Got Parasites?

In my own little autism world… the circle of people I interact with in my journey to heal my family of various environmental illnesses including autism…..I feel a growing momentum.  I see an increased understanding and developing acceptance of the role of parasites in environmental illness recovery.

There are those who believe that parasites are the causative explanation for ALL illnesses, hence the title of  Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure for all Diseases.  I mean no disrespect to Ms. Clark, I learned A LOT from her book and other works, but I’m not *there* yet at this point in the process of my own personal parasite discovery and I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.  However, I can conceive that they could be a factor, an important and often overlooked step in the recovery of nearly all diseases.  Quite possibly, parasites may be the reason that many are not achieving more in their quest for autism and other environmental illness recovery.

If you can accept the fact that an impaired immune system is the cornerstone of nearly every disease, and that with an impaired immune system your body is not able to effectively fight off foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, then it is not that large of a logical leap to think that a different foreign invader – an egg or larvae of a parasite – could invade, hatch, grow, reproduce and thrive in your body just as easily as bacteria and viruses.

However, it seems very hard for humanity [or maybe just Americans?] to accept the idea that parasites could be an issue for them personally.  It is easier, dare I say more comfortable, for us to believe that parasites happen to people that live in dirty places or third world countries.


Some of the most respected DANs and other autism doctors and just about EVERY traditional med doctor scoff at the idea that parasites are something that need to be addressed during the healing process.

I have spent a lot of time pondering this.  Why?  Why does it seem so improbable that parasites could be impeding a child’s recovery process?  From a traditional medical perspective, the treatment modalities exist.  There are a number of pharmaceutical medicines that could be prescribed to deal with parasites.  I ponder why pharma doesn’t market them more.  Some sources estimate that between 85-95% of people are infected with parasites.  Think of the million$ that pharma could make!  They’ve managed to figure out a way to make having low testosterone sound *cool* … “Do you have low ‘T’?” says the deep, booming, masculine voice on the TV commercial…HA!  Can you imagine what the marketing/advertising might be for parasite meds?  We could have a lot of fun with that!  Name that parasite med!!  No Squirm!  Fly-Away-Fluke!

Back to the issue at hand.

A person who has impaired immunity who is being fed loads of supplements and expensive organic foods makes for a great host for parasites…..and guess who is eating most of the supplements and expensive food? Not the human!  A person on a high-sugar diet is even better!  People love to say, “but I don’t eat sushi…so I caaaaan’t have parasites!”  But the reality is that you can just as easily contract parasites from that restaurant salad you ate last week.  An infected mom can pass them on to her fetus, and people who live together tend to share them amongst each other (including pets).

Some of you are asking yourself, “OK, what do I do now?”

That’s a really good question.  The autism community is just now beginning to get serious about this, and right now there are still more questions than answers.  Naturally, the first question is, “How do I know if I have parasites?”


Well, you could order a test.  You could get one from your doctor, or there are others available for direct purchase from various labs.  It has been the experience, though, of friends of this writer that these tests are rarely accurate.  Very.Rarely.Accurate.  And there are many reasons why.  In his book, “Accidental Cure”, Dr. Simon Yu says:

Why are parasite problems overlooked?  First, most of the parasites have very complex life cycles that are often outside of the intestinal tract.  Second, we only look at stool samples.  Third, stool samples are old and semi-destroyed when collected and sent to the lab.  Stool samples should be fresh.  Fourth, most laboratory technicians and pathologists don’t have enough training to recognize ova and parasites in the stool.”  (pg 110)

 Dr. Yu and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt are the only two doctors this writer knows of who know how to effectively detect and treat parasites.  Both use detection measures that the traditional medical establishment would consider quackery.  Dr. Yu uses EAV testing / Acupuncture Meridian Assessment to assess parasite load and other bodily stressors.  Dr. Klinghardt uses Autonomic Response Testing, which is a biofeedback-enhanced physical exam.

