Is This the Beginning of the End for Gardasil?

shamrockIreland, a small country on the westernmost edge of Europe, has been the focus in the last few months of an unprecedented international media storm around the subject of Gardasil and the staggering number of side effects which have been reported. We have been covering the story since last June when I wrote about the then newly formed group R.E.G.R.E.T. which had 25 members at the time. It has now sadly grown to over 150 as more and more girls are coming forward as a direct result of these brave parents sharing their girls’ stories. This is something we at TMR believe in strongly, sharing the truth so that others may be helped.

And their stories are truly heartbreaking. So much so that one of Ireland’s national TV stations, TV3, approached R.E.G.R.E.T. a few months ago seeking to do a documentary with some of Ireland’s most prestigious documentary filmmakers and producers. Once the filming wrapped, the group was inundated with TV, newspaper and radio requests before and after this groundbreaking show was aired. One such radio interview brought me to tears. This kind of uninhibited press coverage is unheard of in the U.S., where the topic of vaccines continues to be a radioactive one.

The documentary aired on December 14th, and the reaction worldwide has been staggering. I don’t know how you could watch it and not be moved to tears by what you were witnessing. Could this be the end of Gardasil? It may not happen overnight, but I think we can all agree that this is no longer a fringe issue; it has been catapulted into the international arena of mainstream scrutiny.

I wrote about the growing Irish political reaction to this situation in October of this year, asking when the government was going to respond to the girls’ plight. The pressure began to mount on the Health Products Regulatory Agency and the Heath and Safety Executive to respond to Paschcal Mooney’s (Fianna Fáil) request for a debate and an investigation. The health committee finally heard the families, and they were invited to give testimony on December 3rd.  The parents’ opening statements are truly impressive, leaving the rational viewer in no two minds as to the urgency of this issue.

Health committee

Anna Cannon testifying before the health committee

To date, the Minister for Health, Mr. Leo Varadkar, has refused to meet with the affected families, instead hiding behind the corporate rhetoric given by Merck that the vaccine is safe. He also claims that the almost 1,000 reported adverse reactions are within the expected range and are of no concern.

Added to this was the publication on November 30th of a report by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that “confirmed” that there was no causal link between the vaccine and the development of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a stance being used by the Irish government to strengthen its resolve on this position to take no action. The EMA committee set up to look into the adverse events of the HPV vaccine is fraught with conflicts of interest, and their ties to the pharmaceutical industry were not properly disclosed to the public. However, we can see their backgrounds in this translated news article here, which was released by a Danish publication seeking to expose the truth on this issue.

Since POTS and CRPS do not have internationally standardized diagnostic criteria, there are many questions unanswered as to the way in which the EMA committee drew its conclusions. We also do not have a clear indication of the prevalence of such disorders in the population before 2007 when the vaccine was approved. In fact, of the 150 sick girls in Ireland, only a handful have any diagnosis at all, despite the devastating nature of their illnesses, as Irish doctors have yet to understand and recognize their illnesses (to the point that many of the girls have had their appendixes removed, hoping to resolve undetermined abdominal pain). Many members of R.E.G.R.E.T. were among those who submitted testimony to the EMA. Was their testimony taken seriously or simply ignored as there was no associated diagnosis? The findings of the EMA will be sent to the European Commission for a “legally binding” decision next year. I guess that will settle that, and another vaccine door will be closed to further scientific inquiry (how very unscientific!) . . . Or will it?

Dr. Kevin Connoll of the Irish National Immunization Advisory Committee

Dr. Kevin Connolly of the NIAC

What the vaccine industry and its advisors fail to understand is that these are real issues for real people. Vaccine injury is a growing international concern, which Gardasil is highlighting in neon yellow. Why Gardasil? There have been hundreds of thousands of reported vaccine injuries for the last 26 years, and little has been done to address parents’ fears except to repeat ad nauseam that “vaccines are safe.” This mantra is drilled into our minds despite of the fact that the government has paid out $3.5 billion to compensate victims and their families since 1989. So why should Merck be worried now since they have legal immunity in most countries where they do vaccine business? Well the simple answer is that these teenagers and their mothers are pro-vaccine. They were the industry’s best customers. They vaccinated their kids all the way up the line and thought nothing of vaccinating their healthy, athletic teenagers with the new vaccine. They were sold a vaccine against cancer (not a virus), and who wouldn’t want to protect their kids, no matter how remote the risk that they would develop the specific cancer the vaccine is intended to prevent? But unlike infants who suffer horrible reactions, these girls can articulate their pain, describe their symptoms, and are on social media. In addition, they, their parents, and their communities know that these girls were robustly healthy prior to the shot, and no one can say that they or their parents “just didn’t notice” an “underlying” debilitating condition. That’s a truly scary scenario for the makers of this multi-billion-dollar product.

adverse events

Vaccine Adverse Events Reported in Ireland

I’m sure organizations such as the Vaccine Confidence Project (VCP), who track all our social media impressions on these topics, must be in a major panic right now.  The VCP’s head of research is Heidi Larson who put pen to paper last week for Nature and confidently declared that “The world must accept that the HPV vaccine is safe.”  She believes, through her training in anthropology and extensive research to date, that these girls are suffering from some kind of contagious “psychogenic illness” which can cross oceans and continents and break down cultural and language barriers – all thanks to YouTube and “activist women’s groups.” She thinks that their symptoms have nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine, but the Internet, “so long as it is around,” will proliferate these “rumors” and cause this psychogenic illness to spread. Ms. Larson makes no reference to fact that some cases could indeed be genuine reactions to the vaccine, as Merck has acknowledged is entirely possible in 2.3% of those who receive it. On the contrary, she merely states as fact that it’s all in their heads, a coincidence, something Dr. Connolly of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) repeated over and over in the Irish documentary.

She gives an extensive account of her theories around this, based largely on the “Japan Situation.” Ms. Larson co-authored a fascinating report, funded by Merck, with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). From its website: “CSIS has become one of the world’s preeminent international policy institutions focused on defense and security; regional stability; and transnational challenges ranging from energy and climate to global development and economic integration.” After reading this report, I think Ms. Larson has earned a place on the honor roll of the Cognitive Dissonance Hall of Fame.

The preferred VCP tactic in addressing these issues is to communicate “more effectively” with the population who is deemed to be “vaccine hesitant.” Ms. Larson talks at length in this presentation to CSIS of surveillance systems, local listening networks, informants, targeting health workers and people on the ground – all reporting back to her group on local sentiment and rumors so that they are better equipped to get ahead of the “situations.” Her focus is on persuasion of the 3 Ps: the public, the providers, and the politicians. She sees trust as being the main barrier to convincing certain populations that vaccines are safe. She refers to vaccine critics groups as either “over-informed”(!) or “under-informed” and focuses on the need to convince the fence-sitters in between to fall to their side. The one thing she will get props for in our community is that she is not pro-mandates; however, this is only because she thinks forcing people to vaccinate against their will may backfire on the industry. I don’t think you need a doctorate in anthropology to figure that one out.

