“Opting Out”: New York City Flu Vaccine Exemptions

The ProfessorAs many of you know, the New York City Department of Health, at the instigation of then-mayor Mike Bloomberg, recently approved a new requirement for “all” New York City schoolchildren under the age of six to get an influenza vaccine in order to attend public school or day care. Most articles I’ve seen on the subject contain some version of this sentence: “Parents may opt out for medical and religious reasons.”

Whew!  I don’t have to give my kid the influenza vaccine! I can “opt out,” right? Wrong.  That sentence is misleading at best and, at worst, amounts to a liar-liar-pants-on-fire whopper.

First off, if your child has all the other “required” vaccines, there is no exemption whatsoever for influenza vaccines unless your child has a life-threatening allergy to eggs (and even then someone will probably try and administer the vaccine with an Epipen standing by). So even though you know the flu is no big deal for the vast majority of people, there are many strains circulating at all times only three or four of which are contained in a flu vaccine, it takes on average 100 hundred vaccinations to prevent one case of the flu, there is little to no evidence that the flu vaccine is effective in small children (Dr.  Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Group said in 2005, “We recorded no convincing evidence that vaccines can reduce mortality, [hospital] admissions, serious complications and community transmission of influenza. In young children below the age of 2, we could find no evidence that the vaccine was different from a placebo.” – Reaney, Patricia. “No Evidence Flu Shots Work for Under-2s: Study. Reuters, September 22, 2005.), and every vaccine carries at least a small risk of injury, you cannot choose not to get this one vaccine.

flu-shot-here-resized-600Secondly, medical exemptions are not something a parent may use to “opt out.” In practice, very few medical exemptions are obtained in the City of New York. The city gives medical professionals such a hassle about medical exemptions, requiring them to specify which vaccines are contraindicated – rather than blanket exemptions of all vaccines – and requiring them to specify a length of time for the exemption, that most physicians are reluctant to put their names on an exemption letter. As a result, parents – even those with extremely legitimate concerns, like a prior vaccine reaction – will not seek a medical exemption, because they are just not a practical way of safeguarding your child’s health.

So what’s left?

For those who have not yet vaccinated or who have decided that they are going to forego vaccination completely going forward, what’s left is a blanket religious exemption to vaccines. The exemption is usually an exemption from all vaccines, and any future vaccination can endanger the status of the exemption. (From the documentation coming from the NYC Department of Education, it seems that there have been recent exceptions made. I suspect a large number of Christians have been raising objections to the aborted fetal cell lines that are used to develop some vaccines. If that is your only religious objection to vaccination, it seems that an exemption may be approved for those vaccines and those vaccines only.)  So I’ve decided I’m not comfortable vaccinating my children any longer. In that case, I can just go down to the Department of Health and file a religious exemption form, right? That’s how it works in lots of states.

Nope.  Not here in New York City – the Big Apple, the city that has had two of the control freakiest mayors in recent history. If you want a religious exemption in New York State, you have to submit a letter stating your religious objection to the practice of vaccination.  In most of the state that doesn’t get to be too onerous; however, the state actually leaves the administration of the religious exemption up to the school district. The school district can “deny” the religious exemption.

Wait . . .  What?  The school district can deny my religious exemption? On what grounds?  State law holds that the vaccination requirements do not apply to “a person who holds genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein required.”  So the only ground possible for denial of a religious exemption is that your religious beliefs have been judged as not “genuine and sincere.”

Ain’t that a kick in the pants? Your local school district can grill you on your religious beliefs and “determine” whether or not they are genuine and sincere.  Now if you’re anything like me, your mind will go right to the Constitution. You know, that document that’s supposed to be the “supreme law of the land.” Doesn’t that first amendment say “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” – “thus building a wall of separation between Church & State,” according to Thomas Jefferson, generally considered one of the major influences on the document.

“A wall of separation between Church & State.” How then, can any governmental body (in this case, a school district as proxy for the state of New York) be justified in questioning someone’s religious convictions and, worse, judging them?

For most school districts a very general letter stating your religious opposition to vaccination will suffice. Again, not for the City of New York. The City of New York requires a detailed and specific letter stating exactly which beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with the practice of vaccination. For many people, myself included, these letters are agonized over and end up being pages long, filled with details no government should be allowed to ask or require someone to provide. All of these letters go through one person in the Department of Education, Julia Sykes.