Given so few readily-available and accurate testing options, many are resorting to treating without a positive test.  But what are the treatment options?

For those inclined to keep their distance from pharmaceuticals, there are many natural treatment options.  On Curezone, adults and parents gather and discuss their experiences with natural/herbal options like Humaworm, Clarkia, Paragone, and many more.  There are also accompanying treatments like zappers, rife, etc.  But it is generally accepted by the veterans of the do-it-yourself parasite-killer community that these approaches are effective as a broad-spectrum approach to parasite management but will not kill the larger Ascaris (roundworms can grow to 20 inches or more) or tapeworms.  If you spend enough time on curezone and other parasite treatment forums, you will read a number of theories and anecdotes of different ways to kill off large Ascaris and tapeworms.

Then there’s the pharmaceutical approach.  Again, there are many pharmaceutical medications created to kill parasites.  There are very, very, very few doctors who understand the prevalence of the parasite issue, and even fewer who understand how to use pharmaceuticals to EFFECTIVELY kill parasites.  The pharmaceutical manufacturers’ recommended dosages are too low. The treatment duration is too short and is not repeated at the appropriate interval.  So even if you went to your GP or autism doctor and were able to convince him/her that your child does have (or might have) a parasite infection regardless of what their inept test result shows, if you were still able to convince the doctor to prescribe parasite medications, the doctor would not give enough medication for a long enough period of time and repeated at the appropriate interval. It would not be enough to make much of an impact on your child’s parasite load.  And this is potentially dangerous given the fact that parasites can develop resistance to substances that are supposed to kill them if the substance is not administered effectively.

I avoid pharmaceuticals at all cost.  I’ll grab a homeopathic remedy, herbals, or otherwise natural healing alternative any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  That’s how I roll.  That’s my personal choice for my family.  H o w e v e r….parasites may just be the exception to my rule.  Given their complex lifecycle, where many types of parasites will travel all around the human body while growing to maturity, and given how easy it is to get infected and therefore re-infected, parasites are very hard to kill without bringing out the big guns.  And even then, it’s really a matter of management, as opposed to eradication, until you get to the point in the healing process where your immune system can manage them on its own.  Even then, regular ‘deworming’ programs may be necessary for the whole family, especially if you have indoor pets.  Don’t forget to deworm the pets!

Calling all trailblazers!!!!

We need more help.  Drs. Klinghardt and Yu are simply not enough.  (and Yu, BTW, is not an autism doctor and prefers to treat adults)  We need our community of biomed doctors to take a fresh look at the parasite issue.  Both Drs. Klinghardt  and Yu have offered to consult/train other doctors willing to learn their methods.  Who will step up?  We, as parents, need to create the demand.  Talk to your doctor about your concerns, encourage them to reach out to Drs. Klinghardt and/or Yu and lets keep the momentum going.

Now circling back to one of my first points.  I do not believe that killing off parasites will cure autism or any other environmental illness all by itself.  But it very well may be a crucial and –  dare I say –  unavoidable step for many on their pathway to healing and recovery.  On page 111 of his book, Dr. Yu says:

Other overlooked causes of modern illnesses include heavy-metal toxicity, hidden dental problems, nutritional deficiency, food allergies, environmental toxicity, and detoxification needs. ….these neglected problems often promote more susceptible medical conditions in which parasites thrive.  Therefore, treating parasites is not good enough.  You must correct the underlying problems and restore the biological terrain and the immune system.  Otherwise, parasites will return and repeat their complicated life cycles and baffle medical doctors.









For more information on Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD visit


For more information on Dr. Simon Yu, M.D., visit


P.S.  One of the more interesting websites I’ve found in our healing journey is where Scott Forsgren details his journey of healing from Lyme disease and other complimentary issues including his experience dealing with parasites.

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23 Responses to Got Parasites?

