I Just Wanted to Take My Son Recovered from Autism to See Santa

It’s 4:00 AM two days before Christmas. I have spent the entire night wrapping gifts for my now-recovered son and his almost two-year-old baby brother. My house is quiet — but my mind and heart are not.Any mother who has had to recover, or is in the process of recovering, her child, especially when it was a regression after vaccines, is a changed person. Normal is no longer a part of our vocabulary.  Last week my husband and I took our two boys to see Santa.  In front of us was a young mom and dad with their new baby. You could just sense the tension. This sweet little baby was inconsolable. Nothing mom or dad did was calming him. Some would say this is “norma” to a Thinking Mom — not so much. So mom props baby on her shoulder, he’s facing me – and that’s when my hyper awareness kicked in. This sweet babe had a red angry rash on both cheeks.

My husband gave me “the look” as in “We are here just to see Santa, what we worked so hard for.” He knew, I knew, something was off. I reached in to hug him, and he says soft in my ear ” Do you see the rash? Don’t say anything unless the opportunity presents itself.”  Well of course it did! Santa is a hot ticket; the lines are long!

Mom and I start chatting. She tells me my boys are so well behaved, so cute.  She proceeds to tell me she works with children on the spectrum.  That’s when my hub gave me the other look, the “tell her look.”   So I gave a brief synopsis about my journey with Connor, The Team TMR book I wrote a chapter for.   We have pleasantries, and she turns to see the status of Santa.  Then she turns back with the craziest statement. “Your boys look so healthy!” I tell her how I feed them all organic, etc., and then she says “Do you give them probiotics?”  Then the floodgates opened.  She tells me about the high-dose antibiotics she was on when she was delivering, then how he was on IV antibiotics at least a week once he was born due to a MRSA infection after circumcision.  Then she said it: “He really started having bad stomach issues after his two-month vaccines. He is inconsolable, has had a bad case of thrush, doesn’t want to nurse.”  To which her husband states, “Yeah, she’s been obsessing for weeks. Our Pediatrician says it’s normal.”  After that I validated all her concerns, her eyes a bit teary. It was now time for her baby to get his picture. I gave her a hug and my phone number and told her to text me with anything I can do to help, and we parted.

Over the last week, I have gotten her into my pediatrician, gotten gas relief (homeopathic) to ease the pain the baby is experiencing, and gotten a good probiotic suggestion.  I just want to give you a few snippets of our texts. She wants me to share this because, as she has told me, “I never would have known any of this if you hadn’t spoken to me.  Mothers [Editor’s note:  And fathers!] NEED to know.”

Her first sentiments:

“I am SO glad you said something. Isn’t it crazy how just a suspicion from his rash on face turned into this? Little did you know the craziness that’s been going on! I couldn’t stop talking about you when we left, because I kept saying how happy I was to finally feel like everything I’ve been worrying about was validated.”

And then:

“It’s so interesting how my baby’s face was super clear the past couple days and even today.  Then I just looked at him, and it’s super inflamed with those red dots. His pediatrician told me that it was a virus! It’s on his chin and cheeks when it does show.”

It gets better (enter sarcasam):

“Thank you so much for your help! I can’t wait for my appointment on Tuesday to see Dr. Sears. Yesterday I called my baby’s doctor and left a message saying I wanted to get a test done for my son, a stool test you suggested (this was before I spoke to you about waiting to do the test from Dr. Sears), and she called me back and left a voicemail saying she thinks I should go to a “mommy and me” group to talk to other first-time moms. That’s her response when I request a test. So ridiculous!”

I was fuming. Then I went into “Spartan Mode.”

Not only is this new mother being treated like she’s crazy and overreacting, her husband was also expressing his doubts about what I suggested to her, going so far as calling a doctor friend of his to validate what I was telling her was wrong. The friend, a physician, stated, “Yeah, the antibiotics can cause some upset, but that’s “normal.” And vaccines do no harm. They don’t cause autism.”

I asked her to please stand her ground, and that’s when she said, “Please Maria, write something. Get the word out. Moms don’t know.”

So that’s what I am doing here today — getting the word out.

STOP letting your pediatricians belittle your mother’s intuition when it comes to your child’s health.

STOP accepting the “New Normal” of sick children.

Research. Reach out to us mothers that know.  Pass this story on to the next mother you meet in the same position, so she too can feel validated.

I was texting this mom to give empowerment for her appointment tomorrow. I told her she will be in the best hands with Dr. Sears.  Connor, my recovered son, was reading over my shoulder when he said, “Mom, are you going to make that baby better like you did me?” I replied ” I am trying, hon.” He then said “Let’s say a prayer for them.”

He knows.  I know.   With the autism rates currently at 1 in 68, the WORLD knows.  It’s time for us to reclaim our kids’ health and not let anything stand in the way.

I just wanted to take my recovered son to see Santa. My life will never be the same, but if I can stop ONE child from regressing into illness or autism,  my son’s prior suffering was not in vain.

