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The Thompson Transcripts: Shocking Revelations by the CDC Whistleblower

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“That’s the deal . . ., that’s what I keep seeing again and again and again . . . where these senior people [at CDC] just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.” — Dr. William Thompson to Dr. … Continue reading

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The Big Autism Cover-Up: Review and Giveaway

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Each day, across the globe, people are bombarded with statistics and quotes about the etiology of autism, and each day, tireless advocate Anne Dachel tracks and disseminates this information. Her blogs are extremely popular in our community, and her ability … Continue reading

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A Call for All to THINK During the Lazy Summer Days Ahead

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Just doing a little light morning reading on the Potential Role of Immunological Adjuvants in Influenza Vaccines by Dr. Derek Hobson.  Find it fascinating that he predicted the limitations of isolated viral antigens looooooooooong before we started “mandating” the flu … Continue reading

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My Kid is #Bulletproof

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April is always a little dicey when you’re a Thinking Mom. We’re all about awareness, action, and hope. But this year, it’s hard out there for a Thinker. It’s not just about blue lightbulbs and raising awareness. It’s about sticking … Continue reading

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Vaccine Injured? Sorry! You don’t count.

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This blog is dedicated to the memory of Lorrin Danielle Kain, who died four years ago today at the age of 15 from complications directly related to a vaccine injury she experienced at the age of six weeks. March 14, … Continue reading

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