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Message in a Beer Bottle

Every month my esteemed colleague, Saint, creates a blog calendar for us so we can keep track of what is being posted when. What is great about this labor of love is that she takes the time to find out … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to an Awesome Mom – A Food Allergy Tale

Dear Mrs. So and So, Thank you.  Thank you for raising a child who, on his own, is thinking about other children and ways to include them.  He didn’t have to mention to you at breakfast that my son has … Continue reading

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A Picture of Recovery

This blog was originally published on March 20, 2012.   Picture it. A beautiful sunset. The sky painted orange, pink and purple. A red sand beach drawn along the shore in Nova Scotia. Two young boys running…no, frolicking in the surf … Continue reading

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To the Medical Community: We Have Questions. Lots Of Them.

I recently wrote a post about the importance of parents taking charge of their childrens’ health and questioning medical interventions and protocols to make sure they are what is best for their family. Since then I have done a lot … Continue reading

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Listen To Your Gut, Trust Your Instincts and Question Everything

As we travel along the autism road, I usually fluctuate between feeling like we are completely on track, making strides, seeing gains or utterly lost with no direction or sense of what to do next. The former is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Beyond the Curriculum: Teaching Students About Their Classmates With Special Needs

Every school year I go into my son’s class to read to the kids. The topic? Autism. When he started elementary school, I hadn’t planned on doing this at all, but early on in his kindergarten year, I witnessed an … Continue reading

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Happy Do Something Nice Day! (AKA: Don’t Be An A-hole Day)

I wasn’t even aware that this day existed. Today is National Do Something Nice Day. I happened to find out about this fabulous holiday while I was checking my email. It was sitting there in my news feed: ”October 5th … Continue reading

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Seek and Ye Shall Find

The news can be pretty grim. I read about another mom who murdered her kids yesterday. The DC Navy Yard shooting was all over the news. Depressing. So I am going to turn this around and offer up a challenge … Continue reading

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A Vaccine for Vaccine Damage?

You know, it takes a LOT to get me really fired up. I am pretty laid back (for the most part) and try to find something to smile about no matter what. Humor is my defense mechanism. I get stressed … Continue reading

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Each OneTeach One

Each One Teach One.  This phrase originated in the US during a time when African Americans were denied education which included learning to read.  If someone learned to read, they were responsible to pass that skill along and teach another … Continue reading

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