A Vaccine for Vaccine Damage?

SunshineYou know, it takes a LOT to get me really fired up. I am pretty laid back (for the most part) and try to find something to smile about no matter what. Humor is my defense mechanism. I get stressed out or worried…I need to laugh. Maybe you’ve noticed that my blogs are usually about poop cupcakes and beer bottle caps.

Well, Mountain Mama posted an article yesterday that really pissed me off. I’m talking I wanted to punch a hole in the wall and scream at vaccinethe top of my lungs. Perhaps you saw it in your news feed on Facebook.  Science Daily published an article titled, “First Vaccine to Help Control Autism Symptoms.” Yes, you read that correctly…a vaccine to control autism symptoms. And guess what it targets??? BINGO. The bad gut bacteria that so many kids with autism have.

Wait, what? Bad gut bacteria? Hold the phone…autism is genetic. We are just better at diagnosing it! Right? WRONG. Autism. Is. Medical. THINK.

I find this entire article, and the fact that researchers are looking for a vaccine to target fixing these kids’ guts, completely insulting. My son, at the hands of the medical community through unsafe vaccine practices, had his gut destroyed to the point that he stopped growing. STOPPED GROWING. He was loaded up with broad spectrum antibiotics for years for ear infections which led to an overgrowth of clostridium difficile among other bad bacteria. On top of this, he was antibioticgiven vaccines while he was taking these antibiotics, which even the CDC says shouldn’t happen. From the CDC’s vaccine guidelines: “Routine physical examinations and procedures (e.g., measuring temperatures) are not prerequisites for vaccinating persons who appear to be healthy. The provider should ask the parent or guardian if the child is ill. If the child has a moderate or severe illness, the vaccination should be postponed. But guess what? It still happens. Kids are still getting vaccinated while they are on antibiotics. I overheard a grandmother at preschool talking about how her granddaughter was grumpy because her tummy hurt from the antibiotics she was on, and in the very next breath she explained that it also could be because she got her MMR that day too. MMR and antibiotics. A recipe for disaster.

So rather than PREVENTING the destruction of a child’s digestive system, we are looking for a vaccine to help fix the damage. I am sorry, but this is just disgusting and is a great example of what is wrong with our medical system. Perhaps if the powers that be would take some time to look at WHY kids with autism have such bad gut bacteria and start working on reversing the practices that cause the gut damage in the first place, autism symptoms would be reduced without this new wonder vaccine.

Oh, wait…there is no money in that. No money in fewer antibiotic prescriptions. No money in reducing the number of vaccines that arepuzzled dollar given at well visits. No money in spreading them out. No money in taking out the dangerous adjuvants that make the vaccines shelf-stable for years. No money in healthy people. You and your children are worth more money when you are sick than when you are well.

I will leave you with something to think about. Since the beginning of March, my son has finally started to gain weight. We have been working on healing his gut for years and he is finally absorbing the nutrients from his expensive, organic diet. Guess what else is changing? He is becoming more social, more verbal, and he is having an easier time communicating and playing. His autism symptoms are lessening. Had we not wrecked his gut years ago, would he have autism today?

We will never know the answer to that question for my son, but just maybe if we start protecting the gut flora of our children NOW, we will see what happens to the autism rates. If only there was money to be made off of healthy children. Maybe then we would find out.

~(A Partly Cloudy) Sunshine ☼

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20 Responses to A Vaccine for Vaccine Damage?

  1. Pat Zagame says:

    Interesting that no one is linking genetic engineered crops to the disruption of gut bacteria.

    • Marcie says:

      My thoughts exactly, Pat.
      In fact, the GMO foods introduce foreign bacteria that is felt to mess with our DNA, and I personally think is linked to many health problems.

