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Autism Warrior Moms: Everybody Calm Down

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Warning: contains swear words and other stuff to piss you off I call a time-out. There have been rumblings and grumblings on some of the Facebook groups I’m on that the latest and greatest intervention for treating autism is a … Continue reading

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Things I Wish Everyone Understood about Autism, My Child, and Me

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I understand that my child really had encephalopathy and mitochondrial dysfunction, but he is still officially diagnosed with autism, and I need that label to get treatment.  So autism it is.  Until it isn’t.  A lot of us are like … Continue reading

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Recipe: GFCF Potato Latkes with Vegan Cashew Sour Cream

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Try out this gluten-free and casein-free potato latkes with vegan sour cream made from cashews. A family favorite in my home during the holidays! ~ Princess * For more blogs by Princess, please click here.

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My Child Is Not Recovered

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From February to May,  my twins were in a severe behavior treatment program, M-F, six hours per day at our local autism center. It was very hard for me to withdraw them from school for 12 weeks, but ultimately I chose to … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Rich

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Let’s face it:  when you have a child with autism in your family, you can never have enough money.  Never!  The majority of interventions for our kids are costly, whether they are therapeutic, behavioral, medical, biomedical, or nutritional.  Autism is … Continue reading

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