March 7, 2012: G.N.O.

March 7, 2012: Join the Rev for cocktails and a not-so-typical GNO….

“Unlike most girls nights, ours spans culture, socioeconomic status, race and religion. The discussion is cerebral but folksy. We are at ease with one another and there is no small talk. All of it, every word, is big and meaningful and the right combination may save a child’s life.”

Please read the full article Girls’ Night Out by The Rev.

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    • Jessica Leigh Lebos This is an amazing and powerful piece of writing. Everyone needs to send extra reserves of patience and faith and ferocity down into the trenches of the mothers fighting this fight on the front lines.

      March 7 at 10:05pm · Like ·  3

    • Maria Rickert Hong GREAT post!

    • Rebecca McGarry Ferguson LJ Goes – this is one of my very favorite pieces you’ve ever written!!! Why? because you let it be known that we don’t stop at pointing the finger at vaxes. We are all out there fighting with everything we’ve got to return these kids to better health. We aren’t just a bunch of anti-vaxxers running our mouths. We are researchers and healers — who have come to know what caused the diseases in the first place by first learning how to reverse the damage. Trace back the steps and voila, all science points to the vaccines. Sharing it now!!

      March 8 at 10:35am · Like ·  1
    • Saints Tmr Awesome – as ALWAYS!!!!!

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