To date, there have been many Gardasil “situations”: in the U.S., Denmark, South America, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, and now Ireland and the U.K. It is unclear how each government will respond to the growing level of negative public sentiment over this mass vaccination program. To assume that people would be convinced that what they are seeing is psychogenic and wouldn’t speak out is ludicrous.

Danish girls and women harmed by Gardasil

Danish girls and women harmed by Gardasil

Sanevax may top VCP’s “over-informed” hit list for a number of reasons that I doubt includes their stellar reporting of HPV injuries worldwide and the support they give to families. They have irked the industry so much that they have been publicly blamed for inciting many “vaccine hesitancy situations” all over the world, in particular in Japan. In reading Sanevax’s insight into how the vaccine industry operates to manipulate public perception, I think that the VCP has finally met its match with regard to the HPV vaccine narrative. I believe that Sanevax is a purveyor of truth and integrity and many girls’ lives will be spared because of their tireless efforts to raise public awareness of the potential harm this vaccine can cause.

So we now know that there is a dedicated team reporting to Merck on all our vaccine-related social media impressions, which is amazing but not surprising. We are getting to the heart of the beast, which is a good thing.

Kiva Murphy, Irish mother who says Gardasil made her daughter sick

Kiva Murphy, Irish mother who says Gardasil made her daughter sick

So what is next for Ireland? I seriously hope they put aside this nonsense on how to tackle “vaccine hesitancy” and instead focus on the thousands of very real adverse events worldwide. If they are psychogenic in nature, then I have to say it’s the first worldwide outbreak of an “Internet-contagious disease” in history, which – despite the best efforts of the VCP, the World Health Organization, GAVI, or Merck to convince us otherwise – defies common sense and logic. Denying reality is becoming harder and harder for pro-vaccine zealots. Just watching the Irish documentary is evidence of that. These girls are sick, and their numbers are growing. As long as we bury our heads in the sand, refusing to acknowledge what is happening before our eyes, we will not be able to avert a catastrophe of unimaginable consequences.

These families’ lives have been destroyed all because they thought they were doing the best for their kids, just as we assume every parent is when they agree to a medical intervention. When people dismiss their injuries, as we have seen on social media, saying “there is no causal link between their symptoms and the vaccine,” what they don’t say is that there is no evidence of a causal link because no one is studying what happened to these girls. And that is exactly what the members of   R.E.G.R.E.T are asking for: investigation and government assistance in identifying what happened to their girls after they received the Gardasil vaccine.

As in Japan, I believe that there is a strong case to be made for withdrawing the school-based vaccine program in Ireland. There is also a case for a moratorium to be issued, pending an investigation into the side effects, independent of the EMA ruling. In fact, The Netherlands and Denmark have committed funds to such an independent investigation, so I fail to see why Ireland doesn’t do the same.

The only argument against halting the school program or pulling the vaccine is that, in theory, the girls would be denied access to a potentially life-saving vaccine. That’s an interesting perspective since this vaccine has never been shown to save a single life. We won’t see any perceived benefit for another 20 or 30 years, and according to a mainstream study the benefit is likely to be quite small even then. Also, pap smears are the most effective way to detect abnormalities of the cervix which could potentially lead to cancer in rare cases and will continue to be necessary for vaccinated girls as the HPV vaccines don’t cover all of the many strains of HPV that could potentially cause cancer. As in most developed countries, Ireland has a robust cervical smear program in place which is accessible to all women aged 25-60.  If they really didn’t want to “deny a potentially life-saving vaccine,” they could halt the school program and allow parents to take their children to get the shots at their GP’s office, an entirely appropriate place to receive a vaccine where reactions can be properly observed and treated.

So I call on the Irish government to do the right thing and use a common-sense approach based on the WHO’s European Precautionary Principle. The parents of R.E.G.R.E.T. are not going away, and they will not be silenced. Their numbers are growing daily. They will never give up looking for answers and treatments for their girls, who need immediate medical help and support.


Irish Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar


Finally, I say to the Irish Minister for Health, Mr. Leo Varadkar: Now that you have finally met the R.E.G.R.E.T. girls, albeit through this documentary, please do not fail them. Gardasil is fast becoming the “Vioxx of vaccines,” and it will be on your head if any more of Ireland’s girls come to harm. The world is watching.

~ ShamROCK

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  1. That’s an awesome blog. Thanks for information

  2. Partial vaccination against HPV leads to type replacement. When the more prevalant types are taken out, the rarer, more dangerous types replace them (they are rare because they are more lethal. See—Information-for-Parents-and-Patients.php for the data and more information.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Hi James, Yes I have referred to sero-type replacement in other blogs and the fact that G-4 does not cover the strains particular to women of African descent. Merck have prepared G-9 in response to this (well not in response as it was always an inevitability), although I would assume it is really in response to sero-replacement (also a biological inevitability). The real worry here is that it will give rise to new and novel cancers which have never been prevalent before. Of course Merck will use that to promote the vaccine further as this atrocity is lost on most people and the media will not report on it. It’s a catastrophe but we’re doing our best to get the word out there. My next article will be on Gardasil and boys so if you have any interesting links, please provide them to me here, thanks.

  3. ALS says:

    Dr. Connelly states it’s a “coincidence” and that there are FAR more people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, alleging these girls would have gotten it anyway? PLEASE! Saying something like 600 people are diagnosed per year….he fails to mention the most people are diagnosed between the ages of 25-45, AND they have NO idea what causes it…perhaps a terrible vaccine????:
    “Although CFS can affect people of any gender, age, race, or socioeconomic group, most patients diagnosed with CFS are 25–45 years old and female. Estimates of how many people are afflicted with CFS vary due to the similarity of CFS symptoms to other diseases and the difficulty in identifying it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that 4–10 people per 100,000 in the United States have CFS. According to the CFIDS Foundation, about 500,000 adults in the United States (0.3% of the population) have CFS. This probably is a low estimate since these figures do not include children and are based on the CDC definition of CFS, which is very strict for research purposes.”

