Autism is 1 in 88 Press Conference

You watched it. You loved it. You shed a tear, because you live it everyday. The Thinking Moms Revolution’s “Meet our Children” video was launched on Friday, March 29th and took the community by storm.

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Today, April 2 at 11a.m. EST, our children will be giving face to an epidemic as the video is seen by another important audience.  It will set the stage for the opening of a press conference of grassroots autism advocacy organizations representing over 100,000 autism families calling for official recognition of autism as a national public health emergency and the feds ongoing failure to respond. A few Thinking Moms’ will be in attendance at the press conference.

Please watch the “Autism is 1 in 88” Press Conference Live via live stream here today 11.00am EST.

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3 Responses to Autism is 1 in 88 Press Conference

  1. Katherine Parsons says:

    Your “Meet Our Children”video moved me to tears. This is something that needs to be out nationally on the air. It would make a powerful PSA (Public Service Announcement). Where do you plan on showing this?

  2. Mari says:

    Be the change you want to see in the world. Awareness, acceptance loving, caring, helping, contributing, etc… Whatever it is you want to change, start with yourself.
    Love this blog.

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