Being a Safety Eater

CREOLEQUEEN-300x225We are living in a world today where you have to research your food to make sure you’re eating healthy. Because of the harmful chemicals and hormones, a lot of our “food” is not safe to eat.  Many companies have misled us.  (“Milk:  It does a body good,” even though it’s filled with antibiotics, artificial hormones and the cows fed on pesticide-ridden grain rather than grass.)   What we might have thought was a healthy and safe product, we later found out was not.  And to add to injury to an insult — “unsafe” food can even alter our DNA.  This can be really scary.

dirty dozenHow can we make sure we are eating healthy?   And, if we put something terrible in our body, how can we cleanse our body?  I say the first step to eating healthy is start off with raw or frozen vegetables and fruits. (Frozen veggies can be cheaper than raw sometimes)  As a start, you can buy vegetables and fruit from your local farmers’ market.  Now, organic products are a must.  If something is certified organic, it’s harder for the company to be misleading.  If you cannot afford all organic products, start with the basic essential products like bread, milk, butter, chicken, flour, sugar, cheese and yogurt and the “dirty dozen.” (Editor’s Note:  Corn shows up on the “clean” list because it is covered by a husk that protects the inside from a lot of external spraying, but it is probably the single hardest thing to find without GMOs.  Beware of Monsantoized corn.)  A lot of organic websites and social media will have promotions and coupons from time to time.  So, it’s awesome to join these companies.   Many areas have local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture groups) you can join, which helps to bring down the cost and difficulty of buying organic produce.  And it’s even better if you can grow your food yourself.











If you have to cleanse and restore our body, you can start with detoxifying foods:

  1. Flax seeds
  2. Wheatgrass
  3. Chickweed
  4. Fennel seeds
  5. Probiotic yogurt
  6. Peppermint
  7. Organic fruits and vegetables
  8. Pumpkin seeds and tea tree oil kill parasites

Sfresh-fruits-vegetables-2419-300x225afer (healthy) foods have excellent benefits:

  1. Lower body weight (or higher, whichever is healthier for you)
  2. Better cholesterol level
  3. Lower risk of developing cancer or other diseases



One of my favorite quotes is “The food you eat can be either the safest and most
powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” — Amy Wigmore.

Practice safe eating.  It’s good for the body, and what’s good for the body is good for the mind.

~ Creole Queen

As a southern woman from Louisiana,  God, family, good music, good food, big dreams, and red lipstick are everything to Creole Queen.  She has a six-year-old with autism, a four-year-old with autism and digestive disorder, and a two-year-old who is experiencing developmental delays.  Through it all, her faith remains strong.  The older two have made awesome progress and continue to shine.  Her sleeves are rolled up, ready to work with her two-year-old.

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