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mary check 1My doctor says vaccines could kill my daughter. NYS kicked her out of school because I won’t risk her life by vaccinating her. I have filed a lawsuit against a government that wants to put my six-year-old’s life at risk. Here is our story:

Mary is almost six and a half years old, and she enjoys going to school, dancing, singing, swimming, and playing with her sister and friends. Today I looked at her beautiful face smiling while she was playing with her dolls, and I can’t believe how far we have come since the day she was born and how blessed I am to call her mine. At first glance, you wouldn’t know the battles that she has been through.

When Mary was born I didn’t know what ingredients were put into vaccinations, just like most parents. I was brainwashed into thinking that I must vaccinate my child since this is what U.S. social norms say that we as parents are supposed to do for our children. So Mary was vaccinated like every other typical newborn in this country. After each vaccination, she would have a negative reaction. At that point, the medical professionals did not know what was wrong with her, but looking back now we know that it was two DTaP vaccines that she received on July 9th, 2007 and August 13th, 2007.

She ended up being completely overwhelmed with thrush and intestinal yeast toxins after it had nowhere else to go in her tiny, little less-than-five-pound body. Mucus was leaking out of her eyes, vagina, and her rear end was red like it was put over a flame of fire. My daughter was not absorbing her nutrients, and she wasn’t growing. On the way home from a vaccination appointment, when she received her Comvax immunizations on August 29th, 2007, Mary was crying and nothing would console her. Her same symptoms came back that she experienced from her DTaP vaccinations. The combination of yeast and negative organisms ended up causing a double ear infection as well.

The doctor had prescribed her a compounded suppository antibiotic because that is the protocol for healing an ear infection in NY State, but, in Mary’s case, it was a disaster and caused more damage to her immune system — just like every other unnatural substance that was given to her. We administered the medicine to her at home as instructed, but less than twenty seconds later Mary went into anaphylactic shock. She started vomiting, convulsing, water was pouring out of her rectum, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Everything was happening so quickly, I couldn’t reach the phone to call 911. My first reaction was to cry out to the Lord, “In the name of Jesus, save my baby!” All of a sudden, the vomiting stopped and the color came back into her face. Her eyes were looking at us, she was breathing normally and a peace and calmness came over her. The only one who could save us and rescue Mary so swiftly during that crisis was Our Heavenly Father, and that is just one of the many miracles that my family has experienced through the Lord, Jesus mary checkChrist.

After years of testing and treating her, we now know that she has an overactive immune system. Due to Mary’s overactive immune system, she cannot tolerate any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Mary has a severe gluten sensitivity and is allergic to casein, etc. She is on an all-natural diet, and on a strict regimen to help support and strengthen her gastrointestinal tract and immune system. Dyes, preservatives, and unnatural substances all make her violently sick. She is brave and remains strong through her struggles because of her faith in God and the positive people that are put in our path. We are all very proud of her.

In 2010 we applied for a religious exemption from vaccinations and were guaranteed by the director of the school that everything was set and she would be able to attend school because of her religious exemption. In 2012, Mary’s health took a turn for the worse and, after being hospitalized, our family doctor told me that Mary qualified for a medical exemption. He said that vaccination would compromise her immune system and stated that “It is my medical opinion that Mary Check cannot tolerate any insults, in even the slightest amounts, to her immune system without putting her at risk for anaphalaxis, which include, vaccines, medications, and certain foods.” Still with the religious exemption in place, I didn’t think it was necessary to apply for a medical exemption as well, just yet, since I was told that the religious exemption was acceptable. When Mary entered kindergarten, I spoke with the principal of the elementary school and told her about my medical and religious exemptions, so she could get to know Mary’s situation. I told the principal that I would be using Mary’s religious exemption, but I also gave her my medical exemption application to put on file as well, because I was new to the public school system and didn’t know what they needed. I trusted the school system and they failed me. In October, that medical exemption application that I did not want to be filed was mysteriously handed into the Board of Health. In fact, I did not even apply for a medical exemption. The medical exemption application resulted from a clerical error. I was told that I would be able to proceed with a religious exemption, but, when I went to the school to address the situation, it was too late.

