The Lesson of Babies: We Can All Do Better

shamrockI have to remember that not everyone shares my view on autism
recovery. But when I hear people say, “Your message is offensive because it implies that I should do better or I’m
not doing enough for my child,” I get it. I understand that feeling. Nothing wakes mama bear up like getting in between that mother-child bond, she’ll kill over it.


BUT, let me put it this way if I may . . .

We can all do better. We can all learn. We can all change.

You know who can’t? Babies. Because they are the BEST at what they do.

  • The best at living in the womb
  • The best at breathing for the first time
  • The best at building an immune system from within
  • The best at suckling for nourishment
  • The best at knowing all they need to know at that moment
  • The best at loving unconditionally


Then a clusterf*ck happens: toxic formula; toxic vaccines; toxic products; toxic water; toxic food; toxic air. The baby then has to become the best at survival. And for the most part they are great at it.

But some babies are not, and they need our help to do better, to become healthy children of this world. Why? Because they are not the best at:

  • Reading food labels
  • Reading vaccine package inserts
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Asking questions
  • Reading medical literature
  • Asking for help

shamrock1So yes, I’m afraid my message is that we can all do better, but it’s without judgement because I used to be offended too. Now I am humbled because I know what I am learning and sharing will help a mother, help her child do better.

Do what you can. If you can’t do it, ask for help. If you can’t ask for help, read a book Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. How Thinking Parents Are Recovering Their Children and Uncovering the Truth. Available Summer 2014.  Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to fund the TEAM TMR grant program.

And if you need us, we’re here.


~ Shamrock xoxo

I am a mother to three beautiful children, one of whom is recovering from ASD. I am a Thinker who won’t stop until my son and family are healed, who won’t stop until all our ‘canaries in the coal mine’ have returned to health. Our kids need help in their recovery. We can’t do it alone. Peace xoxo.

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  1. Becky says:

    Once again, brilliant. Thanks for being the herald of truth – gently shared.

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