Only Forward From Here,

~ Spartan

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10 Responses to I Just Wanted to Take My Son Recovered from Autism to See Santa

  1. Audrey Aspeling says:

    Thank you to Professor TMR for the suggestion to read the book The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism by James Lyons-Weiler. I will try to get a copy. Meanwhile I know what you mean about the role of toxic exposures as I know they also do play their part in allergies and Electrohypersensitivity illness as the experts say people exposed to toxic substances are more likely to get EHS and initially as a child we were sprayed on in our country home by DDT used to kill grasshoppers for the farmers but we didn’t have any home electricity at the time and I got the allergies but no autism despite having all my vaccinations over the years. From my reading the electricity can break down the blood brain barrier which normally keeps toxins out of the brain and so due to the mercury in the flu vaccine I am now advised not to have that but without the excessive use of the new technologies I don’t believe this would ever have been a problem but then I could be wrong of course. As a nurse for 45 years there was very little autism around initially and I only heard about it in 1968 and then it was rare in my experience. For my condition the effective detoxing product prescribed by a therapist using the Cyber Trone machine from Germany and small hair samples sent to her originally helped me to once more function in this highly electrical world plus having my mercury fillings changed and the other home measures as already mentioned. Sadly more complications came from a drug given to me for broken bones from osteoporosis so I have now had to trial other things as well. Thank you for this blog. It is very interesting. I feel we have certainly made a mess of our world with many things over the years and are continuing to do so.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Would JeffCraig be prepared to contact anyone directly?

  3. Audrey Aspeling says:

    I find this all very interesting and as a microbiological lecturer to student nurses in the past I am still not anti vaccines because I am concerned about the possible return of the dreadful scourges of the past such as polio etc. However my belief as I am now electrosensitive is that the problems may be due to our increasingly electrical world such as the escalation of wi fi and mobile phones etc. and apparently a doctor in America is curing autistic children by getting their parents to turn off all these things in the home and it is supposed to be working as well. I just know that as a 70 year old now I became very ill with a problem of fitting by my clock radio and unable to sit anywhere in my home or watch TV etc. without a very irritable brain 9 years ago now and with alternative advice I have now improved due to trial medications I am using and changing my home to wired devices only and moving away my bedroom from the front overhead power lines I was told were my main problem so this may need looking into as well as anti vaccination. I had all my vaccinations years ago and despite allergies as a child without much electricity I was basically able to have a full and active life until the mobile/cordless phone etc. onslaught. Hope this is of interest to all concerned and struggling parents.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Some of the autism population is indeed extra sensitive to EMF. However, there are a variety of toxic exposures that can cause similar results depending upon genetic predispositions. Since you are obviously interested in the subject, I urge you to read The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism by James Lyons-Weiler. Fantastic overview of how all the different pieces fit together.

  4. Sara says:

    Curious what is meant by “recovered autistic”. Do you mean symptoms are controlled or no symptoms at all?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It generally means loss of autism diagnosis. That sometimes means that there are residual issues, especially social ones, that could result in another diagnosis such as ADHD, but it doesn’t have to. I’ve met Spartan’s son “virtually.” If he has any residual issues, they are very minor.

  5. Kathy says:

    Wonderful post! I am now in my “grandmother stage” of life but I fought a hard fight to keep my 3 children vaccine free when I was raising them (1984 till about 4 years ago.) I kept a somewhat low profile back in those days because of the passion of the argument but I’m over that now and am ready to shout it from the rooftops!!! I am constantly sending out articles and posting great information on facebook that wouldn’t be seen otherwise. If we don’t educate with truth, who will? It certainly won’t be their doctors. These conversations can at least open doors and plant seeds. Let God give the increase, that’s not my job.
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Julia Farrell says:

    Thank goodness for TMR. Keep up your good work. I try to pass along what I learn from you all.

  7. JeffCraig says:

    I knew infections from circs were possible, but even in the desert, in countries with very few hosptials and ‘so-called’ professional medical services(which usually make things worse,btw, everywhere they’re used)… I haven’t heard of them happening – not even one ! (of course, it is not a topic brought up or posted very often… as far as I’ve read)…

    Still, I thought I’d post that there is a very very very simple inexpensive and extremely effective help, very natural, and I don’t dare post what it is …. —the last time a 1200 inmate jail was on broadcast news , showing how staph and strep and all infections were reduced from 3 a day (1200 every year) needing medical attention,
    to ZERO infections daily, (for 6 months, not even one infection),
    what the jail used was BANNED within 2 months by the fda. When asked why, they said in their record NO ONE had ever been harmed by using it, nor by not using something else instead, but it was still banned (i.e. NO REASON GIVEN, EVER).

    Likewise so many other helps (known, proven, safe, effective, and not approved by the druglords)….

    So, keep looking , keep seeking, to find the TRUTH – it is STILL AVAILABLE.

    (p.s. re regression – a couple decades ago on a famous (now disappeared) documentary a doctor ‘cured’ his own son of autism in 3 days,
    then allowed his son to regress (painfully, but to prove the remedy he used was actually what effected the change),
    then cured him again within 3 days, (then continued the remedy so he never regressed again, thru the years up to the time the documentary was broadcast on PBS OETA (or maybe 60 minutes? or 20/20?) ….. Anyway, I knew the cure worked, it was known for a long time (decades) by the doctors, but I was SURE THIS WOULD change everything in the USA for parents……
    shock upon shock,
    instead things got exponentially worse — parents were not only lied to directly, but were offered bribes to never try the cure – up to $3000/month in money and treatments to NOT do the cure.

    Do not trust the government, if that’s not already obvious to everyone !

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