Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified

Parents across the globe should be warned that there is a new childhood epidemic that is sweeping the nation and will surely touch every corner of the globe as its destructive path injures more and more of our precious children with each passing year.

ABC News via its Good Morning America blog has reported that the number of Bounce House Related Injuries has risen to epidemic proportions.  You can read this shocking news here, here and here.  The rise in numbers equates to a staggering 1 child every 46 minutes that gets a sprained ankle on a bouncy Spiderman castle, or a bonked head while colliding with a playmate on a blow-up obstacle course.

No one knows why the rise in BHRI (Bounce House Related Injuries) is happening. Experts are mystified. Parents are afraid.

According to the Center for Bounce House Related Injury Control, and the National Institute of Birthday Parties there is no need to be concerned. Fred Fredricksmith of the CBHRIC made a statement about the recent BHRI numbers coming out of Ohio:

“There is no need to panic and cancel your child’s bounce house rental. There is no increase in the number of BHRI in recent years. There have always been BHRI occurring at this rate, but these incidences went unnoticed or unreported in years past. BHRI is caused by refrigerator mothers who just don’t supervise their children on these play apparatuses, and don’t care if they get hurt. These kids who are getting booboos and owies from BHRI are genetically predisposed to these injuries.  We are just better at finding these kids now than we were 10, 15 even 20 years ago,” Fredricksmith stated.

While these words of comfort seem to have placated a majority of the parents watching this epidemic unfold, there are a growing number of parents who feel these statements just don’t add up.

Laura Leinhart from Smeiglerville, Missouri did research on BHRI before reserving a pink Dora the Explorer bouncy castle for her daughter’s party. She believes there are other factors at play.

“I just don’t see how it can be genetic.” Laura explained. “My nephew sustained a BHRI last Spring, and my neighbor’s daughter got a wrist injury at the last neighborhood party.  I don’t remember anyone ever having these types of injuries before. Maybe it is just the sheer number of bounce houses that these kids are in every year. When I was a kid I was in ONE bounce house every few years.  My kids are in bounce houses every month or so it seems!”  She ultimately decided to cancel the bounce party and held the event at a local park instead.  Laura stated that she would delay renting a bounce house until there was further research proving that they are safe, and noted that she is going to make sure that she spreads out her own children’s bounce house usage.

Laura’s neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes that her daughter’s BHRI is not genetic either.  “No one in our family has ever had a BHRI.  No one.  How can it be genetic when we have NO family history of BHRI?”

There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding this new epidemic that is harming a generation of children.  If you wish to help raise money to go toward finding the BHRI gene please visit for more information on how you can help fight this devastating reality.


Ironic no?  An article about how Bounce House Injuries are now an EPIDEMIC??  Where’ve you been while the autism numbers have been skyrocketing, ABC/GMA?  Why isn’t this nation concerned about that epidemic?  Where is the media coverage? 

We watched as our representatives grilled Dr. Boyle from the CDC and Dr. Guttmacher from the NIH about autism causation. They wanted to know what is being done about the dramatic rise in autism cases over the last ten years since the first Congressional hearing. They asked hard questions about vaccines and their relationship to the rise in autism.  These experts HAD NO RESPONSE. They were pathetic. They couldn’t even tell the panel how many vaccines are actually on the AAP schedule. The entire first two hours of the hearing discussed childhood vaccines and the role they play in autism causation, and there has been no media coverage. NOTHING. WHERE ARE YOU? ABC? CBS? NBC? CNN? THIS IS BIG NEWS!

The coverage is here.  TMR, and organizations like us are the media coverage.  We won’t let this hearing disappear and become yesterday’s news. Go back and read through what we have been posting.  Research, learn and THINK!

~Sunshine ☼

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Disclaimer:  This post is not meant to downplay any serious injury that any child has incurred in a bounce house.  I broke my own kid’s leg in a tube slide at Disney when he was two. It wasn’t much fun. I still went ahead and put a tube slide in my backyard later that year because kids can get hurt doing just about anything, right?   If your child was seriously injured in a bounce house, this was not written to minimize or trivialize that experience, but to shine a light on the way we minimize and trivialize the autism epidemic in this country and around the world.

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33 Responses to Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified

  1. Angie M says:

    I was laughing through the bounce house story thinking it was a spoof or something. It took reading a few comments for me to go back and look at the links. Hey look over there at that pretty bird while we poison your kids over here. Apparently they are really enjoying their distraction jobs.

  2. DS McIntosh says:

    Maybe with all the attention this article is garnering, they’ll grant a no liability law for bounce house makers so they stay in the country too.

  3. Ofe says:

    I burned my skin on the bouncy slides. they are dangerous. i think i won’t let my child go on them anymore, since it’s an epidemic. lol

  4. Marco says:

    Selling my bounce house.

  5. Melissa Vega says:

    Love your witty post! Disclaimer was fantastic! We are getting the word out, we are saving children… just not at the rate the media could. Sadly, mainstreamed media does not want to get the truth out for it would cause pure madness and chaos. My life with autism is already madness and chaos.

  6. Diana Gonzales says:

    Ha! Sharing with my masses so they can share with their masses ..etc! ♥

  7. BB says:
    Everybody keeps drinking the Kool-aid.

    This ongoing struggle to protect children from being harmed by exploitation is older than Moses,
    yet the battle to get justice for our kids and families has only just begun.
    How my heart aches for all the warrior parents who came before us, they were so very alone, no TMR for them.

    And we all are grown up versions of harmed and exploited children.

    Soldier on my dear sister and brother warriors!

    Are kids are counting on us to fight for their right to…
    Yeah at bouncy house parties, and to live the best life possible.

    Sharing videos is my way of venting without hurting anyone, including myself.
    Watch at your own discretion.
    Peace out!

  8. Nikki says:

    If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. The sheer ignorance by doctors, journalists, the general public etc etc regarding the causes of autism is astounding. : (
    But thanks for a funny article .lol

  9. S Loire King says:

    My name is Sunshine, so fancy that I am reading this delightful tongue in cheek piece…only to scroll to the bottom and see my name. What a hoot. I am reading more of your stuff now. Thanks! You make me proud!

  10. jennifer says:

    LOVE this.

  11. Lisa says:

    Love. We will bring about change, and the media can report on it after the fact if they miss the boat. Because the boat has left its safe harbor!

  12. Wendy Frye says:

    Next thing you know, insurance companies will refuse coverage for any BHRI! Great post, Sunshine!

  13. Brilliant is right. Epidemic my ass. The insults just keep coming to ASD parents–lovely.

  14. Sara Ramsey says:


  15. Lisa B. says:

    Loving your witty blog today, and I would have laughed harder but for the sad fact I live Autism every day. TMR is awesome!

  16. No kidding. But you know what? Social media can bring BIG changes. You and I and The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, Epidemic Answers, Generation Rescue, Age of Autism and Talk About Curing Autism will continue to spread the word through our networks. I think people are starting to pay attention. We just have to keep spreading the word.

    I read somewhere that the Dalai Lama said that “Western women will change the world.” I firmly believe that!

  17. Julie says:

    My daughter was at a birthday party last year with a huge bounce/water slide. She don’t sustain a sprained ankle or head bonk. Instead she came down with PANS. The materials of the bounce/water slide, chemicals used to clean it along with fluoride water yep PANS. The time before at an autism society picnic the bounce house caused poop blow out fever and hives. I’m not kidding

  18. MelissaD says:

    Hey, don’t worry as soon as the bounce house advertisers get wind of this and threaten to pull their ads, the story will then become just over cautious parents who don’t remember how many bounce house injuries we used to have in the old days…

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