Soldiers Are Vaccine Pincushions: My Husband’s Story

Some people are capable of holding passionate emotions in check, while others express those feelings to anyone who will listen. Whether or not the emotions are expressed, the feelings are generally the same. I am one who used to wear my heart on my sleeve. I felt that talking about my issues or concerns could help me grow past them. I later discovered that at times this “sharing” would come back to bite me in my backside.

Right now, though, I have to speak up because I am angry! I am angry that society cannot pull their heads out of their backside long enough to hear what is being said. Sometimes I have to really bite my tongue when really all I want to do is grab the person I am talking to by the face and say, “Hello, is there anyone in there? Do you comprehend what I am saying? Are you capable of making a decision on your own, one that has not been conditioned into your mind?”

As children, we are taught that we are supposed to respect our elders, our teachers, our pastors or preachers, doctors, dentists, etc. When we are given direction as to how to handle a particular situation, we are advised to follow through with that direction. When we begin to grow, often there are times that we struggle with what society says is “right” or “wrong.” Society may say that it is morally wrong for two men or two women to have a relationship together. But in our heads, we may have this little voice that says, Why? Why is it so wrong for two individuals who love each other to be with each other? How does it affect me personally? As we grow up we find out that many of the people we were taught to trust are not what we thought.  More questions go through our minds. Who can we trust?

Anger may not even be the correct term for what I feel. Betrayal may be a better term for it.

I have not always made the smartest decisions in life. I have allowed others to persuade me by using the same kind of conditioning I see happening with most new mothers. I was taught to believe that a doctor would have my best interest at heart, that he or she took an oath to treat a patient respectfully, while ensuring that the patient receives optimum care. It is crap! Not all doctors have an individual’s best interest at heart. Some of them are trying to increase their bank accounts, while more and more patients are becoming sicker.  A vaccine or pill will not cure what damage has already been done. Often these same vaccines and prescription drugs are the root of the problem.  And that’s the case with my husband.

My husband was very healthy when we met. If he got a cold, he was over it within 48 hours. He was exposed to whooping cough and he was fine. He was exposed to the flu, and his body reacted normally. The only time he ever got severely sick was when he spent 21 days in the field, and the temperatures were below zero.

military vaxMy husband was in the military. He spent five years in the National Guard before spending another 20 years on active duty. During this time, he was exposed to many things. The worst, I believe, being the vaccines he was given starting in 2001. As he prepared to deploy to Bosnia for a peace-keeping mission, he stood in a single-file line that wound through an obstacle course of cubicles. I remember him receiving a combination of yellow and typhoid fever vaccines along with an anthrax vaccine. That night as he lay in bed, he shook from fever. He was down for the weekend due to these vaccines. Was this a “normal” reaction? We thought it was possible, especially given that he had never received these types of vaccines before. We dismissed it and spent the little time we had together before he left.

When he came home, the process went like this: be at XYZ location at _______ time in order to get your boosters. Boosters? Why would he need boosters? He was not being exposed to these infectious diseases at home. These vaccines were not recommended for the general population. The other men who deployed with him did not do so unvaccinated. So tell me, who and what was he being protected from?

All of these vaccines were given on top of the mandatory vaccinations, you know: MMR, hepatitis B, and influenza to name a few.

In 2006, he would deploy again.  Somehow the individual administering the previous vaccines failed to write them down in my husband’s records. In order to have a “deployable” status, he was required to be revaccinated. He had the anthrax vaccine twice in less than a week. He was also given the smallpox vaccine. The funny thing is the doctor told him that he was not allowed to be around infants or pregnant women after having this “safe” vaccine.

He was on a 15-month rotation and, as a military family, we were advised to give him time to reintegrate when he returned. The days, months, and years went by, and the person who stepped foot on that plane was not the same one who returned. Although he tried to control his outbursts, there were times that he was incapable of doing so. There are times now, although they occur a lot less frequently than they did then, that he reminds me of the Incredible Hulk. I wait to see if he is going to turn green and rip his shirt off. He is not the same. He will never be the same.

elisha's hubAs the years and the deployments came and went, his body began to shut down. While on the last deployment, he was prescribed medication to help “prevent” malaria. After extensive research, it was revealed that the medication was doing more harm than good. He went to his physician and expressed his concerns. They were dismissed. Not only did he suffer from night terrors, irritability, and psychosis, but it also led to him thinking that perhaps life would be better without him. This from a person who felt that taking one’s own life was a coward’s way out of things. Something triggered him to rethink his decision. When he came home, he was very quiet. Getting him to express how he felt was like pulling teeth with rusty pliers. Today, the medication has had the time to run its course, but his body is left compromised from a need to over-vaccinate.

After the last deployment, he knew he was done with the military. It was just a matter of finishing his enlistment and waiting for his retirement. He thought, What will I do after I am done? And the first thing that came to mind was continuing his education. He spoke with an academic advisor who told him he would need a series of vaccines or proof of immunity. He thought with all the vaccines that he had received that there would be no issue, right?  WRONG!  The results come back that he was no longer immune to rubella. How is that even possible? How do we go about vaccinating and getting boosters only to learn that our bodies are compromised and we don’t even have immunity?

He was sick of the vaccinations and tired of feeling miserable every time he received a vaccine. The influenza shot no longer was effective. He suffered more from the vaccine than if he had the flu. You see, my husband is growing sicker and sicker. The colds that once began as a two-day stint started lasting between four and five days. Then he would be miserable for a week. Now a common cold can keep him out of commission anywhere from ten to sixteen days before he recovers. The recovery phase is kind of a joke, as it does not last long – if he’s lucky, two weeks.  In the last six months, he has been sick approximately eight times. EIGHT TIMES! Yet, his records at the VA state that he is a healthy white male. It also indicates that he should be capable of performing any given task. What they do not want to hear is that he has significant “unexplained” memory loss. He is not capable of remembering what is supposed to happen later in the afternoon, much less what he is supposed to do next week. It is as if he is experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Recently we went to the hospital because he had the flu. The nurse there said, “I hope that you have had a better experience at the VA than I did, because they treated me like crap.”

