A Call for All to THINK During the Lazy Summer Days Ahead

rev-preacherJust doing a little light morning reading on the Potential Role of Immunological Adjuvants in Influenza Vaccines by Dr. Derek Hobson.  Find it fascinating that he predicted the limitations of isolated viral antigens looooooooooong before we started “mandating” the flu shot.  He wrote this paper in 1973 during his tenure with the University of Liverpool:  1–9–7–3.

flu shot
For any non- or anti-sciencey peeps, this paper basically explains that many adjuvants in the flu shot cause all sorts of long-term autoimmune damage and that elusive latent damage faaaaaar outweighs the UNPROVEN benefit of flu vaccination.  Yet, we shame doctors and nurses who know the truth, make them wear masks that tell us they refused the shot, and — even worse — deny the damage done to them when they develop migraines, SEIZURES and “unexplained neurological events” after setting aside their knowledge to go with the flow.

ADHD medsThis will be my last post for a long time.  It’s summer, and I will be focusing on my kids.   But it is just so important that you all know — KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW — that what is happening to the children of this country, and to adults who do not do their homework and blindly follow what the media and their pharmaceutical-rep-educated physicians are telling them, is nothing short of an immunological holocaust.  If you are not a Thinker by now, consider becoming one.  Because, if you don’t, you are being led into a lifetime of illness.  Chronic illness is A BUSINESS MODEL, and it is tremendously lucrative for those at the top: the elite who eat green, suppress every word my friends and I say, travel with their personal homeopaths, and would never DREAM of touching the BS crap medicine they are foisting upon you and your children every day via their bought-and-paid-for megaphone, the mainstream media.  Watch the ads on TV.  Listen with your brain instead of your emotions.  Make it a project this summer, to really question what you are told.  Because, if you don’t, you will fall victim as so many of our children ALREADY HAVE.

ritalinI just talked to a doctor whose kid has raging “autism.”   This doc has loaded him up with Ritalin and he eats a full-blown American fast-food diet “because there just isn’t enough time.”  She said, “Well, it is what it is. We just keep going.”  Holy sh%t!   Where, oh WHERE is the science in that?   What has happened to us?  Really?

I have a friend whose child just got an ODD diagnosis.  She told me about it as she went through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru.  I guess they serve ice cream now?  “Double-scoop Superman, please,”  for her little guy who is self-injuring, scratching his sister bloody and flipping his mom the bird on a daily basis.  He’s seven.

medsAlso talked to a city speech pathologist this week:  SEVENTY-TWO kids on her case load.  Overworked, underpaid, and very willing to believe that “some kids are just bad”  and “can’t make the right choices no matter how hard they try.”  Not the LEAST bit interested in the genesis of this cultural, societal illness.  She just knows they need to go — find somewhere else to “put them.”  But, “them” are now over FIFTY PERCENT and growing every day, because we still think someone is going to deliver us from having to do the work.  We still think it is someone else’s problem.  It’s not.  Because, I have a friend who recently helped her lifelong bestie bury her teenage daughter.  Leukemia. Her daughter was perfectly healthy until the age of 14. “I don’t know,”  the doctor says. “Seeing so much more of it these days.”

nogmoIf you do nothing else this summer, make a pledge to yourself to decrease your electronic usage/entertainment time and really THINK.  Look around you.  Look at the children of this country.  Ask yourself how and why?   Think less about what you will eat and drink and where you will vacation and more about where our country is headed.  Worry less about what people think about you and your kid and more about what drives you to care in the first place.

Stand for something.  Really — most of all — STAND FOR SOMETHING besides your mortgage and favorite sports teams.  Your country is being snatched out right from under your nose. Choose to read the nutritional labels on the juice you are doling out, instead of People or Us.

Choose MERCY with a parent whose child is unruly and appears petulant.  Yes, brats are real.  But, biochemical DAMAGE is too.   Thanks to GMOs and greedy medicine, it is prevalent in our society; it is destroying our culture and wreaking havoc on the American family.  Do something.



Have a THINKER’S summer!

~ The Rev

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