March 22, 2012: Jerry on Autism, Education and The System

March 22, 2012: Jerry discusses autism, education and what is wrong with the system.

“The typical children in the classroom are also deprived of what they need if the balance is askew.  I was recently in a third grade classroom that has twelve special needs kids, twelve typical kids, one regular education teacher, one special education and four aids.  If anyone reading this thinks this is a good situation for children, typical or with Autism, I invite you to come spend a day with me.” 


Please read the full article Where Is Your Child Today? by Jerry

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One Response to March 22, 2012: Jerry on Autism, Education and The System

  1. Laurie says:

    “The system”. That reminds me of what the hospital infection control nurse said to me when I asked her WHY are we giving newborn babies the Hep B vaccine if their mothers are NOT Hep B positive and they have NO risk factors (IV drug use, shared needles, unprotected sex with multiple partners). She said “they need to get it before they escape the system”!!! How sick is THAT? Wonder why are children have so much ASD, diabetes, allergies, and cancer? THEY SYSTEM intends it to be so… means job security and big profits for all the researchers, specialists, therapists, and pharmaceutical company employees and their supporters. Heaven forbid that we ever FIND the CURE (or the cause). The SYSTEM is corrupt and places profits over life and wellbeing.

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