One Mom’s Letter to CDC Director Thomas Frieden

October 24, 2016

shamrockLast Wednesday we told you that CDC Director Thomas Frieden had blocked the testimony of William Thompson, PhD, also known at the “CDC Whistleblower,” in a lawsuit regarding Yates Hazlehurst’s vaccine injury.  We encouraged everyone to contact Director Frieden with their concerns (Email: [email protected] or  [email protected]). A TMR mom shared her letter to Director Frieden, and we liked it so much we thought you should see it.

Dear Dr. Frieden,

I am a mother of a child who was hospitalized after the MMRV and hepatitis A vaccines (five vaccines), in one visit in 2007. He was one year old. He reacted with high fevers and lymphadenopathy within hours and had to be hospitalized. His subsequent week-long stay in hospital had such a profound effect on him that he became “autistic” in the year that followed. He lost speech, eye contact, and began screaming and banging his head (sounds like encephalopathy or some kind of neurological damage, right?). The horrors of dealing with the neurological degeneration of our son faced us head on, and we were blindsided.

We are not litigious people, and so my husband and I decided not to sue the doctors after he was hospitalized (we didn’t know that we couldn’t!), we were just glad he survived. But the doctors never told us that we had a right to go through the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) system following that injury, without thinking autism was ever going to be in our child’s future.

This is the medical record of my son's reaction documented as "reactive lymphadenopathy to teething". "He presented with no fever because I was told to give him Tylenol when I called to report his 103 fever that morning. A few days after this both lymph nodes became infected and my son was hospitalized for 6 days ending in the surgical removal of both nodes. Interestingly, lymphadenopathy is a known reported reaction to the MMRV and is noted on page 11 of the package insert here.

This is the medical record of my son’s reaction documented as “reactive lymphadenopathy to teething”. He presented with “no fever” because I was told to give him Tylenol when I called to report his 103 fever that morning. A few days after this, both lymph nodes became infected and my son was hospitalized for 6 days, ending in the surgical removal of both nodes. Interestingly, lymphadenopathy is a known reported reaction to the MMRV and is noted on page 11 of the package insert here.

I understand that you don’t think it’s in the best interest of the CDC or HHS to allow Dr. Thompson to testify in the Yates Hazlehurst civil case. I wonder how you think the American people will accept that as a valid reason? It just implies that you have something to hide. In fact Dr. Thompson is the only one in the CDC who can testify in that case because he co-authored the very paper that was used to throw out the Hazlehurst case from the VICP. That study has caused you a few headaches hasn’t it? Dr. Thompson has told the world that you all committed scientific fraud in releasing that paper. Because of that paper, 5,000 autism cases were thrown out of Vaccine Court which saved the U.S. government a trillion dollars in settlement costs. That’s some kind of fraud right there. And I agree, it would not be in the best interest of the CDC should that become known to the public, if the mission of the CDC is to protect pharmaceutical companies over the health and welfare of our children.

I wonder, if you never published that 2004 study and we never had the subsequent IOM ruling, would we all be sitting here with this immense problem with so much at stake?

What is at stake? Well, the security of this country for one. And we’re not only talking about America, this is an international security crisis. The longer this goes on, the more money it will cost, the more boys will be lost, the more chronic illnesses our children will succumb to. We will not have a military, we will not have enough boys to procreate with the girls, and we will not have a viable school or medical system. Parents will be bankrupt from the effort to pay for therapies and recovery programs. We’re talking about recovery from neurological damage; it takes many years as you well know. You’re probably wishing you allowed that trillion-dollar settlement, because what we’re facing now is so much bigger.

I’m not angry at you personally. I think the entire pharmaceutical empire is at fault, along with its insidious relationship with the FDA. The CDC has made so many errors in policy and procedure over the years, that I am sure you are all criminally liable for this heinous situation. So much so, that you cannot allow the truth to come out as it will cause riots in the streets, and eventually bankrupt this nation. So around 10 of you might think it’s okay to carry on with the lie. You might think it’s okay, because you are saving us from the riots and bankruptcy.

