In Memoriam

Here at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution, we spend a great deal of time discussing devastation, healing and recovery. Today, we turn our attention away from our children (for just a moment) to reflect upon the devastation that occurred 11 years ago when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in a diabolical plan to destroy the United States of America.  The attacks killed nearly 3,000 people from 93 nations. 2,753 people were killed in New York, 184 people were killed at the Pentagon and 40 people were killed on Flight 93.

Those who lost their lives were our neighbors, our friends, our heroes.  We salute them and all of YOU who have participated in the recovery process.  From the First Responders who risked their lives from day one to the Military Personnel who continue to fight for our freedom to the workers who put forth great effort every single day to rebuild what was destroyed.  We will never forget BUT, like our children, WE WILL RECOVER.

I invite you to join the Thinking Moms in a moment of reflection.  This song, written by Lee Greenwood in 1984, became a song of unity and rebuilding after 9/11.

For more information on the events of 9/11, The Memorial, advice on how to talk to children about terrorism, or to watch a live webcast of the commemoration ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial, starting at 8:30 a.m. EST please visit

In somber reflection,

Love, Saint

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3 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. Kiwismommy says:

    I have trouble with 9/11. First of all it is my Mother’s birthday today, a day which in my family she owned for decades before this ever happened and made her never want to celebrate again. Though I understand from intelligence reports there was another day that they let go by because they weren’t quit ready yet. That day was May 12th, which happens to be my birthday. All a little too weird for us.
    At the same time that 9/11 happened, my daughter was being diagnosed with Autism and my brother, just 18 months older than I, was being diagnosed with cancer. It was a black time for us but served to give 9/11 slightly less significance in our family. I’m not afraid of terrorists, I have 100x greater chance of being attacked from within my own country by vaccines, toxins, GMOs, tainted foods, and do-gooders of the nanny state. It occurred to me, everyone’s greatest fear is in protecting their family, of feeling helpless agains the violence and senslessness of the whole thing. I felt no different being attacked by cancer and autism. It is violent and senseless and I feel no less helpless in protecting my family from it. The biggest difference was we didn’t get a big fact million dollar check for our suffering. No other victims of random acts of violence that occur in this country every day will receive compensation either.
    Our government mandated vaccines damage hundreds of thousands of children and there is no compensation for that, hell we can’t even get recognition that it has happened. Someone recently told me that the equivalent death count of 9/11 occurs every day in America strictly due to medical mistakes, including prescription drugs. How many crashed airliners does that equal? I understand the tragedy and emotion of 9/11 but in the aftermath I see the loss of our freedoms in the name of fear, and I fear in that alone the terrorists have won. As if TSA agents physically assaulting and feeling up our children is making us safer. All in the name of security, except I don’t feel secure. I see around me the skyrocketing rates of childrens’ life-threatening and life altering illnesses, and the skyrocketing rates of cancer that are taking so many innocent lives. No less heart-wrenching or devastating. They just all don’t happen to be in a plane together as they go down, but the numbers are far greater. My brother is just as dead as someone’s brother in those towers, but I can’t specifically point to who killed my brother, I guess we all did, with our chemicals, toxins, bad food, bad medicine. I find it personally hard to mourn and recognize 9/11 as the enormity of our situation strikes me every single day. 1 in every 3 of us will get cancer! 1 in 54 of our boys have Autism. The only recognition for that seems to be a yearly ritual of people walking around tracks, fundraising for an organization that gets the bulk of their support from big pharma, that has not improved the outlook for cancer by one iota in decades of funneling their funds into more toxic chemo drugs and shutting down any possible help if it doesn’t make someone money. The same goes for Autism. No one is really looking for a cure, just pretending to be concerned. It’s all politics, and that is what 9/11 has become as well. So today, I will celebrate my Mom’s birthday and stop to give pause as I imagine the 10 planes that are simultaneously crashing today with their cancer victims and try to think of the thousands of families that are now in mourning. And tomorrow and the next day and the next…….. I simply see 9/11 as a distraction, so we all don’t pay attention to what is really killing us and who the enemy really is. Terrorists? Not a fear I ever entertain. There are many more real threats out there than that and it’s not from foreigners or terrorists and the odds of it affecting us are a million times greater.

  2. Maria says:

    Beautiful post. Spoken like a true saint…
    “We will never forget BUT, like our children, WE WILL RECOVER.”

  3. Kathleen Limekiller says:

    Jenn: What a beautiful well written tribute to our wonderful country. Thank you. I am so very proud of you. Love, Mom

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