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The Anxious Child: What You Can Do to Help

November 14, 2018 Having a child with anxiety causes a lot of anxiety for the parent. It is such a nebulous thing that seems to strike for no reason and respond to very little. There are many strategies for managing … Continue reading

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Desert Farms Essay Contest: Win 6-Month Supply of Camel Milk!

The original deadline for submissions was August 20. Desert Farms has asked us to rerun this with an extended deadline as they didn’t get many submissions over the summer. Now that people are back to their normal routines, we hope … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Babies: We Can All Do Better

I have to remember that not everyone shares my view on autism recovery. But when I hear people say, “Your message is offensive because it implies that I should do better or I’m not doing enough for my child,” I … Continue reading

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11 Things Special-Needs Parents DON’T Want (And Why Bringing Wine Helps)

Judging from my Facebook news feed and all the mindless shares that I get (and seriously appreciate. Mindlessness does the body good sometimes), lists are where it’s at. Every day I see links to things like “Ten Ways to Tell … Continue reading

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A Picture of Recovery

This blog was originally published on March 20, 2012.   Picture it. A beautiful sunset. The sky painted orange, pink and purple. A red sand beach drawn along the shore in Nova Scotia. Two young boys running…no, frolicking in the surf … Continue reading

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The FAQs Asked of an Autism Parent

I just finished writing an article for The Mother magazine, a UK-based publication that also has a US outlet. I discovered this magazine when TMR’s book, Autism Beyond the Spectrum, was featured in their Book Review section in the September/October … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Simple Pleasures

    This Sunday I invite you to take a moment to indulge in some simple pleasures. Life can be so hectic that we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes just a moment of mindfulness, of being fully present … Continue reading

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An Autism Carol

As I stood in my kitchen unloading groceries, I took a moment and stared out the window at the sun on the snow-covered mountains. The same cyclical thoughts circled through my head: “I need to make a plan for dinner. … Continue reading

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Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified

Parents across the globe should be warned that there is a new childhood epidemic that is sweeping the nation and will surely touch every corner of the globe as its destructive path injures more and more of our precious children … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Happy Birthday Mr. Mamacita!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  He’s the man I fell madly in love with way back in 1997.  The first time I ever saw him I said to myself, “I need to meet this guy!”  Three months later a friend … Continue reading

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