The Real MD

Dr. Scott Goldstein: “Infants are born with fully responsive immune systems. There is no benefit in delaying vaccinations.”

Dr. Goldstein: “Infants are born with their mother’s immune systems.  Not for several months do they develop their own.  Which is why some vaccines are given later in life.”


Facebook.  Yes. The flyer my friend Megan emailed me definitely needed to go on Facebook.  Other friends with vaccine injured children would be all over it.  And indeed, their response was swift and immediate. Within an hour of posting, there were over 100 comments. We would go, they chorused. We would pay the five dollars and go, armed with stories, with questions, with science and facts, sit among the audience sure to consist of new and expectant moms. We’d call the good doctor to task. We’d encourage the other moms to do their own research.

By the next morning, an Occupy Goldstein group was formed. Excitement radiated. After researching vaccines for years, reading PubMed, getting to the truth, we knew exactly what we would ask.

Our questions would expose whether he truly understood vaccine science, like we do. If given the chance, we’d tell the room how our children were harmed—harmed by reassuring words we wanted to believe when they were delivered by a white coat.  Our lives changed forever because we simply did not do our own research.

Sit by and allow other children to be harmed? No. Not this group. Not in our town.


Dr. Goldstein: “There is no good reason to ‘stagger’ shots.

Dr. Goldstein: “There might be a safer vaccine schedule.  Just because we haven’t found a better way of doing it is not to say there isn’t one.”


Megan and I watched other parents file into the auditorium. Many were there for the same reason we were—to understand just what made Dr. Goldstein the Vaccine Champion, a man who charges $5 to listen to his practiced reassurance that everything’s going to be okay. Some people were there for exactly those words.

A woman, a grandmother, stepped up to the podium to introduce the Champ. She informed us she’d run right out for her pertussis vaccine the moment her granddaughter was born. We’d each been given index cards so that we could write any questions down for the doctor to answer after his lecture.

“There will be no debate tonight,” she said.  They were aware of a “secret Facebook group” that formed and certain members may be among the crowd.  If we were there to cause trouble, she said, we were not welcome and if we wanted a debate we would need to schedule it on our own time and in our own venue.

Just then, a walkie-talkie crackled behind us, and we turned to find a security guard a few seats away. There were others, too, I now saw, arms crossed, surveying the crowd. Megan was pretty sure she tipped them off when she was handed her index card when we walked in.

“Do you want my question now?” she asked.

The lady paused. “You can listen to the presentation first,” she said gently.

Eleven of us from the group were there and perhaps 50 total in the room.  We had no intent to cause trouble, certainly not the kind the good doctor would need a half dozen muscly bouncers to handle.


Dr. Goldstein: “Every ingredient in vaccines needs to be there, there is no way to ‘Green the vaccines.’”

Dr. Goldstein: “In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be aluminum in vaccines.”


He told us of his credentials, explaining that “Unlike Dr. Sears” he was a “real vaccine researcher.”   He was a pediatrician and a dad. It seemed to us, though that Vaccine Champion was quite a title.

It became clear that he had to allay a lot of fears brought by parents in his office, about, you know, “The Link.”

“Possible reasons for rise [in autism],” he said, flipping slides of his PowerPoint presentation, “calling one diagnosis another, changing criteria for diagnosis, better awareness, social acceptance, over- and mis-diagnosis.”

In other words, it’s not really happening.  But he didn’t stop there.

“Any 18-month-old without a nap could be diagnosed with autism.  It’s just becoming a very popular diagnosis.”

It was the kind of comment he’s probably made dozens of times to anxious parents, an attempt at humor to diffuse tension. And now he’d said it to us, parents of kids with autism.

But beside me, I saw Megan flinch.  We would talk about this comment more than once in the coming days.

“That’s a punch in the gut to a mother of an autistic kid,” she said.  Actually, that was the mildest thing she said.


From Dr. Goldstein’s handout: “A court compensated the family of a girl diagnosed with a rare medical disorder with symptoms similar to autism saying that it was possible that vaccines exacerbated the disorder – NOT that vaccines cause autism!”