  2. Susan says:

    Years ago when I was raising my children I asked why I needed a consent form when the doctors wanted to vaccinate my children though it was required so they could attend school. I told the doctor if it was required why do I need to sign the form. I didn’t want my children to have them in the first place. It was waiving the responsibility of any damage to the parent and not those requiring the vaccine like the manufacturer or the doctor. Read the story of how Raggedy Anne came about. When vaccines first came out Marcella the author’s daughter was given a vaccine at school without her parent’s knowledge. She became like a rag doll. The pharmaceutical companies and doctors have known about the side effects of vaccines for years but make so much money that your child isn’t their problem just a money maker for them.

  3. monica says:

    I am so sick of the bs. We learned AFTER my daughter’s reaction that she has common variable immunodeficiency and should have been getting IVIG and should have never received the live virus vax that caused her encephalopathy- now called autism. Fuck the nvicp- 6 years and still nothing but a pending case. Again, fuck the nvicp and cdc too. And fuck the anti autism vaccine while you are at it. The reason these kids have excess gut bacteria is because they have imperfect immune systems that won’t respond properly to this vaccine either. Fuck this nonsense

  4. Mama bird says:


  5. Rachel Lu says:

    OMFG! There is NOTHING I could say to those lying pharma whores that would be repeatable. My fondest wish is they burn in hell! I would not give my children another stinking vaccine if they held a gun to my head! They are NOTHING but SOFT KILL weapons of mass destruction!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beth Lambert says:

    I know. . . when I saw this, I just about fell off my chair. The good news is that with the press that comes along with this vaccine in development ALSO comes the admission that GUT DYSBIOSIS is part of the pathophysiology of autism. That’s a step in the right direction. Now, if we could only get them to focus on the immune dysregulation piece. . .

  7. mardib says:

    what’s next? McDonalds is going to develop a cheeseburger to cure diabetes?!?

    • Mike says:

      Best. Comment. Ever.

      • Allison says:

        Ha ha ha, so funny. idiots, this stuff makes me see red. Wake up, do the research and stop believing what big pharma spoon feeds us! good thing most mum’s of autistic children that I know wouldn’t touch a vaccine with a ten foot pole…

  8. Sue Morgan says:

    Really, all I can think of to say is an expletive. So, “OH, EFF WORD!”

  9. laura says:

    thank you. well said.

  10. Christa says:

    Yes, that would piss me off too! Instead of a shot they need to be given other alternatives and educated in them. Jee I don’t know how about a diet plan?! ANC if the idiots would think about it, it really would make since and more money in the long run if our people and children were healthy. Then who would make inventions, run companies, or pressed ant one day. The healthy and wise would be better. Like I said, idiots. I think some of the “normal” people are not too “normal” themselves. Could it be from vaccines, poor diet, environment? Who knows, mabe everything. Stand up got yourselves and children. You are their voice!

  11. Caara says:

    This makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even have words to say right now this ticks me off so much! Thanks for posing this!

  12. Sarah says:

    Of course, big pharma is just grabbing at straws to make more money. They couldn’t care less to make ANYONE healthier. They need the population sick in order to makes their billions upon billions of dollars in profit. And anyone who thinks that pumping more chemicals into a child to help them get over autism, there’s some nice swampland in Florida I think would be a great realestate choice for you to invest in.

    • Sabrina says:

      The Everglades are already dieing, lets not send the idiots to help it along! How about the North Pole, I can’t think of much damage that they can do there. 🙂

  13. Jill Klink says:

    Un#$%@! believable. No, wait…par for the course.

  14. Jenn Kaplan says:

    Loved your reaction to this. Spot on!!!! Thank you for writing it. I had to pass over the article yesterday because I knew it was going to send me off to the point that I wouldn’t be able to think the rest of the night.

  15. Diana G says:

    You said it sister! What’s really sad is that some of us are so desperate that we actually entertained the thought…for a second. I did and when you see that comment from a brave mom, (Lisa) as comforting as it was that I wasn’t the only one, it’s still heartbreaking. UGH!

  16. laurajcox says:

    The last thing autistic kids need is more antibodies roaming their system looking for something to do. It is obvious that they just ignore the immune system damage that allows these gut bacteria to overgrow and destroy.

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