Individuals should not be forced to have whatever vaccines that the government sees fit. I realize that there are many people who do not believe in vaccine damage, and that is their right as individuals. However, they should not have the right to force vaccines onto those of us who believe our children and spouses are sick because they have become the guinea pigs for our government. Unfortunately, many Americans, especially soldiers, sign over their rights when they take the oath to serve their country. These individuals are no longer considered human in the eyes of the government; instead they belong to the United States military. If they refuse to receive these vaccines, they are faced with punishments like being extra duty, being demoted, fined, or jailed, or even dishonorable discharge.

elisha's hub2


Like many others in the military, my husband spent his entire career wanting to fight for justice. Now that he is out of the military, there is no justice for what has happened to him. I am not anti-vaccine; I am pro-rights. If individual can make a decision to serve their country and be competent enough to do so, then they damn sure should be capable of making the decision on whether or not they want to receive vaccines that they are not required to receive in the civilian world.

I am losing faith in a society who is making our children and soldiers sicker in an effort to fill the pockets of multi-million dollar corporations.

~ Elisha G.

Elisha G. and her husband of almost 16 years have four children.  She loves writing, cooking, baking, photography, and take care of others by lending a hand to those in need.

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55 Responses to Soldiers Are Vaccine Pincushions: My Husband’s Story

  1. Rebecca Lee says:

    It is mercury poisoning pure and simple. All of you with these multitude of physical and psychological problems need to learn about the Andy Cutler protocol to detox this crap. Andy’s last book which I cowrote with him, “The Mercury Detoxification Manual” is available from my website
    People recover very well but it takes time and dedication.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      While mercury poisoning is a factor, it is by no means “pure and simple.” More and more research is piling up on the toxic effects of aluminum adjuvants, including myriad autoimmune diseases, such as Gulf War Syndrome. Many soldiers were injected with squalene adjuvants. Squalene is a compound that occurs naturally in the body, especially in the joints. It’s not shock that many of those soldiers ended up with autoimmune conditions attacking their joints.

      • Rebecca Lee says:

        I’m sure all that other crap doesn’t help. But dollars for donuts if these guys chelate for mercury, they will get better. I don’t want to argue the point, I just want to put the information out there and those people who are ready to hear it will act on it. I spent four years writing this book with Andy. I had two clients that each of them spent $85,000 on alternative doctors so I think the book is cheap at the price.
        To find out all the necessary information for free join the Facebook group Andy Cutler Chelation, Safe Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox. The protocol is also laid out for free on my website.

  2. Airmom says:

    I found this looking for ways to help my kid detox from all the shots given in the military. I spent his entire life giving vaccines on a safer alternate schedule than the ones doctors try to push,keeping him from all the new vaccines watching for potential side effects to show up in the years following it’s introduction into the routine, fighting the school over unnecessary vaccines and recommended ages. Then he goes in the airforce and they have so many shots so close together. I’m looking for a good detox counter measure. Does anyone know what may help keep him from as many adverse long term side effects?

    • Karah Grodt says:


      I ended up on this page looking for way to possibly detox from all the crap that is in these vaccines, as I myself am going through the enlistment process and am told they pretty much no longer allow any sort of exemptions. I have found some ways to detox, however they are difficult to do while IN basic training. look up Dr. Josh Axe, as well as Ty & Charlene Boillinger. You will find a lot of helpful information on detoxing from vaccines on their websites, YouTube channels, and newsletters. I know Chlorella treatments are a good way, and so is eating RAW garlic. Also look up the recipe for “Master Tonic”, it is the best at home (and inexpensive) detox that I’ve ever used. There are many, many other way as well. I wish you and your son the best, and I’m greatful for his service to our country (and yours too)!

      • Jessie says:

        Please, please do not use chlorella, cilantro, EDTA or IV chelation. Many people don’t understand how much damage they can cause. You must never chelate with amalgam fillings!! The Andy Cutler Protocol has done what none of the others can do and minimizes the risks of repoisoning yourself. Please be careful!!

    • Momma Judy says:

      I am in the process of detoxing my military son using Doterra essential oils and performing protocols on his spine. He was also prescribed opiates and had cortisone injections in to his spine for years. The spots and redness show all the areas junk is coming from.

    • Maria Bemont says:

      No way to share protocol here. Buy AutoImmune Secrets Recovery protocol.wish we could personally connect

  3. Deborah says:

    👍 i have a son at six months old ,I didn’t want to vacinate him but they told me I was jeaperdizin his life an i had to vacinat e or they would take him from me . He was a jolly baby when vacinate d he beca me lym. At 3he’s he said to me let’s take of our close an did it was winter!bad vs one side effects he’s 22years old he stays in his room & doesn’t talk to me or anyone ,theirs been school billing also.

  4. DJ says:

    1986, Basic/AIT Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Smallpox vaccine, huge and painful knot on left arm, 1 week into training, wake up in ice bath surrounded by several doctors and nurses, one doctor says close call, stay in hospital 5 days, released, two days later, wake up in ice bath again, ANOTHER ‘close call’.

    Released from hospital, missed a total of 10 training days, might be ‘recycled’ (have to restart training after missing more than 10 days), everything is a blur, i am no longer the same person, hallucinating when running, always too hot or too cold, memory is toast, i honestly don’t know how i graduated in feb 1987.

    First duty station, Ft Hood Texas, i am not the same person, i am weaker, still hallucinating especially during physical exertion, still too hot or too cold, can’t remember relative’s birth dates, i am a mess.

    1988, assigned to Germany, running on fumes, so tired, brain fog, insomnia, still hallucinating, still too hot or too cold, how am i going to make it 2 years.

    Ets military 1990

    32 years later, seizure disorder, depression, low vision. Audio/visual hallucinations, still too hot or too cold… still a mess. I left my formally healthy self back in Ft knox forever it seems.