The exclamation point is his.

Many of our friends in the room have autistic children with the very same “rare” mitochondrial disorder.

So maybe he’s right.  Maybe vaccines don’t cause autism. Maybe autism isn’t on the rise. Maybe vaccines trigger mitochondrial disorders and mito disorders are on the rise. Ah, yes! Maybe the headlines should read “1 in 81 Diagnosed with Mito Disorder.” Maybe then they would listen?  Or maybe the smoke and mirrors would just shift direction.


Dr. Goldstein: “We don’t know what exactly causes Autism, but vaccines have been extensively studied and shown not to be the cause.”  (1)

Dr. Goldstein: “No studies say that those who are skeptical of vaccines are absolutely wrong.”


To his credit, he did take our questions, collected by the grandmother who’d had her pertussis shot.

He read mine directly from the card.

“My daughter has allergies. I heard that our immune systems work in a balance and vaccines modify it in order to work. By causing an under-response to viruses, the balance shifts toward an over-response to allergens. Do you think vaccines could be contributing to the increasing rates of allergies and asthma?”

“I think,” he began, “that with all the things that are in vaccines when compared to the world at large it is unlikely that the increase in vaccines could lead to allergies.”

His answer, not at all related to what I asked, proved he’d be an excellent politician.

He went on to say that the only way to tell would be to study two groups of kids—vaccinated and unvaccinated. But, he said, “people would be very reluctant to be in the unvaccinated group,” meaning the study could never be done.

Give me 24 hours, I thought. I guarantee I’d fill the unvaccinated group.

And that was it.  Nothing in his answer indicated he understood the question.  I would have expected the workings of the immune system to be more top of mind for a vaccine champion.

I thought he’d know that by their very nature, vaccines are designed to decrease our response to viruses.  In so doing, they increase our response to allergens and make us more autoimmune.  (2)

It’s how the immune system works.  So if he wasn’t aware or didn’t want to answer the question, how could he be a Vaccine Champion?  Because the letters M and D follow his name?


Many people, including myself (before I began to research) think that if a person advises on vaccines, they must be well educated on the topic.

They don’t realize that pediatricians are humans too. They have busy practices, families of their own.  Are they up on every study? Do they do their own research? And really, who does?

I’ll tell you who, the parent of a vaccine injured child.  A parent who saw their child’s “light go out” following vaccines.  A phenomenon that Dr. Goldstein told us “he has never seen.”  And yet, I have friends who have seen just that, the light going out.  They’re told that vaccines simply could not be related.  When parents begin to get nervous and start asking about spacing shots further apart, they are reassured, just as Dr. Goldstein reassured us.

 “There is no difference,” he said, “in immune response to a vaccine if it is given alone or in combination with other doses.”

I could see the Occupy Goldstein members shifting uncomfortably in their seats and breathing heavy sighs. How could that be true?

After all, there has NEVER been a single study of the combined vaccine schedule. Never, ever, EVER.  (3)  How then, could he know there’s no difference in immune response? How could he stand up and preach these confounded statements to parents trusting him with the health of their children? All of it spoken with the confidence and authority of an M.D. to make it all the more believable.


Dr. Goldstein: “There is a system in place, VAERS, where any patient or clinician can report concerns about vaccines.”

Dr. Goldstein:  “You really can’t believe anything specific you read on VAERS, a lot of it’s clearly made up.”


So many of us trusted blindly. Because the other option is scary. Unpopular.

Megan’s question was about her son’s regression following a flu shot.  Loss of language and eye contact.  Behaviors she hadn’t seen in years.  She is always being told that her son needs one because he’s in a high-risk population, but is reluctant to ever give him another flu shot ever.

“I don’t blame you,” Dr. Goldstein said, after reading the card front and back. “That should be reported to VAERS.”


The ingredients in vaccines were covered in under two minutes flat.

“Thimerisol – not used in vaccines that kids under 2 receive anymore (except some flu vaccine). “

“Aluminum – There is way more aluminum in formula and breastmilk then there is in vaccines.”