Well, it is not okay, and it’s going to catch up with you. Once more evidence of the fraudulent science on the MMR rolls in, the U.S. government may well face the biggest class action lawsuit this country has ever seen. Once Gardasil is found out for the poison that it is, you will have the biggest class action lawsuit after the MMR one, that this country has ever seen. When you all started on this path of lies and deceit, social media was not yet born. Now we have this platform to share what we know to be true, what you all know to be true, personally.

People always ask me, “How do they sleep at night?” And lately I am wondering that for myself. Before now I thought you really believed that what you were doing was the right thing and were actually proud of your positions and what you “achieved,” but now I know that can’t be true. You know. You know all about the catastrophe that has befallen these innocent children. Not every child of course, otherwise those riots would already be here, but the select few with predispositions to reactions. We know what those are, and I assume you do. Why you don’t share that information with the public is beyond me . . . but nothing can shake the”‘one schedule fits all” scheme you have going. No cracks can appear in that or it’s all over. You won’t be able to shore up the dam.

But we are seeing those cracks aren’t we? They’re already there. They started to form as soon as Facebook opened its doors, like Ellis island, taking in the sick, the wounded and the shell-shocked vaccine-injured families.

I’m not angry. I’m sad. I’m very sad for Yates Hazlehurst and his family. I’m very sad for my own son, whose only ambition is to grow up, get married, and be a police officer (yes, he wants to serve in his community). I’m sad for hundreds of my friends and activists who are screaming at you all from the rooftops while you ignore them. I’m sad for my daughters who will always have to look out for their older brother when he should be the one looking out for them. They can’t even be in the same school. I’m sad for this country. But most of all I’m sad for you. You have to live with your conscience knowing what you have allowed to happen, and that can’t be an easy cross to bear.

The reason I am writing, is to help you see us, to help you to understand that vaccine-injured kids are the canaries in the coal mine. You can’t keep sending them in because everyone is now noticing that they’re not coming back. Those of us who are bearing witness to this atrocity that has befallen our children, will continue to fight for those who have not returned, I assure you of that. We are not going away. There are hundreds of thousands of us.

Everyday it continues, and it will never end so long as you all stay silent. I think the only reason for not doing the right thing at this point, is because you fear criminal prosecution. I can understand that. But at some point, doing the right thing will liberate you. It always does. I hope you come around to that realization soon.

I wish you the best in what you decide to do from here out. God knows what’s in your heart. And now you know what is in mine.

~ ShamROCK

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38 Responses to One Mom’s Letter to CDC Director Thomas Frieden

  1. mark brown says:

    Hay Shamrock….You Rock! Nice letter to Friedman! I see a lot of
    compassion throughout this website. Parents are doing their best to
    just help their kids get better and get through their own life.
    I have challenged Orac (Dr Gorski)(nowDrCaliff) for around 4 years now….his best
    100 medical studies that Showcase their direction c autoimmune dis + Cancer
    vs mine…THEY CAN’T WIN!! Why? They have to use Pharma Studies and they
    mostly Suck! ORGANIC HIPPOCRATES WINS….NO DOUBT…all the great
    antifungals win! Curcumin, Garlic, Ginger, Oregano, BakingSoda, Greens-juicing,
    nuts, berries, good fats, fish, grass fed meat, eggs…etc.
    The Ropeworms from kids c Autism….My guess is mostly Fungal Biofilms
    Yes Vaccines are Big problem. Antibiotics Bigtime problem. Roundup Bigtime problem.
    I suspect ASD is rare with 0 or little antibiotic history. I’m very concerned c Gardisil.
    I wish you all the best c your journeys….Maverick….MarkBrownPA JohnsHopkins grad

    • Shamrock says:

      Thanks Mark! I agree with what you are saying. It’s not just vaccines but I have to say it was a trigger for my son. We are also all MTHFR mutants 🙂

      I write about Gardasil a lot and my main worry there is infertility for the girls. I hope that people will continue to resist and research the truth about the trials which is all there for everyone to see on the FDA’s own website. I will be exposing more on that in the coming months. I learn something new all the time.


  2. Hans Scholl says:


    An immunization program administered by the World Health Organization was suspended after reports that as many as three dozen children died after receiving vaccinations.