    • ShamROCK says:

      I think Dr. Connolly needs to publicly explain where he sources his stats for Ireland. There is no basis for his numbers. I think in a few years, the waters will be so muddied with vaccine injuries that they will try and convince us that this was the way it has always been. No big deal, just the new normal – along with autism, ADHD, allergies, anaphylaxis, childhood RA and diabetes. We’re headed for the cliff but thankfully parents are waking up… there’s still time to stop this insanity but I truly think it’s a race against time. The ill-health of our children should be a national emergency but it’s not – because corporate interests trump our kids’ health. It sounds crazy but it’s happening. Tick-tock.

  4. The Rhode Island Alliance for Vaccine Choice (RIAVC), partnered with the Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate, is dedicated to protecting our medical freedom in the state of Rhode Island. We are currently working with our state legislators and government officials to remove the HPV vaccine mandate in Rhode Island.

    • ShamROCK says:

      We wish you all the very best! In NY we are facing two bills (one a mandate) in the next session which we will fight and ensure won’t be passed. I’m so sorry for your kids (girls and boys) in RI, our prayers are with them.

    • Michael McLaughlin says:

      I consider vaccine mandates by a third party, by passing a doctor patient connection, practicing medicine without a license.
      healthcare findlaw com
      “The unauthorized practice of medicine occurs when someone gives medical advice or treatment without a professional license. The prohibition against the unauthorized practice of medicine is a precaution against people who would try to treat others without the proper training, or by using unproven methods which could harm or even kill their supposed
      patients. As a result, all states make the unauthorized practice of medicine a criminal offense with potentially serious penalties.”

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Amen, Michael! What makes legislators think they have the right to make medical decisions for others?

  5. Becky says:

    Once again a great report. I continue to pray that truth and justice will prevail so that we can protect children rather than poison them. Every incident of vaccine injury breaks my heart. The blatant lies about the efficacy of this vaccines is beyond believable. Dr Connolly is either thoroughly indoctrinated and actually believes what he says, or he represents the most heinous evil possible. One day every ‘expert’ promoting these harmful ‘health treatments’ will have to face judgment. If not in this life, then in the life to come. The girls (and probably increasing numbers of boys) and their families need justice NOW. I am sharing this. Thanks

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thanks Becky,
      It is possible that Dr. Connolly believes what he is saying, many do believe the vaccine manufacturers over every day people. There may be some efficacy to this vaccine, there are studies that show it may prevent CIN lesions. However, at what cost? There is such a push to find that golden goose that will prevent cancer, one can be blinded by the reality – that cancer is caused by a number of factors (diet, lifestyle and genetics), not just a virus. Added to that there are 100 HPV viruses and they can mutate over time, thus potentially rendering this vaccine useless over time. We pray that doctors will soon see the light on this one before we do more harm to our most precious assets – our children and grandchildren x

  6. nostromo says:

    My daughter got this vaccine last year at school, it was voluntary. Her friends got it too.
    I question the benefits as they seem marginal but It seemed low risk to me so we went ahead with it

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Unfortunately, it is by no means “low risk.” And the benefits are indeed marginal at best.

    • Gabzo says:

      it is actually very safe and you can do the research but no adverse affects are found. Correlation is not always causation and just because they get sick after a vaccine doesn’t mean that it’s because of the vaccine.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Wow! “No adverse events are found.” Where did you find that? Certainly not the vaccine package insert or the vaccine trial data. If it were true, it would be the first vaccine that could say that. Only it’s not.

        According to Dr. Diane Harper a researcher who helped design and carry out the Gardasil safety and effectiveness studies: “‘The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.’ She also says that enough serious side effects have been reported after Gardasil use that the vaccine could prove riskier than the cervical cancer it purports to prevent. Cervical cancer is usually entirely curable when detected early through normal Pap screenings.”


        “‘The risks of serious adverse events including death reported after Gardasil use in (the JAMA article by CDC’s Dr. Barbara Slade) were 3.4/100,000 doses distributed. The rate of serious adverse events on par with the death rate of cervical cancer. Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year. Indeed, the risks of vaccination are underreported in Slade’s article, as they are based on a denominator of doses distributed from Merck’s warehouse. Up to a third of those doses may be in refrigerators waiting to be dispensed as the autumn onslaught of vaccine messages is sent home to parents the first day of school. Should the denominator in Dr. Slade’s work be adjusted to account for this, and then divided by three for the number of women who would receive all three doses, the incidence rate of serious adverse events increases up to five fold. How does a parent value that information,’ said Harper.”

      • ShamROCK says:

        “Gabzo” – here is a list of settled cases the US government has conceded. 80 cases in 9 years.
        They recently settled one case of death in the case of Jessica Ericzon from New York and her family was awarded a paltry compensation per the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986.
        Here is her judgement:

        To date there have been tens of thousands of adverse events reported and some serious and some resulted in death. To date 246 deaths have been reported but not investigated. See
        We at TMR do extensive research so that we are informed and present only the truth about what we know. We don’t usually spend time giving information to people who post comments such as yours. But I am not doing this for you, I am doing this for the 100,000 readers that this blog has reached so far. Thank you.

  7. Daniel Rose says:

    What the apologists are saying is, this is some kind of fatigue syndrom and that 600+ would get it anyway, and that this is just coincident that 130+- got it coincident with the vaccine. But in many cases the problem started within hours of the vaccine. What is the chance in a 365 day year, that that many coincident lineups would occur, and it is occurring year after year? What they need is a statistician who can show that this close a co-incidence cannot possibly be just by chance.

    Any volunteer mathematicians out there?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      And was there a precipitating event for any other cases that have occurred? Such as oh, say, a flu shot or meningococcal shot for instance?

    • Gabzo says:

      no they need to do a scientific study on it that proves it’s because of it.

      Here is a few graphs that correlate but don’t always prove causation

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sure, they do, but they won’t because there’s way too much at stake. What happens when people find out for SURE that the vaccine ruins more lives far earlier than cervical cancer would? They stop getting it and that’s a hell of a lot of lost revenue.

    • angela eisenhauer says:

      Anyone can do it, statistics are there, just a matter of presenting the statistics logically. I did work out the statistics for the measles outbreak in Disneyland, using CDCs own statistics. 80 percent or more of those infected were fully vaccinated (but as those who get vaccine measles, dont always get spots, some were missed – this is my observations, that they dont always get spots). As for the numbers given, on those exposed, and those that caught the illness of mealses. 95-98% of non vaccinated, exposed, did not catch measles.
      Work out the stats from what is given, the actual results turn out to be quite different than the rubbish spread by bland comments from bureaucracy.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        That’s not quite true. According to the CDC, a majority of the cases where vaccine status was “known” were unvaccinated, approximately 45% of the total number of cases. However, a majority of the cases were in adults, and those are the only people whose vaccine status is likely to be “unknown” only because they probably can’t remember when their last booster was, which of course implies that they were vaccinated, just not necessarily “fully” by today’s ridiculous standards.

