, many other mothers in Ireland have formed a support group for Gardasil survivors called R.E.G.R.E.T., which is making a lot of progress in getting answers for their daughters. In all, the U.S., Denmark, South America, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland and the U.K. all have HPV vaccine crises which need to be addressed and not dismissed as contagious hysterical reactions fueled by social media.

Gardasil seems to be this indestructible force, barreling its way towards our children at an unstoppable rate, causing death and destruction along the way. If you are caught in its path, it’s just a “coincidence.” There are many reasons why you could be struck down with an autoimmune illness out of nowhere, coincidentally after receiving a vaccine with unsafe foreign DNA fragments in it. I mean, what will it take? How many kids have to suffer before governments will finally listen to their people and investigate this vaccine and agree (perhaps collectively because, you know, safety in numbers) that a moratorium is needed pending a widespread investigation into the injuries and deaths reported thus far? It seems a reasonable request since we are talking about our children and the next generation of children. Blindly accepting vaccine injury as collateral damage for the greater good is a noble thing to do according to vaccine proponents – until you see a vaccine-injured child. Then you understand that it’s abhorrent and even criminal.

No one seems to be accountable. Who will stand up to Goliath for the sake of our children? Right now it’s the parents, the mothers. Their numbers are sadly growing daily. They cannot be silenced, and no one can stop their message from being heard – all over the world.

The most feared opponent is one that has nothing to lose. And Dr. Sin Hang Lee agrees. He has stared down Goliath for the last five years and so far won.

WHO – your move.

~ ShamROCK

For more by ShamROCK, click here.

*Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GAVCS): The Committee’s regular reports are published soon after each meeting in the WHO’s Weekly Epidemiologic Record, while urgent reports are posted separately online, and a compendium is available on the GACVS website maintained by WHO1 . Since the committee was established in 1999, it has produced over 100 reports related to vaccine safety issues. GACVS role is primarily to assess risks related to vaccine use in order to assist policy-makers in establishing benefits and risks as part of evidence-based vaccination policies. With respect to WHO advisory bodies, GACVS risk assessments are regularly used by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), the Expert Committee on Biological Standards (ECBS) as well as regional technical advisory groups related to immunization.
A total of 39 experts have served on GACVS to date, the current committee being composed of 15 members.

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21 Responses to WHO: Accusations of Misconduct Over HPV Vaccine Safety Inquiry

  1. Godofredo says:

    There are identified 234 types of human papillomavirus (HPV); they do not ofende; they are divided in low and high risk; the high risk factor HPV are suspicious to originate the uterine cervical carcinoma (UCC); the low risk the mayority, produce benigns lesions; to day exist world collective psicosis about the HPV by the full advertising to the manufacturer to introduce the vaccine against the HPV in the market.
    There are not researchers; stadistic, epidemiologc, citologic, histologic, colposcopic and clinic to demostrate that this vaccine prevent the pollution with HPV nor the HPV produce the cervical cancer
    HPV infection not only is adquired for the coitus; we are contaminated since after born, are widespread in the world; they life in the environment and blood for reduced time; they are ubiquitous; by immunology are determined that have the affinity by our skin and the mucous membrane of the genital, upper respiratory and digestive tracts; anus, of the mouth, gum, lips, in the amniotic fluid, ruber glove, biopsy forceps, specula, underwear, towels, on the floor, the toilet seat, gyms, lockers rooms of swimming in general in the fomites;: are considered as commensals; the domestic and wild animals too are contaminated.
    In average have the viruses 3% to 93% of the men; between 23-26 years of women have the more high frequency and 40% of children have this virus and the 10% of women without sex have the HPV; the pregnants of the first quarter 40%, of the third quarter 60% and in the postpartum 17% have the HPV. Not all person in the world are contaminated;.in average 10% of persons that are leving in development countries and 15% in underdevelpment are polluted with this viruses; they lack to the cellular structure; they have not the proper metabolism; they request a cell to life, is the parasitic of the cell; they are considered the basic structure of life.The frequency and types of the HPV vary according to the region, geography, age, cultural, social, economic and religious factors; the HPV do not distribuited to iqual in the world; in USA: the more frequecy is PVH 16 , Africa HPV 45 , Central and South America PVH 39-59, Canada HPV 31, Spain HPVs 6-16-51- 53: The HPV is increased in the second time of the menstrual cycles and in women who use hormonal anticonception and decrease in the first time of the cycles and do not use hormonal anticonception; the proportion of the HPV too is diferent over the world: Africa Subsahariana 24%, east of Europe 21.4% , Latin America 16.1%, Thailand 8%, New Mexico both sexo 9%, white no hispanic 13.7% , hispanic 9.7% and natives 6.6% , Argentina 16.6% , South Corea 10.4% and so on; a metanalysis in women with normal PAP 11.7%.The HPV life in the cervix of the uterine without produced disturbance: are latent, subclinical in minority case as warts, condylomata flat or inverted ; The HPV are capricious, ubiquitous and enigmatics, appears and disappears from the body of the person, the highest incidence are in women aged 20 to 26 years disappear with the age, may persist throughout life without causing any disturbance, in 80% of women who have HPV in your cervix disappear before the twelve months, by action of the immune system.
    There are not any investigation that scienrtifically proof that the HPV cause the uterine cervical carcinoma (UCC) it is only suspicious. In the development of the UCC are implicate others cofactors being the first and foremost the sexual act; the coitus is the factor scientifically demostrated that produce the UCC; Mix in 130, 000 nuns do not found not any UCC, followed by fasctor suspísous: tobacco, alcohol, HPV, herpes simplex virus 2, age of first intercourse, number of partners, cofactor man, economic factors, more frequent in women of low economic status , multiparity, circumcision, immune system disorders, hormonal contraception, environment and others.
    In 1974 zur Hausen hypothesized that HPV was the agent that cause the UCC and other researchers reported the same idea, but HPV does not fulfill the five Koch’s postulates, which is accepted as dogma in the scientific medical to be considered as the cause of cervical cancer; the HPV in UCC are found by immunological methods in only 90%, that can consider as that the HPV is present or is a immunology residue; the HPV natural or native do not found.in UCC
    The presence of HPV is not sufficient for the development the UCC, require the company of several exogenous and endogenous cofactors.
    Our understanding of the relationship of HPV with the cofactors are still poor and the role of cofactors in the development of cervical malignancy are nebulous. Scientifically can ensures that HPV does not cause cervical carcinoma and HPV vaccine does not prevent less prevents cervical carcinoma, must have further research on the HPV and other cofactors.
    Dr. Godfrey Arauzo
    Huancayo PERU
    E mail: godo.ara @ gmail.com

