March 21, 2012: Thinking Mom, Mentos and A Secret Facebook Group…

March 21, 2012: Thinking Mom, Mentos and a secret Facebook group spent a night with ‘the vaccine champion’ and six bouncers. Did they end up needing bail money? Find out in today’s bog…

“Eleven of us from the group were there and perhaps 50 total in the room.  We had no intent to cause trouble, certainly not the kind the good doctor would need a half dozen muscly bouncers to handle.”

Please read the full article The Real MD by Mentos.

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    • Cindy Bevington Olmstead This doctor and his cohorts have no clue what they’re up against. YOU ROCK, TMR!!

      March 21 at 7:40pm · Like ·  5
    • Jennifer Z Vaughn Brilliant double-speak champ, isn’t he?

      March 21 at 7:46pm · Like ·  3
    • Melinda Schnell Kohn WOW!!! You are the real MD’s and I am so PROUD of you all!!!

      March 21 at 7:49pm · Like ·  5
    • Angela Miller I’m convinced that we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to our understanding of the human immune system. I just wish that the medical community would stand back from the pharma industry for a few moments, and regain healthy scientific curiosity and skepticism. Great job attending this faux seminar.

      March 21 at 8:16pm · Like ·  7
    • Tina Higens I can only imagine the self control you parents had to use. Good for you. SPEAK THE TRUTH CALMLY. Then the lose the look at the “crazy sad autism parents trying to blame someone” argument.

      March 21 at 8:29pm · Like ·  4
    • Mentos Tmr Thank you everyone and yes, tremendous self control to stay quiet in that room! Especially knowing that the part about “I’ve never seen the light go out” was a complete lie. I have a friend whose son has autism and was a former patient when his “light went out.” Dr G. repeatedly assured my friend there was no link and continued to vaccinate. If there ever was a pediatrican to confront, it was the Vax Champ!

      March 22 at 8:48am · Like ·  1
    • Mentos Tmr Have to also add… I have another friend to whom he told BPA in baby bottles was nothing to worry about because he “read the studies” and they all heated the bottles to temperatures higher than reasonable. So no need to be concerned!!

    • Trudy Snyder Ok, what’s a BOG? LOL! This is absolutely ROCKIN’!!! I wish I could have been there…bouncer my ass…that’s why they call me the Rattlesnake! Love my TMR!

      March 22 at 9:45am · Like ·  2
    • Tex Tmr Someone hand me a Mentos please!!!! I want some more of *that*!!! YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

      March 22 at 10:16am · Like ·  1
    • Tara Besner Norman Excellent article

      March 23 at 3:31am · Like ·  2
    • Mentos Tmr ‎Trudy Snyder – yep we could definitely have used the Rattlesnake!! and thank you Tara & Tex 🙂

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