“Formaldehyde & MSG – no concerns for bad effects”

Untrue.  Unrelated.  Irresponsible.  If I were more prepared, I would have brought a printout of “Vaccine Ingredients – A Comprehensive Guide” to leave for him on our way out.


Dr. Goldstein continued along his handout, skipping over the section in his handout about HPV and Gardasil.  I was disappointed.  Many of us have friends with children injured by Gardasil. My daughter’s therapist is among the victims.  Countless females, all complaining of debilitating autoimmune and neurological problems following the vaccine. (4)  A vaccine that was “fast-tracked” to make it to the market in under 2 years. (5)


Dr. Goldstein:  “Vaccines are tested rigorously before being introduced.  It will be the late 2020’s before a new vaccine could be approved. They aren’t released until their safety is proven.”

Dr. Goldstein:  “We have seen how quickly vaccines are pulled when true concerns arise.”


The invitation to the discussion told us he’d address whether children can be immunized when they’re sick.  And he did.

“Kids are always sick,” he said. “If we don’t immunize when they have a cold, they’d never get their shots.”  Yet, later in the evening he mentioned in passing, “Chicken pox and MMR are likely to harm children with compromised immune systems.”

And around and around and around he went, saying everything, saying nothing, finally landing on a slide showing two children. They were sitting on the ground and seemed to be sharing either end of a straw.  These were his own children, he said. Two blond, perfect, neurotypical children. He said that he uses this picture to illustrate how glad he is that they’ve had all their shots. They can suck on straws from the ground at will.

He advised that children take Tylenol with their shots, OMG Tylenol, and bid us goodnight.

From my notes:

Even most mainstream doctors don’t recommend Tylenol with vaccines anymore.  It impairs the detoxification system and increases the chances of vaccine injury. (6)

I shook my head and gathered my notes, disappointed in him again.  Vaccine Champion, indeed.


Megan and I filed out in silence. No one rushed the stage, no one started shouting.

But they were right to be concerned about us, though not for the reasons they thought.

They should be concerned because nothing is more powerful than a mother, a mother determined to protect or fix or understand.  

A mother determined to help fellow mothers.

We don’t get it embroidered on white coats.

But maybe we should.

A mother determined.

That’s the real MD.









(1)    No evidence of any Link 
(2)    Vaccines and the Immune system… say it isn’t so
(3)    Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research
(4)    The Great Gardasil Vaccine cover up
(5)    Gardasil: Problems of the FDA Fast Track
(6)    Did Acetaminophen Provoke the Autism Epidemic?





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33 Responses to The Real MD

  1. Jake Crosby says:


    Encore! Encore! Encore!!!

  2. JFithen says:

    I went to a seminar about 2 years ago where Paul Profit was the keynote. He wimped out and decided to do it by video chat instead of in person like previously planned. His image was broadcast on a huge projector in an auditorium, which was insanely creepy. We also had security present. The seminar mainly centered around how the state of Indiana could get out of letting parents claim religious exemptions for vaccinations. I will never forget sitting there listening to the unwarranted, ignorant, misguided fears of pro-vax parents as they tried to *literally* threaten people who do not vaccinate. One mother shouted at us, “If my son comes down with an illness that would have been prevented if YOU had vaccinated YOUR child you better believe I’m coming after YOU!!!” If the vaccines *work,* why do they care if I choose not to vaccinate for the measles?

    Oh, and P.S…… Kids are NOT “always sick.” Vaccinated children are always sick. How else might the good doctor keep his pockets lined in cash? There’s no money in healthy children.

