Spring Cleaning: Put Your Clutter to Work Helping Families in Need!

frankieSpring cleaning. I know a few people who actually look forward to it. I am definitely not one of those people, but I’ve found a new reason to get motivated. Did you know you can sell those buried treasures from your DONATE pile on eBay and direct a all or a portion of the total final sale price to TEAM Thinking Moms’ Revolution 501c3 charity, AND eBay will waive your fees to match the percentage you choose to donate? True story!

TEAM logoHere’s how to do it:

  • Follow this link, TEAM TMR on eBay,  and ‘favorite’ TEAM Thinking Moms’ Revolution charity through your personal eBay account.
  • Make eBay listings for your items. You can schedule the listing to go online anytime or the same day as our ACTION auction — June 22, 2015 — for increased visibility on eBay.
  • Choose to donate all or a percentage of the total final sale price to your recently ‘favorited’ TEAM Thinking Moms’ Revolution Charity and eBay will refund your fees matched to the percentage donated to our charity. (For example, you choose to donate 50% of the final sale price, eBay refunds 50% of your fees.)
  • Feel good about knowing 100% of what you donate goes directly to our grant program which provides direct assistance to families affected by autism.
  • Remember, now that you’ve favorited TEAM Thinking Moms’ Revolution Charity on eBay, you can donate any time through your personal eBay sales and through the ‘donate now’ feature.

TEAM-Donate-Button-BlackThank you so much for your support of TEAM Thinking Moms’ Revolution 501c3 not-for-profit charity!

Time to get cleaning!

~ Frankie

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