        “Among the 110 California patients, 49 (45%) were unvaccinated; five (5%) had 1 dose of measles-containing vaccine, seven (6%) had 2 doses, one (1%) had 3 doses, 47 (43%) had unknown or undocumented vaccination status, and one (1%) had immunoglobulin G seropositivity documented, which indicates prior vaccination or measles infection at an undetermined time. Twelve of the unvaccinated patients were infants too young to be vaccinated. Among the 37 remaining vaccine-eligible patients, 28 (67%) were intentionally unvaccinated because of personal beliefs, and one was on an alternative plan for vaccination. Among the 28 intentionally unvaccinated patients, 18 were children (aged <18 years), and 10 were adults."

        Their statistics are hard to believe: 47 had "unknown or undocumented vaccination status." In this day and age, how many visitors to Disneyland really don't know if they've ever been vaccinated against measles? They would almost certainly HAVE to be adults, and there were only 10 intentionally unvaccinated adults. Which means that the rest of the adults who got the measles were not intentionally unvaccinated, and therefore were extremely likely to have received at least one and likely more doses of measles vaccine.

        This shows that 55% of the 159 Disneyland cases were over 20, and 16% were less than 12 months and should not have been vaccinated at all. Less than 29% were school-aged children and only some of those were “unvaccinated.” Doesn’t it seem somewhat ludicrous to blame the majority of cases (71% in total) in mostly vaccinated adults and children who were too young to be vaccinated in the first place on intentionally unvaccinated children? Clearly unvaccinated children don’t make up a large percentage of the people who are susceptible to measles infection in this country.

        It’s hard to know what percentage of unvaccinated people were exposed who did not come down with measles, but it seems highly unlikely that 95-98% were unvaccinated as there just aren’t that many unvaccinated people running around — even in California.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        You misunderstood, OF the unvaccinated, EXPOSED, CDC statistics here, 95-98 % of those unvaccinated, and according to CDC likely exposed, did not get ill. I worked the statistics the other way……, basing vaccinations on 50%, 90% and 100%. If you can send me the link to the statistics, I can write out my calculations, I just did it one night out of interest, but didnt keep a copy.

        My calculations may well be wrong, but my 18 year old son checked them I was shocked by my calculations,also.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The thing is that they don’t know how many unvaccinated people were exposed. It’s not like people state their vaccination status when they enter Disney parks. I posted links in the previous comment to the best statistics I could find. If you’ve seen statistics implying that 95-98% of exposed unvaccinated people didn’t get sick, I will be shocked. They usually claim that 90% of people who are exposed and unvaccinated will get sick.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Just re work your statistics, using three assumptions, three different calculations.
        50% were vaccinated, 80% were vaccinated, 100% vaccinated…. One of them has to be close to the truth……… Then use the CDC figures………….. all the conclusions point to the same thing……

        those unvaccinated, were 95-98% unlikely to be infected.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        But there’s no way of knowing how many people were exposed or what percentage of them were vaccinated/unvaccinated. You can only make assumptions, but there’s no guarantee that those assumptions approach the truth.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        If you are interested will try and re do the figures, for you. They are on my fb timeline somewhere 🙂

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’d love to see them.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        And also, how the hell could a lady die of measles, fully vaccinated, in a hospital, in USA, and they only became suspicious because she infected others. She had no spots. Obviously if she had had a rash, they would have suspected measles. They did not check for measles, until the autopsy……… so if those infected, but vaccinated, do not always get spots, there would be way more fully vaccinated, and infected. She infected others, they did get spots, they were looking for the source of the outbreak, I assume, you views very appreciated. Vaccine manufacturers now state vaccines do not stop disease “they reduce the severity of illness” in the case of measles, means you still get sick, but maybe no spots, with pertussis, means you spread it, even without symptoms yourself.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Did that woman who died infect people? I don’t know if that was implied. And, yes, one can definitely get the measles without having the rash. There is even a homeopathic remedy to “draw out the rash” when that happens so that the immune system rids itself of the pathogen. They have never ascertained who the person was who infected people at Disney. One would think it is likely that it was someone who did not have a rash as yet, but who knows really? Some vaccines are in the reduce severity category, but they’re still claiming that people don’t get measles. An interesting side-note to that though is that there were several “confirmed” measles cases in one-year-olds that turned out to be vaccine strain (with full measles rash), which they then called “a normal reaction to the vaccine.”

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Measles is “”shed”””from those vaccinated to other vaccinated. The new vaccine strain, seems to infect mostly those vaccinated. It is the “”b”” stain (?)…. now called atypical measles. This is now common knowledge in the medical field.

        Canada has reported three outbreaks, amongst the vaccinated, traced back to the patient zero, being someone newly vaccinated.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The vaccine strain measles are all genotype A:

        “Atypical measles” occurred specifically when someone developed the measles after having the original inactivated measles and then encountering wild measles or having the live measles vaccine.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Your references are way out of date, this new strain, and sequencing, was only reported 2015.
        If I rediscover the link, will make sure I keep a copy.
        Merry Christmas!


      • angela eisenhauer says:

        I do not have personal knowledge, but it was reported that she infected others. (lady in hopital with undiagnosed measles) she died of pneumonia.

  8. ShamROCK says:

    Responsum to Assessment Report on HPV-vaccines
    released by EMA November 26th 2015
    By Louise Brinth, MD PhD
    Syncope Unit
    Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital
    Copenhagen December 15th 2015