  3. Laurie says:

    I’m a nurse who has person lived the nightmare that your kids with autism are experiencing. My neurological and autoimmune were caused and acummulated from Hepatitis B vaccine and flu shots I took as a school nurse in 1995….then more mercury poisoning form leaking and drilled on toxic dental amalgams. Also exposure to many chemicals via building materials, hospital work, pesticides and chemicals, and glutamates in foods and drinks. The antibiotics used to treat my constant illnesses only made things worse (couldn’t excrete the mercury). I feel the final assault was the glutamates, metals, and preservatives in the FOUR spinal anesthetics during childbirth combined with constant IV antibiotics (for Strep B vag culture). I nearly died and this sent me into vertigo, double vision, imbalance, tinnitis, severe brain inflammation, and eye pain,headaches and all symptoms of severe multiple sclerosis. Google “compare M.S. and autism” or compare autism and mercury toxicity”……they are exactly the SAME. The doctors are criminally insane to give the Hep B vaccine to newborns and children!!! There is NO REASON other than drug company profits to be giving this to children!!! Just before I went into the most severe symptoms of this hellish nightmare of mercury damage, i had gone back to work as a labor and delivery nurse….but on the first day of GENERAL ORIENTATION (sitting in a conference room all day with various dept heads telling of their specialty) I dared raise my hand and aks the infectiion control nurse, “Don’t you mean that only the babies whose Moms are Hep B positive get the vaccine?”. and “My understanding is that this is a blood borne pathogen and the babies do not have any risk factors for acquiring this disease”. WOW! She marched over to me seated at the table, put her fists on the table and came meancingly one foot from my face and nastily says, “Are you going to have a problem fulfilling your duties on MCH in giving this vaccine to these babies?” The rest is history….she apparently marched up to my new supervisors office after her presentation to vent….and within an hour I was hearing my new boss tell me , ” I have heard that you may be unsuitable for employment in this department.” She admitted it was because of the questions i had asked. The nurses are acting as stupid slaves of the system that is killing babies, The hospital actually gets a monetary incentive for having higher percentages of babies get the HEp B bewfore leaving the hospital. The pediatricians make a huge percentage of their income form your baby’s “well visits” on vaccine fees.The school nurses’ first job of every school year is to fill out a detailed immunization survey and send odious letters to non-compliant parents to get their kids “up to date” or potentially be barred from school attendance. They rarely know themselves or tell parents that waivers are available. NO ONE seems to even KNOW how neurotoxic MERCURY, glutamates, and other dajuvants in vaccines are> Even dentists deny that mercury filling are TOXIC. We have a big job to do to spread the truth about these dangerous sources of suffering for our children. President Obama has surrounded himself in his cabinet with evil people from Monsanto, FDA, Drug companies, vaccine makers, chemical companies to head the very departments in our government that are supposed to be protecting us. Vote for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul…he knows about all of this corruption and is daring to speak out boldly against it as well as write bills to end the insanity. If we do NOT get POLITICALLY ACTIVE….we are all done for! NDAA, the PAtrit ACT, the Food modernization protection act, and executive orders that do away with our freedom to refuse mandated vaccines or to speak out against our corrupt government have already been put into effect. We need to organize our motherly forces to CHANGE THESE DANGEROUS MANDATES and LAWS that detroy our right to CHOOSE what will or will not go into our bodies! RUN for public office, write your elected officials, write in the newspaper, hold informational meetings and show videos….but do something to fight these corrupt laws and conflicts of interest. The establishment opposition squashed MY dissent…I lost my job at the hospital after six months of persecution and terrorism…..they are strong and have the corrupt law on their side. We MUST change the laws and expose the corruption and science behind the autism and other autoimmune and neuro diseases that vaccines and other mainstream medicine causes. Our old people need the same kind of protection as our children…they are a “captive audience” and an easy target for toxic vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. This is a war of ideas that we cannot afford to lose. Moms unite! Nurses wake up! Fight like a mother animal whose babies are being threatened! Laurie from New York (the prison state-home of “the empire”)

    • I had SUCH the same experience! My family doctor sold his practice to someone who he thought was going to practice medicine in the same way he did. He was actually the “front man” for a large conglomerate. They immediately took all of the names, addresses, etc. for their data bank, then destroyed all medical records. When I began PT school at the age of 33 in order to go on my clinical rotations, I had no record of my vaccines. I was given all vaccines that would have been given in the course of my life — and also HepB — within the course of a few weeks. I also had mercury toxicity because of an unethical dentist and didn’t know it. A tick bite that gave me Lyme and three other tick-borne diseases, as well as living in a house with neurotoxic mold were simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have so many autoimmune diseases, yet an immune system that is so significantly compromsed. My body is literally unable to differentiate WHAT it is supposed to be battling. I am so very wary of vaccines, and as my grandchildren are receiving theirs I cringe when the pediatricians see no need to at least stagger them. The only “up” side I see to this is that they forbid acetominophen (Tylenol) to be used after vaccinations.