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Dr. Arauzo for this important information. I will share it with others! I appreciate you taking the time to share it.

  2. This is an important story. We’ve posted an interview with SANE Vax regarding Dr. Lee’s revelations here: http://drrimatruthreports.com/hpv-smoking-gun/

  3. Please join Gardasil Families on the STEPS OF CITY HALL in NYC tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, 1/20/16 at 1PM sharp. FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/938063439612229/ and 13 INTERVIEWS with HPV Vaccine Victims here: http://billiontoddlermarchforsurvival.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-constant-battle-since-gardasil.html ~ Interview about this EXPOSE with Norma Erickson and Freda Birrell here: http://tobtr.com/s/8235571 To your health!, Sallie

  4. Derick Lonsdale MD says:

    The so-called “psychosomatic disease” is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). We have shown in several cases that HPV vaccination precipitates POTS by initiating thiamine deficiency and that POTS is actually early beriberi and would be easily reversible in its early stages. Leave this alone and there will be a gradual deterioration in cellular metabolism, particularly in the brain. Unlikely as this sounds, we have also shown that in some of these cases there are SNPs involving thiamine transporters that create genetic risk. We believe that the vaccination is a serious stress factor and coupled with genetic risk and an inadequate supply of dietary thiamine it can impose this devastating and potentially crippling disease.It clearly needs further research. Please see the website “Hormones Matter” for further discussion on this subject.

  5. Kario says:

    While I think this work is very important and I appreciate the investigation and compilation of information, I think it is very important to be absolutely ironclad in the arguments or you risk having the baby thrown out with the bathwater. Case in point, the link that suggests that France has promised to “launch an inquiry in 2016” actually only says that a public debate over vaccines (in general, not particular to HPV) has begun because of refusals. It says nothing about French government concerns regarding Gardasil. Be careful, please. Any chink in the armor will lead critics to dismiss all of the arguments you have just made.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I am very careful Kario and few people can dismiss the arguments I have made, but I appreciate the warning. I spend a great deal of time checking sources. Of all the information presented in this piece, I am surprised you would choose this ONE point. But I will explain. Most articles on the vaccine and HPV situation in France are in French. The 2016 public debate on vaccines in France is fueled in part by the refusal of French children (their parents) to accept the HPV vaccine which is offered in schools. There is a large underground movement mobilized against it, again all sources in French. When a vaccine uptake is 17%, that is refusal. The French are beginning to refuse ALL vaccines which is the main reason for the debate. Here is a translation of a letter by the Minster for health in France, provided by Sanevax, which relates to the HPV vaccines “Alongside this dramatic slump in confidence, research carried out worldwide – here in France by R. – K. Gherardi and F.-J. Authier, in Canada by C. Shaw and L. Tomljenovic, in North America by S. Seneff and S.-H. Lee, in Israel by Y. Shoenfeld and in the UK by C. Exley and others – blames the dangerous toxicity of the aluminium salts used as adjuvants in vaccines. ” http://vaccineimpact.com/2015/european-parliament-addresses-the-gardasil-scandal-in-europe/