    • Momma Judy says:

      There is help with detoxing but it will take time. Give your body what it needs to heal and it will. Food is your medicine and medicine your food. High quality whole food supplements do help $

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Momma Judy. We use doTERRA and I am trying to figure out adetox protocol for my son that is currently in boot camp. I plan on trying to detox him while he is home on leave. Could you share what you are using and how please?

  5. Rachel Coyle says:

    I read your article and started to cry. I joined the ARMY at 17 and had a 13 year career. Like your husband in a single year the military had lost my shot records after being called up for deployment three seperate times , so I got 3 sets of vaccines in one year alone then eventually did get deployed 7 years later and had to get more. I was a little private with the first 3 rounds and Each time I was told HAD to take them or there would be consequences. It was an order. I am now 32 and was a completely healthy athlete, I have chronic inflammation, my bones feel like they are on fire in which doctors say is ‘fibromyalgia ‘ and try to put me in pain meds , I get terrible headaches, have memory issues , and now arthritis in my back? I feel like 62 instead of 32 and am loosing hope. It’s quite depressing that I went from normal to this and the vaccines were the only difference. I pay over $2000 a year in simple doctors appointments to seek help. I feel as if I can barely take care of my child most days. Is there hope ?

  6. Oliver Gibson says:

    I was giving vaccination shots when I was processing in at Ft Dix NJ. It was a group of us heading to Germany. The peoples that were giving this vaccination shots told us these shots are going to make you guys sleepy. Which it did we all woke up about three hours later to ask ourselves what kind of vaccination shot was that. To this day from time to time I still feel the effects from the shot that happen back in May of 1981.I request my medical records from the army but they said that they dont have my shot records. I’m just looking for anyone out there that maybe had the same familiar situation happened to them as well. You can email me at Thanks

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oliver, I have heard MANY stories of lost vaccination records in the military. They have often resulted in military personnel being vaccinated and unnecessarily REvaccinated.

      • Oliver Gibson says:

        I need soldiers with similar story like minds. To chime in on the conversation and tell there story as well. Also when the miltary were giving us these vaccination shots the needles they were using wasn’t sterlize. How could you keep the needles sterile when you have hundreds of soldiers line up at a time injecting them with the same needle gun.

      • red says:

        i gotta story unlike any other n now it all makes sense especially after reading these post. i need help

      • Bob bacon says:

        It was probably hydraulic injection .(A pressurized jet of fluid will penetrate skin, fat, and maybe muscle.)

    • Ray Setlak says:

      Oliver I have been and still fighting with the va since 1970 for getting (2) sets of vaccinations out of Norfolk va.and my assigned shi within a few weeks. Ended u in a hospital. My med. records took me 49 years to get. Nothing but lies from the military. I am in retry much sin from then to now. 72 yrs old and am ready to say to them, you win. You beat me down. Requesting one seat ace on video. Would like to talk to you.

  7. Num Guy says:

    Sadly, vaccine makers have no incentive to change their ways. They make huge profits but are totally protected from lawsuits because Congress granted

    them immunity in 1986. We the taxpayers are paying for the damages they are causing. Sound familiar? Privatizing profits while socializing risk!!

    If you want to change this, please sign this petition on

    Kindly pass this on to everyone you know. Together, hopefully, we can make a difference!

  8. Angela Warner says:

    Professor TMR,

    You are accurate that Tricare/DoD are with holding information on the number of children in the military who are on the autism spectrum. For several years there were a handful of parents, myself included, who worked tirelessly to see that legislation was passed to raise the benefit dollar amount for ABA therapy, and remove arbitrary roadblocks to receiving those services. We of course, needed data on the number of military dependents who were on the spectrum. We received data for years 2005-2007. Then it showed the number of dependents with an ASD diagnosis to be at 1 in 88. We know that number was not completely accurate and we assumed it was higher because of irregular reporting. Not an unreasonable assumption when you understand the military healthcare system. As we continued to work on legislation over the years, we needed more recent data. In late 2009 we submitted more FOIA’s to obtain that information. I personally put in a call to Congresswoman Maloney’s Chief of Staff (he was a great man and wonderful to work with), requesting that Congresswoman Maloney submit a FOIA on our behalf as well, which was done. It took months to receive any kind of response, and that which we did receive was so skewed we couldn’t extrapolate ANY useful data from it. We had several conversations with the folks at the FOIA office. They were terrific. It wasn’t the folks at the FOIA department held up releasing information; the folks at Tricare/DoD were responsible. They didn’t want the information to be released because they’d already seen us go public with it once. It was a black eye for them. In fact, they took it so far as to intentionally send a disc with the info on it to Rep. Maloney’s D.C. office knowing the disc would get fried going through the X-ray machines, even though it had been specifically requested by Rep. Maloney’s to send the info to her NY office, and also requested it be sent electronically. What Tricare/DoD did was intentional.

    I am a Daughter of The American Revolution, and also a military spouse. My husband enlisted in 2004. We had been married for seven years of marriage and had 3 children. My husband left for BMT August 17, 2004. My husband was VERY ill after the shots he received in BMT, and I know this because we had additional phone privileges in BMT (he would call from the Command’s office twice a week), in addition to any other regular access he had for calls. We had those because shortly after my husband left for BMT, our middle child and youngest son received the Varicella vaccine and immediately (within 3 days) regressed into severe autism and began having seizures. Our son had just turned 3, and had been a typically developing little boy.

    In November, almost three months to the day after my husband left for BMT, a young man, 19, went through BMT at the same location. He received 2 of the same vaccines, same lot numbers that my husband did; Meningococcal and IPV. That young man turned 20 in BMT. When he should have been graduating from BMT he was being medically discharged. This young man died on February 17, 2005. The military blamed his death on a supposed asthmatic episode he had at age five, which was in 1989. That episode was reported verbally by his mother in May of 2005, but never medically documented or substantiated by ANYONE. That “asthmatic” episode would have been in 1989, and very well could have been a reaction to the DTP vaccine (my personal thought and mine alone), or something as simple as a really bad cold or the flu, which made him wheezy. Hell, I have colds like that sometimes and I don’t have asthma. The list of diagnoses he received while in the hospital make me want to scream, and I mean SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS, that this is NOT related to an asthmatic episode he may or may not have had at age five. His death was caused BY THE VACCINES. Period.