    English Summary
    During the past years a growing concern with regard to the safety of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines has emerged in Denmark – as well as in other countries around the world.
    Denmark therefore asked the European Commission to initiate an in depth review. The European Commission requested the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to use the available data to draw a conclusion on causality between HPV-vaccines and the two syndromes: Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and/or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).
    In the assessment report written and published by EMA, three of my publications regarding my clinical experience with patients with suspected side effects to the HPV vaccine are directly criticised. Furthermore, my clinical expertise and judgment are indirectly criticised as a substantial part of our adverse effect reports (AER) are overruled. I want to defend my work but most of all I want to join in and encourage to an open and honest debate.
    My agenda is not to miscredit the vaccine, rather it is to maintain public confidence in the vaccine itself and the entire childhood vaccine program. To reach this goal, I believe that it is imperative to appreciate that vaccines can have side effects and it is the responsibility of the health care community to monitor and investigate serious problems which are suspected to be related to the vaccines.
    We are in desperate need of a shift in paradigm, a groundbreaking one, or the future of public confidence in vaccines could be lost.
    Regarding the critique directed against me I find that EMA suggesting that we selected patients based on symptoms in order to make sure that they would fit into a preexisting hypothesis is one of the most serious allegations I have ever been presented with. We did not. I address this in the responsum.
    I think that the only possible conclusion at this stage is that we do not have convincing or enough evidence to support an association between the HPV-vaccines and the two syndromes POTS and CRPS – if these syndromes are looked upon as well-defined and
    separate disease-entities. However, I believe that evidence – or at least observations – are piling up suggesting a signal which warrants further investigation, the question being:
    “Is there an association between the HPV-vaccines and an ME/CFS-like syndrome?
    I think much of the aggressive rhetoric, disagreement, mistrust, worry and confusion that we all face in this matter would dissolve instantly if we would do ourselves and each other the favour of having the underlying and fundamental discussion about “functional disorders”, ME/CFS etc. And if we would admit that this whole group of very complex disorders – as well as the whole matter of efficacy and safety of vaccines raises many simple, central and important questions – but mostly we only have inconclusive answers.
    Let us all collaborate to create common ground – a shared reality with regard to these complex disorders – so that we can offer these patients the best possible evaluation and treatment. This will not happen before we have reached consensus at another level than we have for the time being. The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has just initiated this work by establishing a task force on the subject. Let us support and follow this initiative – and let us all join in the discussion and contribute. And let us use are disagreements to create a multifaceted but still targeted approach to these patients. – Both medical professionals, patients, patient organisations.
    Let os all collaborate to make the best possible estimate of the efficacy of the HPV-vaccines
    Let us all collaborate to make the best possible estimate of the safety of the HPV-vaccines
    Then we can ask our health authorities to do what is their job and expertise: Evaluate and decide to what degree the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.
    Then we can as vaccinees and parents be confident that we have sufficient information available to us in order to give an informed consent when offered the HPV-vaccines

    • angela eisenhauer says:

      Your aim is “”””My agenda is not to miscredit the vaccine, rather it is to maintain public confidence in the vaccine itself and the entire childhood vaccine program.””” Why? Why is this your aim, should not your aim be to see if the vaccines are worthwhile. I am a medical researcher, I work in the field. When even FDA say directly “”” those vaccinated for pertussis, with or without illness, do spread pertussis, to the most vulnerable, including babies”” you still feel it is your duty to maintain public confidence in vaccines that not only do not work, but actually harm? Your stated agenda, directly discredits you from being taken seriously. Some references for you:
      a mix of scientific references, and extremely well written independent journalist articles.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Angela, ShamROCK was not the author of those remarks. She was merely quoting Dr. Louise Brinth, a medical doctor and scientist whose work was considered in the EMA’s evaluation of Gardasil. In many ways she is on YOUR side, asking for REAL data on the safety and efficacy of the Gardasil vaccine. She is receiving criticism from the mainstream European medical community for her “anti-vaccine” views. As I mention in response to another of your comments, “maintaining confidence” in the vaccine program requires that things be done very differently than they are now.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        I do believe any doctor who states their aim as “”“”””My agenda is not to miscredit the vaccine, rather it is to maintain public confidence in the vaccine itself and the entire childhood vaccine program.””” is ignorant. The research is there. If any doctor with power, states this as their aim, despite research showing fully vaccinated mothers and siblings, actually do infect their own babies with pertussis, as carriers… (FDA2013),,,,,,,,,, and all the other information out there, they have no credibility with me.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Fine, but she’s still doing the scientific work that supports your side. In addition, most of the scientists who do such work have said similar things. If none of them have credibility with you, that leaves out a lot of the science that supports your beliefs.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Profesor TRM, I quoted not what Sharock said, but what she was quoting from another.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        How can one’s aim to be to maintain public confidence in vaccines? And still be an independent thinking researcher?

        Thats like testing GMOs and saying my aim is to prove they are safe? And independent researcher, or observer, does not state this.

        Perhaps I need to read the whole paragraph, as stating this as your aim, without any further explanation, just admits bias.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        What she’s saying is that in order to maintain public confidence they MUST perform GOOD science. She’s saying that the public will have no confidence if they continue to back this vaccine when the data is saying something other than the party line. It’s virtually the same thing that Dr. Bernardine Healy, ex-head of the National Institutes for Health, said after she started looking into the research on vaccines and autism and saw that very basic research hadn’t been done and that what had been done implied that there is a population that is likely to be susceptible to vaccine injury. She thought the vaccine program was important and worth maintaining, but NOT at the expense of bad science. And the bad science was going to cause people to lose confidence in the CDC’s recommendations. Which is happening. Every new poll lists the children’s vaccine schedule as parents’ number one health concern for their children. If they had Listened to Bernardine Healy and others and dealt far better with people’s concerns years ago, they would not have arrived at this tipping point.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        If the TGA Australia, had actually read my report on Zoloft 20 years ago, instead of filing it in the bin. probably with many other reports……….. yes thousands of other crippled babies may have been saved all of these 20 years. I dont trust TGA, or CDC. I have read recent CDC report, that reanalyse birth defects caused by Antidepressants. Their very first comment was appalling. “CDC did not test Zoloft, AS IT IS KNOWN IT DOES NOT CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS”” OH UM? Dont research to find out if ADs cause birth deformities, and not researching the one, that in USA, at the present time, so many are suing for birth deformities? Corruption, sickens me. And this corruption, in this CDC “”study”” was obvious, and bland.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        I searched all through the FDA database for this report, could not find it.
        Please read this, you would understand it. This report took 3 years to be done, after reports of baby deaths, caused by vaccinated carriers, then it got filed in pressannouncements, taken 2 years for me to find it.

        This should have been front page news, I wonder how many press actually got sent a copy?

    • angela eisenhauer says:

      As Denmark is now home to the fraud, previous head of CDC in USA, due to manipulating and hiding data that indicated vaccines cause autism, (now wanted on fraud charges, and for the disappearance of one million dollars)…. one has to wonder how corrupt your countries medical establishment is? As for gardasil? You know all the information…. and yet you justify its use? Why lie?