    • teresa johnson says:


      very well written , I agree whole heartedly!!

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  5. Megan says:

    @04petesake – love your comparison to The Hunger Games! “May the odds be ever in your favor”…HAA. That’s what this all is, a game of Russian roulette.

    Thank you all for this blog! I just found it, but am inspired by all you wonderful moms standing for truth and justice against a corrupt and greedy industry. The word is getting out there! It may be slow, but it’s growing. You can’t ignore all the injuries. Please keep it up (I know you will, just saying). I have not vaccinated any of my children, because I read and saw and listened to people like you with true, heart-wrenching tales of things gone wrong. I just hope more and more people start to listen.

    Oh yeah, 04petesake, I’d love more info on essential oils! I’m just now starting to read up on those as well! sales4mp at gmail dot com

    • 04petesake says:

      You got it Megan…. info comin at ya right now to your email. Just today I’ve used my essential oils for my husband’s headache, one son’s sore throat, the other son’s asthma and my pastor’s wife’s cough…. Oh and I used them for my own cramps last night. This stuff is potent (and best of all … direct from nature!)

  6. 04petesake says:

    Whew! Forget Katniss!! Moms on fire!!!! I always try to be so PC about vaccines in my childbirth education class and say to moms “Do your research. Pray to God about it. Then move forward without fear.” I suppose I should’ve been adding, “..and may the odds be ever in your favor.” My firstborn had some vaccines (up to 9 months.) My second son (born at home) has never had a vaccine. Firstborn has asthma and allergies but my second does not. I’ve recently been involved in essential oils and I’m completely amazed at their strength and swiftness! (let me know if you want to know more.) Thanks so much for sharing this! Wow… I am blown away and encouraged by this blog and the comments! Blessings to all mothers everywhere! You are my (& your kids’) heroes!!!

  7. Judy says:

    I have never had my 2 boys vaccinated, and I had to sign a “religous exemption” @ the health dept. and then listen to this obnoxious nurse drone on and on about the”Danger” I was putting my children in by not vaccing….my children are the healthiest kids I have seen, they never get colds, they never had ear infections, we use chiropractors and Natropaths who give us a great alternative that they have usaed in Europe for over 80years….and, I was never vaced either! never had any child hood illnessess such as chicken pox, measles,mumps or pertussis….they are killing and maiming our kids, and making huge profits for selling their souls to the devil…big Pharma makes more money than the porn industry, milk sales (which we don’t drink either) and beef sales put together….you do the math. what a sad state our lovely county is in.

  8. Diana Moore says:

    Homeopathic remedy Thuja helps with after vaccine effects. Dose as quickly and often as possible after vaccine.

  9. LovemyMarkus says:

    Wow! Love this website and all the comments. All of my favorite rants! So loved the tylenol/glutathione point!!!! My son regressed on our way home from getting his 5 vaccines that day. He was 15 months old and that was his total of 24 shots up to that day. NEVER AGAIN !!!! The thing is that it is not just rants. Its Truth. Its Sad and Wrong and the Worst form of Betraya!. There will be a day when the scales tip and the vacine mystery will be history!!!!!! This is the tip of the iceburg. I pray for all our kids and their families. Biomedical Interventions make all the difference.

    • Professor says:

      I was chatting with Louise Kuo Habakus (co-author of Vaccine Epidemic) at the press conference yesterday, and she and I agreed that we have the weight of moral authority on our side because we are speaking the truth. We WILL win.

  10. KFuller says:

    Kids are always sick because Pediatricians make them so. I really hope he is man enough to respond to your post.

  11. Shawn Siegel says:

    I like you guys – your protective spirit is alive and well. Beyond emergency treatment, allopathic medicine deserves to be abandoned anyway.

