Gut Instinct

I rely on my instincts…my gut, the little voice in my head, whatever you want to call it.  I’ve avoided traffic accidents because of it…like an inner GPS making me switch lanes for no reason.  In childhood during a kickball game as team captain I told someone to stand in an odd spot.  The ball was kicked right to them and we got the winning out.  In college, I knew my friend was in major trouble one night only to learn later he was in a car accident.  In a bank of eight elevators, I can press the up button and walk to the one that will open first every time.  Back when we had tape players in our cars, I could rewind and stop exactly at the beginning of a song without fail.  Talented, I know 😉

One Saturday morning when I was six months pregnant with our twins, we walked into Whole Foods to buy groceries.  Because, of course, we were eating organic because I was pregnant.  In the café there was a nurse giving flu shots.  My OB/GYN mentioned a flu shot was on the recommended schedule for pregnant women at our last visit, but he did not give them in-office.

We wanted to keep these babies safe.  I mean, our 18-month-old had just started daycare and who-only-knows what he would be bringing home from school during the winter, right?  So we marched on over to the café to get our dose of protection.  When it was my turn to sit in the chair I got a bad feeling.  The kind I always pay attention to.  All of a sudden I wondered—Was there that thing, thimerisol or whatever, in this?  I started to question the nurse.  I said “Is this safe?”  “Is there that thimerisol thing in this?”  She shushed me and jabbed my arm so quickly I didn’t have time to protest while saying “Everyone knows they are perfectly safe.”  I walked out with a nagging feeling that something had gone wrong.  The feeling never went away and hounded me through the rest of the pregnancy.

Fast forward to 2011, past Harry’s complete set of vaccinations through 18 months, encephalopathy after the DTaP, chronic constipation, head banging, drooling, eating his winter wardrobe, screaming non-stop, through biomed interventions and finally into classical homeopathy.  By that time we were getting great results including the complete elimination of clostridia with a homeopath, but I wanted more.  I was reading about CEASE and clearing the imprint of vaccines.  Tinus Smit’s book featured prominently on my nightstand.  It made perfect sense to me.  My gut was SCREAMING for this. But our homeopath didn’t support it.  So much as I loved working with him; we found an expert trained in CEASE and dove in.

Some CEASE practitioners work backwards from the last toxic insult.  I had such a strong nagging feeling about clearing that flu shot I’d had that our new homeopath agreed to start there–even though Harry hadn’t directly had it as it had been given to me while pregnant.

CEASE is not for the faint of heart, though I suppose, neither is Autism.  We progressed through 4 potencies of the 2007 Flu shot and Harry had reactions at all levels.  30c, rashes—detox rashes—that traveled all over his body.  Red splotchy, purple dots, raised and flat.  We couldn’t believe a few granules of a sugar pill could do that.  We moved on to the 200c potency and the rashes stopped but he got the hiccups non-stop for two weeks.  It was almost like revisiting the reflux he had from about 4 months till 19 months when we finally stopped dairy. And then we moved to the 1M potency and stayed there, not for the 2 week/4 dose typical interval, but for 7 full weeks.  14 doses of that potency.  Rash after rash after rash.  And with each dose, we saw gains.  Auditory processing delay decreased dramatically.  Generally much more with it.  Signing (still preverbal) increased.  He grew and gained weight.  He attempted to sing, stopping when the music stopped.  He could jump higher.  He was more coordinated.  And more insistent in getting what he wanted.  We finished up the 10M dose of the clear and saw rashes as well after each dose, but nothing like the 1M potency.  This taught me two things….the first was that doing a nosode in a 30c potency might not fully clear the insult and that CEASE was the right (although not only) path for us.  The second was that I would continue to assist our homeopath in picking what we cleared next by listening to my gut, while I relied on him to pick the supporting classical remedies.

We just finished clearing Hep B, and saw more nice gains after this clear including being able to pucker his lips for a kiss <3, and joining in with friends at school independently, and are now moving on to clearing Tylenol & Tylenol PM—which incidentally I took like candy while pregnant, idiot that I was, because I was told it was perfectly safe (and of course Harry got Tylenol before every vaccine so he wasn’t in pain-lovely, I know).  Excited to see what clearing them will do to Harry’s glutathione levels.   And I know what comes next after that one too.

I do a lot of mentoring with newly diagnosed families.  The one thing I find myself repeating is TRUST YOUR GUT.  You will know if a treatment if right for your child or not…follow your instinct.  I sometimes wonder—what if I had been able to pull my arm away that day?  Would the full course of vaccines he did receive, coupled with multiple antibiotics, sedation for ear tubes and everything else we threw at him have done him in anyway?  Or did that shot, at that moment, set him up for what followed?  I will never know for sure, but my bet is a resounding yes.

Incidentally, TMR does not endorse any particular kind of treatment.  I am just giving my experience with this one.