I defy anyone to write a letter to someone you know is going to judge the “genuineness” and “sincerity” of your beliefs and not feel somehow soiled by the process.

I wrote my first letter to Ms. Sykes in the summer of 2005 before my daughter entered first grade. After the first denial, wherein I was instructed to write a detailed letter, it took approximately a month to get the approval, just before she started school.

You would think that a religious exemption for one child would cover all your children because, really, whose religious convictions are different for one child than another? But, no. You have to file for an exemption for every child who will be attending public school. So when my son was entering pre-K in 2010, I dusted off my old letter and rewrote it a little to update it and sent it in again. One would think the approval would be much faster than last time; after all, I had a daughter who already had a religious exemption. If my religious convictions were already judged to be “genuine and sincere,” the judgment should be even faster this time, right?  Who in their right minds would waste their time doing the same work over again if they didn’t have to? Well, not only was it not faster, I sent the letter in June, as soon as I knew what pre-K my son would be attending, and didn’t hear back until January of the following year. The response was an approval, but I suspect it would not have been an approval if my daughter did not already have an exemption in place.

Since that time, I have talked with a number of people who have requested religious exemptions from the NYC BOE in recent years. The process now takes longer than a year, and almost all the people I’ve talk to were eventually denied.

I had been wondering why the tremendous change in response and response time for a while already when I read something by John Gilmore of the Autism Action Network about a 1.2% upper limit on the number of religious exemptions allowed for NYC public schools. Talk about unconstitutional! How is it that anyone could put an official limit on the number of people allowed to “hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs” that contradict the practice of vaccination? While the letter that John directed me to does not establish such a quota, as written, it could be misconstrued by a principal to imply that such a quota existed, which could lead that principal to feel pressure to “crack down” on the people who have not yet received their religious exemption approvals.

As I mentioned, all NYC public school exemption requests go through Julia Sykes’s office, and that letter doesn’t apply to what happens in her office. But what is going on down there? Why does a process that took less than a month nine years ago now take more than a year? Could there possibly be that many more people requesting exemptions? And why do people with absolutely sincere religious convictions get denied? Is it possible that Mayor Bloomberg put some pressure of his own on Julia Sykes to keep the percentage of children with exemptions artificially low? Clearly, I believe that bureaucratic grilling on people’s religious beliefs is unconstitutional in and of itself, but the unconstitutionality of setting of an arbitrary bureaucratic limit to religious exemptions should be obvious to anyone.

We ran a guest blog last September detailing a mother’s difficulties in obtaining a religious exemption for her daughter.  The mother is a devout Catholic who objects to the aborted fetal cells. Unfortunately, the child is also medically fragile, and her doctor wrote a letter to support a medical exemption that was used to deny a religious exemption even though the mother had not applied for a medical exemption, as if  the fact that a child is medically unable to handle vaccines somehow disqualifies her from having parents with religious objections as well. Logically, that is utterly ridiculous. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.  It is quite possible for people to have both medical and religious objections to vaccination. Dina Check, Mary’s mother is currently suing the City of New York in an effort to change vaccine policy.

By the way, you are also not allowed to discuss any philosophical objections you may have when applying for a religious exemption, as that somehow disqualifies your beliefs as “non-religious.” This is also utterly absurd. Personally, my philosophical convictions are closely related to my religious convictions. There is an intricate interplay between them, and it’s nearly impossible to draw a line between where one ends and the other begins.

So . . . no, “opting out” is not really an option for the vast majority of parents in New York City, which means that this new regulation is guaranteed to harm children.