    In the early fall of 2005, my husband was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. He had NEVER had any issues before. As the years roll on and he is FORCED to receive vaccines in order to serve his country, he gets sicker with each one. Like many of the stories shared above, what used to be a one or two day cold with the sniffles and sneezes, possibly a slight cough, resembles the flu more than anything else. This past time he got sick? He was in and out of work for 2 weeks and finally went and got a strep test because it was so bad. That test proved negative. I know why he was sick. It was because he had just received a vaccine (he’s one of the one’s in line to go first at our base), and then those who follow him usually opt for the mist, which we all know sheds. He brings that crap home and this has been one of the “sickest years” for our family ever, and believe me, I’ve dealt with sick years.

    In the fall of 2004, still not making the association between the Varicella vaccine my son received, and autism, I received a Td vaccine. I cut my finger really bad, to the point that I thought I may need sutures. Yeah, I know damn knives and spinach LOL! I was making a vegetarian lasagna, what can I say? 🙂 I had been a pre-nursing student for over 3 years and knew my Tetanus was out of date. Prior to that I had been a Veterinary Technician, just for the record. I’d already had 3 kids, and my husband and I wanted another child. In 2005 I suffered 4 miscarriages. FOUR. All were ND/Licensed Midwife and/or OB confirmed. Yes, heartbeats on ultrasound and all. After the 4th miscarriage (which required a D&C), I did a detox, in late 2005. My husband did so as well and then stopped as he grew concerned because Goldenseal was one of the herbs used. I pointed out to him that the military tests for Goldenseal in the monthly UA because it cleanses your system of toxins and if the military finds goldenseal, it’s assumed you’ve been smoking MJ. Remember, I’m a DAR. I’ve been around the military my entire life. I know.

    I conceived our youngest child, now eight and COMPLETELY unvaccinated, sometime just before Christmas of 2005. She’s rarely sick, and when she is? No big deal. This past month or so, maybe a little longer, we all got really sick. I would attribute it to over-reactionary parents vaccinating their kids and sending them to school. Our youngest had pertussis, or para-pertussis. No known actual cases to my knowledge, but I haven’t really checked either. That all stemmed from the measles scare. Sorry. I had the measles in ’82 at age 12. I was vaccinated in ’71. Our daughter never had rails, or even really wheezing, but she was coughing up Tablespoons of phlegm at a time, turning blue in the lips and almost puking. That was just a week and a half ago. Call me an irresponsible parent all you want, but I never took her to the doctor, and I love our doc. He’s prior military and knows his stuff. I trust him. There’s a funny story to meeting him and I have the scar to prove it 🙂 Anyway, that coughing up of crap by our youngest? That was roughly 2 weeks ago. The only other thing our doc would have done was rx an antibiotic, which I didn’t think necessary because she NEVER ran a fever the entire time. She was up and about, eating healthy food (although we do have our chip pork out sessions here and there), and active, and especially bitchy; that said it all right there. Parents who are not freaked when their kids get sick know exactly what I’m talking about.

    So, back to the military and my husband. His affect and demeanor have changed drastically, especially in the past few years, and compared to the person I knew and married, prior to military service and all the vaccines he received and continues to receive. That person; the hands on, caring, loving, and nurturing person to ALL, especially, me, his spouse and our children, is gone. He has turned into a passive aggressive beast who can’t remember stuff, and then criticizes me because I forgot one little detail, which may or may have not been important and if I do, I was raised with honor and integrity and I ALWAYS own it. He blames others. For everything. He has also lost all contact with friends, and rarely talks with his family, unless via text. We all know that’s not true communication. And if I have a fight with my mom and we don’t speak for months, and then work through it? He has an issue there as well. In fact, my mom and I had a huge fight over Halloween this past fall. She was visiting and said some very inappropriate things in front of my kids. She knew it. She left. I lost my biological father in a tragic accident when I was 14. I lost my step dad of 30 years just after Christmas of 2013 after less than a year long trial against cancer. My mom was still grieving. I knew it when she exploded while she here. My step dad served in Nam if that tells you anything (AO and cancer). My husband was abused both physically and verbally as a child to conform. He never let go of that, nor has he worked through it in counseling EVER. Not to the degree that he needs to IMHO. I too, was abused, in multiple ways, by numerous people, including my bio dad and my step dad and THAT is a complicated story. More psyche than anything else.

    The one thing I NEVER allowed to happen to me? To let that abuse control me. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the person I married, and have four kids with, and who now, is taking it out on our kids in a very passive manner (which we all know leads to aggressive).

    Now? He hates me. Why? I call him out for not being an assertive dad and sticking to the rules for our kids. Nope – gett’em out of my hair. Why can’t they have their iPads as he’s stuck on it in a stupid interactive game about WAR and ATTACKING, that he’s now gotten our children involved in, who get ticked off when I take their iPads away because they haven’t done their chores. I forget (Clan or Clash what have you) what it is, and I have no interest. He’s forgotten how to communicate anything reasonable to ANYONE, unless they’re a subordinate, but gaming is more important to him.

    I’ll tell you how I know this. Yesterday afternoon, I was cleaning our beautiful bathroom (I know, whatever laughs – the only reason we have this house is because of MY bio dad), and I happened to put a few things in his sink that I meant to pick up and throw in the trash – I always do that on his side or mine and he damn well knows it. I got side tracked as I did it right after I got out of the shower. He assumed I was after him for something and tossed a brand new box of tissues and my hand held mirror into my sink. He was gone (trying to be the “good dad” with our oldest that failed because HE didn’t do his research about where your 15 yo can get their permit even though I’d communicated this info to him numerous times), and unbeknownst to him, the box was placed there (tissues) by our oldest daughter, who I was still nursing when he left for BMT. Yeah. Nope, he tossed it in my sink because he didn’t talk. I was busy and forgot. No discussion. Just did it, and that was hours later. He wasn’t here when the rest of the kids got home from school as he picked our oldest son up to go get his permit, and that was not pretty. Especially with our son, yeah, the one who is still on the spectrum. It was ugly. He didn’t like it that he got last minute notice that his older brother wouldn’t be on the bus with him. Little communication from the hubs. Oh, yeah, he text’s all the time with our oldest, while our son is in SCHOOL. His cell was given to him for ER issues and then a little bit. Guess who doesn’t know how to rein it in for his own son. Yep. DONE.