    Relief organizations across the border in Turkey have said that the loss of young life has been extensive, rising to at least 36 children dead while leaving a dozen more in serious condition. “It’s very bad,” said Daher Zidan, who coordinates the medical charity, Uossm. “The figures of dead we are getting go into the 30s. Children are dying very quickly. We think it will get worse.”

  3. ShamROCK says:

    Update: Over a week has gone by since I sent this letter to Dr. Frieden. I have not received a reply. I might send it again in blog form so he can read all your intelligent reposes. Thank you.

  4. Hans Scholl says:

    WIKILEAKS RELEASES: A Vote for Clinton is a Vote for Big Pharma & Mandatory Vaccination

  5. Pat Slattery says:

    So what are we all going to do not that compulsory adult vaccination is on the almost immediate agenda.

  6. Victoria says:

    I was bullied into vaccinating my 2 kids against my better judgement. I don’t think the vaccines are the entire cause of their autism but probably just more toxic load that added to it. I think there are other toxic factors, probably glyphosate and who knows what else. But for the same reasons it seems the CDC, the USDA, and all the rest of the alphabet agencies and our complicit government don’t want to do a darn thing about it but keep the gravy train rolling. Autism as a growing epidemic is just one of the reasons our nation is doomed to collapse, similar corruption and collusion in many sectors and institutions is leading up to collapse and turmoil I suspect -and our society, as we once knew it, is going to hell in a hand-basket.

    My daughter is recovered and cured. My son not so lucky. I love my son, yet raising an autistic child is not fun or productive (am I horrible for admitting that? I know it is not PC.) How many children must be brain injured before the light bulb goes off for the general public? How many families must be thrown into this nightmare? The government and their agencies are not listening; nor do I expect that they will listen or do anything so long as the powerful and corrupt interests that control our media are calling the shots. People, we are living in a society now were the media and journalists are scared to report the truth on most important topics, careful to only discuss and examine the issues orchestrated by those they serve. Our media is no better than the Soviet’s Pravda; its all propaganda and theater. Without media shining a light on the truth we can’t expect the corruption and the damage to stop.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I’m sorry Victoria, this is truly a tragedy befalling our children. I am sorry your son had to suffer, mine too. It can’t go on, they know this. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to turn this thing around but we have to try, at least to preserve our rights and tell others what we know. I wish the best for you and your kids. I know it’s not easy, hang in there.

  7. There is only one explanation for the actions at the CDC: Collectively selling their souls to Satan in order to keep their cushy, Pharma-backed jobs.

  8. Susan Keller says:

    What legal standing does Frieden have to block Thompson from testifying? I’ve asked this in 2 other forums. No one seems to know or if they do, they aren’t saying.

  9. Sandhya says:

    What a heartfelt letter. My son has 3 swollen lymph nodes one in the neck and two in his groin area. It first appeared at 6-7m age. We had to give MMR ath that age because the doctor said it will protect him during our international travel. Many years later while researching vaccine injury, I read the vaccine insert that says” Do not administer for infant under 12 months”. I wish the doctor told me this at the time. Now like many parents we are healing our child through homeopathy and doing other therapies because the doctors don’t know or they are not allowed to know.

    God bless you

    • ShamROCK says:

      If it was within 3 years you can petition for compensation. I’m very sorry for his injury. I don’t think doctors have a clue. At some point it becomes futile for them to do any independent research because they are mandated to give these vaccines, their income depends on it, their licenses depend on it and they don’t believe in common vaccine injuries. They just don’t. Some do and keep quiet but most don’t. It’s easier to believe the sound bites. Cognitive dissonance.

