The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Knowledge)

rev-preacherOn September 13th, Jessica Gianelloni, originator of the Gianelloni Family Blog authored a ground breaking gift to the world about the “measles outbreaks” currently sweeping our country. On average, Jessica’s wildly popular posts receive around 65,000 hits. So you can imagine why she was entirely taken aback to see over 200,000 views for this particular post, as well as hundreds of comments. Many of those comments represented hate speech; pharmaceutical employees paid to pose as moms who plant the fear of infectious disease in the hearts of parents and bully those who read the package inserts on their products. Yet, many more were from parents who just wanted to tell their heart wrenching stories of vaccine injury to someone who gets it. Jess is a gem in our community because while she does not have an affected child of her own, she allows herself to see what others consider too uncomfortable to regard. The truth. Autism is iatrogenic and environmental. For many of our children, autism is simply a label that describes behavior which blankets several real medical issues. Recovery is not just possible; with proper diagnostics, nutritional intervention, medical and homeopathic treatment, it is inevitable! Please read and forward this insightful blog that includes excerpts from a post my husband Dave wrote to our dear Noah on the anniversary of his MMR. While many people commemorate first steps, first words…in our community we mark the loss of those special memories, as we pray, labor like hell and pay through the nose, to get them back. My son is now walking with less of a stagger in his gait. He is speaking…beautifully. We have much to celebrate, but we also have much work left to do.

All of it could have been avoided. All. Of. It.

Please listen so it does not happen to you.


Peace and Respect, The Rev


The Divine Ms. Jess:

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4 Responses to The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Knowledge)

  1. Stacey Starkell says:

    Thank you (and all of these other Thinking Moms too) for all that you are doing, and thank you to Jessica Gianelloni as well. I don’t have a child with autism or vaccine injury, and I have a strong, truth-telling, open-minded, thinking woman who planted a seed in my head years ago, to thank for it (along with a couple of other people after her). She was the principal of a very small private school I taught at at the time. I respected her, her work and opinion. I was single, no children, and young, right out of college. I don’t even remember what the rest of the conversation was about, but I remember her saying that she and her husband didn’t vaccinate their children, b/c of serious concerns they had with vaccine safety/health issues (he is a chiropractor). This was in 1996, before I (and I’m sure others) had heard much about Autism, or other vaccine injury stories. Once I became pregnant, years later (13 years later) I decided to research and learn and find out what she was talking about, and I found her statement made sense to me. I have a three year old son now, who is healthy. I wonder though, and hate to think of, if he would have been one of the hurt ones in some way, and I tend to think maybe so. My husband, his father, has very bad asthma, and allergies (since childhood), and when he was young, from age 1 to high school, he was covered with eczema, head to toe, raw red and bloody even, from scratching; a horrible case of it, making his life miserable at the time. With that history of family autoimmune problems, and some from my side of the family too… again, I can’t stand to think of what may have happened. I guess my whole point (and sorry this got long) is to say THANK YOU! Thank you to women and men, mothers and fathers, everywhere for speaking the truth! You are saving children from vaccine damage and injuries! Even if all don’t believe it yet, you are shining a light for someone and planting a seed in someone. (You probably already know that, but maybe it’s good to hear again.)

  2. Sad says:

    sad to say, yet one more atrocious case…
    just passing this on, as it seems the families might get compensation, so, I am thinking that might equate to “admission of vaccine fault”, indirectly at least

  3. Joanna says:

    It doesn’t hurt that she uber-intelligent, eloquent, and looks like the perfect all-American mom. Big Pharma’s worst nightmare!!!!

  4. Melissa Vega says:

    Jessica is a gem in the autism community! Thank you for being a voice to many of us!

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