    I am DONE with the government interfering with my life and that of my kids. I was outside in the grass, and then on the deck playing with my dog in the water and guess who I got a call from. DR. McCarthy at our school wanting to schedule my son’s IEP meeting … Belch. Over it. She realized after who she announced herself to, that I have NO respect for a school psychologist calling themselves DR., when I answer the phone. I’m on a first name basis only and I made that clear from the get go several years ago. I also made it clear several years before that with another school district we lived in, which is still somewhat local, that I don’t care what your title is. That realization came when my son was injured by school personnel in first grade.

    As far as anything else goes? If you would like to discuss domestic violence within the military and families, please feel free to ask away. I would be all too happy to address that as well.

  9. Shirley says:

    So sorry for everything you are going through. Below is a Youtube presentation by Dr. Trent, who believes many illnesses are a result of vaccination and can possibly be treated by having the appropriate bloodwork done to reveal the vaccine-connected condition, followed by appropriate treatment. These are not autoimmune conditions…. many are viruses affecting people’s health.

  10. Ximena says:

    I am a pediatrician and was indoctrinated in med school and residency on the sanctity of vaccines. I vaccinated countless children myself in blind faith that I was doing the best for them, because after all, being a physician was all I had ever wanted to do since I was little, taking after my mom, helping sick people, doing something good for society… I recall adverse reactions were briefly discussed in school but the emphasis was placed on how rare they were, and we were not told that pharmaceuticals could not be sued for vaccine adverse effects. Then I had a vaccine injured child with peanut/treenut allergy, and I started reading about vaccines and allergy. It’s too little, too late. There is no cure for my child. Her life expectancy living with peanut allergy is reduced to 40, that’s almost half that of the average American. Now we spend thousands of dollars on epipens, allergist visits, and have anxiety over simple events like birthday parties, soccer game snacks, eating out, etc. My faith in healthcare in this country is diminished. We have become a corporocracy, not a democracy, where corporations, Big Oil and Big Pharma rules. The first time I read anything about the military and vaccines was in Heather Fraser’s book, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. She mentions that vaccines were invented to prevent communicable diseases in our military. The USA had learned that infectious diseases could wipe out an army in our Civil War when more soldiers died from transmitted infections than from war wounds. Further, civilians started to be vaccinated to protect military personnel when they would return and mingle among the general population, ie their families. This makes complete sense since Washington foreign and domestic policy revolves around war, our economy depends on defense spending, and the same 1% that own the high echelons of the this country sit on boards of Big Pharma corporations and are friends with military corporations and politicians. Corporocracy. They don’t care if my child dies from peanut allergy she developed as a result of a toxin in vaccines, or that we have be excluded from many social events and are bullied by peanut butter-loving moms on the PTA that don’t understand why their child cannot stuff their face with peanut buttermevery second of the day at school (they have 17 other hours a day in which to eat peanut butter non-stop elsewhere, they could stay up all night eating it! or that their child will not die if they have to abstain from peanut for only 7 hrs of their day) or any soldier adverse effects from vaccines, or autistic kids. Thye only care about making money selling arms and gaining territory and oil, and making money on more medications and Epipens or treatments to fix the original medical issue. They don’t have to take a Hippocratic Oath like I did. At least I believed in mine.

    • Elisha says:


      Thank you so much for sharing your story. When I was younger, I always told people that I would be a doctor or nurse when I grew up. Instead, I became a mom. I thought about going back to school to become a nurse, but I cannot self-consciously give vaccinations to people when I know what would happen. One day I shared my views about vaccinations pertaining to my own children and had someone tell me, “I would rather my child be autistic than dead”. This person does not have a child on the spectrum, nor does she have a child injured by vaccinations. I believe that it is easy for people to judge/make comments about what is right or wrong when they have not experienced these things for themselves. I am sorry that your daughter and you have to experience the negativity.

  11. Aja says:

    Thanks so much for this. My husband was in the military, not US, and didn’t have so many vaccines. Even so after 16 years we both had our amalgams removed & detoxed. We were both exposed to pesticides while growing up
    I have read that the US Army was “slowly” withdrawing Lariam the anti-malaria prophylactic that causes psychosis. Why would they withdraw it “slowly”? They kept on using it on new people during the time of the withdrawal!
    Cui Bono? Always!
    So many of these vaccines contain aluminium as an adjuvant. It seems that many dementias are tiggered by aluminium. In nature it is found with silica. Check Dr Chris Exley for information about how people who drink high silicon-containing water begin excreting aluminium.
    If you search for his name & use the word “aluminium” in the search terms, you will find plenty of information on this particular topic. It is also used in city water supplies as a flocculant but can easily be filtered out, unlike fluoride. Hospitals HAVE to filter the aluminium from water used for dialysis patients, otherwise they suffer from “dialysis dementia”.

    • Elisha says:


      Please know that I am not trying to ignore what you have to say. I am still trying to locate some information before I respond to you. It may be a day or two. On top of raising kids, I work 40 hours a week.