I was denied within 24 hours of application. Even though this medical exemption was not meant to go through at this point in time, Mary was denied her medical rights and she was kicked out of school. I was accused of trying to skirt around my denied medical exemption by applying for a religious exemption; the fact that I applied for a religious exemption in 2010 was completely ignored. I had to go to federal court to prove that my religious exemption was legitimate and to sue the Board of Education. My daughter’s medical issues are what made me pick up my Bible and read it every day and drew me closer to my beliefs that God made the body perfect and pure, and I don’t want to put any impurities into her body based on my deepest truths, which comes from the word of the Lord.

While I believe that doctors are here to help heal the sick and I value their place on this earth, I do not have blind faith in medical professionals. They are human beings, and we are told by the Lord that we are not to put our complete faith in anyone else but Him. I respect my pediatrician’s advice, but, ultimately, I have to base my informed decisions on my own research, my faith, and my instincts as a parent. I get a diagnosis from the doctor and it does not go ignored. We work together on treating Mary to suit her needs. I have researched what poisons are put into these vaccinations, and I do not believe that it is God’s will to put them into our bodies. Immunizations contain unnatural substances that are injected into the bloodstream.

Winning this case will set new case law, but I am completely financially depleted in my battle, and I need your help in this fight for freedom. Mary represents the many children in the United States in need of legal representation to protect their health and safety. In supporting Mary’s choice, you are supporting parents’ and doctors’ rights to choose what is in the best interest of their children and patients. Whether or not you are pro-vaccination or pro-vaccination choice, this cause deals with the right of a parent to choose or refuse what vaccinations are given to their children. All parents should have the right to choose what kind of medical treatment their children should receive, and, if a person has religious beliefs contrary to a medical treatment, our constitutional right to the free exercise of religion should be protected and not subject to the review of one person, as it is in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

What touched me so close to my heart is when Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) said, “We as parents, who know and love our children better than anyone else, we by U.S. law and a larger moral imperative, are the guardians of our children until they are old enough to make life and death decisions for themselves. We are responsible for their welfare, and we are the ones who bear the grief and the burden when they are injured or die from any cause. We are their voice and, by all that is right in this great country and in the moral universe, we should be allowed to make a rational, informed, voluntary decision about which diseases and which vaccines we are willing to risk their lives for without fearing retribution from employees of the state.” Argue with us. Educate us. Persuade us. But don’t track us down and force us to violate our moral conscience and beliefs, or criticize our doctors’ professional opinion in the medical approach they choose to take, putting the best interest of their patients first.

mary ckeck2

On October 10th, 2013 Support Mary’s Rights will be hosting a fundraising dinner and dance at Li Greci’s Staaten to help not only raise money to support the Mary’s legal efforts in her fight against the New York Board of Education and the Supreme Court but also to raise awareness about the vaccinations parents and doctors are forced to give to their children and patients, regardless of the ingredients or harmful affects they may cause.

Support Mary’s Rights would appreciate your charitable contribution. A monetary donation or donated gift certificates or items to raffle off would truly help this very unique and special cause. I need my voice to be heard for myself and other families who are suffering from similar experiences where the government is trying to tell us what we mandatorily have to put into our bodies. Our faith as parents leads us to take physical, spiritual, and mental responsibility and make decision for the health and well being of our children. The government is trying to take away these rights as parents. Come to our fundraiser and share your stories with us. We would love to hear them and to support you as well! Buy a table and support us at: http://www.supportmarysrights.com/events.html
In return for your generosity Support Mary’s Rights will be printing the names of each business involved in our Support Mary’s Rights program booklet. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope you consider making a donation/ contribution. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me or visit our website at www.supportmarysrights.com. Or call 917-554-1988

Check’s payable to: Support Mary’s rights
Mail to: 31 Blaine court
Staten Island N.Y 10310

~Dina Check

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47 Responses to Featured Guest Blog: Mary’s Rights

  1. Yan says:

    cutie little girls

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  3. Dina check says:

    In the federal district court in Brooklyn your honor William F. Kuntz set a trial date of June 30,2014 in Marys case to challenge the constitutionality and safety of the experimental and unwanted childhood immunation program for school kids in NYC…This is the first time in 100 years the court will review the rites of Americans to refuse unwanted and unsafe vaccines…we need everyone that is concerned about vaccine safety and our parental and constitutional rights continue to share and support this cause,we don’t want to back down and we wont give up so please continue to donate,share or help with the next event.. We have a few months to come up with the court fee’s for this trial and the volume that we need world wide!! Everyone has a job in this fight!figure out what you can do to help! Thank you for the continued support and prayers 

  4. Barb says:

    I commend you for persisting in your right to decline vaccines for your daughter and for speaking up; it’s an easy, obvious decision but not an easy position to take, particularly when authorities or courts are involved.