  1. Might I suggest a different thought? The world health organization has recommended treatment protocol for these infections, why not follow them! Most of the drugs are unavailable without a prescription but you can still get them. For example, you could cure your roundworm infestation with Ivermectin and Mebendazole tomorrow. Both are available at a pet store or on Amazon. To get the doses needed for your household, buy the oral medicine for horses and follow the WHO reccomendations on dosing. Do not use the CDC recommendations.

  2. heidi says:

    I used diatemeceous (sp?) earth in a parasite cleanse (recommended by a parasite researcher from Yale who is friends w my Natropath). I’m not really sure if it worked as I didn’t really have symptoms in the first place, but have traveled all over the globe and am sure we all have them….it was over a long period with breaks in between to let eggs hatch as eggs are pretty much impossible to kill…

    • sara vogel says:

      I’ve used a lot of different methods, diatomaceous earth, food grade, was by far the easiest and least expensive. Other ways, has a parasite blend for bathing (great for kids), Standard Process Zymex II, and Young Living oregano oil (tastes gross, didn’t have capsules). I had to get over it when the idea of parasites grossed me out. All in our family muscle-tested as having a problem with them. If you haven’t done a cleanse and take a standard med test, and that test is negative for parasites, it is probably a false-negative. I even put my overeating dog on the diatomaceous earth with us, she seems better now. 🙂

  3. Bruce says:

    For more info about parasites and Autism see Kerri Rivera’s book “Healing the Symptoms known as Autism” and come see Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne 2014. Watch the videos at YouTube Channel ClinicaAutismo. 112 kids recovered so far.

  4. Cyndy Hibbler says:

    Oregano, commonly called “the pizza herb,” is one of the most widely-used herbs worldwide, so it is hard to imagine anyone not having tried it. However, oregano was virtually unused in America until returning World War II soldiers heightened the popularity of pizza. -.,..

    Take a look at our blog site too <

  5. Billy Frey says:

    My name is Billy, went to Dr Simon Yu about 3 years ago for prostate problems fought it for 3 years, doctors made it worse. I was taking a shot at this because I did not know which way to turn & was worried that I was going to see a quack. He used EAV and put me on Ivamectrin and another anti parasite drug. It worked!!!! Just suggested to an acquaintance to send his wife who had problems for years, could not believe he brought her to Dr Yu but that was 2 mo’s ago, Talked to him yesterday all of his wifes symptoms are gone. Dr Yu is 2 for 2, when it comes to diagnose and treat parasitic in my book. God Bless You all and your Children.

    • Rene says:

      Dear Billy,

      I am so happy that you are healthy now. I am from Netherland in Europe. I have been struggling with parasite infections for 2 years with no luck so far. Could you please tell me what was the treatmen Dr Yu gave you???

      Thank you in advance

  6. Kris says:

    So how did you treat parasites? I’m looking for some answers since I’ve been dx with them and am battling Chronic lyme disease. thanks!

  7. Wow, this seems promising, might need to give this a try. Love your post.

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  9. steph says:

    Thank you Sugah for such an informative post. I really think you are on to something as a lot of autistic kids are immune challenged, and that is where parasites like to hang out. The other symptom that I find important is that parasite symptoms come up with the Full moon and the New moon (usually within 2- 4 days, but around there) it is when the parasites are mating and really moving. It can make the belly and anus feel ticklish and then it can just really hurt. (could this be some of the laughter symptoms?) They love simple carbs , sugar and bread as well- it feeds them. People today are really grossed out by the thought but my grandmother used to give my mom Cod liver oil for the worms/ parasites and you can really pick them up from anywhere- not just “gross, dirty places” . From foods, sandboxes, lakes, family pets. Normally people keep them in check unless you have a challenged immune system -that is where the problems lie, and unfortunately for these poor kids it seems that is really the problem. Doctors don’t know much, and the test are horrible as I have heard. There is Pharma, there are some natural ways of treating ( Black walnut, and oregano oil- I have heard but haven’t used myself) . Also I saw a video by the MMS practitioner Kerri Rivera (autismone speaker) on youtube where she is talking about using it to treat parasites/worms.