      • Elisha says:

        I do not know if it is just me or not, but for some reason I have found that some of the articles/documents I once located online have disappeared. I had one particular article from two years ago that I wanted to share some information from. I searched hour upon hour to come up empty handed. This article helped me to understand what was happening with my husband while he was deployed. He was having night terrors. He experienced severe moodiness. He was not acting in a manner that I was accustomed to. To back track just a little, just over a year prior one of my best friends’ husbands was over in Afghanistan and was given the same malaria medication. He was mean. There is no other way to put it. Without permission, he discontinued the mediation and began to feel better. My husband on the other hand would not defy orders. When I brought it up to his attention about the side effects of the medication and my concerns he sought professional guidance. At the time, his concerns were dismissed. He was told that “they” were the professionals and that “I” need not tell him how “they” should be conducting their jobs, more or less. This bothered me being so far away from him and not being able to be that person he could rely on. The article that I was searching for had a breakdown of how long an individual could safely take the medication without adverse effects on the body. Fast forward to the past recent days….the articles I found basically say that this medication has no effect.
        Doxycycline is used to prevent malaria. It is been reported that severe adverse events are rarely reported while individuals are taking this medication. It is the recommended dosage that an adult takes 100mg daily 1-2 days before travel, the duration of time spent in the area, and an additional 4 weeks after return. It is stated the ADRs are uncommon, doxycycline monohydrate has been observed to have less gastrointestinal side effects than doxycycline hyclate. When I read this information from the website, it makes it appear as if the medication is safe and effective. You can locate the article/scholarly journal here:
        Back in 2004, an investigation was conducted when a pattern of violence and suicide began by America’s most elite soldier following the usage of a controversial anti-malaria drug. The government had put out a warning that the drug known as Lariam might cause long term mental health issues which included aggression and suicide. Six Special Forces soldiers who believed to have taken the drug took their lives according to the UPI-CNN investigation. Sen. Dianne Feinstein voiced concern about the use of Lariam and the suicides of the Special Forces. She had previously written key government officials seeking an urgent review of Lariam usage. She said, “The Department of Defense, and all other government agencies that give this drug to their employees, should immediately reassess their decision to use Lariam and look for alternatives that can protect our troops without causing dangerous side effects.”
        Army medical official denied a request for an interview, but in a written statement claimed: “We have no data that indicates that Lariam was a factor in any Army suicides in OIF and OEF”. Instead the Army claimed the deaths were linked to “failed relationships, financial crises, legal difficulties, and mental problems like depression and psychosis”. Tyker Whiffen, 32 was expecting his first child. His wife said that there was no indication that he was depressed. In July 2003, he went out behind his house in the woods and took his own life. Whiffen took Lariam while serving in Afghanistan.
        In a statement made by the spokesman of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-La Roche, manufacturer of Lariam, Terence Hurley stated that there was no “credible scientific evidence linking Lariam to suicide, suicidal thoughts, or violent conduct.” He added that the side effects were low, safe, and well-tolerated. He mentioned that the Army developed the drug and had its own extensive knowledge base and experience with Lariam.
        Lariam has been pulled so now the military is using Doxycycline to prevent Malaria during deployments to Afghanistan. The previous article shows that it is no longer a requirement while serving in Iraq. I am not claiming to be an expert on any of these topics; however I am smart enough to understand that two plus two equals four. Why do I say this? Well when looking under the section titled: REASONS TO CONSIDER AVOIDING USE OF THIS DRUG, it clearly states: People may want to avoid the increased risk of sun sensitivity. It is the dessert. Unless every individual sent over trains at night, they are going to be exposed to the sun/heat. This medication is taken daily. It is also used in the treatment of acne for some individuals.
        There is so much emphasis put on how “safe” these medications are. Yet, there have been studies conducted which reveal that everyone reacts differently. Although not military related, I had to share the information/data I found to share.
        A case study written in 2014 revealed that three young individuals were being treated with Doxycycline for their skin issues. Prior to taking the medication, there was no indication that “they” had suffered from mental health issues. During the duration that they took this medication they began to suffer from suicidal ideations which ultimately resulted in two of them committing suicide. You can read the article here:
        Dan Olmsted wrote another article in 2012 titled: The Kill Pill: Murder, Madness, and the Army’s Mefloquine Cover-up.
        He states that while it is great that the military, VA, and mainstream media are giving more attention to the awful mental health problems plaguing soldiers and veterans, the not so great thing is: their failure to recognize how anti-malaria medication is causing harm.
        In my opinion, he is right to say that the federal government has a long and sorry way of ignoring, suppressing, and covering up the truth about the drug called mefloquine, also known as the brand name Lariam. Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly went on a rampage while in Afghanistan killing 17 villages and setting them on fire, the Army at this time would not acknowledge whether or not he was on Lariam.
        Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My intentions were not to write you a book in response. I could have said a lot more but wanted you to have the opportunity to look at the articles yourself.

      • Kelly B says:

        I’m reading through all these comments, and I am beyond words. My Husband was a government contractor from 2010 to 2013 in Afghanistan. In 2013 he informed me that his shot records were lost and he had to receive a second round. By March of 2014 he was depressed and suffered many cognitive issues etc… this increasingly became worst and he lost his pilots license. He took his own life in August 2014. According to others in his unit, many suffered similar problems. Would love to continue a conversation on this issue with any of you. I know I’m late to this post but i just wasn’t ready before.

      • Rebecca Lee says:

        It is the mercury in the vaccines that causes this. I know there are other nasty ingredients but those are all mercury symptoms you are describing. Tell your friends who are still suffering and wondering what to do to check out the Facebook group Andy Cutler chelation, safe Mercury and heavy metal detox. It takes some time and discipline, but things can be turned around.

  12. jill pena says:

    I am so sorry for your husband. My husband was in the military and received vaccines too. He does not show any apparent signs, but my son was injured by vaccines and would love to be a soldier in the US military. How do I tell him that he will be a guinea pig and they will give him vaccines and other psycho drugs that he doesn’t need. It is a crime against our children, our men, our country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The pharmaceutical companies are looking out for their bottom dollar, not your health. They make zero dollars on a healthy person. Why is that so hard to understand.

  13. Betsy says:

    I am so sorry about your husband. My husband who was also career military had multiple vaccine injuries. The first was when he was deployed and given the rabies vaccine. He had a seizure and passed out. He ended up striking his head hard on the ground.