    According to Dr. William Trebing “Good-bye Germ Theory” (ending a century of medical fraud and how to protect your family) forced vaccination is considered assault and battery.

    This book is a priceless resource, it’s full of enough “quick facts”, credible references and common sense to intelligently, thoughtfully counter any pro-vaccine argument; it also provides legal form templates for legitimately upholding the right to decline vaccines with childcare, school, etc.

    I trust and pray generous resources will avail themselves and the outcome will be in your favor soon, I wish you both many blessings!

  5. Twyla says:

    On what basis did they deny the medical exemption? What is the point of a state having a medical exemption if it is not approved in this case, where she has such a clear medical history and a doctor certifying that she cannot and should not be vaccinated?

    • Dina check says:

      Court does not reach whether plaintiff’s daughter would be entitled to
      a medical exemption from immunization; the fact that the Court may decline to exercise
      supplemental jurisdiction over plaintiff’s medical exemption claim should not be read to suggest
      that this state law claim is without basis.
      The judge is pushing our hand back to the state for them to re review our case on medical we are doing this and we are appealing both medical and religious

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  7. Christine says:

    It is our God given right to make the choice to vaccinate our children, a mom knows best what her child needs. Especially if we are protecting their health. Our country was buil on religion and freedom to make choices. We stand behind you Check family. Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God” Dina I trust that with God on your side you cannot loose. Trust in the Lord our God, he will not turn His back on us ever.

    Luke 18:
    The Parable of the Persistent Widow
    18 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 3 And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’

    4 “For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, 5 yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!’”
    6 And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. 7 And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8 I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

    • Dina Check says:


      I loved this comment so much. I was very moved by it and I felt the armor of the Lord was reaffirmed through the scripture that you posted.

      If it is okay with you, I would like to share this on Mary’s community rights page. Please let me know as soon as you can. I will keep you in my prayers, Christine. Thank you again.

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  9. vmv says:

    I was very moved by this blog–and outraged at New York State. This proves that the U.S. is no longer a free country. If I were Mary’s mother (Dina), I would try homeschooling. One of my younger brother’s came down with whooping cough as a baby, after his 3rd DTP shot. When the next child was born, my mother wouldn’t agree to any shots. When he went to school, she simply wrote that vaccinations were against her beliefs–and the school never questioned it or demanded for him to be vaccinated. (This was in California, in the sixties.)
    I plan to send a small check–unfortunately, I cannot afford to send a large amount, or I would.

    • Dina Check says:


      Any amount of donation is very much appreciated. I am honored that you are sending anything amount at all… it means so, so much to me.

      Unfortunately, it has come down to us fighting for our freedom. I had Mary home schooled for a year and it was destroying her self esteem. She said she wanted to go to school just like all of the other kids. In ways it was great homeschooling her because I learned so much about her learning skills, but it should be my choice to homeschool her. I shouldn’t be forced to. We have come very far in this past year and we should have a choice if we have to homeschool our children or not. As a tax paying good American citizen, I should not be told that my daughter doesn’t have the right to be education in school with the rest of her peers.

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  11. Annamary Church says:

    Not only are vaccines being forced on children. Adults as well are having their jobs threatened by refusing flu vaccines. The right to choose is being denied to many. The fight for our children will ultimately help everyone. We are not being given the right of informed consent with all the possiblities that can happen with vaccines as with any medication. Thanks for your courageous battle on behalf of everyone.

    • Dina Check says:

      Thank you for your comment, Annamary. You are right… It is not only about our rights for our children, it is about our rights as human beings. If more and more of us protest our rights being taken away from us, things are going to have to change. Let’s be faithful that they will. Let’s pray for one another that more and more people speak up for their rights so we don’t have to be in the battle anymore.