You may be familiar with Mike Bloomberg’s previous fits of control-freakiness, including the bans on trans fats and extra-large sodas. Personally, I could not get upset about either of those situations. The science has come down pretty solidly on the dangers inherent in both trans fat and large amounts of sugar consumed in solution. When it comes down to it, the elimination of trans fats and extra-large sodas is not going to hurt anyone. This regulation, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

NYC Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg

NYC Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Despite the fact that the influenza vaccine is widely available in New York City and is offered free of charge at many public schools (including those of both of my children), vaccine uptake for this age range is only about 60%. That means that a lot of people do not want their children to receive this vaccine (for good reason in my opinion). This regulation is forcing those people to subject their children, regardless of health status, to a medical procedure of dubious value, and known risks. (Children with asthma are known to be at the highest risk for complications of influenza. A 2012 study found that children with asthma who had received flu shots were three times more likely to be hospitalized with the flu than children who had not received the shots). Flu vaccines are also the “most dangerous” vaccines in the U.S. going by the number of compensated (by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, also known as “Vaccine Court”) adverse vaccine reactions for the three-month period 8/16/2013 through 11/15/2013, which included a large number of pediatric cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome and at least one death.  It’s important to keep in mind these are compensated cases, meaning they have met the high burden of proof required that the vaccine caused the condition).

While there is good reason to doubt that any good will come of this regulation, there is no doubt whatsoever that there will be children who will be made seriously ill because of it, some of them permanently, and it will be due to Mike Bloomberg and the sycophants at the NYC Board of Health who approved his last desperate measure.

Way to go, Mike!  Your vaccine-damage legacy is assured. You must be so proud.

~ Professor

Please contact the new mayor, Bill de Blasio, and request that he withdraw the new regulation.


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39 Responses to “Opting Out”: New York City Flu Vaccine Exemptions

  1. EB says:

    EXCELLENT INFO And Comments!!!
    We claimed religious exempt and are getting the run around. We’re not stopping.
    I see that Gov. Cuomo, signed a waiver to force minors to have the flu shot. Way to go Gov. We don’t have control of our bodies or religious rights. Wow! Amazing!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      No, it wasn’t Governor Cuomo. The regulation is for New York City, and was pushed by Mayor Mike Bloomberg just before he left office.

      Aaron Siri was able to successfully litigate AGAINST the regulation just before it was scheduled to be implemented, but the City appealed the ruling and the higher court overruled it. That’s how we got to where we are now.

  2. Peri Thompson says:

    hello everyone. My question is once you obtain a religious except how long is it good for? I cant find the answer anywhere.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Once a religious exemption is granted, it is good through senior year of high school. But you will have to reapply for each additional child.

      • Paula Ortega says:

        My grandson who is in day care in NYC has a religious exemption. I understand a court ruling in June or July of this year (2018) has mandated flu shots from daycare forward. Will the religious exemption stand up to this?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Yes, if the religious exemption is in place, it will cover this ruling as well. This simply adds to the already ridiculous requirements coming from the state.

  3. Rich says:

    My girls were excluded from school earlier this year . I submitted a religious exemption and it was denied , I appealed the denials and during that process they were suppose to remain in school but the principal excluded my daughters anyway. I filed a complaint with the us department of ed and two weeks later the principal called ads on me.. She blatantly lies to the social worker stating that during the appeal to the health director process my daughters were supposed to be in school and that I willfully kept them outta school. The principal clearly forgot that she sent me a notice in writing excluding them.
    She intentionally provided false information to children services and the caseworker even admitted the principal lies..

  4. scott says:

    My 3 year old is in daycare. There is a mandated flu shot, but I am VERY reluctant to give it to her. My mother contracted Guillain Barre during chemotherapy. I know first hand how debilitating it can be. I am also very aware that due to the rare nature of guillain barre there aren’t many studies as to the genetic links. So I asked my dr about it and he said he can’t write a letter because it would have to be a personal history of guillain barre. But I don’t think I should have to take a chance like that. Is this family history enough for an exemption? Maybe another dr would be willing to write it? Any help would be appreciated as I don’t know what to do. She does have ALL her other immunizations. But with the risk of guillain barre and my mother’s history of it I am just not comfortable giving it to her. Should I contact a lawyer? Thanks.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, Scott, THIS is exactly WHY mandating the flu shot is SUCH a bad idea. Even people who have gotten all other shots can have VERY valid reasons to reject the flu shot, especially for very young children for whom there is extremely little safety data and virtually no evidence of efficacy. It tends to be VERY difficult to get medical exemptions in New York City. Doctors are afraid of sticking their necks out. That means that many people who might have wanted to skip one or two vaccines often end up getting religious exemptions to skip them all going forward because in New York State, vaccines are virtually all or nothing. I hear your very real concern and intution about probable harm due to this vaccine. In my experience, that is an important internal voice to listen to. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of avenues for relief. Either you get a medical exemption or you apply for a religious exemption from all vaccines. I can imagine that both of those are difficult roads, so yes I would contact a lawyer. I believe there is a class-action case going forward about this particular mandate on the basis of the fact that it was enacted by the Board of Health and not the state legislature like the rest of them. I believe you should contact Bob Krakow’s office. If it’s not them, they will know who to talk to. http://www.krakowlaw.com/