      As for the efficacy of the hpv vaccines, not many vaccines now last ten years. Pertussis acellular vaccine, average is 4 years, mumps vaccine, as little as 2 years. Measles vaccine spreads measles, and chicken pox vaccine is leading to outbreaks of shingles…….lYou know this. Even the lady who developed these hpv vaccines, does not believe they will last longer than ten years. Three shots? Why rejabbing when the first doesnt work, has proven fruitless in other vaccines. HPV vaccines are causing menopause in young girls, the reason for this effect is now in the scientific papers. Do you not research?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I assume you are referring to Poul Thorson, who is wanted for defrauding the U.S. government to the tune of $1 million. However, Thorson was never the head of the CDC. He was an administrator involved in MANY CDC-sponsored studies.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Correct, and thankyou for the information, he is now known as the “whistleblower” I do believe?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No, he’s not the whistleblower. I think the only reason he hasn’t been expedited is because he’s threatened to blow the whistle if he’s ever caught. The whistleblower is William Thompson, PhD who is an American epidemiologist who still works at the CDC.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Thankyou Thorson and Thompson, thus my silly confusion. Thankyou so much, you are very knowledgeable. Can you post some links to information about these two? I thought there was a third person, involved somewhere? I was under the impression Thompson (?) was a bad man in some anti vax sites. Information appreciated.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Well, you might see that because when it comes down to it Thompson essentially cooperated with fraud for nearly 10 years before giving in to his conscience. I can’t say that there won’t be people who resent him for doing so. After all, it is extremely likely that many African-American boys at the very least have autism now who wouldn’t have if their parents had known about the data that was dumped.

        The third person might be Brian Hooker, PhD, who re-analyzed the data given to him by Thompson and had it published only to see it revoked when the vaccine zealots complained.

        Age of Autism has covered Thorson pretty thoroughly This has a bunch of links to get you started: (Apparently, it’s spelled Thorsen. Even I get confused sometimes. :-))

        Thompson gave his information to Brian Hooker who re-analyzed it and showed it to Andrew Wakefield who made some short videos discussing it at Autism Media Channel. They’ll give you the rundown.!cdcwhistleblower/cmmo In addition, transcripts of four of the calls with Dr. Hooker were published in a book by Kevin Barry.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Thanks for information, much appreciated. I was not sure if thompson turned whistleblower, as he was about to be sprung anyway, or whether, he was pretending to be a fraud, while actually always being a whistleblower.

        I am in Australia, and I do not understand USA, politics, into which all this is tied. I am truly enjoying the information, from my USA friends, and others worldwide. Love the net.

        Information and links appreciated. I am doing further research, in a different area, but still very much part of thinkingmomsrevolution………if you are interested in doing a blog later on my research…. email me in a few months! 🙂 I will be writing articles, if all goes according to my dreams! Sometimes dreams do come true. Called passion and dedication, tis all.

  9. ShamROCK says:

    From an email I just received:
    Great article today in TMR (as always). Maybe you should include a paragraph on the attached report written by Dr Louise Brinth where she refutes the EMA “non-findings”. (I’m sure you’ve heard of her – she’s from Denmark and was featured in the Danish documentary – probably the most experienced consultant dealing directly with examining and diagnosing with Gardasil victims). I copied one paragraph below from her report to give you an idea of the low regard she has for the quality of the EMA review.

    “So – altogether I find the criticism put forth with regard to my work and my scientific approach unjust. I find that the evaluation of my work presented by EMA is based on many assumptions. Most of these assumptions are to my best knowledge wrong. I find this approach strange and unscientific. I find it very worrying that EMA apparently base their judgement of my work – and thereby indirectly also part of their judgement of the safety of the HPV-vaccines – on guesses. This is too important for guess-work. We need to know and we need to reach consensus on what we know, what we need to know what should be done.I do not think EMA’s methods, approach and rhetoric encourages this”.

    See also this analysis of EMA report from former head of cancer physicians in Denmark, Torben Palshof:

    Also , in your article, I think the link 4th paragraph – “opening statements” link should be corrected – think it should point here:


    • ShamROCK says:

      I cannot attach Dr Louise Brinth’s PDF response to the EMA report here but I have pasted her summary in another comment. Thanks

  10. angela eisenhauer says:

    Same movies have been made from Girls in Denmark, and and USA. The doctor is a fool, saying it is a coincidence, also a fool saying the gardasil etc, given young is more effective. The gardasil vaccine protects for two strains of hpv, there are about 80 different strains….. Most hpv clears itself, girls already infected, who get hpv vaccines, then double their risks of cervical cancer (that is why they give it young… but 10% of girls already have been exposed in childhood, anyway).
    India is suing USA (Billy Gates I believe), for using girls in India for illegal and immoral testing of the vaccine. The girls never gave consent to be in a drug trial. many girls died, the reports were fraud, they blamed the deaths on stupid things, like “falling down a well”….. Every pharma company has been fined for fraud, some many times, all in the last 3 years. GSK have been fined 3 billion for the paxil fraud, is the real results……. GSK have the blood of children on their hands, but as the drug actually made 14 billion, despite the fraud fine… CRIME DOES PAY>
    CHECK MY FB PAGE Lots of scientific references and reports, I worked in pathology.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Angela, I’m sure one day the truth will come out but for now, we must just spread awareness.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        Thanks for the reply. I tested all the kids in Albany, Western Australia during the first pertussis outbreak there. ALL FULLY VACCINATED, ALL AGED 6-12. All had been out and about coughing everywhere, for an average of 8 weeks, before being tested. Everyone in a town of 45,000 got exposed. The only ones infected were those aged 6-12, vaccinated with the acellular vaccine used since 1995. No parents of these kids got infected. Luckily no babies died. Australian Health Department did further investigations (?), they tested kids without any signs of illness who were fully vaccinated, they were actually carrying the virus in their throats for 8 or more weeks, spreading it, without catching it themselves. It is now known in every outbreak, those still with some vaccine immunity, do not get ill, but DO CARRY THE VIRUS, AND SPREAD IT WITH NO SYMPTOMS, FOR AGAIN, 8 WEEKS OR MORE> . It took FDA another 3 years, one would have thought this issue urgent? AS MOTHERS AND SIBLINGS, NO ILLNESS, FULLY VACCINATED, CAN BE CARRIERS, INFECTING THE NEWBORN. FDA found some obscure funding, and purchased some damn babboons, and to muddy the results further, for some reason tested the old vaccine, not used for 20 years, for effectiveness to the new failed vaccine (still in use). They did not test if a vaccinated babboon mother, could pass the virus to her infant.. I wonder why they did not test this? It have now 2015, been proven …. THE HORROR, vaccinations, are causing baby deaths, and outbreaks… there is no mythical non vaccinated person lurking in maternity corridors, mothers are killing their own babies………..Australian Health Department, went as far as to admit, that a fully vaccinated health worker, no signs of illness, infected an infant. No one is brave enough to say mothers are also infecting their own babies. FACTS ARE FACTS. Truth needs to be known. And do not revaccinate if you are a pregnant mother, or other children of that mother, the cooccoon theory, has proven an abysmal failure, also. Those most recently vaccinated, are more likely to be carriers, infecting the baby, and the chance of miscarriage increases 1,000 percent. Merck Murder.