    • Dina Check says:

      If more and more people say “no” maybe we will stand half of a chance!

  12. Sandra says:

    Your battle is not the only one, my love! Take heart! My family, from me to my grandchildren, are very similar to your daughter. I have been battling this unique struggle with all offensive additives, gmo, innoculations and the CAS/CPS/FACS departments that literally rip your children from your arms, then take away the parental rights in the eyes of the Law courts, then do exactly as you were protecting them from, so you get to watch your child become ill. Nothing you can do at that point, but cry, write letters, track all statements and injuries and hit all parties heavy with letters demanding answers. Eventually they tire of the power bully game and give the child back…after they reach the Failure to Thrive point…. *sigh*
    I have asked my doctor to test ME, as originating point, for immunity issues, whether super sensitive or under active, the answer was: we can NOT send you for testing, until you have a condition. ILLOGICAL. I have the condition, it *is* genetic even, or it can not be passed down. Problem is, no known title for it. No label. In the meantime, the children keep getting attacked for the immunization issue, parents continue to be persecuted for *not giving adequate care* of child, etc.
    Yes, hun, we are out here. With all the changes in GMO and such, the issues become more “normal”, as the bodies reject these offending invaders. I wont be rare soon.

    • CAWS says:

      You do not need a doctor to get this info. Go to http://www.23andme.com and for $99 you can get your DNA profile from a vial of spit. As a bonus you get ancestral info too. The site will give you general info like predisposition to certain diseases, identifying you as a genetic carrier [like hemochromatosis ] and in addition there are 950,000 SNPs of RAW DATA that you can analyze for more info. This is a steep learning curve, but there is a woman, Sterling Hill, who has a service to do this and is educating doctors on how to do this. [ http://www.mthfrsupport.com]. MTHFR mutation means you are not absorbing folic acid. Other things critical to know are MTR for B-12 absorption, Methylization & sulfer pathways, and the CYP450 enzyme system & subsets.
      Cyp450 is your detox ability. If certain parts are mutated your ability to process certain things are compromised. [like antibiotics,narcotics,anesthesia, metals, halogens etc] . An example is: I can’t process blood thinners well so less is more if I ever need them. I also hold on to metals. As an aside they are pretty accurate as I cross referenced some of this with blood tests [WAY more expensive]
      You can save a life with this info and the info from http://www.slweb.org. This site gives you the ONLY list on the internet that lists 360 pharmaceuticals that now [as of 1986] have FLUORINE in them. This is critical as these drugs are extremely toxic and prescribed for everything . All have cheaper, safer & effective alternatives.
      All vaccine damaged children are poisoned. Just a matter of which combination made them hit the wall. Hair follical tests, 24hr urine tests, comprehensive GI profiles, porphyrin tests can all be had at http://www.directlabs.com if your doctor won’t help. Go to http://www.noamalgam.com ; buy Andy Cutler’s books and also read Infertility & Birth Defects [from amalgam fillings] by Dr Michael Ziff.
      Anyone who doubts the toxicity & insanity of vaccines need only go to http://www.cdc.gov and download: Vaccine Media & Excipients 2012 and read what is in them. Hg, Al & formaldehyde prevail as well as eleven that now contain aborted fetal cells. This is the tip of the iceberg. Read The History of Vaccines by Neil Miller & discover that most childhood diseases became nearly extinct shortly before the vaccine came out. I’m old & have had many of them; now have immunity- not from vaccines. Still got poisoned by the medical & dental professions with metals & halogens and the agribiz cabal with pesticides. Still detoxing & learning.
      Keep up the good fight. As Dr Weston Price said: You teach, You teach, You teach!

      • Dina Check says:


        Thank you for your educated comment. I have done all of these tests with my daughter in the past few years and she comes positive for everyone of them. She was definitely poisoned and damaged from every one of them.

        I am still detoxing and learning myself. I am learning now that I am completely intoxicated and I have been detoxing for the past six years. Your comments are really wonderful and I appreciate them. Why do they use the phrase “alternative medicine” like it is some sort of voodoo? If we went back to these ways, we probably wouldn’t be in this kind of a mess. I am on the same page as you because all of the same tests that you bring up, I have done them all. I am in a much better understanding on how to treat my daughters auto immune disorder and I am process of treating her.