  5. Shivi says:

    Thanks for this article. It is really really helpful to read it. I wanted to know if the religious exemption you received was just limited to flu vaccine?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, no! Once you get a religious exemption it is across the board. As a matter of fact, you can’t then vaccinate for anything without endangering the exemption. They’ve changed the request for the letter in NYC lately, though, to ask exactly WHAT you are objecting to. For instance, if you are objecting to the use of cell lines from aborted fetuses, then it might apply only to those vaccines. Know what I mean? You need to understand that there is a proposed bill in the New York legislature that would take away your right to a religious exemption, though. Find out who your elected representatives are and try and get meetings with them to register your opposition to that. Also join Parents for an Informed Vaccination Choice – New York Facebook group to get all the news and support.

      • Shivi says:

        Thanks for the response. I tried looking the Facebook group by the exact name you have mentioned, but could not find it. Does it go by some other name?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I realized after I wrote that that it’s secret. PM me on Facebook, Zoey O’Toole.

  6. Marsha says:

    What a great article professorTMR
    Do you have an example of your exemption letter to help get an idea of how one should be written?
    Concerned mom in a sucky vaccine freaked state.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hi, Marsha! Unfortunately my letter was EXTREMELY detailed and personal, so I don’t think it’s particularly helpful. I wrote that one because a much shorter, less specific letter was denied. New York City is beyond whacked-out on this subject. For most of the state, a much simpler letter would suffice. That’s true for most states. There’s someone who helps people in the New York area. His name is Gary Krasner and he’s with the Coalition for Informed Choice and you can find his contact info here: https://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/getPart.pdf.

  7. yayita says:

    How do I get a religious exemption in NYC is it possible

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The first question is what kind of school does (or will) your child attend. Private schools have a great deal of discretion in their exemption decisions. Most are actually quite relaxed about it, though I have heard of some Catholic schools giving a very hard time. The public school situation is VERY different. You have to request an exemption THROUGH your child’s school. They are ALL sent to and processed by one person, Julia Sykes in the Department of Health. She requires a DETAILED letter explaining how the process of vaccination is against your religious principles. And, lately, they have specifically asked WHICH vaccines you are opposed to and why. I believe that that is so that the “aborted fetal tissue” issue is not applicable across the board. If you want your child to be exempt from all vaccines in NYC public schools, you will need an additional reason. Contact Gary Krasner of CFIC http://www.cfic.us/, who can help you figure out how it all works.

  8. Irena Ocasio says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I honestly thought I was the only one who felt that this has gone too far. Now they mandating flu vaccine! It’s insane. What happened to our freedom?

  9. Reuben Asher says:

    Applying to NYC schools now for my four daughters and terrified I got the religious exemption in Florida and it was one question, is this your belief ? Answer yes, here’s your exemption. I’d love to see a copy of someone who wrote a successful letter or some guide points., thanks

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hi Reuben! Get in touch with Gary Krasner at the Coalition for Informed Choice (www.cfic.us). He has helped many parents get the exemptions they need. I’m not going to lie to you, though, you’ve got your work cut out for you and a long wait in store. Your child can attend school while you wait for the response. Good luck!

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  11. Thank you for this article ProfessorTMR. Here is an interview I conducted with Alan Phillips, Vaccine Rights attorney regarding this issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9tqRiejZw8

    Here is an event I just held on February 21st on this issue and I had reached out to the City Council Health Committee to attend (will soon have an appointment to sit down with one member): https://www.facebook.com/events/645854455461955/

    Here is a petition to Mayor Bill DeBlasio asking him to VETO, overturn or rescind the mandates implemented by a panel of appointees under former Mayor Bloomberg: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/NYC_Mayor_Bill_DeBlasio_VETO_Vaccine_Mandates_Before_January_10_for_DaycarePreschoolKindergarten/

