It’s All In Your Head

Rev PreacherA mom of a newly diagnosed child with autism tells her pediatrician that she hears from a group of (thinking) moms that her child can be “recovered.”

She is told by her pediatrician, who administered said child’s vaccines (all of them…every last one on the schedule because you can never ever be to careful):

That those moms are simply…imagining it.

That’s right. Imagining recovery.

And you know what? He is absolutely right.

As a young woman I imagined I would someday marry the man of my dreams.

I did.

I imagined I would have a beautiful family.

I do.

I imagined I would have a home that would be grounded in love that would be used to bless others.

I have that. And I am using it for that purpose.

I imagined an amazing group of friends who would always love and support me. NO MATTER WHAT.

I have that.

I imagined several months ago, when I became ill, that I would lose 30 pounds.

I did that.

I imagined I would use less and less pharmaceutical solutions to control my asthma.

I am doing that. I actually leave the house without my inhaler and don’t realize it.

I imagined and continue to vividly imagine everyday that our son Noah IS RECOVERED FROM AUTISM.

And it’s happening.

Could you imagine what could happen for the children of this country if we ALL used our imaginations?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes sir, Dr. Pediatrician. You are 100% correct. We imagined it. We humbly invite you to do the same.

Much love and respect to you and yours during this holiday season!

~The Rev


An article to support your imagination:  Some Autistic Children Can Recover, Study Shows

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6 Responses to It’s All In Your Head

  1. Donna Powers says:

    In my head I hear the Beatles singing “Imagine”.
    And from my favourite artist/poet/story people person Brian Andreas, (hope the link comes through)

    love to you for inspirational messages, hope and recovery. Imagine that!

  2. Kim Rice says:

    This post gave me chills. Thank you so much. Five years ago my child was diagnosed with autism. I read stories of hope written by mother’s who had experimented with diet intervention and recovered their children. Against the advice of the doctors that diagnosed my son with autism, I started the diet and kept my focus on words like “recovered” and “mainstreamed.” I imagined, like you, that I too could speak these words as the parent’s in the stories did and now I do. I used them tonight as I shared my story of hope at Whole Foods Market. Thank goodness for the imagination. Without it, we’d still be living in caves.

  3. planetpj says:

    Awesome! I am using my imagination every day to help my kid recover, and he’s almost there!

  4. Sylvia says:

    Fabulous. Imagine that! A DREAM. That motivates and guides you. Leaders, social movements, athletes………autism moms. Love this Rev. Thanks.

  5. Jan says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration.

    • Mel says:

      They can all be recovered!!!! I have seen vaccine damaged kids all recover after going to a naturopath to detox them of those horrific toxins they injected them with!!! Kids who were struggling so badly that are now top in their class excelling, happy and healthy!!!! knowledge is power and we need to get these toxins out of our kids, spread the word that they are able to be healed and boycot mainstream protocols!!! They tell us flouride is good for us but it is another harmful neurotoxin harming us. stand up and yell to the world No more lies, cover ups and dirty toxins in our kids!!!!
      learn how to go into a profession that doesn’t get paid to make people sick and then give them a prescription to treat the very illness they gave you. Immunity real health is staying as far from a western medical doctor as possible. Natural healing is inate and can bring you and your child back to where they were before the medical community got a hold of them. Unfortunately they are now injecting sonny pregnant women with toxins as well that these poor babies are having less and less of a real chance. Stand up for truth and saying NO!

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