MitoSynergy Gold Sponsor for TMR Online Lyme Conference

November 3, 2017

Charlie Barker, CEO of MitoSynergy shares his thoughts on the role of copper supplementation in the healing of chronic health conditions such as Lyme Disease.

Mankind has been deceived or is simply confused when it comes to Copper mineral supplementation. I’m excited and obligated to share this with everybody, and as you learn the truth of copper please share my excitement and obligation to help others learn as well.

In a nutshell, you cannot eat the copper from dirt. This would almost make common sense . . . If we could eat the copper from dirt, there would be no starvation. We could just eat dirt and get nutrition from the dirt. Plants make copper bioavailable.

Please join us in our journey and let us share what plants do to copper and how we are the very first and only company to do to copper what plants do to copper. The word that I think most of us need to focus on when it comes to copper is exocytosis. When you start to learn more about copper, you’re going to realize that almost every organelle is dependent on copper. Exocytosis is very important for people that are damaged by neurotoxins. Exocytosis is simply intercellular toxins leaving the cell. Exocytosis is required for cells to become detoxified. Intercellular adenosine triphosphate, otherwise known as ATP, is required for exocytosis. All active transport of toxins from cell membrane requires ATP. Because the electron transport chain where the bulk of ATP is made is dependent on bioavailable copper, our cells are dependent on ATP to work properly.

In our discoveries of the world’s first bioavailable copper, we have also learned that bioavailable copper is very powerful against bacteria, pathogens, and imbalances. Copper is God-given antibacterial to mankind to help our bodies know which bacteria are good for us and which bacteria are bad for us. This underlying bacteria systemic pandemic is also one of the root causes of a slow recovery or other underlying neural degenerative issues. While doing a seminar with Thinking Moms’ Revolution, we will share all this novel technology. After reviewing our seminar you will become part of the elite one percent of people understanding this mineral and this bacteria imbalance.

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is proud to team up with MitoSynergy to offer you a FREE two-day online conference


Innovative Treatment Strategies for Children and Adults 

Wednesday, November 8th 10 a.m.–5 p.m. EST and

Thursday, November 9th 9 a.m.–5 p.m. EST.


This webinar will feature 13 cutting-edge speakers offering a wealth of innovative and comprehensive Lyme Treatment strategies.

Register for the free Conference HERE:


Looking forward to seeing you online Nov. 8th and Nov. 9th!

~ The Thinking Moms’ Revolution


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  1. I did not see this post until today. Any way I could get the information ?
    Thank you.

  2. Kate says:

    I didn’t see this post in time. If anyone has any notes, I’d love to hear what was said in summary. [email protected]

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