    Taking back control of our health, one vaccine refusal and two hours of nutritional and dietary research at a time.

  12. Lynn says:

    Thank you for sharing this. As i learn more and more, i am thankful to all the mothers and fathers out there who believe in not vaccinating and caring for their children. I myself do not vaccinate my child and she is as healthy as they come. Sadly, I am watching a friend of mine with a 9 month old right now suffering cold after cold, RSV, and now has been diagnosed with asthma. I want to tell her the vaccines are doing more harm to her son, but i know it will not be received well. I am viewed as a quack. but it makes me comforted to know that i am amongst other quacks who believe that vaccines do more damage than good and you only have to look where our health in society is currently. more astham, more choronic conditions, more untreatable conditions. It breaks my heart and I for one do not want my daughter to be a number or a statistic. So thank you for sharing this.

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  14. Cat Jameson says:

    From the picture of your notes, #13. ‘Stay calm, talk softly.’ Um, no. We’ve tried that, Dr. G. We tried that years ago when we thought what our docs were saying was Gospel truth. Look where it got us…1 in 6 kids with a disorder, and 1 in 100 (or higher) with autism.

    I’m finding that the other type of MDs, the Mothers Determined who speak up and demand the truth, are bringing hope, life and health back to their children. Thanks anyway, Dr. G. I’ll stick with what the Thinking Moms are doing. Their message is much clearer and light years ahead of your logic.

  15. anna hoffman says:

    instead of trying to discredit a self important blow hard, you need to work toward finding the dr who will help your cause. they are out there. malpractice suits are crippling the natural flow of information. drs dont want to take a chance on something disproved. but there are so many of you who dont vaccinate now. theres got to be someone willing to take a chance

    • Professor says:

      Anna, many of us have found awesome doctors who are helping our children, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of doctors peddling misinformation everyday. We at Thinking Moms try hard to counter misinformation whenever we can. It’s important to reach as many people as possible in order to stem the current tide of illness.

    • Twyla says:

      It’s not an either-or. Discrediting self important blow hards and looking for good drs are not mutually exclusive.

      • JFithen says:

        We discredited our pediatrician blow hard doctor and found a new awesome, non-vaccinating one in the same month.

  16. Cheryl Bailey says:

    Dear Dr. Goldstine, What do you say to this Mom, who was told by her MD, behind a closed door with no witnesses, (He sent the nurse out on a wild goose chase) that she needed to stop seeking help for her now 3 year old child becuase…..drum roll please….he is vaccine damaged. That nothing will help him, just put him in a home and go have another baby this on is done for. So if my MD told me the truth, and I have no reason to doubt him, do you do the same thing to parents, tell him without a wittiness, then REFUSE TO REPORT IT! Do you tell them that their child was for the greater good? Do you tell them, behind a close door, not to come back becuase there is nothing you or anyone else can do? If one doctor did that in Mississippi, odds are it happens all over….how about you Goldstine…ever see a vaccine damaged child and turn a blind eye? Odds are…you have and did….you are right sir, you are no Dr. Sears.

  17. reneetaghar says:

    “kids are always sick” HA HA HA joke is on you ASSHAT Goldstein P.O.S. My second son born 5 years after my vaccine injured; chronicaly ill, mito dysfunction, speech, motor delayed and now at 9 years old pretty darn near RECOVERED, thanks to his MOTHER who had the life experience and balls to call BS before it was too late (and BIOMEDICAL INTERVENTIONS). I digress…..
    I DARE anyone compare health history of my FULLY UNVACCiNATED 3 year old son. Almost 4 years old has seen the Dr. ONE TIME since his birth. ONE TIME…. that adds up to lost profit for you ASSHAT P.O.S.