    It was President Bush Sr. that signed into law that not all ingredients must be listed in vaccines……instead of removing “peanut proteins” from vaccines or pulling the vaccine from the market…..when it was discovered as the cause of death of infants, toddlers, and children. And, could be the beginning base for allergies when it did not kill our children. Why? Because President Bush also set on the Merck Board for a triple digit income. Merck convinced the FDA to fast track Gardasil knowing that young girls ages 9-12 died in the Clinical studies. Why did the FDA agree to fast track this vaccine? Because they charge millions more for a speedy approval process. In the CA, the State Legislators received 5.5. million dollars to pass and sign into law by Governor Jerry Brown, the Anti Parental Consent Law making MD’s the ultimate decision maker on forced vaccines. In the 2015, Sale Promotion PDF, only up for a few minutes on the Who.org Website….. clearly shows Merck payouts to Politician Senator Doctor Pan to put him in office to push parents out of the decision making process and giving Dr.’s ultimate say. When parents found out that young girls were dying and impaired Merck sales dropped into the millions…..after winning the forced vaccine law in CA……sales climbed up into the billions. It is Who.org’s intention is to secure share profits and kick backs for medical professionals and sponsors of their vaccines. How? By introducing forced vaccines bills at the Congressional, State, and Heads of Countries to force vaccines. And, by focusing on middle income families. Heads of Countries also include leaders of our long standing enemies. Contacting the White House, Congress, and the GOP…..my concerns about “Public Safety” and “Genocide of the American”, especially since Nazi Scientist who took part in human experiments and the development of “mustard gas” came to the USA to begin the vaccine industry. The People’s concerns and cries to remove Gardasi have been ignored. Merck Vioxx was finally removed after 59 thousand deaths. 84% of vaccines are made outside of the USA. China, Tiawon, Philippines. Why?For cheap labor, sourcing of ingredients where human and animal abuse are condoned. What about quality controls, shipping, and storage. The known leading cause of death from vaccines is contamination. These countries have a difficult time reading our formulas and applying them. The Who.org and the Philippines have jointly exercised numerous joint ventures to destroy the ovaries of young girls for population control deliberately placed in vaccines, and of course without consent. The Who.org for the “Greater Good” is also the Greater Greed and justification for deaths and impairments of woman, globally. The Who.org is know for false information given out to the Public and for drumming up sales. The good news is Bill Gates is loosing in damage lawsuits in India for 47 thousand children paralyze from the Sulk Vaccines. The Parliament in India just voted in laws to protect their People from the vaccine industry. Japan is going the same. Italy, France, Spain, and Germany are winning in court for the deaths and impairments of Gardasil.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m unaware of any law that George H. W. Bush signed that said vaccine ingredients don’t have to be listed. There was a 1986 law that was extremely important in the history of vaccines. It was the law that gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from any harm their products do by creating the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program funded by a tax on every dose of vaccine. That law was passed in 1986, however, which means that Ronald Reagan signed it, not George H. W. Bush. In addition, I cannot find any indication that George H. W. Bush ever served on the Board of Merck. I suspect finding verification for the rest of your comment would prove equally difficult.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      SHW-CA NOW – brilliant comment here .The best I’ve seen in sometime.

      About the secret ingredients , that would make sense given what is being said about Nagalase (and all the holistic doctor deaths).

      I have read the 47000 NPAPF is now up to 54000 .

      And regarding the phillipines , they have a known track record , tetanus HCG 1995 as reported by the BBC .

  7. Rene says:

    Great article with great references. Thanks for all of your hard work. Let me know what I can do to help.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Rene. Just tell others what you know. Spread the word about the risks and encourage everyone to read the package insert.

  8. ShamROCK says:

    Thank you Norma for all your hard work in this field. True warriors are not afraid. Dr. Lee is one of those warriors. We have many more in the wings. Let’s hope this is truly the beginning of the end…

  9. Anna Cannon says:

    We were Merck’s most lucrative customers. We were the mums who trusted that the health authorities wanted the best for our children, allowing our 12 year old daughters to receive this new vaccine. We were blind folded in a marketing exercise, without the right to be fully and honestly informed of the 21 side effects on the Gardasil Patient Information Leaflet. Now we live with the consequences of our decision every day, watching our previously healthy and vibrant teenage girls struggle to get out of bed. Crying with pain and asking us, why me? Being told by the medical profession that it’s all in their heads, and their new found confidence shattered. An entire generation of female youth being used in an experiment, with genetically modified DNA, for the first time injected into a human host, the consequences unprecedented and the risks unknown. I feel violated and scammed and devastated watching this unfold.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      In the United States they are working very hard on adding the MALE youth, and there is also a campaign underfoot to make it an infant vaccine.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Unfortunately Anna, it’s not the first time vaccines containing GMs have been used. That’s for another day. It is a crime that one child is harmed by this vaccine, never mind an entire generation. We are fighting hard against this one and we will win. One day your daughter and every child affected will be vindicated. This is a demonstrable atrocity and we will stop it. Thank you.

  10. Everyone needs to take this information, make it their own, and use it however they can to change the current paradigm. Help create a world where these types of tactics are not tolerated. It is up to each and every one of us.

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