      • Dina Check says:

        Not Sandra… CAWS! Do forgive me, I have been replying to all of these because I am touched by every single comment, but I am getting a little punchy! This comment was meant for you CAWS.

    • Dina Check says:


      This comment is for you. As you can see below, I wrote your name for CAWS since I am replying to everyone in one shot.

      Sandra, thank you for sharing your story. I have the same fears and I have the same issues. It makes me really sad to read your story and I understand where you are coming from. I have the same immunity issues that you have and I am going through biomedical to treat myself because mainstream doctors don’t get it. I have faith that we will stop tragedies like these from happening in the future.

  13. RM says:

    Hardly anybody in the schools, social services or medical system truly cares for our children with serious health issues, and immune dysfunctions. Why would they try to force dangerous procedures, meds or shots on our children who have genetic defects that don’t allow them to fight the illnesses in the vaccines, or allow them to detox the heavy metals in their environment or the shots? They think its a one size fits all solution, demanding we do things to our special needs children that can literally permanently disable and kill them.

    • Dina Check says:

      You are right, RM. One size does not fit all. This is what I am facing right now. I am wondering if it was their child would they be talking the same talk and walking the same walk? My Mary has genetic defects and she is not absorbing folic acids. It is critical to know the genetic makeup of the child before you vaccinate them.

      Thank you for your comment, RM. I loved reading your support.

      • Dina Check says:

        Correction: She has negative genes from both sides. The MTHFR mutation comes from both my side and my husbands. She holds onto heavy metal and is anaphalactic to antibiotics. She is completely compromised.

  14. I Wonder What Next? says:

    Great, yet one more dodgy ingredient
    And yet again, powers that be shuffle it off, say, “well you can’t list all ingredients”…Oh GREAT…what else is NOT listed…Enquiring minds want to know…sick children want to know..

    I think we ALL want to know, what are those ingredients
    However, he added: “It depends on whose view you take as to whether [pork gelatine is] an acceptable or unacceptable ingredient of the vaccine.”

    He said it was not practical for all ingredients to be listed.

    ‘Best protein’

    “Vaccines have a lot of products in them, in very small quantities – but I think we wouldn’t normally expect to list those – otherwise it becomes a very long and complicated document,” he said.

    Asked about why the vaccine contained pork gelatine, Mr Davies said: “Fluenz is a live flu vaccine – the viruses need to be bound to something in order to make the vaccine work – the best thing to bind them to is a protein and the best protein to use is one that has been derived from gelatine.

    • Dina Check says:

      Why isn’t anyone proving vaccine safety? A little of this and a little of that can make dynamite. It is like a drug addict says “Yeah, just give me a little bit of heroine today” and then the same thing being said tomorrow and the day after that and so on. Next thing you know, the person is a junky. A little of this and that can add up to a lot of poison.

  15. channa says:

    thank you for taking on this fight..speaking from the lower income moms who dont have the chance to fight back…thank you sooo much.

    • Dina Check says:

      I am one of those lower income moms. Just because we don’t have money, doesn’t mean we don’t have a voice. That is why I am asking everyone for help so that people like you and I can be heard. We need help from the people that are in a higher income bracket than we are and I appreciate everyones help very much because it is impossible to get very far without that support… which is sad to say. We can’t let our financial situations stop us from fighting for our rights and our beliefs. The truth has to be told. It is so hard though… I am exhausting all of my financial resources and my thoughts never stop, but I know I have to keep fighting for what I know is right.