    ProfessorTMR, If you live in New York City, please contact me soon as I reach out to the other 4 boroughs having already done so in Manhattan. Many thanks, Sallie O. Elkordy
    Here is my CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-NYC-Public-Advocate/587347554614900

  12. Susan Lee says:

    According to Arthur Allen in his book, “Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine’s Greatest Lifesaver” on page 259, the government’s dirty little secret is that the influenza vaccine is not widely effective. This book is the same one that Dr. Paul Offit praises as “[a] compellingly detailed and thoughtful look at the often rough-and-tumble world of vaccines.” Conflicted federal advisory committee members approved the adult influenza vaccine so there is no surprise the majority of recent claims in the VICP is adults suffering from injuries from the influenza vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies have pushed the adult influenza vaccine so that it is one of the highest grossing vaccines. Largely due to the combination of Gardasil, Prevnar, and the adult influenza vaccines, global vaccine sales revenues were around $27 billion in 2012. NYC will always be a high target for the pharmaceutical companies because it is the most highly populated city in the nation. Therefore, mandating vaccines to NYC schoolchildren will guarantee easy, mega $ for the pharmaceutical companies. As for the constitutionality of the religious and philosophical exemptions from immunization, the Supreme Court has not addressed the issue.

  13. Rita Palma says:

    As a parent who has assisted dozens of families through the religious waiver process, this piece is completely accurate. Once you file a waiver, you feel as if you have gone down the Rabbit Hole.
    Parents MUST contact their legislators (Senators and Assemblymembers) and convince them to support the laws for PARENT’S CHOICE (Bill S3934 & A6359). Once passed, the philosophical exemption to immunizations trumps any regulation NYC (or Sykes) dreams up.
    Find out who your reps are on http://www.assembly.state.us and http://www.nysenate.gov.
    Visit MYKIDSMYCHOICE.com and go to CHANGE LAW for talking points & more.
    If the parents reading this piece & these comments don’t push these bills into law, no one will. Little babies can’t speak for themselves.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Good point, Rita. I urge everyone to push their legislators to vote for vaccine choice. I guarantee that a good percentage of them have gotten to the point of feeling uncomfortable about the tremendous number of vaccines “required” for modern life. Whether it’s the chicken pox, the flu, the HPV, or hepatitis B, they will be questioning something.

      Thanks for commenting. I know you’ve been on the front lines with this for a long time.

    • B Gregory says:

      Childhood illnesses were one of God’s creations. We do our best to provide a good environment so our children will be healthy. If they get sick, it is wonderful to have medical treatments, and if a child dies, he died a natural death. If, on the other hand, we vaccinate a healthy child knowing that there is a risk however small and that child dies, we are guilty of murder. God did not make a mistake when he created us or disease. We make a mistake when we try to play God.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I think that your statements “he died a natural death” and “we are guilty of murder” oversimplify the situation enormously. I don’t know a loving parent who would not rather spare their child obvious pain, however it is caused. I had a child who died “a natural death,” and I don’t think it is necessarily easier than it would have been if my child had died of a vaccine reaction. In addition, it might have been much harder if he had died of something that is considered “vaccine preventable.”

  14. Mary says:

    I’m thinking if parents are truly against this mandate in NYC, they need to band together and protest, somehow. Be it striking at the schools with the children in tow, holding signs, or refusal across the board to send the kids to school – Something has got to make a public statement letting ‘authorites’ know parents are not putting up with being forced into injecting their children in order to receive a ‘free’ education. Yes, I realize that is a large undertaking to be had, since parents do have to work, but sometimes a small sacrifice has to be made in order to bring about change that is wanted.

  15. BESkala says:

    Thank you for sharing. This topic is very near and dear to my heart. My nine-year-old got into public school here in NYC thanks to a titers test that showed, ur, “immunity” to the shots I (wish I never) gave him as a toddler.
    But now I am worried about what I’m told he needs to have when he turns eleven and how to now proceed with requesting a religious exemption. I also have a two-year-old who is unvaccinated. If Mayor de Blasio does not reverse what former Mayor Bloomberg did, my daughter may never be able to go to public school.
    King Mike really screwed over my family with his last hoorah. :-/

    • Jim West says:

      The state only allows religious or medical exemptions. The medical exemption is full of impossible protocols, leaving us mainly only religious exemptions. Cannot we claim our religion to be “science”, and then state that the vaccines are based on germ paradigms that were developed under blatent avoidance of environmental toxicology? And that most of said germs were actually never isolated as claimed?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I think that should be an option, but I guarantee that if you try it in New York City that you will be denied because your arguments are not “religious” arguments. You would then have to appeal and make the case that science is indeed your religion. Then, of course, you’ll get the argument that “all” the science is against you. (Only if you don’t read a good segment of the science, of course.)

