Silent Sunday: Happy Birthday Mr. Mamacita!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  He’s the man I fell madly in love with way back in 1997.  The first time I ever saw him I said to myself, “I need to meet this guy!”  Three months later a friend saw him, checked him out and said, “WHO is that guy?” I whispered to her, “He’s my future husband.”  We started dating the next month and were married three years later.  That hubba hubba is on the left in the picture.  The fellow on the right is my Dad.  His birthday was just a few days ago.  Both my husband and my father are true gentlemen, honorable family men and exceptional, respected, successful people.  I’m proud of them both.  I am also so happy that they love my son for who he is, for what he can do and for always encouraging him to always keep trying.

~ Mamacita

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