  10. Son In Recovery says:

    Here’s my letter

    First Paragraph standard intro that TMR suggested.
    One in 30 boys now have autism – this is a man made epidemic. What keeps you up at night Mr. Frieden? My 12 year old son keeps me up with his insomnia, constant illnesses, allergies to everything and lack of a immune system, yet I vaccinated him according to your schedule for the first two years of his life. I hope you can sleep Mr. Frieden, I hope you can because you still have a chance to be on the right side of history. We know what the studies are staying Mr. Frieden, this is why you won’t do a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. You can poo poo us parents all you want – but we won’t stop, we will be relentless because we have children to take care of for the rest of our lives. By not allowing him to testify you look like you are trying to hide something; which we parents all know what that is. You can’t put us in a big garbage can and throw us in the dumpster – the numbers keep rising Mr. Frieden. Take that first step. Twelve of your top scientists have now lodged an ethics complaint about the CDC. The house of cards is going to fall – where are you going to be when that happens??

  11. Robin Gaura says:

    Bravo! Thank you for being so compassionate and articulate for us all. If that does´t get through, he´s a piece of wood!

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Robin, I haven’t had a response yet so I’m thinking it was filed away in the “to send a form letter response to one day….”. I don’t think he will read it but someone in his office might and that’s all I want. I sent a 10 page letter to his doctor 3 years ago, to every doctor in the practice… cc’d them all, just to make sure they all read it. That was a great day 🙂

  12. Well done! Given time and circumstances I would love to have said similarly what you have stated but do not have the weight of the medical records you so plainly provided. My granddaughter’s vaccine injury has not resulted in severe autism but autistic she is. She is not writing or reading and her doctor has given her a diagnosis of moderate intellectual disability. She struggles in school, its hard for her and she doesn’t want to go at all. SO, I applaud your well written letter. Its time I do the same as Dr. Frieden’s choice is unconscionable and frankly, while it is more of the same tuck their tail and hide garbage, I find it abhorrent.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Linda, and I am very sorry about your granddaughter. It’s truly a tragedy what is happening on his watch, and Julie Gerberding before him. They are all criminally responsible for my child and your granddaughter but until Dr. Thompson is subpoenaed (somewhere!), we won’t get any answers. My son is recovery very well if that’s any consolation, but it’s been a long 9 years, that I can tell you.


  13. Hans Scholl says:

    correction : We are not going away. There are millions of us (internationally).

  14. eirescott says:

    The only thing that might register with these crooked officials is their legacy. To think that some time in the future, their name will be forever disgraced; and spoken about with disgust, may be enough to consider the alternative. That they will forever be known as a legend. Someone who made the world a better place. It may be the only thing that converts such a narcissist.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m with you, eirescott. No one in one of these positions truly wants to be seen to be on the wrong side of history.

    • Hear Hear. I hope it will be so as now Frieden will have no legacy. I hope he cares.

    • ShamROCK says:

      But that would require a conscience and a lot of courage, something narcissists don’t possess. They are also part of the executive branch and so ultimately only answerable to the President. There is no oversight or culpability. Agent Orange, another catastrophe swept under the rug – by Coleen Boyle. They’re all in it until retirement. Although I do expect a little shake up with the next president, a move to protect the geniuses behind the 2004 study. They will disappear from view, is my prediction. A nice cosy retirement at some pharma consultancy.

  15. Anna Ceberio-Verghese says:

    Even more than that: how many more children are they ready to throw under the bus for their own benefit? At what time will the health of children matter more than their money and safety? When are they planning to stop? When we reach 10%? Or will they wait until half of the children have autism? Or fully 100%?

    And they are not even smart. Because while they are trying to hide everything they are not trying to fix it in the background. If at least they were willing to green out the vaccines or reduce the load, or spread it out… in order to slow down the rate increase. But they are not even trying to slow things down. And so, the CDC will one day be the worst example of a government agency out of control and the harm it caused to all… And hopefully all heads and scientists will go to jail

    • ShamROCK says:

      I agree, but trying to do something about the harm being caused, will only look like they’re admitting guilt. I don’t know why they keep adding more and more vaccines. Why don’t they stop? I don’t know. I think some vaccines ARE keeping diseases at bay and they are bolstered with that knowledge. They feel justified. Yes, harm will come to some but it’s very rare in their world view. They really believe it. But the problem is, unless they start to look for a pattern in the children being harmed and figure out why, this will soon be too big a mess to manage because the public are figuring it out. They won’t be able to back out of it. Who knows what will happen but we’re not giving up, that’s for sure.

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