    I’d like to SHARE that ONE TIME. Required by state laws (collusion anyone?) my older son had to have a physician sign a health form in order for him to attend a school that ended up completely unable to educate him (learning disabilities-thanks to ASSHATS LIKE GOLDSTEIN). And just so we’re clear, this Ped does know my son is vaccine injured, we just don’t talk about it. So, exactly one week following that 10 minute $150.00 “physical” in early August my son started dry caughing only in the night. This sons immune system was once in the toilet however one of the benefits that came from 120 hard HBOT dives we did in one calendar year (that’s 3 months, 2 x’s a day, 1 hr per, we moved to another state. Out of pocket 10k). His resiliance is now steller, so a few weeks of night time caughing was done, he kicked it on his own. Yeah! As he does now with most crud that comes home from being with overvaccinated CONSTANTLY SICK kids. My husband then took his turn (thanks again ASSHAT, heis the sole breadwinner in our hom., I had to close down my successful business to care for my son) his version of the illness was for sure Pertussis, a full night time whoop! He struggled, but he also kicked it. Now, there is myself, I got none of it (i’m a self professed health hut, extra crunchy), was still breastfeeding our unvaccinated 2 year old. And finally, the 2 year old got it, clearly it was pertussis. He would be fine during the day and at night his cough progressed to a point where i’m sure many parents run for the ER. I strongly believe in the power of the immune system. We got to a point, he had to go in. First question from the Dr. “has anyone in the family recently got a DTaP shot. My eyes had to look like the cartoon with eyes bugging out. I said “you are asking me that question”? He wrote two scripts, one for an antibiotic, to which I was fully on board with (normally, I am NOT, done that, been there). So, the other script… He said it was to have the illness lab tested to determine which pertussis it is. I said “will this test change the course of treatment”? He said “no, it’s just for tracking”. Then he said, “I got to warn you, he’s not going to like it” me: “why”? Dr.”it involved shoving a long swab stick deep into his nose”. I was then advised to walk past the desk, straight to my car to avoid any chance of anyone getting this illness. So, I sat in my car for a moment and though:. ” So, i’m going to drive this sick little boy over to the hospital and at my expense have someone shove a long stick into his nose which WILL FOR SURE cause him great great distress, tripping what I KNOW will be a horrific and potentially CRITICAL coughing jag for WHAT? TRACKING??? WHO THE “F” IS TRACKING VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN???? A: NO ONE. NO ONE GIVES A FLYING F WHAT I HAD TO ENDURE with my first son. Instead, I called a naturalpath because there HAD TO BE a way to alleviate the coughing (Dr. also said he had NOTHING for the horrific coughing jags, in fact he suggesting calling an ambulance). The Naturalpath, over the phone mind you, suggesting a few essential oils+carrier oil massaged into the feet. VOILA! That worked. My fully UNVACCINATED son who was certainly NOT “always sick” recovered in 5 days time. After ONE treatment of the foot massage, he coughed up a loogie that covered his body. Since then, this son with steller health hasn’t missed a day of school (well, take that back) The pressure came for all teachers at his Montessori school to get a flu vax. They all (believing they had no choice) did, they ALL got sick and spread the flu to the kids. My UNVACCINATED son hardly got it, others were out for a week or longer.


    Signed: FED UP MOTHER of a vaccine injured child.

  18. kbelmquist says:

    Well, you can’t really blame the doctors too much. It took hundreds of thousands of dollars of their well-earned money and thousands of hours of study in order to achieve that level of complete and utter brainwashing…..uh, I mean success.

  19. Poppy TMR says:

    Great post! Love to see the ignorance exposed. Nice work, Ladies xo

  20. Shanon says:

    Thanks for sharing the story. I was interested to hear how it went after I saw the flier a few weeks ago. Thanks for going on behalf of all of us thinking moms!

  21. Blaze says:

    Imagine how many thousands of pediatricians there are out there who would say the same things…that are that willfully misinformed. It’s criminal. But, Thinking Moms are everywhere, multiplying by the day. We will teach and share and post until, one day, these people will no longer have the platform to maim and harm. Thank you, Rebecca, Megan and the rest of Occupy Goldstein, for shining the light on this ignorance.

  22. Sheila says:

    I think you should hold your own GET THE FACTS NIGHT! People would gladly pay to learn from you & I bet you would fill the room!!

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