March 8, 2012: Friendships…

March 8, 2012: Mama Bear takes a look at friendships. Enjoy ♥

“I realized that the same people who had once grabbed my hand and giggled with me in agreement about unimportant things, were the same people who wanted nothing to do with my now “broken” family.  I went into mama bear mode and was always one step ahead of Nicky.  

I became the weirdo.  I became antisocial.  I became sheltered.”

Please read the full article here Friend or Foe by Mama Bear.

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    • Janet Ullrich Riley I felt every word you wrote in, and let a few tears flow as that pain is so REAL! As blessed as my family is with so very many amazing friends who love us, quirks and all, the cruelty of those cold words and actions towards my precious son are not soon forgotten. Someone I actually considered (note the definite use of past tense) a good friend decided a year or so back to complain bitterly and to anyone that would listen about a playdate gone wrong at her house, and how horrific my son was, how she couldn’t STAND her precious daughter (who my son and I just loved, and who has a beautiful heart) being in the same class with my son as she felt when I asked her daughter how school was or checked assignments with her it was just SUCH A burden ( my son is in a mainstream class, always has been, with aide assitance that is slowly being weaned off). Of course, she never had the balls to say any of this to my face, but the strong and beautiful women I call my friends didn’t let me sit in dark and smile and extend love to this woman knowing the bile she spewed every time my back was turned. We live in a small town, and it is (looking back) funny that she thought she could talk such trash about my son (who is such a little lovebug to everyone he meets) and not have 6 people at different times tell me about it. I honestly can’t even look at this person without seeing anything but her ugly heart. My boy is a smart, funny, beautiful-hearted little human with a capacity for joy that could fill the whole world. I want to surround him with people that look at him and see HIM, not their own judgement and small-mindedness. Thanks for your article, it’s ALL about finding the love and open-hearted people around us, and helping and lifting each other up! xoxo

    • The Thinking Moms’ Revolution We are all in this together…we are loving parents, true friends and determined warriors. May you all find friends that love and support you. You deserve it 🙂

    • Katy Francis O’Connor I too am part of the weird parent club:) thx for sharing!

    • Deidre Mitchell I’m just new to this, but I’m in the weird mom group too.

    • Saints Tmr Beautiful Mama Bear – just beautiful – like you. xoxo

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