    A few years later (and after we had already started seeing the effects of vaccine injury on our children, but did not know what it was) he reacted to the MMR within hours of receiving it and ended up having a 5 minute seizure. Again he hit his head on a concrete floor when he collapsed. He spent 5 days in the hospital getting stabilized and with them running tests.

    When he deployed two years later the doctor noted his reaction to the smallpox in his records. He has a rash that never heals that showed up immediately after his shot. He also had a bad reaction at the site of the shot. We were told a few years ago by a dermatologist that this rash is common for people who had eczema as children / he should have never gotten the shot. 10 years later he still has a rash that will never go away.

    He reacted a few years later to the flu shot and spent weeks in bed. This from a man who was very rarely ill. A few months later he was so incredibly tired that he would spend most of the weekend sleeping. He also began dropping huge amounts of weight despite already being too thin. That is when we adopted the gfcf diet that our children had eaten for years. By then we had connected the dots with him and our children. I just wish we had realized before the shots that permanently injured my children.

    My husband ended up retiring before being forced to take several more ‘boosters’. We made a last ditch effort and visited the military vaccine center in an attempt to get an exemption. We were told that all of his reactions were normal and it would not be granted. He was disappointed to leave a job he loved, but was not willing to risk further injuries.

    He has is still plagued by so many issues, but we are treating him with many of the same things we use on our children.

  14. Janet says:

    I was an active duty nurse for 12 years of service when I conceived and birthed my son. I am convinced that the many vaccines I received in the weeks, months and years prior to conception contributed to my autoimmune and gut issues, and to my son’s autism.

  15. Maria ONeil says:

    Beautifully written and THANK YOU. I would like to add a few things for families of Active Duty Service Members . Please encourage your service members to detox through homeopathy , and also look up this force vaccination protocol after mandated vaccination :

    Liddell also makes an excellent product they can take before and after :

    Many of our AD and Veterans have underlying systematic issues from what they are exposed to , thT is treatable without conventional medicine etc.

  16. nostromo says:

    “If individual can make a decision to serve their country and be competent enough to do so, then they damn sure should be capable of making the decision on whether or not they want to receive vaccines that they are not required to receive in the civilian world.”

    I’m sorry your husband is sick Elisha, but you are asking that individuals be allowed to make their own health choices in an organisation one of whose core tenants includes removing a persons individuality?
    Where would it stop – individual choices in combat situations? Ignoring orders because you think you know better?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Perhaps it should stop at the human rights abuse of a forced medical procedure that carries with it the risk of extreme harm. It seems easily distinguishable from “ignoring orders because you think you know better” to me.

      • Aja says:

        So the Nürnberg Principles don’t apply to medical experimentation on military personnel? It was once considered a war crime if civilian prisoners were thus afflicted.

      • Let it be known says:

        “human rights abuse” because protecting you from diseases is abusing your rights. I applaud your logic.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Clearly, for a number of people, including the man the piece is about, the vaccinations received do the opposite of “protecting from diseases”; i.e., they made a healthy man sick. To ignore that is to reason from a faulty premise.

      • nostromo says:

        “a forced medical procedure that carries with it the risk of extreme harm”.

        That is not a good enough reason. When I drive down the road I carry the risk of extreme harm.
        But the risk is small that I will have a crash. Same principle with vaccinations.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You are not forced to drive down the street. You CHOOSE to do so. Not the same principle at all.

    • Aja says:

      Apologies, I have replied to the wrong person. Unused (yet) to joining such discussions.
      My comment about the Nürnberg Principles should have been placed here.

    • Elisha says:

      It has absolutely nothing to do with thinking one knows better. It has to do with the fact that he was government property. His MOS was his product number. His social was his serial number. He had no say in whether or not he wanted those vaccinations. Especially the multiple ones that were given after someone else messed up. He served his country with pride. If he was told to jump, his response was how high. Do you make your own health care decisions? Do you get to choose which vaccinations you are given? My husband is human, not a robotic machine. My children suffer because their dad is not capable of doing the things that he once was because his body is so worn down. Please do not say you are sorry he is sick when it comes off as if you do not support soldier’s rights.

  17. Anita says:

    Thank you for sharing! Here is my story..