      • angela eisenhauer says:

        So please ShamROCK, read the references I sent. And hope you do many more blogs….. as for a person stating their aim to be “”is to maintain public confidence in the vaccine itself and the entire childhood vaccine program.”” why would anyone have this stated aim, if they are not in some way paid or getting funding from the pharmaceutical industry? One would have thought the aim of someone worth listening to would be “my aim is to prove vaccines are safe and effective???””

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Angela, there are many reasons someone could have that as a stated aim that do not involve getting paid by the pharmaceutical industry (and I know for a fact that ShamROCK isn’t, and I strongly suspect that Dr. Louise Brinth, the author of those comments isn’t either). The only way you could “maintain public confidence” under the circumstances described by ShamROCK and written about by Dr. Brinth is if the agencies in charge of national vaccine programs STOP rubber-stamping the products the pharmaceutical companies wish to sell and take their jobs more seriously, and perform them more honestly, by doing REAL research that evaluates the true risks vs. benefits. They must also make sure that the risks are as well communicated as any perceived benefits. Asking that they be held to those kinds of standards is not going to be popular with the pharmaceutical industry.

      • ShamROCK says:

        Thank you Angela I will. Please see our comments about Dr. Louise Blinth – as it was her summary and comments which you were questioning. ”My agenda is not to miscredit the vaccine, rather it is to maintain public confidence in the vaccine itself and the entire childhood vaccine program.” – Dr. Louise Blinth 🙂

  11. Jenny says:

    Thank-you!!!! Thank-you!!!! to R.E.G.R.E.T group…. Watching this was absolutely heartbreaking as I’m one of these families here in Australia many tears were shed watching this as I can so relate. The guilt of giving this vaccine is huge it is the worst ever decision I have ever made for my daughter. I am a mother of a sick girl after HPV Gardasil it’s been nearly 2 years going from Doctor to Doctor for answers & treatments … I only hope one day my daughter can be back in school & enjoying her life like so many other teenagers are doing at her age. It’s making some girls sterile Google Dr Deirdre Little Gardasil … It’s a pointless & poisonous vaccine….

    • ShamROCK says:

      I’m so very sorry Jenny, it’s truly devastating for families. Might I suggest that you contact REGRET’s international group on FB and make contact with fellow Australians there who many be able to offer support and advice.

    • angela eisenhauer says:

      Please join fb group wrong vaccines you will get support there for victims in Australia, they may also have other contacts they can supply for you.

    • Olivia says:

      Hi Jenny, sorry to hear of your heart breaking experiences. Big pharma has A LOT to answer for! We must all be vigilant and spread the truth far and wide.
      As a Homeopath I am very aware of the destructive nature and wide reach of big pharma, not only do they profit from their drugs and literally get away with murder, they are systematically out to obliterate any choices that we have regarding how we choose to heal ourselves.
      You may be interested in reading the following link, it is an interesting history on how big Pharma has been trying to dominate the worlds health systems and how it is managing to do so. It also recounts the history and successes of Homeopathy and how big Pharma has always had an agenda to wipe out Homeopathy completely. You will also read about how Homeopathy has treated the vaccine injured throughout the history of vaccinations. As you can see, they are quite intertwined.
      Also here is a link to one of the best Homeopaths in Australia, I hope you get in touch, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Taya says:

    Oh my God that was heart breaking.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Yes it was Taya. And it continues to be for these families. We hope that every government all over the world will educate themselves and remove this vaccine before it does any more harm. Thank you.

  13. Elizabeth Saunders says:

    We Live in Canada. These girls are my daughter. These parents are me and my husband. These stories are absolutely the same as ours. 5 years later we are still looking for answers to all the same questions. It is heartbreaking and most frustrating. My heart goes out to all. and thank you TV3 for creating this documentary. Here in Canada it is getting all shoved under the rug. Any one who speaks out is shot down.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Sorry to hear that. Do you know other families? There is an international REGRET group on FB where you can connect with others who are in similar situations. I have linked it below. I would suggest seeking out others in your area and perhaps forming a support group. Many girls are getting better using biomedical protocols similar to the ones we use in the autism community. Best of luck!

      • Elizabeth Saunders says:

        Thanks ShamROCK.
        I have joined the REGRET group. Thanks for steering me in that direction. I do know one other family and am aware of others, but not a great deal of contact has been made. One of our local Toronto papers the Toronto Star ran a piece on the dark side of Gardasil in which if I recall correctly 60 affected families were interviewed. The article was soon pulled due to the angry noise from those who decried it for not being scientific. Most frustrating. I would like to try to gather the Canadian families, so they continue to see more and more of the real human beings this is affecting. Some of the ‘scientific’ thinking in the TV3 doc, which mirrors things I have heard, strikes me as old fashioned and protectionist, with an unwillingness to shift the angle from which research is gathered an interpreted.

      • ShamROCK says:

        Keep at it Elizabeth!!

  14. I lived in Ireland happily for over a decade with my young family. It is a wonderful country with a powerful sense of community. Currently it has a population of around 3.5 million people and it’s not much of an exaggeration to say they all know each other or knows someone who knows someone. This is one of the reasons this can’t be swept under the rug in a way that it can in larger countries. The same is true of Denmark. People have smelled a giant rat. Fortunately in both countries the people still have some access to the media and their own governments. They will be the saving of us all. This heinous, nonsensical vaccine far from being mandated needs to be banned.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Mary, that’s why TMR is highlighting this and following the story. We believe that Ireland and Denmark are making great leaps in educating the international community as to the harm this vaccine can do. We will continue to follow it closely and report as an when there are significant developments. The great thing about this is, that the politicians are not bought by pharma as they are influenced by lobbyists here in the US. However, I cannot confirm that the HSE, the HPRA, NIAC or indeed the IDA are not working a little too closely with Merck behind the scenes. Merck, disguised as “MSD Ireland”, ( has invested billions of dollars in Ireland’s economy in the last few years and it’s hard to imagine that they don’t exert considerable influence on decisions and policies there. I see the cracks forming at a rapid pace in the last few months and we will continue to support REGRET in its advocacy work for their daughters until justice is done. Thanks.