    You ladies are inspiring! xo

  10. Mom worrior says:

    I’ve actually had the chance to use a Rife machine. The real deal. It was way back in in the beginning of my worrior Mama journey and happened as a kind of fluke (no pun intended). There are folks all over the country using Rife frequency technology but as you may expect, it’s very very underground. The screws regularly harass anyone who is “helping” others. I highly recommend researching it and if you have any shot of using a Rife maching DO IT! It’s easy as sitting in front of a blinking light for an hr a day for a prescribed period of time. I recall she programmed the frequency to yeast and parasites. The history on Rife is facinating!

    • Sugah says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a zapper…and have always wondered about Rife. Do you know some good places to research?

      • Linda says:

        Hi Sugah :-),

        I loved your post and that pic is priceless :-). I want to tell you about the Spooky Rifing system, the best, most flexible, diverse and least expensive highly-effective Rife system I know:

        For the best, most flexible, diverse and least expensive highly-effective Rife system, go check out Spooky. Spooky gives you a complete Rife system for about $200. USD, instead of the many thousands of dollars charged for other less-versatile Rife systems.

        Everything you need to know to order, program, access, purchase hardware, download manuals and use Spooky is available at .

        The Spooky Main Frequency Database, which is included free with Spooky, contains 6000+ pre-programmed frequency sets, and is the largest I have ever seen.

        The Spooky2 Forums are free, with more than a few thousand members so far, all using the equipment and posting their experiences, and helping each other to learn more.

        To get to the Spooky2 forums, just go to , then leftclick on the “Spooky2 Forum” tab on the lefthand side of the page. Pay attention to the posted registration rules and you’re good to go.

        Spooky can be used for Rife frequency sets, for Hulda Clark frequencies, can easily be programmed as a Zapper, and is slated to come out with a Plasma Tube option next, for those who would like to have it.

        I have no financial interest whatsoever in Spooky, I just don’t like to see people unable to access Frequency Technology because they didn’t know where to go to get it affordably.

        Go get your Spooky on :-)!


        Linda 🙂

  11. Blaze says:

    Amazingly informative post, Sugah! Thank you SO MUCH!! xoxox

  12. Planetpj says:

    Every time I read about parasites, it makes me squirm, but I know we will address it at some point too. I guess sooner is better than later……

  13. Tex says:

    I’m on my way to see Dr. Yu right now. I can’t wait to tell him he made TMR!!! HA!!

  14. Mama Wolverine says:

    Glad someone is talking about this publicly. A few years ago I was laughed off an autism board for even bringing up the suggestion of parasites. I suspected my child was infected, stool samples were negative, and an infection disease specialist at our Childrens Hospital told me my childs symptoms were just a part of autism. She treated me like I was a loon. I have since struggled with this issue privately and am once again treating.

    I no longer approach modern medicine….they all think I am crazy. I no longer rush off to the local lab with my specimens that they will tell me are just food particles….I have to remind myself on a daily basis that all people in modern medicine are not evil…..God help us all!

  15. Mandy says:

    Very interesting stuff. Thank you for this post, and I am definitely intrigued by this info! What about the benefits of parasites though? Have you read anything much on this? That is just one site that I have read which discusses some benefits to certain parasites. I know that some people are very concerned with parasites and are even willing to take MMS (which does scare me as I feel it would definitely do more damage than good) to be rid of them. Just curious if you had any info on this!

    Thanks so much,

  16. luvbugtmr says:

    I continue to cringe as I pour expensive supplements into my kids, knowing that – most likely – I have not effectively addressed this issue. Thanks for a great post, Sugah!

  17. Autumn says:

    Beautiful and poignant! We’re on the wormy-kill journey to help our son with autism. It’s at least one more puzzle piece we’re glad we discovered! 🙂

  18. Marco says:

    If I could have read this BEFORE spending a fortune on supplements on my son…I would have had more cents & sense.

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