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21 Responses to Gut Instinct

  1. TheBrother says:

    It constantly amazes me how strong you’ve been through all this. If it were Lucas, who misses you BTW, I think I would be a blubbering mess most of the time. To watch your son develope and then slip away, and the crawl his way back is nothing short of awe inspiring. I cherish the memory of the night I got to calm him down and Rick him to sleep, it brings tear to my eyes just thinking about what a trooper he is. Keep fighting the good fight!

    • Goddess says:

      Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait till you guys see him again–He has made huge strides since November–seems like a lifetime ago. Keep Lucas safe–you saw what happened here. It would literally kill me if anything happened to that beautiful boy. Share our message. One in 54 boys based on numbers over a decade old. 1 in 29 in NJ where we grew up. But there is so much hope and so much we can do. xo

  2. Happy says:

    I agree. Tell us more about this CEASE. We have done well with the DAN but this sounds interesting. Is there a good website with information?

  3. Jan Houston says:

    This might be the next path for us. We have not used a Dan practitioner nor a homeopath. I was out of commission for a few years, but I am ready to start something. I have just recently been introduced to homeopathy. Just heard about CEASE two weeks ago. We shall see. Please keep posting things like this. All information is greatly appreciated!

  4. Goddess says:

    Hi Guys–OK I hear you…more info.
    So the best thing, I think, is to start by reading Autism Beyond Despair by Tinus Smits. Its on amazon for $29, or half that for the kindle edition. I love my kindle, but I need to have this book in hardcover bc I use it so often. There is a CEASE page on facebook: and another:, If you want a good primer on classical homeopathy, Read Amy Lanzky’s Impossible Cure. If you have more detailed questions, friend Goddes Tmr on FB…and we can go from there. Hope that helps!! xx

  5. Melissa says:

    I would love to hear your opinion on our story. We are right now seeing a homeopath. Some of her titers are higher than before the clearing. Is that normal? I would love to have someone who has “been there” to ask questions.
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

  6. peacenlovenhealth says:

    My son has recovered. It took 7 years. We did a lot of body ecology, well a giant list…..I can relate so much to your story. I can go back and pinpoint when I didn’t listen to my instincts. My instincts are what helped me to navigate his recovery. My question is, do I need to do CEASE though my son is now normal? If I had to face cease vs autism….I’d go for cease. But he’s

    normal now and I don’t think I could go back and deal with regressions. He regressed at 18 months, loss complete function after a flu shot. I don’t think emotionally I could handle it. But I also don’t want to deny him further healing. I guess I’m wondering if we got his body to clear/heal because of our very early/intensive body work with diet, colonics, well a giant list…..I mean we did enough of the right things so that he could recover. Do you know of other kids who recover without homeopathy, cease etc……who still go back and use it? I’m truly scared to see anything that looks like autism symptoms again. I like where we are now. I appreciate any insights. My son still has a 2 inch rash like scar at the injection site for his “normal reaction” that we gave Tylenol for. Will this ever go away?

    • Blaze says:

      You can use homeopathy for anything from a bruise to autoimmune diseases, so I would say, if there are health concerns, then why NOT? It’s not really about the name of the problem anyway, it’s about bringing the body back to center. My son is close to recovery as I “think” we can get, but I’m pushing further for the best health outcome possible. JMHO!

    • Professor says:

      I don’t think CEASE is REQUIRED for optimum health. It is just one pathway that some people can take. If your son is doing well, that’s great. You might want to try homeopathy for any leftover health concerns, but that doesn’t mean that CEASE is warranted.

    • Goddess says:

      I totally agree with the professor–you might not need CEASE but look into homeopathy!

  7. Katherine Parsons says:

    Wow! Sounds just like my story – except the vaccine I had a bad feeling about was Hep B which was given to my son on his 2nd day of life. I do CEASE therapy as well, and have cleared substances in the order “my gut” dictates. Thanks for the article 🙂

  8. Leigh Ann says:

    I would LOVE some info, as well. I have been researching CEASE and I think it’s what my daughter may need. Thank you so much…..all of you! This blog has been such a great support for me.

  9. Dana says:

    Love you Goddess!!!!

  10. Gina says:

    I’m working with a classical homeopath and wondering about CEASE as well. Would you mind e-mailing me with the information also? My daughter has been damaged by vaccines as well. I always trust my intuition too. It has saved me more than once! Thank you for your blog.

  11. Sprout says:

    wondering do you work with your CEASE practitioner and your other homeopath at the same time? Mommy gut is screaming on this one…Ellen

    • Goddess says:

      I totally changed practitioners. Ours does classical and cease. My old homeopath just recently started using CEASE as well.

  12. WOW! Where can I learn more about CEASE and physicians that practice it? My history with both children is very similar to yours…
    Peace and Love,
    ([email protected])\

  13. Guilded Thinker says:

    Excellent work, Goddess! Mommy gut rules!

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