  15. Dorthe says:

    Unfortunately we are not getting very far here in Denmark. The few politicians who are against the vaccine are being told to keep their mouth shut 🙁 MERCK has paid their way into every organisation here in Denmark. Our National Health Organisation, The Cancer Organisation, doctors etc. I’m affraid we will never be able to stop MERCK.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I’m so sorry Dorthe. But I do see a lot coming from Denmark which should give you some hope. My feeling is that this is truly becoming an international issue and we should join together to call for the removal of this vaccine. Perhaps we can start a petition and demand that the vaccine be removed from the market? The sentiment is already there. Here’s some positive developments from Denmark, stay strong!
      Also some more articles and current events in Denmark which highlight the growing concern in Denmark – in Danish;

    • angela eisenhauer says:

      So true Dorthe. The head of CDC, fled USA in a scandal a couple of years ago. He took 1 million of funding that wasnt his with him. The scandal was his cover up and hiding all the reputable trials linking vaccines with autism. Dr Andrew Wakefield just this week was vindicated, and yes his studies into Vaccine Autism are now accepted and genuine.
      This wanted man from CDC, he fled to Denmark……..
      You system is obviously even more corrupt than that in USA……. sorry.
      Please read my links above, that show the disasters called acellular vaccines.
      Also Merck got fined 3 million for the fraud over their mumps vaccine, the pertussis vaccine? Baby deaths, they are called Merck Murder.
      GSK got fined 3 billion for the paxil fraud, that has caused thousands of child deaths, a fraud fine? They should be on trial for murder. If you are interested in this scam, the link is The real results of their trial, which they said was safe and effective? 98 kids on a 3 week paxil trial… 10 kids tried to suicide and one was going to go home and murder his parents. Taken dedicated researchers 15 years to uncover the true results, published in BMJ in October 2015. GSK, got a 3 billion fine for 3 fraudulent drugs, that killed and maimed millions. ie perhaps 1 billion fine for paxil fraud. They made 14 billion on that drug, and so many addicted, now, cant stop giving them the drug. CRIME DOES PAY, IF YOU ARE A PHARMA COMPANY. Every pharma company has been convicted of fraud, in USA, some many times, all in the last 3 years, and still Merck, GSK, et al, expect us to believe what they say?
      Well seems like they are fleeing to Denmark now, when they get uncovered, those who get paybacks from these pharma companies… Good luck!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Again, Poul Thorson, wanted for defrauding the U.S. government to the tune of $1 million, was never the head of the CDC. He was merely and administrator of many CDC-sponsored studies, especially those on vaccines and autism.

  16. Jennifer Power says:

    In Australia, the school-based Gardasil program is also light on information for parents. The flimsy pamphlet for us lists less than 6 potential side effects (the relatively mild ones) while Merck’s website lists more than 20 including the serious, potentially life-threatening ones. Do most parents find that and read it themselves? Nope. I am not a researcher or in the medical or health field and I know more about Gardasil’s potential to harm than any of my teenager’s friends’ parents. Where did I get my information? From the manufacturer’s webpage.

    What a farce *informed* consent is.

    • ShamROCK says:

      That’s the same issue the world over, even in the US. The vaccine information statement here is woefully lacking ( and does not give the more serious side effects, yet some states have, and are attempting to, mandate this vaccine for both sexes. It’s truly a crime to force a medical procedure on an entire population without proper informed consent. They can do this because they are protected by the vaccinating country and no one has taken them to task for this egregious affront on innocent people the world over. The world needs to unite on this issue and call for a moratorium on this vaccine.

  17. Apple says:

    In the radio program (Today with Sean O’Rourke) cited in the article Kevin Connoly, Chairman of the National Immunization Committee says parents SHOULD BE given the package insert. Are they getting it and if not why?
    The package insert is much more complete and lists a number of potential serious side effects that have been reported during the trials and post-market.

    • ShamROCK says:

      They are not getting the PIL (Patient information leaflet) per Merck’s recommendation. What they are getting is a HSE glossy brochure with scaled back risk information and inflated misleading language. The reason they give for not giving the PIL to parents is that the Irish population is too illiterate to understand its contents. Please see my earlier blog which explains this below.
      However, the HSE says that the PIL is available online for anyone who wishes to see it, and can find it. If Dr. Connolly thinks the parents should be given it then this might happen in the next wave of immunizations. However as long as the programme remains in the schools, this information may still be lost in the underlying implication that this vaccine is completely safe and necessary (otherwise why would they give it to everyone?). The school-based programme eliminates the need for the doctor and so when girls start to react to the vaccine it is less apparent what is going on. The prudent thing to do is halt the school-based programme if they don’t pull it altogether (the latter is doubtful).

  18. Lone says:

    In Denmark we are very very happy that not only all the people here are fighting this awful vaccine. Thanks

  19. Dawn P says:

    He was talking about a higher number of CFS in young teen girls before this vaccine. Do you have the numbers from before the vaccine and also before the second dose of the MMR was suggested in young teens as well. Curious if this CFS in that age group was seen prior to any young teen vaccinations.

  20. all vaccination is child abuse
    the smallpox vax being the gold standard
    the vaccine trees from the wood

    Gardasil was only ever designed to sterilise 1 in 10 to 1 in 4 with Gardasil 9

    and they know that, obviously, why they put Tween 80 in

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I understand your passion, but I think that even if all the details of your links were true, the inflammatory nature of your comment would put most people off.

      • Roger Swan says:

        Dear Professor TMR, Might I suggest that the bald statement, “Vaccines are safe and efficacious”, trotted out as the only evidence offered by the vaccine industry on this subject, at least by Physicians hitting the free platform given them here in Canada, is far more inflammatory than anything in the article here – or at least it should be given that the audience is one which has been given at least 12 years of free education. Perhaps at last the audience is beginning to use the skills this education has given them.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, I would never say that such a statement, made offhandedly by vaccine zealots the world over, isn’t inflammatory, at least to those who know the truth. But it appears comforting to those who don’t, unlike the statements made above. If you want people to listen, you have to speak so that they will hear you.

      • Mona Moore says:

        I don’t take issue with these sites and do not find them inflammatory in nature. I can understand this being directed to people beginning their search for the truth, but not for people who already have a good to solid base. Really don’t care for the layout of the sites – not easy to read and more of an irritation. But I hope that we humans are intelligent enough to know if this is a site that is of interest. Hop off if not, and explore if it tweaks your interest. When people are hurting or questioning what is being forced on them or why someone’s health changed after a vaccination, then they are already in a position to make the decision for themselves on which of the thousands of sites/links they want to explore.

        Every link I chose to randomly click on was solid, but I’ve been researching for 19 years now. Just wish people who create sites would consider the ease of the read.
        Thanks John Scudamore for your links.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Even for people who have done a lot of research, the phrases “all vaccination is child abuse” (just as the reverse “not vaccinating is child abuse”) and “Gardasil was only ever designed to sterilise” can be inflammatory and not particularly conducive to rational discussion.

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