    To whom it may concern. 2/2/2015
    In 2010 I received the 3rd dose of the HPV vaccine. This is the only dose they had me wait 20 min to see if I had any adverse effects from. I waited, everything appeared fine and I went home. Within an hour of receiving the shot my body went into uncontrollable convulsions, followed by cold sweats, clammy skin, uncontrollable shaking and going in and out of being alert. (No family history of epilepsy or seizures) This went on for four hours. It was like my body was fighting off being poisoned, I was sure I was going to die. I remember thinking; wow this is how it ends? I fell asleep for twenty minutes and woke up like nothing had happened. Ever since that day I have had new found troubles with focusing, remembering and watering eyes. Of course I reported this to my doctor and she responded with “oh wow, so your last pap smear was… and went on like I didn’t even say anything. I was astonished at the absence of concern and shocked that she didn’t put it in my file, report it or even tell me how or that I should report it. Right then and there I understood that she had no interest in my health but in protecting the pharmaceutical industry instead. At that point I let it go, made a life choice not to vaccinate anymore and never spoke of it again till recently.
    Today I am six months pregnant and the discussion of vaccines are coming up again, the ones the Doctors tell me I need while I’m pregnant and the ones my baby will need. I have just now started sharing my vaccine injury story and learning about thousands of others. Unfortunately I’ve learned a lot of people have shared my experience with Doctors refusing to report or even mark down in a patient’s file that they had an adverse reaction or injury to a vaccine. I even spoke to a pediatric nurse off the record at my place of care and she told me that this happens often and the doctors are told not to report it. I can’t help but to believe her (nurse) as this was my experience and the experience of many others. How can I trust the numbers when I know for sure they are not being reported fairly? This is why many people, myself included are choosing not to vaccinate. Many of these vaccinations are for, as the CDC puts it “unpleasant” diseases, like the measles. Even when measles was an epidemic in America less than 1% died from it. Now, when a vaccine almost ends your life those odds look pretty good. I Understand herd immunity concern for the people with compromised immune systems. However I should be able to reserve my human right to contract the natural way and build my own antibodies to these unpleasant diseases without risking vaccine injury to myself or children. If certain people don’t have a strong enough immune system to withstand an unpleasant virus or disease like Measles or the flu they should stay home and avoid everything at all cost as they see fit. Their sickness is not my burden to bear it is theirs, just as if a vaccine injures or kills me or my children it’s not anyone else’s burden to bear, it’s mine. Everyone is responsible for their own health and it should remain that way. I see no reason why my Healthy unvaccinated child can’t attend school because parents are afraid their vaccinated child will get something.
    Why am I writing you? The recent outbreak of measles has shed some light on how an “unpleasant” disease is being portrayed as a Death Sentence. Because of this people who choose not to vaccinate and are open about it are being told they are going to be sued if an unvaccinated person passes along the virus and they can’t survive it as well as being told by people “You will have the blood of children on your hands.” Another writes “You will be responsible for the murder of millions, all because some blog you read.” Another writes “Bunch of moron hippies! Vaccinate your kids or GTFO of the USA.” Another writes “It should be a criminal act to not immunize your children. If your action results in the willfully negligent death (homicide) of another, it is MURDER, plain and simple.” Another writes “This antivaxxer asshole should be arrested for child endangerment and neglect. Asswipe.” Another writes “Dear asshole constipated shitbag frustrated probably need to get hard fucked and a life …whata u know about living in the real world?…I hope u get a special kinda measles…” And the last one I’ll share, one young lady told me “I hope your child get HIV and dies, I know it’s not a vaccine preventable disease but your child deserves it.” And the list goes on and on. Maybe hate like this wouldn’t be so common if the facts were being told, like they have a much higher chance of dying from the flu and it wasn’t portrayed as a death sentence but the “unpleasant” disease that it is.. After all is said and done I would just like to thank you for your time and let you know that NOT making vaccines mandatory is Very important to a lot of people for many reasons. There are many stories that people are too afraid to share for fear of hate speech and being made to feel they are a terrible parent. I live in CA and Thank God there is freedom here to get a personal exemption for schools so I don’t have to cross my fingers and just hope my child doesn’t have the adverse effect with vaccines like I did. Thank God I am not being forced to vaccinate myself or my kids. Thank God I get to choose what vaccine outweighs the risk of the disease itself. As an American, personal choice and freedom are very important to me and I just want to thank you for protecting that..
    -Anita T.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Thank you for your story, Anita. It’s very powerful. Two other things to be aware of: 1) There is an effort in California underway to REMOVE that personal exemption. There is a group fighting very hard against the proposed bill. Please contact them and get your story into the testimony. Google SB-277 and search Facebook for the group that’s opposing it. 2) The death rate for measles in this country BEFORE the measles vaccine existed was approximately 1 in 8,000 according to CDC statistics. The last year before the vaccine was licensed there were approximately 450 deaths out of 3-4,000,000 cases. (The CDC really doesn’t know how many cases there were because the vast majority were not tracked or reported as they didn’t cause any problems whatsoever.)

  18. Misty says:

    Thanks for this! My husband (career military) also received numerous vaccines including the anthrax vaccine. Right after that vaccine is when his memory started to get bad, especially working memory. He is impulsive, quick to anger, has anxiety problems, and severe household and seasonal allergies. He has never been to war so can’t blame PTSD for his behavior. Every year, he gets a flu shot and every year, his memory and impulsivity get worse. The other day, he brought groceries home and put the frozen foods in the laundry room cabinet instead of the freezer! He loses his wallet and ID and phone constantly. Several times a year. He is only 37 yrs old!

  19. Frankie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I feel very strongly that the excess vaccines given to our military members is one of the reasons the autism rate is higher in the military community.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      A few years ago I wanted to write a blog on the higher autism rates in military families and I found it VERY hard to find accurate statistics. They are doing their best to keep that information under wraps. Makes me think it must be truly horrendous.

  20. Bizymom says:

    Reading this broke my heart. Our soldiers give so much, get so little in return, and come home sick and broken. And what do we offer them? More drugs & more needles 🙁

  21. Rebecca Lee says:

    I have always suspected that this was happening. Especially when you read about all the service people who commit suicide. Your husband, dollars for donuts, has mercury poisoning from the vaccines. Mercury causes all the symptoms you have described… plus, since it deactivates enzymes, it will make the person less able to detox any other nasty stuff that comes along.
    I also have heard that the military does all its dental work with amalgam fillings. There is an vet in the building I live in who had all his teeth drilled and filled prophlactically and now he is bipolar in his old age.
    I hope you will have the “ears to hear” what I am saying here. If you get your husband to chelate using the Andy Cutler protocol, he will be able to recover and get back his health. Beware of other detox methods because they can cause redistribution of the mercury.
    I am writing out of a sincere wish to help and you can contact me with any questions.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Be careful. Chelation should NOT happen if there are still any amalgams in your mouth. And if there are, those amalgams must be removed by a dentist who knows what he/she is doing or he/she can make the problem worse.

  22. TxMom says:

    I am so sorry for your husband’s illnesses and your family’s struggles. I hope there may be some biomedical treatment that will help him. My husband retired shortly before he would have been required to get the anthrax vaccine; but he also had so many extras and doubles as well.
    Our son was born 6 months before my husband’s retirement. If he didn’t get his vaccines on time, the commander would send out a note. That’s absolutely crazy. The only thing I’m partway grateful for about my son’s illnesses (vaccine injury related) is that they will keep him out of the military. And this is from someone who was proud to be an Air Force wife.

    • Elisha says:


      I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I also have a son who was injured due to over vaccinating. He is 17. I am thankful that he will never have to serve. Like you, I was a proud military wife. I participated in all the event. And then one day I began to slowly withdrawal. The only reason I remained a “key caller” for so many years was due to an event that occurred on 9/11. That fear sent me straight into an anxiety attack. I was determined to never feel that way again.

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