      • channa says:

        it is an important fight..however ,for myself and other mothers living on foodstamps/medicaid when we fight back CPS comes in and takes our kids..we get them back after the fact. half dead babies. a lot of us cant fight because CPS is a real threat. I wish those with money would hear and care of what the lack of resource/money keeps us poorer folks in chains..I have been trying to reach the upper class..because what starts with the poor will eventually reach the rich..they might be the last in line but they will BE in line..and rich or poor we should all be very afraid. I am very vocal in my fight to educate folks via online anonomous thru my blog. I have fought CPS three times and that is a hell no one can know unless they been there. I hope you are successful and God gives you power in this fight. many children you fight for …

      • Dina check says:

        Channa my heart is broken and I completely understand!! I can’t sleep at night thinking of the next step to make a difference, in my prayers I commune with The Lord to guide me and educate me in every way so we all will have peace and be protected from evil and harm. Share support Mary’s rights partition and website with whom ever you can and together I will be in great faith we will make a change for our freedom of choice, thank you for your support you make it possible!be strong in your convictions and God will provide

      • channa says:

        Dina…if I ever met you I would sob hysterically and hug you..may God help us all..

  16. nhokkanen says:

    Vaccine policymakers and their distributors have lost my trust. Science has been corrupted for profit. Consumer interaction has been replaced with dogmatic zealotry and social control. The “one size fits all” hit-and-run approach to vaccination is medical malpractice.

    • Dina Check says:

      Oh thank you Lord that you have made this comment! Policy makers have lost my trust as well. One size does NOT fit all. You are right when you state that it is medical malpractice. Even my doctor agrees with that statement and I give him a lot of credit for saying that since most doctors are not aware or brave enough to confirm that notion. All doctors should have a moral compass like his and I respect and appreciate him tremendously.

  17. Rita Palma says:

    Check’s in the mail, Dina!! You have my support, 100%.

    • Dina Check says:

      Thank you, Rita! Every donation counts! Without them, I would not be able to succeed. Isn’t it such a shame, Rita that it is all about the mighty dollar? I so appreciate your support and I need it!

  18. Laura Hayes says:

    May God bless and magnify your efforts, Dina! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I will help spread the word about your fight for our religious freedom, for the protection of our fundamental human rights, and for the protection of our medical choice freedom. Thank you for helping to bring truth to light in many ways in your wonderful article. I will be sending in a donation to assist with this important legal battle, and I will be praying that you will be victorious! God bless you, your family, and your faith.

    • Dina Check says:

      May God bless you as well, Laura! Thank you for your prayers. As long as I keep God first, I know that I will see His favor. I am noticing that He is guiding my path and this opportunity to share my story with wonderful people like you is proof. Thank you so much for your donation.

  19. Leah says:

    You are a strong and brave woman, fighting to protect her child from a system that is not designed to protect the health of our precious children.
    We must, as parents, not lose the right to choose how to medically treat our children. We know them and every detail of their medical history better than anyone else.
    If any harm comes to our child, we are the ones left picking up the pieces and trying to put them back together.
    I support you 100% and respect you for fighting so hard to protect your child, and do what is right.
    I pray for your continued strength and a victory in court.
    May God bless you, and your family and guide you to victory in your case!


    • Dina Check says:

      You are absolutely correct, Leah. I really enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you so much for your prayers and your support. I am just trying to do what is morally correct. We also need to pray for our government that they see things from our perspective and know in their hearts that it is right.

  20. Carla says:

    Dina Check is truly a warrior mom! She’s fighting the fight of many children who deserve to have their mom choose which medical treatments they will get. This country was built on religion and freedom yet our children are not protected at all. Freedom to choose medical treatments and to practice religion should never be taken away from an American and certainly not a mother. Is it too much to ask for a mother to have the right to protect her child?

    • Dina Check says:


      I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your support. Parents have to stick together in order to protect our children. Educating parents is so important when it comes to what is happening to our rights. Many parents are unaware of what is happening right under their noses. It is very hard for these parents to be aware of this matter because if it is not happening directly to their families, it is not a major issue in their lives. Until your rights are violated, it is harder to understand that parents are losing their right to make fundamental choices for their children. We need to change that and let all parents know that there are laws in affect that are violating our basic rights. If we all stuck together as parents, we could really make serious changes.

  21. I Wonder says:

    I wonder if you can provide an address to which a cash donation may be mailed? One which would not require a receipt?

  22. Donna Powers says:

    God bless you Dina for your courage and faith. My prayers are with you and I wish you success with your fundraiser.

  23. Dina check says:

    Thank you thinking moms! The feeling of not being alone anymore in this fight has given me and my family a renewed amount of strength and courage God Bless you.

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