      • Jim West says:

        Prof: if you try it in New York City that you will be denied because your arguments are not “religious” arguments. You would then have to appeal and make the case that science is indeed your religion.

        Ans: As a dogmatic religious person my faith is that science is my religion. There is no argument, because that is my faith ordained by my God. Various philosphers do make the same point about science and math, such as Wittgenstein.

        Prof: Then, of course, you’ll get the argument that “all” the science is against you. (Only if you don’t read a good segment of the science, of course.)

        Ans: That’s where I want them, because their science can easily be refuted. Their obvious avoidance of toxicology in “proving” their germ pathologies is sufficient rebuttal.

  16. Jim West says:

    The manufacturers warn that their vaccine is not safety tested for children under 18, pregnant mothers and nursing mothers. See package insert on the Glaxo website. Yet gov forces people to inject these?

  17. Jim West says:

    The manufacturers warn that their vaccine is “not safety tested” for children under 18, pregnant mothers and nursing mothers. See package insert on the Glaxo website. Yet gov forces people to inject these?

  18. Kathy Gaita says:

    I would like to add: if pharmaceutical lobbying has influenced either decision regarding vaccines and/or access to personal genetic data, wouldn’t this be actionable in court? (Class Actiion Suite: Torte IIED, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.)

    Incidence of autism in 1973 and 1975 when my children were immunized in NYC was 1 in 10,000. In 1999, the president of the pediatric psychiatric association opened his article, stating autism, a common childhood illness, affecting 1 in 500 children. We cannot evolve so rapidly in 26 years to consider this illness other than environmentally caused. Mandating immunizations and denying access to personal genomic data to make informed decisions is a violation of constitutional rights.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You bring up a good point. I wonder if there is information on the subject obtainable through a Freedom of Information Act request. I suspect any “lobbying” efforts would be undocumented phone conversations between Bloomberg and CEO buddies. I’d also like to know what stocks Bloomberg holds.

  19. Kathy says:

    Could this strict and to me, unconstitutional ruling, be connected to Pfeizer Pharmaceuticals having their headquarters in financial district, NYC? Have lobbyists sought to protect profits for industry and State?

    The State of New York does not permit an individual to purchase personal genome evaluation, ie, http://www.23andme.com. I found that restriction suspicious.

    It is the families with variances in The Methyl Cycle and The Detoxification Cycle who possess a greater risk for clearing chemicals, heavy metals, and viruses in vaccines. Individuals with access to their Raw Data can download it into GeneticGenie.org (suggested donation: $15 & $5). Suggestions are included to introduce an understanding of the biochemical pathways.

    Amy Yasko, PhD, (biochemistry) and ND, doctor of naturopathy, has specialized in working with children with autism and their families for over ten years. She lives in Bethel, Maine. Cardiologist, James Roberts, MD in Toledo, Ohio also utilizes The Yasko Protocol.

    Dr. Yasko’s Protocol and community notes are informative for us all. Dr. Robert’s gene-by-gene remediation Protocol follows Yasko, and is invaluable.



    Information that ‘thinking’ folk utilize will change personal medicine. Epigenetics is the science of studying our personal gene variances, environmental influences, diet, and supplementation. Why would any industry desire alterations to their “bottom line” initiated by informed consumers/citizens?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Interesting question, Kathy. Pfizer doesn’t make flu vaccines. Pfizer’s main vaccine product is Prevnar 13. Originally when this regulation was proposed it included a “pneumococcal” vaccine as well. You guessed it, Prevnar is a pneumococcal vaccine.

      I’m sure that pharmaceutical companies do a great deal of lobbying and Mayor Mike Bloomberg is probably on a first-name basis with a number of the CEOs.

      You are exactly right about methylation and detoxification issues making people vulnerable to environmental illness, including vaccine damage.

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