Reflections with The Rev: The Week in Review

The Rev“Experts say tremendous tornado, hurricane, and tsunami-like conditions combined are heading toward the continental US. Experts also warn against worrying or concern over this…no need to rush into over-preparedness. This is simply a case of better weather prediction, as opposed to an actual increase in the prevalence of the dangerous weather patterns.”

Kinda sound like what is happening in the autism community? 30% increase in prevalence since the last reporting. Less funding than pediatric AIDS, Cancer and Leukemia combined.

Watching the news unfold over the course of the past several days as the direct result of the CDC’s numbers…and having the privilege of working with the highly respected and incredibly tenacious Anne Dachel who dissects these reports with the precision of a brain surgeon, it occurs to me that we are blaming the wrong people for what is happening.

Maybe each one of us has to learn how to become compassionate and patient teachers in our community. Maybe we all need to take a deep breath, step back from the horror before us, and realize this was a slow gradual take over. It was subtle. We have been losing our rights over the course of time. Our food and medicine became compromised, over time. And it’s so bad, otherwise sentient and logical creatures simply cannot hear the truth because they have been trained that when confronted with something that seems too dark or awful–there is always a “reasonable” explanation, and those putting that dark awful truth in front of you are simply “crazy, hysterical or ignorant.” Go watch a show about zombies, some TMZ or better yet–flip to a funny commercial with a girl with massive cans and big hair…that’s it…there ya go…everything is going to be oooooooookay. MMMMM, cept it’s not. 54% of our kids are CHRONICALLY ILL. Been on the horn with all my Washington people, something I refrain from most of the year because I can’t sleep and cry a lot as a result. Kids see me depressed, cranky and furious. Not good. What is happening is real. AND YOU my taxpaying friend, are paying for the privilege of having your bankrupt government poison you so they can pay for their parties and wars. It is time to educate yourself, then educate your neighbors. Your doctors. It was predicted by the good Dr. Tenpenny, years ago…”they will come for the nurses first, then the teachers….then police and first responders.”


I cannot tell you how many families I have worked with, where mom was a nurse with special needs kids got her “shots” and is now on disability because of “autoimmune illness”. That mom would be an example of the “welfare trash that is just working the system to get services for her kids that they don’t need because autism is a gift”. See how it is spun? That’s a hurricane right there. The teenagers and young girls dropping like flies from HPV? That’s the tornado. Ask Dr. Diane Harper, CREATOR of the gardasil vaccine who was forced into hiding by Merck for admitting her vaccine would not be ready for 30 years!!! Why wait for scientific certainty when we can SELL IT NOW. Nobody tracks the deaths of these girls…at least no one who wants a job. And the tsunami? That’s AALLLLLLL our kids. The ones who are still lucky enough to be alive.


Stop. THINK and share the TRUTH. Leaving this tragic post with something good. RECOVERY. When children get the care they are told is worthless and damaging–nothing more than the ranting of hysterical desperate mothers–THEY GET BETTER.

Happy Wednesday.


LJ Goes, The Rev

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  1. Linda Marek says:

    Thanks you for creating this blog. I have been researching the real truth behind vaccines and the horrible side effects for 31 years. If I could stand on the rooftops and proclaim it to the world I would. I can’t believe how many “sincere” but pig-headed, stupid people I have encountered over the years. When when they get it? We have no financial interest in this. There is no such thing as a “no vaccine” stock so why would we risk friendships and our reputations if we weren’t passionately positive that we are right in villifying vaccines and those who make their living by forcing them on the innocent!!! I have lots to say – 31 years worth – and I look forward to being part of this revolution.

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